updated chatzilla.properties and chatzilla.dtd
authorDanishka Navin <danishka@gmail.com>
Sat, 14 Jul 2012 12:08:56 +0530
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updated chatzilla.properties and chatzilla.dtd
--- a/extensions/irc/chrome/chatzilla.dtd
+++ b/extensions/irc/chrome/chatzilla.dtd
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
-<!ENTITY Menubar.tooltip    "Main Menu">
-<!ENTITY Toolbar.tooltip    "Main Toolbar">
+<!ENTITY Menubar.tooltip    "ප්‍රධාන මෙනුව">
+<!ENTITY Toolbar.tooltip    "ප්‍රධාන මෙවලම්තීරුව">
-<!ENTITY multiline-expand.tooltip   "Switch to multi-line input (Ctrl+Up)">
-<!ENTITY multiline-contract.tooltip "Switch to single-line input (Ctrl+Down)">
-<!ENTITY multiline-send.tooltip     "Send this text (Ctrl+Enter)">
-<!ENTITY server-nick.tooltip        "Change nickname or set away state. To focus the input box, press Escape.">
+<!ENTITY multiline-expand.tooltip   "බහු පෙළ ඇතුළත් කිරීමට මාරු වන්න (Ctrl+Up)">
+<!ENTITY multiline-contract.tooltip "එක් පෙළ ඇතුළත් කිරීමට මාරු වන්න (Ctrl+Down)">
+<!ENTITY multiline-send.tooltip     "මෙම පෙළ යවන්න (Ctrl+Enter)">
+<!ENTITY server-nick.tooltip        "අපනාමය වෙනස් කරන්න හෝ බැහැරව යාම සටහන් කරන්න. ඇතුළත් කිරිමේ කොටුවට එල්ල කිරීමට Escape යතුර ඔබන්න.">
-<!ENTITY Underline.label             "Underline">
-<!ENTITY Bold.label                  "Bold">
-<!ENTITY Reverse.label               "Reverse video">
-<!ENTITY Normal.label                "Normal">
-<!ENTITY Color.label                 "Colour">
+<!ENTITY Underline.label             "යට ඉර">
+<!ENTITY Bold.label                  "තදකුරු">
+<!ENTITY Reverse.label               "ප්‍රතිවර්ත විඩීයො">
+<!ENTITY Normal.label                "සාමාන්‍ය">
+<!ENTITY Color.label                 "වර්ණ">
 <!ENTITY ForeBack.label              "xx=Fore yy=Back">
--- a/extensions/irc/chrome/chatzilla.properties
+++ b/extensions/irc/chrome/chatzilla.properties
@@ -70,19 +70,19 @@
 ### End of notes ###
 locale.version = 0.9.83
 locale.error = You are using ChatZilla %1$S, which requires the locale version %2$S. The currently selected locale, %3$S, is version %4$S, and therefore there may be problems running ChatZilla.\n\nIt is strongly advised that you update or remove the ChatZilla locale in question.
 # Misc
+none=<කිසිවක් නැත>
 # util.js
 msg.alert   = Alert
 msg.prompt  = Prompt
 msg.confirm = Confirm
 # command.js
@@ -1345,64 +1345,64 @@ munger.italic=Italic
 munger.talkback-link=Talkback link
 munger.ctrl-char=Control Chars
 # Date/Time representations for strftime
-datetime.day.long    = Sunday^Monday^Tuesday^Wednesday^Thursday^Friday^Saturday
-datetime.day.short   = Sun^Mon^Tue^Wed^Thu^Fri^Sat
-datetime.month.long  = January^February^March^April^May^June^July^August^September^October^November^December
-datetime.month.short = Jan^Feb^Mar^Apr^May^Jun^Jul^Aug^Sep^Oct^Nov^Dec
+datetime.day.long    = ඉරිදා^සදුදා^අඟහරුවාදා^බදාද^බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා^සිකුරාදා^සෙනසුරාදා
+datetime.day.short   = ඉරි^සදු^අඟ^බදා^බ්‍රහ^සිකු^සෙන
+datetime.month.long  = ජනවාරි^පෙබරවාරි^මාර්තු^අප්‍රේල්^මැයි^ජුනි^ජූලි^අගෝස්තු^සැප්තැම්බර්^ඔක්තෝම්බර්^නොවැම්බර්^දෙසැම්බර්
+datetime.month.short = ජන^පෙබ^මාර්^අප්‍රේ^මැයි^ජුනි^ජූලි^අගෝ^සැප්^ඔක්^නොවැ^දෙසැ
-datetime.uam = AM
-datetime.lam = am
-datetime.upm = PM
-datetime.lpm = pm
+datetime.uam = පෙ.ව.
