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Mon Jan 06 23:11:57 2020 +0000
46ca73f83715611c4bd70777250a450dd575eb0fPatrick Cloke — Update .gecko_rev.yml to pull from mozilla-release by default a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge CLOSED TREE RELEASE_72_END
59b660a3bd3fca93ed356d451ffeab31c4dedb55Patrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_BASE_20200106 for changeset b7e0bbb5be85 a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE BETA_72_END
b7e0bbb5be85a551923a1a74c7f2d312125ac218Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD RELEASE_BASE_20200106
c250f6d9950a75a8d2667274df35ea56b09378d8Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging a6f32f65d4e1776b8c3efee42fde951ed2eb6f0a with THUNDERBIRD_72_0b3_BUILD2, THUNDERBIRD_72_0b3_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
a6f32f65d4e1776b8c3efee42fde951ed2eb6f0aRichard Marti — Bug 1606249 - Compensate the margin change (+3px) from bug 1468080 with reducing the left-/right padding. r+a=mkmelin THUNDERBIRD_72_0b3_BUILD2 THUNDERBIRD_72_0b3_RELEASE
99bdef847789eded6d8f1c5e17f998b857aff0e6Richard Marti — Bug 1605613 - Increase the search-not-found.svg height to give the text some space below the baseline. r+a=mkmelin
731f03ac2843b1249879005c236a872b9c220d57Richard Marti — Bug 1605612 - Remove unneeded unread icon dimensions on macOS. r=aleca a=mkmelin
d4499372d4412e54d36531e03f64fc38c6a2b133Richard Marti — Bug 1603537 - Port bug 1596869: Migrate .xul files in security/manager/pki/ to .xhtml. r+a=mkmelin
f66c2ed5241cd32076ecadd0ee1f4b6c8671a9f4Richard Marti — Bug 1602941 - Use for the folder tooltip summary text a reduced opacity instead of a fixed colour. r+a=mkmelin
4c0ded168a1f27f2697dab8b1e950c93358ebab3Khushil Mistry — Bug 1601573 - Resolved context menu for chat-contact and chat-imconv richlistitems. r+a=mkmelin
148cc4c05d832e1f3bbd05cc6965a777949c0e2bBen Bucksch — Bug 1600954 - [autoconfig] Re-run config after password changed. r+a=jorgk
3d2a673f9024f7ed91ed398955947b46518d83caMagnus Melin — Bug 1598861 - make sure to probe a found exchange server whether it supports IMAP/POP3. r=aleca a=mkmelin
6a0479402139ab109836d93f61bc87e227e2680dKhushil Mistry — Bug 1592422 - Fixed chat-tooltips no longer show avatars. r+a=mkmelin
a45840067d4431441599c06fe7bf787da298dab4Ben Bucksch — Bug 1592258 - [autoconfig] In emailWizard, default to Exchange protocol for Office365 with enforced MFA or IMAP disabled. r=aleca,jorgk,mkmelin a=mkmelin
b4316a22736be13136f583faa6c83a563136550eAlfred Peters — Bug 265393 - When changing layout, reload the message via setTimeout(). r+a=jorgk
d3cdd17d80f3b3760b4cd66edb55cdd8869f6237Geoff Lankow — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_RELEASE_72_BASE). CLOSED TREE a=me
70c10e14348a90357e873fe1b7e10c3c7215f29eMozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
3d86d4ec6230969333b6c9ca031bb9d6aec34ddaMozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging 366d146a024904deb432103a766a1a06adf59aef with THUNDERBIRD_72_0b2_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_72_0b2_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
366d146a024904deb432103a766a1a06adf59aefBen Campbell — Bug 1601389 - Fix invalid-memory access in LDAP search. r+a=jorgk THUNDERBIRD_72_0b2_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_72_0b2_RELEASE
412e2b0c774060a9e4417587878f371855234e5dRichard Marti — Bug 1600928 - Port bug 1600281: Rewrite horizontal boxes that were incorrectly translated from align=right to align=end to use pack=end. r+a=mkmelin
