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[l10n-gl] copying files from the repository l10n-central to l10n-mozilla-aurora for tb_aurora

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<!ENTITY toField3.label "Para ">
<!ENTITY fromField3.label "De ">
<!ENTITY senderField3.label "Remitente ">
<!ENTITY organizationField3.label "Organización ">
<!ENTITY replyToField3.label "Responder a ">

<!ENTITY subjectField3.label "Asunto ">
<!ENTITY ccField3.label "CC ">
<!ENTITY bccField3.label "CCO ">
<!ENTITY newsgroupsField3.label "Grupos de noticias ">
<!ENTITY followupToField3.label "Seguimento a ">
<!ENTITY tagsHdr3.label "Etiquetas ">
<!ENTITY dateField3.label "Data ">
<!ENTITY userAgentField3.label "User gent ">
<!ENTITY referencesField3.label "Referencias ">
<!ENTITY messageIdField3.label "ID da mensaxe ">
<!ENTITY inReplyToField3.label "En resposta a ">
<!ENTITY originalWebsite3.label "Sitio web ">

<!ENTITY editMessageDescription.label "Isto é un borrador">
<!ENTITY editMessageButton.label "Editar…">
<!ENTITY hdrArchiveButton1.label "Arquivar">
<!ENTITY hdrArchiveButton1.tooltip "Arquivar esta mensaxe">
<!ENTITY hdrSmartReplyButton1.label "Resposta intelixente">
<!ENTITY hdrReplyButton1.label "Responder">
<!ENTITY hdrReplyButton1.tooltip "Responder a esta mensaxe">
<!ENTITY hdrReplyAllButton1.label "Responder a todos">
<!ENTITY hdrReplyAllButton1.tooltip "Responder ao remitente e a todos os destinatarios">
<!ENTITY hdrReplyListButton1.label "Responder á lista">
<!ENTITY hdrReplyListButton1.tooltip "Responder á lista de correo">
<!ENTITY hdrForwardButton1.label "Reencamiñar">
<!ENTITY hdrForwardButton1.tooltip "Reencamiñar esta mensaxe">
<!ENTITY hdrJunkButton1.label "Lixo">
<!ENTITY hdrJunkButton1.tooltip "Marcar esta mensaxe como lixo">
<!ENTITY hdrTrashButton1.label "Eliminar">
<!ENTITY hdrTrashButton1.tooltip "Eliminar esta mensaxe">

<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarShowFull.label "Mostrar iconas e texto">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarShowFull.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarShowIcons.label "Mostrar só as iconas">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarShowIcons.accesskey "i">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarShowText.label "Mostrar só o texto">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarShowText.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarAlwaysReplySender.label "Mostrar sempre Responder ao remitente">
<!ENTITY hdrViewToolbarAlwaysReplySender.accesskey "R">

<!ENTITY otherActionsButton1.label "Outras accións">
<!ENTITY otherActionsOpenConversation1.label "Abrir na conversación">
<!ENTITY otherActionsOpenConversation1.accesskey "c">
<!ENTITY otherActionsOpenInNewWindow1.label "Abrir nunha nova xanela">
<!ENTITY otherActionsOpenInNewWindow1.accesskey "x">
<!ENTITY otherActionsOpenInNewTab1.label "Abrir nunha nova lapela">
<!ENTITY otherActionsOpenInNewTab1.accesskey "h">
<!ENTITY markAsReadMenuItem1.label "Marcar como lido">
<!ENTITY markAsReadMenuItem1.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY markAsUnreadMenuItem1.label "Marcar como non lido">
<!ENTITY markAsUnreadMenuItem1.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY saveAsMenuItem1.label "Gardar como…">
<!ENTITY saveAsMenuItem1.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY viewSourceMenuItem1.label "Ver fonte…">
<!ENTITY viewSourceMenuItem1.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY otherActionsPrint1.label "Imprimir…">
<!ENTITY otherActionsPrint1.accesskey "p">

<!-- Attachment context menu items -->
<!ENTITY openAttachmentCmd.label    "Abrir">
<!ENTITY openAttachmentCmd.accesskey    "b">
<!ENTITY saveAsAttachmentCmd.label    "Gardar como…">
<!ENTITY saveAsAttachmentCmd.accesskey    "a">
<!ENTITY detachAttachmentCmd.label    "Desanexar…">
<!ENTITY detachAttachmentCmd.accesskey    "x">
<!ENTITY deleteAttachmentCmd.label    "Borrar">
<!ENTITY deleteAttachmentCmd.accesskey    "B">
<!ENTITY openAllAttachmentsCmd.label    "Abrir todo…">
<!ENTITY openAllAttachmentsCmd.accesskey    "o">
<!ENTITY saveAllAttachmentsCmd.label    "Gardar todo…">
<!ENTITY saveAllAttachmentsCmd.accesskey    "G">
<!ENTITY detachAllAttachmentsCmd.label    "Desanexar todo…">
<!ENTITY detachAllAttachmentsCmd.accesskey    "D">
<!ENTITY deleteAllAttachmentsCmd.label    "Borrar todo…">
<!ENTITY deleteAllAttachmentsCmd.accesskey    "r">

<!-- Attachment toolbar items -->
<!ENTITY saveAttachmentButton1.label       "Gardar">
<!ENTITY saveAttachmentButton1.tooltip     "Gardar o ficheiro anexado">
<!ENTITY saveAllAttachmentsButton1.label   "Gardar todo">
<!ENTITY saveAllAttachmentsButton1.tooltip "Gardar todos os ficheiros anexados">

<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label        "Copiar a localización da ligazón">
<!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.accesskey    "C">

<!ENTITY CopyMessageId.label "Copiar o ID da mensaxe">
<!ENTITY OpenMessageForMsgId.label "Abrir mensaxe por ID">
<!ENTITY OpenBrowserWithMsgId.label "Abrir navegador co ID da mensaxe">