+datetime.lam = පෙ.ව.
+datetime.upm = ප.ව.
+datetime.lpm = ප.ව.
 datetime.presets.lc = %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S
 datetime.presets.lr = %I:%M:%S %p
 datetime.presets.lx = %Y-%m-%d
 datetime.presets.ux = %H:%M:%S
 # Messages used in config.js, part of the pref window.
 # We only allow one pref window open at once, this occurs when a 2nd is opened.
 msg.prefs.alreadyOpen  = ChatZilla's preferences are already open; you may not open a second copy.
 msg.prefs.err.save = An exception occurred trying to save the preferences: %S.
-msg.prefs.browse       = Browse…
-msg.prefs.browse.title = ChatZilla Browse
-msg.prefs.move.up      = Move up
-msg.prefs.move.down    = Move down
-msg.prefs.add          = Add…
-msg.prefs.edit         = Edit
-msg.prefs.delete       = Delete
+msg.prefs.browse       = ගවේශනය…
+msg.prefs.browse.title = ChatZilla ගවේශනය
+msg.prefs.move.up      = ඉහළට ගෙනයන්න
+msg.prefs.move.down    = පහලට ගෙනයන්න
+msg.prefs.add          = එක් කරන්න…
+msg.prefs.edit         = සකසන්න
+msg.prefs.delete       = මකන්න
 msg.prefs.list.add     = Enter item to add:
 msg.prefs.list.edit    = Edit the item as needed:
 msg.prefs.list.delete  = Are you sure you want to remove the item ``%S''?
 msg.prefs.object.delete = Are you sure you want to remove the object ``%S'' and all its preferences?
 msg.prefs.object.reset  = Are you sure you want to reset all the preferences for ``%S'' to their defaults?
 # First is for adding prefix/suffix to the overall header, and the next three
 # are for the different objects (first is network name, second is channel/user
 # name).
 msg.prefs.fmt.header          = "%S"
-msg.prefs.fmt.display.network = Network %S"
-msg.prefs.fmt.display.channel = Network %S, channel %S"
-msg.prefs.fmt.display.user    = Network %S, user %S"
+msg.prefs.fmt.display.network = ජාලය %S"
+msg.prefs.fmt.display.channel = ජාලය %S, නාලිකාව %S"
+msg.prefs.fmt.display.user    = ජාලය %S, පරිශීලක %S"
 # Name for "global" object.
-msg.prefs.global              = Global Settings
+msg.prefs.global              = ගෝලීය සැකසුම්
 # Localized names for all the prefs and tooltip "help" messages.
 # NOTE: "Bugzilla", "ChatZilla" and "mIRC" are product names.
 pref.activityFlashDelay.label   = Activity flash delay
 pref.activityFlashDelay.help    = When a tab that has had activity gets more activity, the tab is flashed. This preference is the length of the flash in milliseconds: 0 disables it.
 pref.aliases.label              = Command aliases
 pref.aliases.help               = Allows you to make shortcuts to various commands or sequences of commands. Each item is of the form "<name> = <command-list>". The command-list is a list of commands (without the leading "/") along with their parameters, each separated by ";". The name of the alias will automatically be turned into a command when ChatZilla starts.