6d36978931f799bf302f9d75949420c271e10614Jorg K — Bug 1600500 - Don't include (re)moved messages/folders in back/forward history menu. r=aceman a=jorgk
4fc977e0fc63172d430779bced3694190eaf6fc9Richard Marti — Bug 1600435 - Use the newmsg icon as the edit icon in calendar. r+a=pmorris
fcbccf3708d954c8ea1b258e2b392beb3a712b0aRichard Marti — Bug 1598885 - Re-add the rule for the duetoday tasks. r+a=pmorris
c3739bdadcfeafe28cc66d9ccbb6a1b4391acf06Geoff Lankow — Bug 1596938 - Replace <text> with <label> in invite attendees dialog; r+a=pmorris
0c85c036df70558655f3e15d8d052935074f7e9fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1593537 - Update minimonths when the start of week pref or the week numbers pref changes; r+a=pmorris
65cb9a77ffecf5e7423c40f6e8ebb69b035c9849Geoff Lankow — Bug 1593122 - [autoconfig] Status area goes blank while running guess config. r=mkmelin, ui-r=alessandro, a=jorgk
7ec85a035a12ea8921cc09ac1143babc46e4d47eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1579059 - Update nsContextMenu to fix selection text properties; r+a=mkmelin
cb1040a08e04a9e0788aa01729dba965fd265affGeoff Lankow — Bug 1572964 - Show last day of event that starts outside the current view; r+a=pmorris
0a9e0a3c5b68d5c4d80b08cb2e6d6f0a2bbde6adGeoff Lankow — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_72_0b5_RELEASE) for release. a=darktrojan
42f67ed4fbac43b4d490e225d59eecb41b3cff1eMozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
afff70331e612a02ddf7193528f114f6771106f8Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging 2a533366b840baf6559f5f499bab4a1cb0f88ce6 with THUNDERBIRD_72_0b1_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_72_0b1_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
2a533366b840baf6559f5f499bab4a1cb0f88ce6Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_72_0b1). CLOSED TREE a=rjl THUNDERBIRD_72_0b1_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_72_0b1_RELEASE
055c50840778256f982f5519c97ebd964b3561f1Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
2b456102758533eb849a6324ae2be1637361561cPatrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20191202 for changeset 9c5ad9180e91 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9c5ad9180e9133d9268073251fe2a574cefd7716Magnus Melin — Backed out changeset fc1c18cda24b (bug 1597891) for causing oranges BETA_BASE_20191202
fc1c18cda24b0a157d4b6d71c401bf4b5146b17eBen Campbell — Bug 1597891 - Remove superfluous infinite loop in MimeObject ResetChannelCharset(). r=jorgk
f83cf1dd1132b33fe33787534097fd088fcccb6fPatrick Cloke — Bug 1594323 - Fix IRC capability state handling between reconnects. r=freaktechnik
a0470cab33c08920a9b7644048e36144ce05d396Ian Neal — Bug 1599446 - Feed subscriptions empty for new account r=alta88
8c2f8de771068d5bc849a4e1c5c33329f1e7ea01John Bieling — Bug 1599054 - allow callers to ommit sending OAuth2 client_secret parameter. r=mkmelin
7dcc5e7050596410102eb42e30fdf1003e3477d8Ben Campbell — Bug 1599335 - Remove unused SpamFilterClassifyMessage(s) functions in nsMsgDBFolder. r=mkmelin
693ecddb204ff925eb351f44f38b0442e76214f9Kai Engert — Bug 1600147 - Ability to import public key attached to email, and deleting a key using key manager. r=patrick DONTBUILD
5f1b51ad26efeabc949db3a3c23564f59d933930aceman — Bug 1600451 - Port bug 1600362: add namespace to Element class. r=KaiE
