Bug 1252308 - Update en-GB for Gecko 45 - SeaMonkey part r=me
authorIan Neal <iann_cvs@blueyonder.co.uk>
Tue, 15 Mar 2016 21:46:50 +0000
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Bug 1252308 - Update en-GB for Gecko 45 - SeaMonkey part r=me
--- a/suite/chrome/common/help/mailnews_account_settings.xhtml
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/help/mailnews_account_settings.xhtml
@@ -259,16 +259,22 @@
   <li><strong>Check for new messages at startup</strong>: Choose this setting
     if you want Mail &amp; Newsgroups to automatically check this account for
     new messages whenever you start Mail &amp; Newsgroups.</li>
   <li><strong>Check for new messages every [__] minutes</strong>: Choose this
     setting to automatically check for new messages, and then specify the
     number of minutes between mail checks. If you do not select this setting,
     you can check for new messages at any time by clicking Get Msgs in the Mail
+  <li><strong>Allow immediate server notifications when new messages
+    arrive</strong>: Choose this setting if the server supports IMAP&apos;s
+    <q>IDLE</q> capability to immediately notify &brandShortName; when new
+    mail arrives. This option does not have any effect for servers which
+    don&apos;t support this capability. It can be used in addition to, or
+    instead of, any of the other options to check for mail.</li>
   <li id="when_i_delete_a_message"><strong>When I delete a message</strong>:
     Choose the behaviour you want for deleted messages. <q>Move it to this
     folder</q>, where you can choose the specific folder to use, is recommended
     unless you are instructed to use a different setting by your system
     administrator or service provider. Messages marked as deleted are removed
     only when you compact folders.</li>
   <li><strong>Clean up (Expunge) Inbox on Exit</strong>: Removes deleted
     messages from the Inbox when you exit Mail &amp; Newsgroups. Choose this
@@ -297,16 +303,18 @@
     see the Mail &amp; Newsgroups Account Settings dialogue box.</li>
   <li>Select the account name and click the Server Settings category.</li>
   <li>If the mail server type is an IMAP server, you can click Advanced to set
     additional IMAP options, such as:
       <li>the IMAP server directory path</li>
       <li>showing only <q>subscribed folders</q></li>
       <li>support for subfolders</li>
+      <li>the maximum number of concurrent connections kept open to the server
+        for this account</li>
       <li>any personal and public (shared folder) namespaces for this
 <p>For more information, see
   <a href="mailnews_addressbooks.xhtml#adding_and_removing_ldap_directories">Adding
--- a/suite/chrome/common/help/mailnews_preferences.xhtml
+++ b/suite/chrome/common/help/mailnews_preferences.xhtml
@@ -276,16 +276,26 @@
       <li><strong>Show a preview of the message text</strong>: Tick this to
         show the first few words of the message received in the alert.</li>
       <li><strong>Show the subject</strong>: Tick this to show the subject
         line of the message in the alert.</li>
       <li><strong>Show the sender</strong>: Tick this to show the sender&apos;s
         name or email address in the alert.</li>
+    <ul class="unix">
+      <li><strong>Use the operating system&apos;s desktop
+        notifications</strong>: Select this to use the operating system&apos;s
+        notification system (e.g., libnotify), if available. Note that some
+        configuration options for the alert message may not be supported.</li>
+      <li><strong>Use &brandShortName;&apos;s own notification
+        windows</strong>: Select this to use the built-in
+        <a href="glossary.xhtml#XUL">XUL</a>-based notification system for
+        new-mail alerts. All configuration options are supported.</li>
+    </ul>
     <p>When the alert appears, clicking an entry for a message will take you
       to the respective folder and opens that message. You can close the alert
       using the <strong>x</strong> button.
     <p>The new message alert will continue to work even after you close the
       Mail window (as long as another &brandShortName; window is open).
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/addressbook/addressBook.properties
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/addressbook/addressBook.properties
@@ -121,17 +121,21 @@ invalidPortNumber=Please enter a valid P
 invalidResults=Please enter a valid number in the results field.
 abReplicationOfflineWarning=You must be online to perform LDAP replication.
 abReplicationSaveSettings=Settings must be saved before a directory may be downloaded.