 pref.autoAwayCap.label          = Auto away-check user limit
@@ -1446,17 +1446,17 @@ pref.dcc.downloadsFolder.help   = Specif
 pref.dcc.listenPorts.label      = Listen Ports
 pref.dcc.listenPorts.help       = List of ports that other users can connect to remotely. Each item may be a single port number, or a range specified as "lower-upper". Leave empty to use a random, OS-picked port. Each time you offer a DCC connection to someone, the next port listed is picked.
 pref.dcc.useServerIP.label      = Get local IP from server
 pref.dcc.useServerIP.help       = When turned on, ChatZilla will ask the server for your IP address when connecting. This allows DCC to obtain the correct IP address when operating behind a gateway or NAT-based system.
 pref.debugMode.label            = Debug mode
 pref.debugMode.help             = This preference is for debugging ChatZilla and can generate a lot of debug output (usually to the console). It is a list of letters, signifying what you want debug messages about. "c" for context menus (dumps data when opening a context menu), "d" for dispatch (dumps data when dispatching commands), and "t" for trace/hook (dumps data about hooks and the event queue processing) debugging.
 pref.defaultQuitMsg.label       = Default quit message
 pref.defaultQuitMsg.help        = Specifies a default quit message to use when one is not explicitly specified. Leave blank to use the basic ChatZilla one, which simply states what version you have.
-pref.desc.label                 = Description
+pref.desc.label                 = විස්තරය
 pref.desc.help                  = Sets the "description" (aka "real name") field shown in your /whois information. It is commonly used to include one's real name, but you are not required to enter anything.
 pref.deleteOnPart.label         = Delete channel views on part
 pref.deleteOnPart.help          = Causes /leave and /part to also close the channel view.
 pref.displayHeader.label        = Show header
 pref.displayHeader.help         = Display the chat header on this view. This contains information like the URL of the current view, and the topic and modes for a channel view.
 pref.font.family.label          = Font Family
 pref.font.family.help           = Selects the font in which ChatZilla will display messages. The value "default" will use your global font family; "serif", "sans-serif" and "monospace" will use your global font settings; other values will be treated as font names.
 pref.font.size.label            = Font Size (pt)
@@ -1516,17 +1516,17 @@ pref.munger.bugzilla-link.help  = Makes 
 pref.munger.channel-link.label  = Channel links
 pref.munger.channel-link.help   = Makes ChatZilla convert "#channel" into a link to the channel.
 pref.munger.colorCodes.label    = mIRC colors
 pref.munger.colorCodes.help     = Enables the display of colors on the chat text, as well as other mIRC codes (bold and underline). When disabled, ChatZilla will simply hide mIRC codes.
 pref.munger.ctrl-char.label     = Control characters
 pref.munger.ctrl-char.help      = Makes ChatZilla display control characters it doesn't understand.
 pref.munger.face.label          = Faces (emoticons)
 pref.munger.face.help           = Makes ChatZilla display images for common smilies, such as :-) and ;-).
-pref.munger.italic.label        = Italic
+pref.munger.italic.label        = ඇලකුරු
 pref.munger.italic.help         = Makes ChatZilla italicize text between forward slashes. (e.g. /italic/)
 pref.munger.link.label          = Web links
 pref.munger.link.help           = Makes ChatZilla hyperlink text that looks like a URL.
 pref.munger.mailto.label        = Mail links
 pref.munger.mailto.help         = Makes ChatZilla hyperlink text that looks like an e-mail address.
 pref.munger.quote.label         = Neater quotes
 pref.munger.quote.help          = Makes ChatZilla replace `` with \u201C and '' with \u201D.
 pref.munger.rheet.label         = Rheet
@@ -1548,29 +1548,29 @@ pref.nickname.help              = This i
 pref.nicknameList.label         = Nickname List
 pref.nicknameList.help          = This is a list of nicknames you want ChatZilla to try if the one you were using happens to be already in use. Your normal nickname need not be listed.