377bb360e57c7a00db30df65402231f6b901a50fKai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Import additional files for key handling and composer, subset of the r+*ed patch. r=patrick DONTBUILD
c35cc8809feae83b247ca14d2d6f9e214dbbd476Kai Engert — Bug 1599031 - Add ability to query build time option MOZ_OPENPGP from JS. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
c006cb1d5b5bdc9c88c05a3dfa9c22a059608c47Ian Neal — Bug 696186 - canceling folder delete throws an exception r=aceman
2328b40f1537207039d6f81c1847c40b653253d4Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1599745 - Register all performance panel recording preferences and move their default values there. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
a5a20755812560254bda1c712ef36d27c491d529Geoff Lankow — Bug 1600201 - Register mock external protocol handler before running test-phishing-bar.js; r=aleca
2277b9c74c7d3f8852521f4c8d48e032b5431893Geoff Lankow — Bug 1599948 - Remove uses of <xul:text> in mail; r=mkmelin
e370eb044bf92725cc890db47d56b771ba1c09ceMagnus Melin — Bug 1597131 - followup to make chat tooltips work again. r=khusil
30ad6ed6ebb611238dd64a64394e35289e5d19f2Ben Campbell — Bug 1594887 - Remove xpidl [array] use in nsIJunkMailPlugin. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
86c11d411a013b767e62bd39c3c483c87ea548daBen Campbell — Bug 1594887 - Remove xpidl [array] use in nsIMsgTraitDetailListener. r=mkmelin
d361ca43bf11f63b9689eb7fffe39bfe1e8bf7eaBen Campbell — Bug 1594887 - Remove xpidl [array] use in nsIMsgTraitClassificationListener. r=mkmelin
34d97d986759ddbc6b3d8c6745e0bae88ba59506Richard Marti — Bug 1599552 - Clean up of the shared EditorDialog.css. r=mkmelin
8f5ec78422e09c3b87a69e0777d98b52048f0899Geoff Lankow — Port Bug 1598557 (again) - Move all BrowserToolbox files to a dedicated folder; rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
44a47f85aade5ac888d0215c28d193fcb68b95fdGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1598557 - Move all BrowserToolbox files to a dedicated folder; rs=bustage-fix
beec6bc7dc921e59d67f4bd576b13d03f03e5c2aKai Engert — Backed out changeset 10abecc1ae80
b8e5b419b13691d345f66b04ab3a936b9a0c4beaMagnus Melin — Bug 1599548 - rewrite Thunderbird consumers of the deprecated "top" and "bottom" align values to "start" and "end" (port bug 1592369). r=pmorris
10abecc1ae80917bc510391bdaa96060e8401440Kai Engert — Bug 1599031 - Add ability to query build time option MOZ_OPENPGP from JS. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
388b8b71c9cf8b7a0e50812c2acfc3d0d9f864daKai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Import JS needed for message reading, subset of reviewed patch. r=patrick DONTBUILD
5629275db993996f84626ca8ddbb5296fb42f8f5Kai Engert — Bug 1599031 - Protect keyring using an automatic password that's protected with the master password. r=patrick DONTBUILD
01810b29d5ec858b90d01ce47999cccae993ae3eKai Engert — Bug 1599233 - Import masterpass.jsm code from Valodim (Vincent Breitmoser). r=patrick DONTBUILD
4213d50b5bfcc46f65d4ac64903ff21ee0105e05Kai Engert — Bug 1598478 - OpenPGP, initial integration and RNP bindings for: key manager, key details, key generation, am-prefs. r=patrick DONTBUILD
cffc48bec69790b744afc31740682aac1c723aedKhushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIWcapCalendar.idl. r=pmorris DONTBUILD
0f56d3bf93002d512dc067d3e74ff15b97bcc76aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1598903 - Fix linting mistake; rs=me DONTBUILD
