Bug 1595255 - Port recent devtool pref changes. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
authorJorg K <jorgk@jorgk.com>
Sat, 09 Nov 2019 09:33:53 +0100
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bugs1595255, 1578745, 1519103, 1550804, 1580544, 1586634, 1539462, 1578097, 1581088, 1580530, 1580871, 1574430
Bug 1595255 - Port recent devtool pref changes. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD Bug 1578745 - Introduce a preference to enable fission frame inspection in DevTools Bug 1519103 - Remove Scratchpad panel Bug 1550804 - Add color scheme simulation to the inspector Bug 1580544 - Enable blocked resources in Nightly and Dev Edition Bug 1586634 - Enable the compatibility tool by devtools.inspector.compatibility.enabled pref Bug 1539462 - Remove the DevTools connect page Bug 1578097 - Add prefs to persist the open states of flexbox accordion items separatel Bug 1581088 - Enable search on Beta/DevEdition Bug 1580530 - Implement NetworkActionBar in the netmonitor Bug 1580871 - Enable editor mode in DevEdition Bug 1574430 - Enabling Search in Nightly
--- a/mail/app/profile/all-thunderbird.js
+++ b/mail/app/profile/all-thunderbird.js
@@ -801,49 +801,61 @@ pref("browser.in-content.dark-mode", tru
 // Developer Tools related preferences
 pref("devtools.debugger.log", false);
 pref("devtools.chrome.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.debugger.remote-enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.selfxss.count", 5);
 // Disable extensionStorage storage actor by default
 pref("devtools.storage.extensionStorage.enabled", false);
-// Disable WebIDE and ConnectPage by default (Bug 1539451)
-pref("devtools.webide.enabled", false);
-pref("devtools.connectpage.enabled", false);
 // Toolbox preferences
 pref("devtools.toolbox.footer.height", 250);
 pref("devtools.toolbox.sidebar.width", 500);
 pref("devtools.toolbox.host", "bottom");
 pref("devtools.toolbox.previousHost", "right");
 pref("devtools.toolbox.selectedTool", "inspector");
 pref("devtools.toolbox.sideEnabled", true);
 pref("devtools.toolbox.zoomValue", "1");
 pref("devtools.toolbox.splitconsoleEnabled", false);
 pref("devtools.toolbox.splitconsoleHeight", 100);
 pref("devtools.toolbox.tabsOrder", "");
-// The fission pref is enabling the "Omniscient Browser Toolbox", which will
+// The fission pref for enabling the "Omniscient Browser Toolbox", which will
 // make it possible to debug anything in Firefox (See Bug 1570639 for more
 // information).
 // ⚠ This is a work in progress. Expect weirdness when the pref is enabled. ⚠
 pref("devtools.browsertoolbox.fission", false);
+// The fission pref for enabling Fission frame debugging directly from the
+// regular web/content toolbox.
+// ⚠ This is a work in progress. Expect weirdness when the pref is enabled. ⚠
+pref("devtools.contenttoolbox.fission", false);
+// This pref is also related to fission, but not only. It allows the toolbox
+// to stay open even if the debugged tab switches to another process.
+// It can happen between two documents, one running in the parent process like
+// about:sessionrestore and another one running in the content process like
+// any web page. Or between two distinct domain when running with fission turned
+// on. See bug 1565263.
+// ⚠ This is a work in progress. Expect weirdness when the pref is flipped on ⚠
+pref("devtools.target-switching.enabled", false);
 // Toolbox Button preferences
 pref("devtools.command-button-pick.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.command-button-frames.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.command-button-splitconsole.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.command-button-paintflashing.enabled", false);
-pref("devtools.command-button-scratchpad.enabled", false);
 pref("devtools.command-button-responsive.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.command-button-screenshot.enabled", false);
 pref("devtools.command-button-rulers.enabled", false);
 pref("devtools.command-button-measure.enabled", false);
 pref("devtools.command-button-noautohide.enabled", false);
+  pref("devtools.command-button-fission-prefs.enabled", true);
 // Inspector preferences
 // Enable the Inspector
 pref("devtools.inspector.enabled", true);
 // What was the last active sidebar in the inspector
 pref("devtools.inspector.activeSidebar", "layoutview");
 pref("devtools.inspector.remote", false);
@@ -862,30 +874,36 @@ pref("devtools.inspector.showAllAnonymou
 // Show user agent shadow roots
 pref("devtools.inspector.showUserAgentShadowRoots", false);
 // Enable the new Rules View
 pref("devtools.inspector.new-rulesview.enabled", false);
 // Enable the compatibility tool in the inspector.
 pref("devtools.inspector.compatibility.enabled", false);
 // Enable the new Box Model Highlighter with renderer in parent process
 pref("devtools.inspector.use-new-box-model-highlighter", false);
+// Enable color scheme simulation in the inspector.