 pref.notify.aggressive.label    = Aggressive notify
 pref.notify.aggressive.help     = When someone sends you a private message, says your nickname, or mentions one of your "stalk words", ChatZilla considers the message to be worth getting your attention. This preference sets whether it's allowed to flash the window or bring it to the front (varies by OS) in order to get your attention.
 pref.notifyList.label           = Notify list
 pref.notifyList.help            = A list of nicknames to periodically check to see if they are on-line or not. Every 5 minutes, ChatZilla will check this list, and inform you if anyone is now on-line or has gone off-line.
 pref.outgoing.colorCodes.label  = Enable sending color codes
 pref.outgoing.colorCodes.help   = Allows you to send color and other mIRC codes, such as bold and underline, using special %-sequences. When enabled, simply type "%" to see a popup of the various choices.
-pref.outputWindowURL.label      = Output Window
+pref.outputWindowURL.label      = ප්‍රදාන කවුළුව
 pref.outputWindowURL.help       = You probably don't want to change this. The chat view loads this URL to display the actual messages, header, etc., and the file must correctly define certain items or you'll get JavaScript errors and a blank chat window!
-pref.profilePath.label          = Profile path
+pref.profilePath.label          = පැතිකඩ මාර්‍ගය
 pref.profilePath.help           = This is the base location for ChatZilla-related files. By default, ChatZilla loads scripts from the "scripts" subdirectory, and stores log files in the "logs" subdirectory.
-pref.proxy.typeOverride.label   = Proxy Type
+pref.proxy.typeOverride.label   = ප්‍රොක්සි වර්ගය
 pref.proxy.typeOverride.help    = Override the normal proxy choice by specifying "http" to use your browser's HTTP Proxy or "none" to force no proxy to be used (not even the SOCKS proxy). Note that this usually only works when the browser is set to use a manual proxy configuration.
 pref.reconnect.label            = Reconnect when disconnected unexpectedly
 pref.reconnect.help             = When your connection is lost unexpectedly, ChatZilla can automatically reconnect to the server for you.
 pref.showModeSymbols.label      = Show user mode symbols
 pref.showModeSymbols.help       = The userlist can either show mode symbols ("@" for op, "%" for half-op, "+" for voice), or it can show colored dots (green for op, dark blue for half-op, cyan for voice, and black for normal). Turn this preference on to show mode symbols instead of colored dots.
 pref.sortUsersByMode.label      = Sort users by mode
 pref.sortUsersByMode.help       = Causes the userlist to be sorted by mode, op first, then half-op (if supported on the server), then voice, followed by everyone else.
-pref.sound.enabled.label        = Enabled
+pref.sound.enabled.label        = සක්‍රීයයි
 pref.sound.enabled.help         = Tick this preference to allow sound, or untick to turn off all sounds. Provides nothing more than a global toggle.
 pref.sound.overlapDelay.label   = Overlap Delay
 pref.sound.overlapDelay.help    = Sets the period of time during which the same event will not trigger the sound to be played. For example, the default value of 2000ms (2 seconds) means if two stalk matches occur within 2 seconds of each other, only the first will cause the sound to be played.
 ##pref.sound.surpressActive.label = Suppress Sounds for active view
 ##pref.sound.surpressActive.help  = Stops sounds generated by the active view from playing if ChatZilla is the active window. Sounds from other views, or when ChatZilla is not active, will always play.
 pref.sound.channel.start.label  = Channel: Start session
 pref.sound.channel.start.help   = 
 pref.sound.channel.event.label  = Channel: Non-chat event
@@ -1612,70 +1612,70 @@ pref.group.appearance.timestamps.help  =
 pref.group.appearance.userlist.label   = Userlist
 pref.group.dcc.label                   = DCC
 pref.group.dcc.ports.label             = Ports
 pref.group.dcc.autoAccept.label        = Auto-accept
 pref.group.munger.label                = Formatting
 pref.group.startup.label                = Startup
 pref.group.startup.initialURLs.label    = Auto-connect URLs
 pref.group.startup.initialScripts.label = Auto-load scripts
-pref.group.lists.label                 = Lists
+pref.group.lists.label                 = ලැයිස්තු
 pref.group.lists.stalkWords.label      = Stalk words
 pref.group.lists.aliases.label         = Command aliases
 pref.group.lists.notifyList.label      = Notify list
 pref.group.lists.nicknameList.label    = Nickname List
 pref.group.lists.autoperform.label     = Auto-perform
-pref.group.global.label                = Global
-pref.group.global.header.label         = Headers
+pref.group.global.label                = ගෝලීය
+pref.group.global.header.label         = ශීර්ෂක
 pref.group.global.header.help          = Sets the default visibility for headers of views. Each view can override this default if necessary.