83336f180281f202107a7c506323a4f60253888eRichard Marti — Bug 1598903 - Port bug 1575905 Part 1: Show theme previews for built-in themes. r=darktrojan
06fd730429c0a1ad4992f5377fbf56f7b8ac1643black.fledermaus — Bug 1568434 - Separate invitation per attendee, check by default; r=darktrojan
bdbe5d2feea18ceae214dfcff88c890b93f15183aceman — Bug 1599559 - Port bug 1584998: Add missing xfoBlocked.* strings to netError.dtd. r=Paenglab
383c10de7c73133a634996a8a2963193749c2311Geoff Lankow — Bug 1599330 - Split browser_eventDialogModificationPrompt.js in two and disable the broken part; rs=bustage-fix
2b3dd54098bf6af5fb58ba8fb98f068f3f0193c6Richard Marti — Bug 1598955 - Set the webextension icon to the same dimensions as the built-in icons. r=darktrojan
8ec25287b8814365572429a76daba6000b1dc855Khushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIIcsParser.idl. r=pmorris
f6af99c9ff9d90f6086e77addd21ba425ce6ac9bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1599010 - Clean up displayed folder if the last account is removed; r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
39ed67f1df1f558ef4e5f2382b24ad6859db7171Geoff Lankow — Bug 1364167 - Do not change folders when repairing a folder other than the current one. r=jorgk
3ea95f036953bba46cf9fa83ad442a785ad4c7f6Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1570792 test changes. rs=bustage-fix
4f4eb9541c61c2388891278f06c7a19571d2d42aKhushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIChangeLog.idl. r=pmorris
901c108790e1c6b74920457d91bf5310c2fc3947Richard Marti — Bug 1598611 - Remove the flex of the dateValueBox to not stretch the encryption icons in the message header. r=mkmelin
07bd596b331890034f3caf0febcaece958c7facbFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1597554 - Fix incorrect import of mailServices.jsm. r=me
6d66ffc08e3f13d4b5edd9d522440e0d2023efb6Ian Neal — Bug 1597073 - Port |Bug 231654 - make delete normally only apply to the threadpane - too easy to accidentally delete folder|. r=frg
e3ca458febd1b36274e531f0f9264e0a7cdfb735Ian Neal — Bug 1597062 - Port |Bug 581932 - Keyboard shortcuts are disabled after deleting a message and next is a thread when message pane has focus|. r=frg
fa4e46e2039322a6c22b6494fc5c66d747ce1b3fIan Neal — Bug 1597682 - Removed unused GetMsgFolderFromResource function. r=frg
afd0e7a81c043078d25b3648cd14cf0b52db5688Ian Neal — Bug 1597674 - In standalone mail window F6 and TAB generates error message in console. r=frg
64a1253ed5a8661694a2072af61697b28dee2f1eIan Neal — Bug 1597554 - Port |Bug 537378 - "search messages" (Ctrl+Shift+F) should be enabled in the 3pane - doesn't open if no folder or account selected/focused in folder pane.|. r=frg
b8b151fb16357d1229ff06339fea95fed0d52c47Jorg K — Bug 1364167 - Backed out changeset 42e6d3683bda for causing a blank thread pane after repair folder. a=backout
f962ffd0119245bb230aadd009aae92fc945b025Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - Use URLSearchParams for setting params for OAuth2 authorization request. r=Fallen
42ac954abcd09689cd9325c02dbda168baab96f6Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - use fetch + URLSearchParms instead of Http.jsm to request OAuth2 access token. r=Fallen
9b0f8cb7ffc12c4317f40a7e27fd223f951f8690Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - don't pass string constants to determine OAuth refresh token or not. r=Fallen
ff646df746848ce1be66849629e62acf3892b5a3Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - improve OAuth2 params parsing. r=Fallen
