Bug 1603681 - Port bug 1602800 and bug 1602489 (devTools prefs). r=mkmelin
authorRichard Marti <richard.marti@gmail.com>
Mon, 16 Dec 2019 14:50:29 +0200
changeset 37755 417404c90ac7589a25d580885130166d87bfbe94
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bugs1603681, 1602800, 1602489
Bug 1603681 - Port bug 1602800 and bug 1602489 (devTools prefs). r=mkmelin Bug 1602800 - Move profiler recording preferences from firefox.js to all.js. Bug 1602489 - Basic eager evaluation support.
--- a/mail/app/profile/all-thunderbird.js
+++ b/mail/app/profile/all-thunderbird.js
@@ -966,41 +966,16 @@ pref("devtools.performance.ui.enable-mem
 // Enable experimental options in the UI only in Nightly
 #if defined(NIGHTLY_BUILD)
   pref("devtools.performance.ui.experimental", true);
   pref("devtools.performance.ui.experimental", false);
-// Preferences for the new performance panel.
-// This pref configures the base URL for the profiler.firefox.com instance to
-// use. This is useful so that a developer can change it while working on
-// profiler.firefox.com, or in tests. This isn't exposed directly to the user.
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.ui-base-url", "https://profiler.firefox.com");
-// Profiler buffer size. It is the maximum number of 8-bytes entries in the
-// profiler's buffer. 10000000 is ~80mb.
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.entries", 10000000);
-// Profiler interval in microseconds. 1000┬Ás is 1ms
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.interval", 1000);
-// Profiler duration of entries in the profiler's buffer in seconds.
-// `0` means no time limit for the markers, they roll off naturally from the
-// circular buffer.
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.duration", 0);
-// Profiler feature set. See tools/profiler/core/platform.cpp for features and
-// explanations.
-// Please update the if branch as well if you upadate this.
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.features", "[\"js\",\"leaf\",\"responsiveness\",\"stackwalk\"]");
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.threads", "[\"GeckoMain\",\"Compositor\"]");
-// A JSON array of strings, where each string is a file path to an objdir on
-// the host machine. This is used in order to look up symbol information from
-// build artifacts of local builds.
-pref("devtools.performance.recording.objdirs", "[]");
 // The default cache UI setting
 pref("devtools.cache.disabled", false);
 // The default service workers UI setting
 pref("devtools.serviceWorkers.testing.enabled", false);
 // Enable the Network Monitor
 pref("devtools.netmonitor.enabled", true);
@@ -1090,16 +1065,20 @@ pref("devtools.webconsole.filter.log", t
 pref("devtools.webconsole.filter.debug", true);
 pref("devtools.webconsole.filter.css", false);
 pref("devtools.webconsole.filter.net", false);
 pref("devtools.webconsole.filter.netxhr", false);
 // Webconsole autocomplete preference
+// Set to true to eagerly show the results of webconsole terminal evaluations
+// when they don't have side effects.
+pref("devtools.webconsole.input.eagerEvaluation", false);
 // Browser console filters
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.error", true);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.warn", true);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.info", true);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.log", true);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.debug", true);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.css", false);
 pref("devtools.browserconsole.filter.net", false);