-pref.group.global.links.label          = Links
+pref.group.global.links.label          = සබැඳි
 pref.group.global.links.help           = The three link preferences define how ChatZilla reacts to different kinds of clicks on links. You can re-arrange these to suit your preferences.
 pref.group.global.log.label            = Log these view types
 pref.group.global.log.help             = Sets the default logging state for views. Each view can override this default if necessary.
 pref.group.global.maxLines.label       = Scrollback size
 pref.group.global.maxLines.help        = The number of lines of text to keep in this view type. Once the limit is reached, the oldest lines are removed as new lines are added.
-pref.group.global.sounds.label         = Sound Configuration
+pref.group.global.sounds.label         = හඬ සැකසුම්
 pref.group.global.sounds.help          = 
-pref.group.global.soundEvts.label      = Sound Events
+pref.group.global.soundEvts.label      = හඬ අවස්ථා
 pref.group.global.soundEvts.help       = Sounds for certain client events. These preferences are a space-separated list of either "beep" or file: URLs.
 # These are the prefs that get grouped #
-pref.networkHeader.label        = Networks
+pref.networkHeader.label        = ජාල
 pref.networkHeader.help         = 
-pref.channelHeader.label        = Channels
+pref.channelHeader.label        = නාලිකා
 pref.channelHeader.help         = 
-pref.userHeader.label           = Users
+pref.userHeader.label           = පරිශීලක
 pref.userHeader.help            = 
 pref.dccUserHeader.label        = DCC
 pref.dccUserHeader.help         = 
-pref.networkLog.label           = Networks
+pref.networkLog.label           = ජාල
 pref.networkLog.help            = 
-pref.channelLog.label           = Channels
+pref.channelLog.label           = නාලිකා
 pref.channelLog.help            = 
-pref.userLog.label              = Users
+pref.userLog.label              = පරිශීලක
 pref.userLog.help               = 
 pref.dccUserLog.label           = DCC
 pref.dccUserLog.help            = 
 pref.clientMaxLines.label       = Client
 pref.clientMaxLines.help        = 
-pref.networkMaxLines.label      = Networks
+pref.networkMaxLines.label      = ජාල
 pref.networkMaxLines.help       = 
-pref.channelMaxLines.label      = Channels
+pref.channelMaxLines.label      = නාලිකා
 pref.channelMaxLines.help       = 
-pref.userMaxLines.label         = Users
+pref.userMaxLines.label         = පරිශීලක
 pref.userMaxLines.help          = 
 pref.dccUserMaxLines.label      = DCC
 pref.dccUserMaxLines.help       = 
-pref.timestamps.display.label   = Format
+pref.timestamps.display.label   = හැඩසවිය
 pref.timestamps.display.help    = 
-pref.timestamps.label           = Enabled
+pref.timestamps.label           = සක්‍රීයයි
 pref.timestamps.help            = 
-pref.msgBeep.label              = New query view
+pref.msgBeep.label              = නව විමසුම් දසුන
 pref.msgBeep.help               = 
-pref.queryBeep.label            = Query message
+pref.queryBeep.label            = විමසුම් පණිවිඩය
 pref.queryBeep.help             = 
-pref.stalkBeep.label            = Important message
+pref.stalkBeep.label            = වැදගත් පණිවිඩය
 pref.stalkBeep.help             =