4c34261831ce476d943f4c25cebdd2aa8101da8cMagnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - clean up OAuth2 code: remove responseType which is always "code". r=Fallen
318755e67909cb43c91f2179b258d868c1e1909dBen Campbell — Bug 1594899 - Remove xpidl [array] use in nsIMsgLocalMailFolder. r=kmelin
736117fc5641a89df4b114b58def785352607037tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
f0114d8e2104e1080991df7361bfe2fcef0ec37aKai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Import additional parts of Enigmail. r=patrick DONTBUILD
cb5b2500f62187226ff94bbf6b9937fedfaf08beGeoff Lankow — Bug 1598208 - Disable l10n-check on debug builds; r=rjl
4498a8428f41a055a51c378159ffcddfcdc0502fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1598041 - Don't hide error message when offering addon r=BenB
1a8b28dd2a97023ae787b794a45dce6b53702803Richard Marti — Bug 1596702 - Dark theme: don't use blue for unread messages but make read messages grey. r=aleca
aec0ee0dc9f8612f6b15792936bc45ddd3796a14Geoff Lankow — Bug 1595059 - Prevent copying an address book card without a UID, and fix copying cards from one book to another; r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
dd38ba65ea9896e8f757c784962d59a64b666ff2Khushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIIcsSerializer.idl. r=pmorris
8dc56944ca5a67b077a7726f55b08e208b46cc97Khushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calICalendarACLManager.idl, calICalendarView.idl and calIDecoratedView.idl. r=pmorris
a0402b8ff64e5a6f405a8a7c78b3f766964f8f88Richard Marti — Bug 1597939 - Fix some background colours in attendee dialog with dark system theme. r=pmorris
addad8f98bfca1b04dadb6833f345fb9e220840cRichard Marti — Bug 1597918 - Port bug 1596724: Update input[type="number"] to use class="input-number-mozbox". r=mkmelin
956bb4e418daaad886028d28eeda853366788888Patrick Cloke Bug 1580807 - Disable new Twitter accounts due to bug 1445778. r=mkmelin
a9f2973479f1a5f89d650019584aa214f501d945Richard Marti — Bug 1597899 - Port bug 1596065: Hide database enumeration option in about:support if the pref is off. r=jorgk
afee24ca2f118226ecb57602882f9fa5469ba7b1Khushil Mistry — Bug 1597061 - Fix error message in console when using F6 in stand-alone mail window. r=mkmelin
11e9e7a7d60dc8d1d90db490851bc5f012150623Ben Campbell — Bug 1594877 - Remove xpidl [array] use in nsIMessenger. r=jorgk
e0b1df31a3f83d0665a2670a2b4b713b13e27eabGeoff Lankow — Bug 1597814 - Port bug 1592599: Switch nsIDocShell.getDocShellEnumerator() away from using nsISimpleEnumerator. r=jorgk
6ce35172d6627ced1807ad8cd1261c21dbf99321Magnus Melin — Bug 1597131 - Port bug 1597120: Remove use of XUL mousethrough attribute. r=pmorris
dbf07a17aee31be33e83c6e0c7e7527a9611c30eKhushil Mistry — Bug 1596937 - Fixed clipping of "no email warning" when editing calendar properties. r=pmorris
1bc27f2370ac65e0c44e42575b06b91bef105aecGeoff Lankow — Bug 1588516 - Find calendar AppMenu buttons in the palette when not in the toolbar. r=pmorris
6406591e99ed80248375a71f58bde1295cd56138Jorg K — Bug 1593629 - Make OK button active when filling in the anchor name in EdNamedAnchorProps.xul. r=khushil
b574aafa64dccd053d78e9ef882fb617a07317d7Khushil Mistry — Bug 1593629 - Restore adding named anchors to context menu for links. r=mkmelin
7d9bc05f93c767c9c20716fbca2fa8338875fe3cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1597066 - Part 3. Correct location for places style and overlay files in tests. r=IanN
