[an] update from Pootle (mobile)
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[an] update from Pootle (mobile)
--- a/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
@@ -381,17 +381,18 @@ size. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_use_master_password "Fer servir a clau mayestra">
 <!ENTITY pref_sync2 "Connectar-se">
 <!ENTITY pref_sync_summary2 "Sincroniza as tuyas pestanyas, marcapachinas, claus, historial">
 <!ENTITY pref_search_suggestions "Amostrar as sucherencias de busca">
 <!ENTITY pref_history_search_suggestions "Mirar en o historial de busca">
 <!ENTITY pref_import_options "Opcions d\u0027importación">
 <!ENTITY pref_import_android_summary "Importar marcapachinas y historial dende o navegador nativo">
+<!-- Localization note (pref_private_data_openTabs): Open tabs is an option in
+     the Clear Private Data  dialog and refers to currently open tabs. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_history2 "Historial de navegación">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_searchHistory "1 historial de busca">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_formdata2 "Historial de formulario">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_cookies2 "Cookies y sesions activas">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_passwords2 "Inicios de sesión alzaus">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_cache "Caché">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_offlineApps "Datos de puestos web sin connexion">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_siteSettings2 "Preferencias d\u0027o puesto">
@@ -512,20 +513,18 @@ size. -->
      where normally a username would be displayed. In this case, no username was found, and this placeholder
      contains brackets to indicate this is not actually a username, but rather a placeholder -->
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_no_username "[Garra nombre d\u0027usuario]">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_title "Editar o inicio de sesión">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_username_hint "Nombre d\u0027usuario">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_password_hint "Clau">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_toggle "Amostrar a clau">
-<!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_toast_error "No s\u0027ha puesto alzar o inicio">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_select_message "Copiar clau dende &formatS;?">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_select_toast_copy "Clau copiada en o portafuellas">
-<!ENTITY doorhanger_login_select_toast_copy_error "No s\u0027ha puesto copiar a clau">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_select_action_text "Trigar unatro inicio de sesion">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_select_title "Copiar clau dende">
 <!-- Localization note (pref_prevent_magnifying_glass): Label for setting that controls
      whether or not the magnifying glass is disabled. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_magnifying_glass_enabled "Ixamplar as arias chicotas">
 <!ENTITY pref_magnifying_glass_enabled_summary2 "Ixamplar os vinclos y campos de forma quan se toca cerca d\u0027ells">
 <!-- Localization note (pref_scroll_title_bar2): Label for setting that controls
--- a/mobile/android/base/sync_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/sync_strings.dtd
@@ -75,21 +75,21 @@
      external web pages.  Compare fxaccount_policy_{linktos,linkprivacy}:
      these strings are separated to accommodate languages that decline
      the two uses differently. -->
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_status_linktos2 "Termins d\u0027o Servicio">
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_status_linkprivacy2 "Nota sobre privacidat">
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_status_more "Mas&ellipsis;">
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account "Desconnectar&ellipsis;">
-<!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account_dialog_title "Borrar a Cuenta de Firefox?">
-<!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account_dialog_message "&brandShortName; deixará de sincronizar con a tuya cuenta, pero no borrará os suyos datos de navegación en iste dispositivo.">
 <!-- Localization note: format string below will be replaced
      with the Firefox Account's email address. -->
-<!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account_toast "S\u0027ha borrau a Cuenta de Firefox &formatS;.">
+<!-- Localization note (fxaccount_remove_account_dialog_action_confirm): This is the label for the
+ confirm button in the dialog that shows up when disconnecting from sync. -->
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_enable_debug_mode "Activar o Modo de Depuración">
 <!-- Localization note: this is the name shown by the Android system
      itself for a Firefox Account. Don't localize this. -->
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_account_type_label "Firefox">
 <!-- Localization note: these are shown by the Android system itself,
      when the user navigates to the Android > Accounts > {Firefox
--- a/mobile/android/chrome/browser.properties
+++ b/mobile/android/chrome/browser.properties
@@ -233,18 +233,16 @@ browser.menu.showCharacterEncoding=false
 # Text Selection
 selectionHelper.textCopied=Texto copiau a o portafuellas
 # Casting
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (casting.sendToDevice): Label that will be used in the
 # dialog/prompt.
 casting.sendToDevice=Ninviar t'o Dispositivo
-casting.mirrorTab=Pestanya d'espiello
-casting.mirrorTabStop=Aturar o espiello
 # Context menu
 contextmenu.openInNewTab=Ubrir o vinclo en una pestanya nueva
 contextmenu.openInPrivateTab=Ubrir o vinclo en una pestanya de navegación privada
 contextmenu.copyLink=Copiar o vinclo
 contextmenu.shareLink=Compartir un vinclo
 contextmenu.bookmarkLink=Meter en os marcapachinas