 # For importing / exporting
 ExportAddressBookTitle=Export Address Book
 CSVFiles=Comma Separated
+CSVFilesSysCharset=Comma Separated (System Charset)
+CSVFilesUTF8=Comma Separated (UTF-8)
 TABFiles=Tab Delimited
+TABFilesSysCharset=Tab Delimited (System Charset)
+TABFilesUTF8=Tab Delimited (UTF-8)
 failedToExportTitle=Export Failed
 failedToExportMessageNoDeviceSpace=Failed to export addressbook, no space left on device.
 failedToExportMessageFileAccessDenied=Failed to export addressbook, file access denied.
 # For getting authDN for replication using dlg box
 AuthDlgTitle=Address Book LDAP Replication
 AuthDlgDesc=To access the directory server, enter your user name and password.
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/folderWidgets.properties
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/folderWidgets.properties
@@ -3,9 +3,10 @@
 # file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
 # %S=name of the Local folders account
 globalInbox=Global Inbox (%S)
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(verboseFolderFormat): %1$S is folder name, %2$S is server name
 verboseFolderFormat=%1$S on %2$S
 chooseFolder=Choose Folder…
+chooseAccount=Choose Account…
 noFolders=No available folders
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/messenger.properties
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/messenger.properties
@@ -250,27 +250,16 @@ tag=Tag
 # whether to generate display names in last first order
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(mail.addr_book.displayName.lastnamefirst):
 # the only valid values are: true OR false (choose from the untranslated English words)
-# the format for "mail.addr_book.quicksearchquery.format" is:
-# @V == the escaped value typed in the quick search bar in the addressbook
-# note, changing this might require a change to SearchNameOrEmail.label
-# in messenger.dtd
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE - please add phonetic names as below when "mail.addr_book.show_phonetic_fields" is true
-# "?(or(PrimaryEmail,c,@V)(DisplayName,c,@V)(FirstName,c,@V)(LastName,c,@V)(PhoneticFirstName,c,@V)(PhoneticLastName,c,@V))"
 # whether to also show phonetic fields in the addressbook
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE(mail.addr_book.show_phonetic_fields):
 # the only valid values are: true OR false (choose from the untranslated English words)
 # valid format options are:
 # 1: yyyy/mm/dd
 # 2: yyyy/dd/mm
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/am-identity-edit.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/am-identity-edit.dtd
@@ -1,11 +1,14 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
-<!ENTITY identityDialog.style "width: 67ch;">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (identityDialog.style): This value should be roughly
+     equal to the value of accountManager.size entity minus the value
+     of accountTree.width entity. -->
+<!ENTITY identityDialog.style "min-width: 75ch;">
 <!ENTITY identityTitle.label "Identity Settings">
 <!ENTITY identityListDesc.label "Configure the settings for this identity:">
 <!ENTITY settingsTab.label       "Settings">
 <!ENTITY copiesFoldersTab.label "Copies &amp; Folders">
 <!ENTITY addressingTab.label    "Composition &amp; Addressing">
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/am-server-advanced.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/am-server-advanced.dtd
@@ -5,29 +5,27 @@
 <!ENTITY serverAdvanced.label "Advanced Account Settings">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (serverDirectory.label): DONT_TRANSLATE "IMAP" -->
 <!ENTITY serverDirectory.label "IMAP server directory:">
 <!ENTITY serverDirectory.accesskey "d">
 <!ENTITY usingSubscription.label "Show only subscribed folders">
 <!ENTITY usingSubscription.accesskey "w">
 <!ENTITY dualUseFolders.label "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages">
 <!ENTITY dualUseFolders.accesskey "f">
-<!ENTITY useIdle.label "Use IDLE command if the server supports it">
-<!ENTITY useIdle.accesskey "I">
 <!ENTITY maximumConnectionsNumber.label "Maximum number of server connections to cache">
