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This repository contains hotfix add-ons for Firefox.
See for more details.

Each hotfix exists in its own directory and every new hotfix must have a
higher version than the previous as defined by toolkit versioning:

`HOTFIX=vYYYYMMDD.XX make package` will package the hotfix vYYYYMMDD.XX as an XPI.
Run `make help` for more information on build targets.

Current hotfixes:

v1           - A test hotfix to be rolled out to the 10.0 beta audience to verify the
               hotfix feature before release.
v2           - A follow-up test to be rolled out to the 10.0 beta audience which
               uninstalls itself immediately.
v20120430.01 - Bug 741004 - A hotfix rolled out to 10.0 - 12.* Windows users to
               communicate the de-support of Windows 2000 and XP <= SP1 in Firefox 13.
v20120817.01 - Bug 774509 - A hotfix rolled out to 16.* OS X users to
               communicate the de-support of Mac OS X 10.5 in Firefox 17.
v20120910.01 - Bug 790096 - Disable staged updates on OS X and Linux for
               15.0a1 - 18.0a1. The flipped pref name will be renamed in fixed builds.
v20121019.01 - Bug 803596 - Combines the previous two hotfixes and also updates
               the hotfix certificate fingerprint to accept a new certificate
v20121128.01 - Bug 816197 - Notify Firefox 17 users affected by Tab Mix Plus issues.
v20130211.01 - Bug 839239 - Disable pdf.js for Firefox 18 and 19 users in the 'release'
               channel in all platforms. NOTE: this hotfix was not released. To release
               it in the future, it needs to have its version id (folder name) bumped.
v20130322.01 - Bug 812573 - Decrease the update interval for pre-17 users of beta, esr
               and release channels using servers in all platforms.
v20130826.01 - Bug 874513 - A hotfix to update the hotfix certificate fingerprint,
               rolled out to Firefox 10.0 - 24.*.
v20140319.01 - Bug 985627 - A hotfix to temporarily turn off malware blocklist and
               allowlist, as they were causing higher loads on the servers than expected.
               Rolled out to Firefox 27.0 - 28.*.
v20140527.01 - Bug 1014194 - Automatically update clients stuck on old versions
               by downloading and running an installer.
v20141211.01 - Bug 1110307 - Adjust pref in partner builds so that they
               don't incorrectly pick new defaults for the search engine prefs. Rolled out
               to Firefox 34.0.5, all platforms.
v20150106.01 - Bug 1113222 - copies the distribution directory to the new location required
               by Mac v2 signing for Firefox 10 - 37 on Mac OS X and hotfix v20141211.01
               for Firefox 34.0.5 - 35 on all platforms.
v20150225.01 - Bug 1136150 - Attempts to remove the Superfish root on Firefox
               10-38 on Windows.
v20150311.01 - Bug 1142228 - Republish v20150225.01 removing the targetPlatform=WINNT, so
               that the hotfix can update and uninstall itself from Linux/Mac users
               (installed due to bug 1138742). Published to all platforms, 10-38.
v20150402.01 - Bug 1148328 - hotfix to disable http/2-OE. Published to all platforms,
               35.0 - 37.0.
v20150818.01 - Bug 1196000 - hotfix to disable async plugin init. Published to
               all platforms, 40.*
v20150902.01 - Bug 1201065 - hotfix to update network.auth.allow-subresource-auth to 2.
               Published to all platforms, 40.*
v20151223.01 - Bug 1234802 - hotfix to turn of the pref media.fragmented-mp4.gmp.enabled
               Published to all platforms, 43.*
v20151231.01 - Bug 1236042 - hotfix to disable the youtube override introduced in 43.0.3
               Published to all platforms, 43.0.3 & 43.0.4
v20160106.01 - Bug 1237103 - hotfix to fix the Application Reputation remote lookups.
               Also includes v20151231.01 & v20151223.01
               Published to all platforms, 43.*
v20160128.01 - Bug 1243841 - Workaround for bug 1242176 to fix the migration of
               privacy.clearOnShutdown.passwords in Fx44.
               Published to all platforms, 38.0 - 43.*
v20160826.01 - Bug 1298404 - Temporarily change the app.update.url pref to add information
               about whether a crashing DLL is present, in order to prevent shipping an
               update to these installations until the problem is solved.
               Published to all platforms, 39.0 - 48.*
v20170302.01 - Bug 1343982 - Remove the currently deployed hotfix since it is also
               deployed as a system add-on.
v20180104.01 - Bug 1428175 - Disable SharedArrayBuffer in Fennec as a mitigation against
               Published to Fennec only, 46.0 - 56.*