+pref("devtools.inspector.color-scheme-simulation.enabled", false);
 // Grid highlighter preferences
 pref("devtools.gridinspector.gridOutlineMaxColumns", 50);
 pref("devtools.gridinspector.gridOutlineMaxRows", 50);
 pref("devtools.gridinspector.showGridAreas", false);
 pref("devtools.gridinspector.showGridLineNumbers", false);
 pref("devtools.gridinspector.showInfiniteLines", false);
 // Max number of grid highlighters that can be displayed
 pref("devtools.gridinspector.maxHighlighters", 3);
 // Whether or not the box model panel is opened in the layout view
 pref("devtools.layout.boxmodel.opened", true);
 // Whether or not the flexbox panel is opened in the layout view
 pref("devtools.layout.flexbox.opened", true);
+// Whether or not the flexbox container panel is opened in the layout view
+pref("devtools.layout.flex-container.opened", true);
+// Whether or not the flexbox item panel is opened in the layout view
+pref("devtools.layout.flex-item.opened", true);
 // Whether or not the grid inspector panel is opened in the layout view
 pref("devtools.layout.grid.opened", true);
 // Enable hovering Box Model values and jumping to their source CSS rule in the
 // rule-view.
 #if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD)
   pref("devtools.layout.boxmodel.highlightProperty", true);
@@ -898,17 +916,17 @@ pref("devtools.eyedropper.zoom", 6);
 // Enable to collapse attributes that are too long.
 pref("devtools.markup.collapseAttributes", true);
 // Length to collapse attributes
 pref("devtools.markup.collapseAttributeLength", 120);
 // Whether to auto-beautify the HTML on copy.
 pref("devtools.markup.beautifyOnCopy", false);
 // Whether or not the DOM mutation breakpoints context menu are enabled in the
 // markup view.
-pref("devtools.markup.mutationBreakpoints.enabled", false);
+pref("devtools.markup.mutationBreakpoints.enabled", true);
 // DevTools default color unit
 pref("devtools.defaultColorUnit", "authored");
 // Enable the Memory tools
 pref("devtools.memory.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.memory.custom-census-displays", "{}");
@@ -968,20 +986,28 @@ pref("devtools.performance.recording.obj
 pref("devtools.cache.disabled", false);
 // The default service workers UI setting
 pref("devtools.serviceWorkers.testing.enabled", false);
 // Enable the Network Monitor
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.enabled", true);
-// Enable Network Search
-pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.search", false);
+// Enable Network Search in Nightly builds.
+#if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD) || defined(MOZ_DEV_EDITION)
+  pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.search", true);
+  pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.search", false);
-pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.requestBlocking", false);
+#if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD) || defined(MOZ_DEV_EDITION)
+  pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.requestBlocking", true);
+  pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.requestBlocking", false);
 // Enable the Application panel
 pref("devtools.application.enabled", false);
 // The default Network Monitor UI settings
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.panes-network-details-width", 550);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.panes-network-details-height", 450);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.panes-search-width", 550);
@@ -1009,58 +1035,38 @@ pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.defaultFil
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.jsonp", false);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.jsonpCallback", "");
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.includeResponseBodies", true);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.compress", false);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.forceExport", false);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.pageLoadedTimeout", 1500);
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.har.enableAutoExportToFile", false);
-// Enable WebSocket monitoring in Nightly builds.
-#if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD)
+// Enable WebSocket monitoring in Nightly and DevEdition/Beta builds.
+#if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD) || defined(MOZ_DEV_EDITION)
   pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.webSockets", true);
   pref("devtools.netmonitor.features.webSockets", false);
-// Scratchpad settings
-// - recentFileMax: The maximum number of recently-opened files
-//                  stored. Setting this preference to 0 will not
-//                  clear any recent files, but rather hide the
-//                  'Open Recent'-menu.
-// - lineNumbers: Whether to show line numbers or not.
-// - wrapText: Whether to wrap text or not.
-// - showTrailingSpace: Whether to highlight trailing space or not.
-// - editorFontSize: Editor font size configuration.
-// - enableAutocompletion: Whether to enable JavaScript autocompletion.
