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[an] update from Pootle (firefox)

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY playButton.playLabel "Reproducir">
<!ENTITY playButton.pauseLabel "Pausar">
<!ENTITY muteButton.muteLabel "Silenciar">
<!ENTITY muteButton.unmuteLabel "Restaurar son">
<!ENTITY fullscreenButton.enterfullscreenlabel "Pantalla completa">
<!ENTITY fullscreenButton.exitfullscreenlabel "Salir d'a pantalla completa">
<!ENTITY castingButton.castingLabel "Transmitir a la pantalla">
<!ENTITY "Desactivau">

<!ENTITY "Fichers multimedia">
<!ENTITY stats.size "Mida">
<!ENTITY stats.activity "Actividat">
<!ENTITY stats.activityPaused "En pausa">
<!ENTITY stats.activityPlaying "En reproducción">
<!ENTITY stats.activityEnded "Rematau">
<!ENTITY stats.activitySeeking "(se ye posicionando)">
<!ENTITY stats.volume "Volumen">
<!ENTITY stats.framesParsed "Fotogramas analisaus">
<!ENTITY stats.framesDecoded "Fotogramas descodificaus">
<!ENTITY stats.framesPresented "Fotogramas presentaus">
<!ENTITY stats.framesPainted "Fotogramas pintaus">

<!ENTITY error.aborted "S'ha aturau a descarga d'o video.">
<!ENTITY "S'ha abortau a reproducción d'o video por un problema con o ret.">
<!ENTITY error.decode "O video no se puede reproducir porque o fichero ye corrompiu.">
<!ENTITY error.srcNotSupported "O formato d'o video u o tipo MIME no son compatibles.">
<!ENTITY error.noSource2 "No s'ha trobau garra video con un formato u un tipo MIME compatibles.">
<!ENTITY error.generic "S'ha abortau a reproducción d'o video por un problema desconoixiu.">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (scrubberScale.nameFormat): the #1 string is the current
media position, and the #2 string is the total duration. For example, when at
the 5 minute mark in a 6 hour long video, #1 would be "5:00" and #2 would be
"6:00:00", result string would be "5:00 of 6:00:00 elapsed".

<!ENTITY scrubberScale.nameFormat "S'ha reproduciu #1 de #2">