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13.0: update translations of chat

<!ENTITY  startupAction.label		"&brandShortName; の起動時:">
<!ENTITY  startupAction.accesskey	"s">
<!ENTITY  startupOffline.label		"チャットアカウントをオフラインにする">
<!ENTITY  startupConnectAuto.label	"チャットアカウントを自動的に接続する">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: reportIdleAfter.label is displayed first, then
there's a field where the user can enter a number, and itemTime is
displayed at the end of the line. The translations of the
reportIdleAfter.label and idleTime parts don't have to mean the exact
same thing as in English; please try instead to translate the whole
sentence. -->
<!ENTITY  reportIdleAfter.label		"待機状態が"><!-- en-US: "Let my contacts know that I am Idle after" -->
<!ENTITY  reportIdleAfter.accesskey	"I">
<!ENTITY  idleTime			"分間続いたらそれを相手に知らせる"><!-- en-US: "minutes of inactivity" -->

<!ENTITY  andSetStatusToAway.label	"さらに次のステータスメッセージを送信して離席状態にする:">
<!ENTITY  andSetStatusToAway.accesskey	"A">

<!ENTITY  sendTyping.label		"会話中のタイピング通知を送信する">
<!ENTITY  sendTyping.accesskey		"t">