64188fcfd0e255b5b0d4eb6735fd00e86a798186Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1597540 - Provide default spellchecker.dictionary for suite. r=IanN
54cb02ce13e7e6ab73b7c2b4ee47c024e9a1dc3cIan Neal — Bug 1591749 - Enhance SeaMonkey's certificate / net error code. r=frg
a0fa0fb92d758844b51241250b4881cfefeb5451Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1597066 - Part 2. Fix missing organizer.css in suite tests. r=IanN
8bca8d96f154fdb449454e159a5c112ec33d8f8aFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1597066 - Fix missing organizer.css on macOS. r=IanN
64db1243761683963ff18fb414b61cf5ad9f2edcFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1595598 - Update debug QA extension site urls. r=IanN
79b9ad5996317355faf3f9f3aa8fac195e617bcfFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1595424 - Remove unused openTopWin function. r=IanN
122d65278cfe3f6080ed2b8e3aee219552a1db73Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1595424 - Replace openTopWin calls in debugQA. r=IanN
b3dfc1ed6f8e69fa3fb0975595ea56fc09294a52Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1595424 - Replace remaining openTopWin calls in SeaMonkey. r=IanN
880912d5eae6b29dac7e51794ab2cff6e1e6d912Ian Neal — Bug 1589189 - Update noreferrer code. r=frg
7042df4f1ab69b93550097feca662b012f3b5a98Ian Neal — Bug 1597289 - saveViewAsVirtualFolder is not used. r=frg
0658b2e48cab44bc6ba352e7e69db18303de7b77Geoff Lankow — Bug 1525274 - Support for raw message source in WebExtensions messages API; r=mkmelin
97369b9ba582b35700843284b583cb8da5a92845Geoff Lankow — Bug 1592288 - Handle bad data in WebExt API message handling; r=mkmelin
d5118af449e7fbf0f750b3ae045324470cfcd284Geoff Lankow — Bug 1597163 - Cache address book lists and cards; r=mkmelin
f5bd174b047b170cec34c4a4b465efb182fec971aceman — Bug 1597130 - remove unused MsgNewFolder() in mail/base/content/mailWindowOverlay.js. r=jorgk
1628c49941d6699b96b2fff5688c9b8625133f4bMagnus Melin — Bug 1596669 - Remove Thunderbird usage of `stringbundleset` element. r=khushil
2a0f5703a010e69efcaf1bdde30f17e890ce03a0Khushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calICalendarManager.idl and calICalendar.idl. r=pmorris
65758d4222c29d8f8f85841e26b2c1fac4fbaa17Richard Marti — Bug 1597099 - Port bug 1593965: Use new drag & drop indicator for the tabs. r=aleca
12ab920cd2e79bbf155d0859f4b929f664dc5986Magnus Melin — Bug 1596385 - remove XUL [dir="reverse"] usage whose support was removed in bug 1596296. r=clokep,pmorris
d72ce60b5f76cff7526af1e5ac662ce25c497264Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1594367 - Convert the manual config area in the emailWizard to <html:table>. r=mkmelin
e48e4b2ce362f5f6eca562fcb19c97fe2579ef9ftbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
00734bc78bf39ceed04b40ff76fdee3d80fc4df3Jorg K — Bug 1595747 - Backed out changeset 70edaf9ceae6 to re-enable test. a=backout
6e169e7759f728eea561e8a2f1fbf07d95d69aa7Magnus Melin — Bug 1597093 - use shared css files for EditorDialog.css. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
d207eeb0cef008d645eee1543c0de0b9030c464bMagnus Melin — Bug 1597093 - remove editor.css. r=Paenglab
a1618ce2c50c578b561963f88f43a31fa95d2e22Jorg K — Bug 1597095 - Follow-up: Add hunk missing from rev c9fb9ef25bbb. rs=bustage-fix
6b57b5a0b071a8b758c960ad0ea951b9d1f1db09Jorg K — Backed out changeset f88be42b0805 (bug 1581762) for not having the desired effect. a=backout
c4045d7f2eb0dd32a85ccfcaebaa470814f32a7cJorg K — Bug 1588500 - Re-enable test-phishing-bar.js on Linux and Windows. r=me
