New strings for chat and toolkit
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New strings for chat and toolkit
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+# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
+# file, You can obtain one at
+AllDay=Hele dagen
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (finduri-MonthYear):
+# %1$S is the month name, %2$S is the year (4 digits format).
+finduri-MonthYear=%1$S %2$S
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+# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
+# file, You can obtain one at
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (options.*):
+#   These are the protocol specific options shown in the account manager and
+#   account wizard windows.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (chatRoomField.*):
+#   These are the name of fields displayed in the 'Join Chat' dialog
+#   for Matrix accounts.
+#   The _ character won't be displayed; it indicates the next
+#   character of the string should be used as the access key for this
+#   field.
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.dtd
@@ -60,16 +60,19 @@ Windows/Mac use the term "Folder" instea
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE the term "Service Workers" should not be translated. -->
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsServiceWorkers "Registrerede Service Workers">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsProfiles "Profiler">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsMultiProcessSupport "Multiproces-vinduer">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsKeyGoogle "Google-nøgle">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsKeyMozilla "Mozilla Location Service-nøgle">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsSafeMode "Fejlsikret tilstand">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.showDir.label "Åbn mappe">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (aboutSupport.showMac.label): This is the Mac-specific
 variant of  This allows us to use the preferred
 "Finder" terminology on Mac. -->
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.showMac.label "Vis i Finder">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (aboutSupport.showWin.label): This is the Windows-specific
@@ -105,20 +108,28 @@ variant of aboutSupport.showDir.label. -
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.installationHistoryTitle "Installationshistorik">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.updateHistoryTitle "Opdateringshistorik">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.copyTextToClipboard.label "Kopier tekst til udklipsholderen">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.copyRawDataToClipboard.label "Kopier rå data til udklipsholderen">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxTitle "Sandbox">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallLogTitle "Afviste systemkald">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallIndex "#">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallAge "Sekunder siden">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallPID "PID">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallTID "TID">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallProcType "Procestype">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallNumber "Syscall">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.sandboxSyscallArgs "Argumenter">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.safeModeTitle "Prøv fejlsikret tilstand">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.restartInSafeMode.label "Genstart med tilføjelser deaktiveret…">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsFeaturesTitle "Funktioner">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsDiagnosticsTitle "Diagnostik">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsFailureLogTitle "Fejl-log">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsGPU1Title "GPU #1">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsGPU2Title "GPU #2">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsDecisionLogTitle "Beslutnings-log">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsCrashGuardsTitle "Funktioner deaktiveret af Crash guard">
-<!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsWorkaroundsTitle "Løsninger">
\ No newline at end of file
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.graphicsWorkaroundsTitle "Løsninger">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/
@@ -56,28 +56,41 @@ blockedMismatchedVersion = Ikke understøttet af driveren til dit grafikkort på grund af en uoverensstemmelse mellem registret og DLL.
 clearTypeParameters = ClearType parametre
 compositing = Komposition
 hardwareH264 = H264-afkodning i hardware
 audioBackend = Lyd-backend
 mainThreadNoOMTC = main thread, ingen OMTC
 yes = Ja
 no = Nej
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE The following strings indicate if an API key has been found.
+# In some development versions, it's expected for some API keys that they are
+# not found.
+found = Fundet
+missing = Mangler
 gpuDescription = Beskrivelse
 gpuVendorID =  Producent-ID
 gpuDeviceID = Enheds-ID
 gpuSubsysID = Subsys-ID
 gpuDrivers = Drivere
 gpuRAM = RAM
 gpuDriverVersion = Driver-version
 gpuDriverDate = Driver-dato
 gpuActive = Aktiv
-webglRenderer = WebGL-rendering
+webgl1WSIInfo = WebGL 1 Driver WSI-info
+webgl1Renderer = WebGL 1 Driver-rendering
+webgl1Version = WebGL 1 Driver-version
+webgl1DriverExtensions = WebGL 1 Driver-udvidelser
+webgl1Extensions = WebGL 1-udvidelser
+webgl2WSIInfo = WebGL 2 Driver WSI-info
 webgl2Renderer = WebGL2-rendering
+webgl2Version = WebGL 2 Driver-version
+webgl2DriverExtensions = WebGL 2 Driver-udvidelser
+webgl2Extensions = WebGL 2-udvidelser
 GPU1 = GPU #1
 GPU2 = GPU #2
 blocklistedBug = Blokeret på grund af kendte problemer
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE %1$S will be replaced with a bug number string.