 <!ENTITY maximumConnectionsNumber.accesskey "M">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (namespaceDesc.label): DONT_TRANSLATE "IMAP" -->
 <!ENTITY namespaceDesc.label "These preferences specify the namespaces on your IMAP server">
 <!ENTITY personalNamespace.label "Personal namespace:">
 <!ENTITY personalNamespace.accesskey "P">
 <!ENTITY publicNamespace.label "Public (shared):">
 <!ENTITY publicNamespace.accesskey "u">
 <!ENTITY otherUsersNamespace.label "Other Users:">
 <!ENTITY otherUsersNamespace.accesskey "O">
 <!ENTITY overrideNamespaces.label "Allow server to override these namespaces">
 <!ENTITY overrideNamespaces.accesskey "A">
-<!ENTITY pop3Desc.label "When downloading pop mail for this server, use the following folder for new mail:" >
-<!ENTITY accountDirectory.label "Inbox for this server's account">
-<!ENTITY accountDirectory.accesskey "S">
+<!ENTITY pop3DeferringDesc.label "When downloading mail from this account's server, use the following folder to store new messages:" >
+<!ENTITY accountInbox.label "Inbox for this account">
+<!ENTITY accountInbox.accesskey "s">
 <!ENTITY deferToServer.label "Inbox for different account">
 <!ENTITY deferToServer.accesskey "D">
 <!ENTITY deferGetNewMail.label "Include this server when getting new mail">
 <!ENTITY deferGetNewMail.accesskey "I">
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/am-server-top.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/am-server-top.dtd
@@ -18,16 +18,18 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (biffStart.label) : translate below 2 line with grammer dependency
         For example, in Japanese cases:
                 biffStart.label "every"
                 biffEnd.label   "minutes for new messages Check"
 <!ENTITY biffStart.label "Check for new messages every ">
 <!ENTITY biffStart.accesskey "y">
 <!ENTITY biffEnd.label "minutes">
+<!ENTITY useIdleNotifications.label "Allow immediate server notifications when new messages arrive">
+<!ENTITY useIdleNotifications.accesskey "w">
 <!ENTITY connectionSecurity.label "Connection security:">
 <!ENTITY connectionSecurity.accesskey "u">
 <!ENTITY connectionSecurityType-0.label "None">
 <!ENTITY connectionSecurityType-1.label "STARTTLS, if available">
 <!ENTITY connectionSecurityType-2.label "STARTTLS">
 <!ENTITY connectionSecurityType-3.label "SSL/TLS">
 <!ENTITY authMethod.label "Authentication method:">
 <!ENTITY authMethod.accesskey "i">
--- a/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/pref-notifications.dtd
+++ b/suite/chrome/mailnews/pref/pref-notifications.dtd
@@ -16,16 +16,20 @@
 <!ENTITY showAlertTimeEnd.label           "seconds">
 <!ENTITY showAlertPreviewText.label       "Show a preview of the message text">
 <!ENTITY showAlertPreviewText.accesskey   "v">
 <!ENTITY showAlertSubject.label           "Show the subject">
 <!ENTITY showAlertSubject.accesskey       "u">
 <!ENTITY showAlertSender.label            "Show the sender">
 <!ENTITY showAlertSender.accesskey        "n">
+<!ENTITY useSystemAlert.label             "Use the operating system&apos;s desktop notifications">
+<!ENTITY useSystemAlert.accesskey         "d">
+<!ENTITY useBuiltInAlert.label            "Use &brandShortName;&apos;s own notification windows">
+<!ENTITY useBuiltInAlert.accesskey        "w">
 <!ENTITY showTrayIcon.label               "Show a tray icon">
 <!ENTITY showTrayIcon.accesskey           "t">
 <!ENTITY showBalloon.label                "Show a balloon alert">
 <!ENTITY showBalloon.accesskey            "o">
 <!ENTITY bounceSystemDockIcon.label       "Animate the Dock icon">
 <!ENTITY bounceSystemDockIcon.accesskey   "A">
deleted file mode 100644
--- a/suite/extra-jar.mn
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,8 +0,0 @@
-# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
-# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
-# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
-# this is an empty file
-# locales can ship "extra" files from here, to ship a custom set
-# of files for the help system
-# do not put any blank lines in this file