f88be42b0805fb6fdad29e840a1155e1dc4d20b1Jorg K — Bug 1581762 - Make gTests work on Mac. r=me
c9fb9ef25bbbe9a72f81fae1959d12e8f9a53adaJorg K — Bug 1597095 - Port bug 1581762: Move minidump-analyzer packaging. rs=bustage-fix
18938b699f1861ff962b763d90967bb02353f5a1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1595625 - Create only one shared directory object per address book; r=mkmelin
9ffcd0110d4155b71896110755152b8e0708397eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1595649 - Fix disabling auto-completion on a per-directory basis; r=mkmelin
78130fcb03716b7a22e451e4d2197d20288bfde0Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Initial OpenPGP messenger integration, conditional on MOZ_OPENPGP. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
86209ae8455a055ce314f7638705fa789ccd1b17Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - initial integration of Enigmail backend code. r=patrick DONTBUILD
881bcd3d0f1164172268e4a8ffa44bd7dc6eb114Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Import key manager UI and helper code from Enigmail. r=patrick DONTBUILD
c3f401cda821b1873b02698ba8a5541eb4677633Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Initial set of ctypes bindings to RNP library. r=patrick DONTBUILD
4d8319181ab24b707c73be57d2277a0576bd8e02Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Initial import of Enigmail backend modules, skin files, (renamed) prefs, strings. r=patrick DONTBUILD
e72aa5579de0aba0d6424cfa57e485b1ce944419Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Add build option --enable-openpgp. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
415046cd77f0e3e4d4100bd1c425aeca16367f53Kai Engert — Bug 1594855 - Starting point for OpenPGP integration, define rules while work-in-progress. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
607de9f8f0609aafada2e62840b9e6ef53cb7681Magnus Melin — Bug 1597041 - adjust <stack> children CSS following bug 1596966. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
199eeaba5791cf72a3f6413d3351b1bef49d0786Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1562313 - Convert JavaScript components to use static registration in mailnews. suite part. r=frg
e667b9f62b83583094e564bb3640fcaee26fcc8cMagnus Melin — Bug 1596693 - change history.xul and master password file references to xhtml extension instead of xul (following toolkit renames in bug 1596329). r=jorgk
0f435d1559190627ecdfa9f8162a9b32275b88b3Khushil Mistry — Bug 1562313 - Convert JavaScript components to use static registration in mailnews/. r=mkmelin
430487e62ffd051ea2047205d10f3993587390c7Paul Morris — Bug 1596635 - Move four Calendar CSS overlays from to .xul files. r=darktrojan
e2110a70a56383bdb768434b54d3fd05849c3184Richard Marti — Bug 1596508 - Port bug 1595415: Remove the RTL hack in aboutDialog.css for displaying the version. r=aleca DONTBUILD
f5213fb4cd253d07da06753c9512137e3de8f681Magnus Melin — Bug 1596413 - after confirmation to follow possible scam link, use the right actions for yes/no. r=jorgk
7ab3efcd2527ef7eccb2d072e97f3da77da1170aMagnus Melin — Bug 1596685 - fix gatherTextUnder() by reverting part of bug 1570954. r=jorgk
54ccc35a7b0b15be4542c5c2cc12c163e1366c18Geoff Lankow — Bug 1596666 - Port bug 1578534: Change nsIX509CertDB.constructX509 to take Array<uint8_t>. r=jorgk
54d186205801e6f5c0dbade30c7141c189a1aefcPaul Morris — Bug 1588831 - Add a mochitest for mailing lists. r=darktrojan
