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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# Note to translators:
# - %1$S will be replaced by brandFullName
# - %2$S will be replaced with the value of the toolkit.telemetry.server_owner preference
pageSubtitle = Ista pachina amuestra información sobre o rendimiento, hardware, uso y personalizacions replegadas por Telemetry. Ista información se ninvia ta %1$S ta aduyar a amillorar o %2$S.

generalDataTitle = \u00A0Datos chenerals

generalDataHeadingName = Nombre

generalDataHeadingValue = \u00A0 Datos Chenerals

environmentDataHeadingName = Nombre

environmentDataHeadingValue = Valor

environmentDataSubsectionToggle = Fe clic pa commutar la sección

environmentDataSubsectionEmpty = (no s'ha replegau datos)

telemetryLogTitle = Rechistro de telemetría

telemetryLogHeadingId = Id

telemetryLogHeadingTimestamp = Marca de tiempo

telemetryLogHeadingData = Datos

slowSqlMain = Consultas SQL lentas en o filo principal

slowSqlOther = Consultas SQL lentas en os filos d'aduya

slowSqlHits = Coincidencias

slowSqlAverage = Tiempo meyo (ms)

slowSqlStatement = Consulta

# Note to translators:
# - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the hang
# - The %2$S will be replaced with the duration of the hang
chrome-hangs-title = Informe d'a penchada #%1$S (%2$S segundos)

# Note to translators:
# - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the late write
late-writes-title = Escritura rezagada nº%1$S

stackTitle = Pila:

memoryMapTitle = Mapa de memoria:

errorFetchingSymbols = Ha ocurriu una error en recullir os simbolos. Comprebe que ye connectau a internet y prebe-lo de nuevas.

histogramSamples = muestras

histogramAverage = meya

histogramSum = suma

histogramCopy = Copiar

keysHeader = Propiedat

namesHeader = Nombre

valuesHeader = Valura

addonTableID = ID d'o complemento

addonTableDetails = Detalles

# Note to translators:
# - The %1$S will be replaced with the name of an Add-on Provider (e.g. "XPI", "Plugin")
addonProvider = Editor %1$S

parentPayload = Paiload Pai

# Note to translators:
# - The %1$S will be replaced with the number of the child payload (e.g. "1", "2")
childPayloadN = Payload d'o fillo %1$S