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.recentFilesMax", 10);
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.lineNumbers", true);
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.wrapText", false);
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.showTrailingSpace", false);
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.editorFontSize", 12);
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.enableAutocompletion", true);
 // Enable the Storage Inspector
 pref("devtools.storage.enabled", true);
 // Enable the Style Editor.
 pref("devtools.styleeditor.enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.styleeditor.autocompletion-enabled", true);
 pref("devtools.styleeditor.showMediaSidebar", true);
 pref("devtools.styleeditor.mediaSidebarWidth", 238);
 pref("devtools.styleeditor.navSidebarWidth", 245);
 pref("devtools.styleeditor.transitions", true);
 // Screenshot Option Settings.
 pref("devtools.screenshot.clipboard.enabled", false);
 pref("devtools.screenshot.audio.enabled", true);
-// Enable Scratchpad
-pref("devtools.scratchpad.enabled", false);
 // Make sure the DOM panel is hidden by default
 pref("devtools.dom.enabled", false);
 // Enable the Accessibility panel.
 pref("devtools.accessibility.enabled", true);
 // Web console filters
 pref("devtools.webconsole.filter.error", true);
@@ -1101,30 +1107,27 @@ pref("devtools.webconsole.timestampMessa
 // Enable the webconsole sidebar toggle in Nightly builds.
 #if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD)
   pref("devtools.webconsole.sidebarToggle", true);
   pref("devtools.webconsole.sidebarToggle", false);
-// Enable editor mode in the console in Nightly builds.
-#if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD)
-  pref("devtools.webconsole.features.editor", true);
-  pref("devtools.webconsole.features.editor", false);
 // Saved editor mode state in the console.
 pref("devtools.webconsole.input.editor", false);
+pref("devtools.browserconsole.input.editor", false);
-// Editor width for webconsole and browserconsole
+// Editor width for webconsole and browserconsole.
 pref("devtools.webconsole.input.editorWidth", 0);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.input.editorWidth", 0);
+// Display an onboarding UI for the Editor mode.
+pref("devtools.webconsole.input.editorOnboarding", true);
 // Disable the new performance recording panel by default
 pref("devtools.performance.new-panel-enabled", false);
 // Enable message grouping in the console, true by default
 pref("devtools.webconsole.groupWarningMessages", true);
 // Saved state of the Display content messages checkbox in the browser console.
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.contentMessages", false);
@@ -1168,24 +1171,19 @@ pref("devtools.responsive.reloadConditio
 pref("devtools.responsive.reloadNotification.enabled", true);
 // Whether or not touch simulation is enabled.
 pref("devtools.responsive.touchSimulation.enabled", false);
 // Whether or not meta viewport is enabled, if and only if touchSimulation
 // is also enabled.
 pref("devtools.responsive.metaViewport.enabled", false);
 // The user agent of the viewport.
 pref("devtools.responsive.userAgent", "");
+// Whether or not the RDM UI is embedded in the browser.
+pref("devtools.responsive.browserUI.enabled", false);
-// Whether to show the settings onboarding tooltip only in release or beta
-// builds.
-#if defined(RELEASE_OR_BETA)
-  pref("devtools.responsive.show-setting-tooltip", true);
-  pref("devtools.responsive.show-setting-tooltip", false);
 // Show the custom user agent input in Nightly builds.
 #if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD)
   pref("devtools.responsive.showUserAgentInput", true);
   pref("devtools.responsive.showUserAgentInput", false);
 // Show tab debug targets for This Firefox (on by default for local builds).
@@ -1224,18 +1222,8 @@ pref("devtools.debugger.features.map-awa
 pref("devtools.popup.disable_autohide", false);
 // Load the DevTools toolbox in a frame with type=content instead of type=chrome
 // See Bug 1539979 for more details.
 // We keep the option of running devtools in a chrome frame while we fix racy
 // tests that started failing when using type=content, but this ultimately
 // should be removed.
 pref("devtools.toolbox.content-frame", true);
-pref("devtools.webide.templatesURL", "https://code.cdn.mozilla.net/templates/list.json");
-pref("devtools.webide.autoinstallADBExtension", true);
-pref("devtools.webide.autoConnectRuntime", true);
-pref("devtools.webide.restoreLastProject", true);
-pref("devtools.webide.enableLocalRuntime", false);
-pref("devtools.webide.lastConnectedRuntime", "");
-pref("devtools.webide.lastSelectedProject", "");
-pref("devtools.webide.zoom", "1");
-pref("devtools.webide.busyTimeout", 10000);