 bugLink = bug %1$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE %1$S will be replaced with an arbitrary identifier
 # string that can be searched on DXR/MXR or grepped in the source tree.
 unknownFailure = Blokeret; fejlkode %1$S
@@ -93,16 +106,18 @@ loadedLibVersions = Version i brug
 hasSeccompBPF = Seccomp-BPF (filtrering af systemkald)
 hasSeccompTSync = Seccomp tråd-synkronisering
 hasUserNamespaces = Navneområder
 hasPrivilegedUserNamespaces = Navneområder for priviligerede processer
 canSandboxContent = Sandboxning indholdsprocesser
 canSandboxMedia = Sandboxning af medie-plugin
 contentSandboxLevel = Niveau af sandboxning indholdsprocesser
+sandboxProcType.content = indhold
+sandboxProcType.mediaPlugin = medie-plugin
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE %1$S and %2$S will be replaced with the number of remote and the total number
 # of windows, respectively, while %3$S will be replaced with one of the status strings below,
 # which contains a description of the multi-process preference and status.
 # Note: multiProcessStatus.3 doesn't exist because status=3 was deprecated.
 multiProcessWindows = %1$S/%2$S (%3$S)
 multiProcessStatus.0 = Aktiveret af bruger
 multiProcessStatus.1 = Aktiveret som standard
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutTelemetry.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutTelemetry.dtd
@@ -150,22 +150,22 @@ Ping
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.emptySection "
   (Ingen oplysninger fundet)
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.fullSqlWarning "
   Bemærk: Langsom SQL-debugging er aktiveret. Hele SQL-strenge vil måske være vist nedenfor, men de bliver ikke sendt til Telemetry.
-<!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.fetchSymbols "
-  Hent navne for funktioner for frosne stacks
+<!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.fetchStackSymbols "
+  Hent navne for funktioner for stakke
-<!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.hideSymbols "
-  Vis rå data fra frysninger
+<!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.hideStackSymbols "
+  Vis rå data fra stakke
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.filterText "
   Filtrer (strenge eller /regexp/)
 <!ENTITY aboutTelemetry.payloadChoiceHeader "
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/
@@ -40,16 +40,21 @@ slowSqlAverage = Gennemsnitlig tid (ms)
 slowSqlStatement = Statement
 # Note to translators:
 # - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the hang
 # - The %2$S will be replaced with the duration of the hang
 chrome-hangs-title = Frysningsrapport #%1$S (%2$S sekunder)
 # Note to translators:
+# - The %1$S will be replaced with the string key for this stack.
+# - The %2$S will be replaced with the number of times this stack was captured.
+captured-stacks-title = %1$S (antal fanget: %2$S)
+# Note to translators:
 # - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the late write
 late-writes-title = Sen skrivning: #%1$S
 stackTitle = Stack:
 memoryMapTitle = Memory-map:
 errorFetchingSymbols = Der opstod en fejl ved hentning af symboler. Undersøg, om du er forbundet til internettet og prøv igen.
