[hr] update from Pootle (thunderbird)
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[hr] update from Pootle (thunderbird)
--- a/chat/xmpp.properties
+++ b/chat/xmpp.properties
@@ -40,16 +40,17 @@ connection.error.failedToGetAResource=Neuspješno dohvaćanje izvora
 #   the user has sent wasn't delivered.
 #   %S is replaced by the text of the message that wasn't delivered.
 conversation.error.notDelivered=Slijedeća poruka nije isporučena: %S
 #   This is displayed in a conversation as an error message when joining a MUC
 #   fails.
 #   %S is the name of the MUC.
 conversation.error.joinFailed=Nije se moguće prijaviti: %S
 conversation.error.joinFailedNotAuthorized=Potrebna je registracija: Niste autorizirani da pristupite ovoj sobi.
+conversation.error.creationFailedNotAllowed=Ograničen pristup: Nemate dozvolu za stvaranje soba.
 #   These are displayed in a conversation as a system error message.
 conversation.error.remoteServerNotFound=Nije moguće dosegnuti poslužitelj primatelja
 conversation.error.unknownError=Nepoznata greška
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.*):
 #   These are the titles of lines of information that will appear in
 #   the tooltip showing details about a contact or conversation.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.status):
@@ -71,28 +72,31 @@ chatRoomField.password=_Lozinka
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (conversation.muc.*):
 #   These are displayed as a system message when a chatroom invitation is
 #   received.
 #   %1$S is the inviter.
 #   %2$S is the room.
 #   %3$S is the reason which is a message provided by the person sending the
 #   invitation.
+conversation.muc.invitationWithReason=%1$S vas je pozvao u %2$S: %3$S
+conversation.muc.invitationWithoutReason=%1$S vas je pozvao u %2$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (options.*):
 #   These are the protocol specific options shown in the account manager and
 #   account wizard windows.
 options.connectionSecurity=Sigurnost veze
 options.connectionSecurity.requireEncryption=Zahtijevaj kriptiranje
 options.connectionSecurity.opportunisticTLS=Koristi kriptiranje ako je dostupno
 options.connectionSecurity.allowUnencryptedAuth=Dozvoli slanje nekriptirane lozinke
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (*.protocolName)
 #  This name is used whenever the name of the protocol is shown.
 gtalk.protocolName=Google Talk
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (gtalk.usernameHint):
 #  This is displayed inside the accountUsernameInfoWithDescription
--- a/editor/ui/chrome/composer/editingOverlay.dtd
+++ b/editor/ui/chrome/composer/editingOverlay.dtd
@@ -10,18 +10,18 @@
 <!ENTITY openRemoteCmd.accesskey "l">
 <!ENTITY openRemoteCmd.key "l">
 <!ENTITY fileRecentMenu.label "Nedavne stranice">
 <!ENTITY fileRecentMenu.accesskey "r">
 <!ENTITY saveCmd.label "Spremi">
 <!ENTITY saveCmd.accesskey "S">
 <!ENTITY saveAsCmd.label "Spremi kao…">
 <!ENTITY saveAsCmd.accesskey "a">
+<!ENTITY saveAsChangeEncodingCmd2.label "Spremi i promijeni kôdnu stranicu">
+<!ENTITY saveAsChangeEncodingCmd2.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY publishCmd.label "Objavi">
 <!ENTITY publishCmd.accesskey "b">
 <!ENTITY publishCmd.key "S">
 <!ENTITY publishAsCmd.label "Objavi kao…">
 <!ENTITY publishAsCmd.accesskey "k">
 <!ENTITY fileRevert.label "Vrati">
 <!ENTITY fileRevert.accesskey "t">
 <!-- Edit menu items -->
--- a/editor/ui/chrome/dialogs/EditorSaveAsCharset.dtd
+++ b/editor/ui/chrome/dialogs/EditorSaveAsCharset.dtd
@@ -1,11 +1,15 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!-- These strings are generic to all or most of the editor's dialogs. -->
 <!-- This button is for the progressive disclosure of additional editing functionality -->
 <!-- These strings are for use specifically in the editor's link dialog. -->
-<!ENTITY documentTitleTitle.label "Naslov stranice">
+<!ENTITY windowTitle2.label "Spremi i promijeni kôdnu stranicu">
+<!ENTITY documentTitleTitle.label "Naslov stranice">
+<!ENTITY documentCharsetTitle2.label "Kôdna stranica">
+<!ENTITY documentCharsetDesc2.label "Odaberite kôdnu stranicu u kojoj želite spremiti dokument:">
 <!ENTITY documentExportToText.label "Izvezi u tekst">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/am-server-top.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/am-server-top.dtd
@@ -69,17 +69,17 @@
 <!ENTITY alwaysAuthenticate.accesskey "v">
 <!ENTITY newsrcFilePath.label "newsrc datoteka:">
 <!ENTITY newsrcPicker.label "Odaberi newsrc datoteku">
 <!ENTITY abbreviate.label "Prikaži imena interesnih grupa u oknu pošte kao:">
 <!ENTITY abbreviateOn.label "Cijela imena (na primjer, 'netscape.public.mozilla.mail-news')">
 <!ENTITY abbreviateOff.label "Skraćena imena (na primjer, 'n.p.m.mail-news')">
 <!ENTITY advancedButton.label "Napredno…">
 <!ENTITY advancedButton.accesskey "r">
+<!ENTITY serverDefaultCharset2.label "Zadana kôdna stranica:">
 <!ENTITY localPath.label "Lokalna mapa:">
 <!ENTITY localFolderPicker.label "Odaberi lokalnu mapu">
 <!ENTITY browseFolder.label "Odaberi…">
 <!ENTITY browseFolder.accesskey "b">
 <!ENTITY browseNewsrc.label "Odaberi…">
 <!ENTITY browseNewsrc.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY accountTitle.label "Postavke računa">
--- a/mail/chrome/messenger/preferences/fonts.dtd
+++ b/mail/chrome/messenger/preferences/fonts.dtd
@@ -65,15 +65,15 @@
 <!ENTITY  useFixedWidthForPlainText.label         "Koristi font fiksne širine za poruke s običnim tekstom">
 <!ENTITY  fixedWidth.accesskey                    "K">
 <!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.label                  "Dopusti porukama korištenje drugih fontova">
 <!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.accesskey              "o">
 <!-- Language settings -->
 <!ENTITY sendDefaultCharset.label         "Odlazna pošta:">
 <!ENTITY sendDefaultCharset.accesskey     "d">
+<!ENTITY languagesTitle2.label            "Kôdna stranica">
 <!ENTITY viewDefaultCharsetList.label     "Dolazna pošta:">
 <!ENTITY viewDefaultCharsetList.accesskey  "a">