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/
@@ -94,17 +94,19 @@ nominated = Nomineret
 # or are left blank. This represents an attribute of an ICE candidate.
 selected = Valgt
 save_page_label = Gem side
 debug_mode_msg_label = Debug-mode
 debug_mode_off_state_label = Start debug-mode
 debug_mode_on_state_label = Stop debug-mode
 stats_heading = Sessionsstatistik
+stats_clear = Ryd historik
 log_heading = Forbindelses-log
+log_clear = Ryd log
 log_show_msg =  vis log
 log_hide_msg = skjul log
 connection_closed = lukket
 local_candidate = Lokal kandidat
 remote_candidate = Fjern-kandidat
 priority = Prioritet
 fold_show_msg = vis detaljer
 fold_show_hint = klik for at udvide denne sektion
--- a/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/passwordManager.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/passwordManager.dtd
@@ -12,18 +12,16 @@
 <!ENTITY treehead.password.label         "Adgangskode">
 <!ENTITY      treehead.timeCreated.label         "Først brugt">
 <!ENTITY      treehead.timeLastUsed.label        "Sidst brugt">
 <!ENTITY      treehead.timePasswordChanged.label "Sidst ændret">
 <!ENTITY      treehead.timesUsed.label           "Antal gange brugt">
 <!ENTITY remove.label                    "Fjern">
 <!ENTITY remove.accesskey                "F">
-<!ENTITY removeall.label                 "Fjern alle">
-<!ENTITY removeall.accesskey             "a">
 <!ENTITY      addLogin.label                  "Tilføj login">
 <!ENTITY      addLogin.accesskey              "T">
 <!ENTITY      import.label                    "Importer…">
 <!ENTITY      import.accesskey                "I">
 <!ENTITY      searchFilter.label              "Søg">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/
@@ -71,8 +71,19 @@ noUsername=Intet brugernavn
 duplicateLoginTitle=Login findes allerede
 duplicateLogin=Det pågældende login findes allerede.
 insecureFieldWarningDescription = Denne forbindelse er ikke sikker. Indtastninger her kan aflyttes.
 # %1$S will contain insecureFieldWarningLearnMore and look like a link to indicate that clicking will open a tab with support information.
 insecureFieldWarningDescription2 = Denne forbindelse er ikke sikker. Logins indtastet her kan blive kompromitteret. %1$S
 insecureFieldWarningDescription3 = Logins indtastet her kan blive kompromitteret. %1$S
 insecureFieldWarningLearnMore = Læs mere
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (removeAll, removeAllShown):
+# removeAll and removeAllShown are both used on the same one button,
+# never displayed together and can share the same accesskey.
+# When only partial sites are shown as a result of keyword search,
+# removeAllShown is displayed as button label.
+# removeAll is displayed when no keyword search and all sites are shown.
+removeAll.label=Fjern alle
+removeAllShown.label=Fjern alle viste
--- a/toolkit/chrome/places/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/places/
@@ -12,19 +12,16 @@ MobileBookmarksFolderTitle=Mobile bogmærker
 # These are used to generate history containers when history is grouped by date
 finduri-AgeInDays-is-0=I dag
 finduri-AgeInDays-is-1=I går
 finduri-AgeInDays-is=%S dage siden
 finduri-AgeInDays-last-is=Seneste %S dage
 finduri-AgeInDays-isgreater=Ældre end %S dage
 finduri-AgeInMonths-is-0=Denne måned
 finduri-AgeInMonths-isgreater=Ældre end %S måneder
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (finduri-MonthYear):
-# %1$S is the month name, %2$S is the year (4 digits format).
-finduri-MonthYear=%1$S %2$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (localFiles):
 # This is used to generate local files container when history is grouped by site
 localhost=(lokale filer)
 # The string is used for showing file size of each backup in the "fileRestorePopup" popup
 # %1$S is the file size
--- a/toolkit/chrome/search/
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/search/
@@ -8,13 +8,14 @@ addEngineAsCurrentText=Brug tjenesten som den &aktive søgetjeneste
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_loading_engine_msg2): %1$S = brandShortName, %2$S = location
 error_loading_engine_msg2=%S kunne ikke hente søgetjenesten fra:\n%S
 error_duplicate_engine_msg=%S kunne ikke installere søgetjenesten fra "%S" da en søgetjeneste med samme navn allerede er installeret.
 error_invalid_engine_title=Installation mislykkedes
-# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_invalid_engine_msg): %S = brandShortName
-error_invalid_engine_msg=Denne søgetjeneste er ikke understøttet af %S og kan ikke installeres.
+error_invalid_format_title=Ugyldigt format
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_invalid_engine_msg2): %1$S = brandShortName, %2$S = location (url)
+error_invalid_engine_msg2=%1$S kunne ikke installere søgetjenesten fra: %2$S