c94a552514bb19d9295a395195be22c93e8ca911Rob Lemley — Bug 1595248 - Port bug 1593041: Add entitlement. r=darktrojan
d876748e86f5313bd99692a874f32d690eb2cd8cKhushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calICalendarSearchProvider.idl and calICalendarViewController.idl. r=pmorris
bfb3d45e856fb748ff2b7101a596690a7c658492Khushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIItipTransport.idl and calIPrintFormatter.idl. r=pmorris
019d5b24c54331e238387b7e4bb0673f9c339a2aRichard Marti — Bug 1596524 - Port bug 1594351: Include remote agent status in about:support. r=jorgk
f42ebae6cd6d06b3ae629d8bbc405d397d466013Richard Marti — Bug 1596512 - Port bug 1594885: Add devtools whatsnew prefs. r=jorgk
78cef389a611168e3b3e0343cf4e14681e6b1c99Khushil Mistry — Bug 1584341 - migrate xul:wizard consumers to xul:window[role=dialog] with the wizard as the only child. r=mkmelin,pmorris
bd0fd75f44381a6db63a95fce6ba61159b791228Jorg K — Port bug 1592111 - s/BlockUntilLoadableRootsLoaded/BlockUntilLoadableCertsLoaded/. rs=bustage-fix
110ee34fe561cae965d3a5aec1d20c4051408c1bKhushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIItemBase.idl and calIAlarm.idl. r=pmorris
64e5700c2428333fb571e2477b7609badec9d83dKhushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIItipItem.idl. r=pmorris
1ce2ab429d0b64c8223ea4f01514c38f16c2b9ebKhushil Mistry — Bug 1557504 - remove [array] use in xpidl from calIImportExport.idl. r=pmorris
4f748b7dc20dfb713f118f680cec8c2c8443862fRob Lemley — Bug 1593891 - Disable builds when landing blocklist repo-updates. r=darktrojan
bb95517489e3a6e093a7210c83d9c99e0a812c9bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1590682 - Convert troublesome parts of calendar tests to real mochitest code; r=pmorris
0402e4370a3cb4093a253970c3b396b43791e783Ben Bucksch — Bug 1596000 - Avoid double pre-flight OPTIONS request when not necessary. r=Neil
96490ef9899a8afef1e29ad5d4944aa34e3eb22dMagnus Melin — Bug 1589588 - Adjustments to <stack> after bug 1576946. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
716cec9c6ca52060ea9fc237f6f266d3ac16ddf7Ben Bucksch — Bug 1595991 - [autoconfig] Shorten console output for HTML responses. a=jorgk DONTBUILD
42e6d3683bdabc3b1f2b71907b432e677bd079acGeoff Lankow — Bug 1364167 - When repairing a folder only re-display it if it is the current one. r=jorgk
ae4432bce46637257fc147f26d75c5c9c5d1c886Richard Marti — Bug 1594200 - Use an envelope as "new mail" icon in systray. r=jorgk ui-r=aleca
aeb3be1b205331433fb589efefd1aee830b84a6cRichard Marti — Bug 1595408 - Remove the background color from #messengerBox and #abContent under macOS to make trees vibrant again. r=aleca
edda2bec8db7c2f754c0d83a42067263c27bb111Ben Campbell — Bug 1594886 - Remove xpidl [array] use in nsIMsgKeyArray. r=jorgk
4cc36294505950bdefcb86afab1b7bc31d0cc535Jorg K — Bug 1593188 - Port bug 1595471: More tweaks to engines.json. r=me
70edaf9ceae66944922bbe62746f2793c56eeca9Jorg K — Bug 1595747 - Temporarily disable failing test-attachment.js::test_open_attachment. rs=bustage-fix
7c97fc48c124033f04fb912755b5f2e1309e2354Ben Bucksch — Bug 1594366 - Move OPTIONS requests for connection priming to avoid repeated execution. r=Neil DONTBUILD
a9f7c4aa047f78a9f6f21e9206db567de8196f75Geoff Lankow — Bug 1593544 - Stop loading plugin provider modules in Thunderbird. r=jorgk
8caa76852c2c73c348822f6430782fb2cd8a7146Ben Bucksch — Bug 1185366 - check the full domain of the MX server to differentiate between and Office365. r=Neil
e504cc780de97396cc5acb29ffe6adbd1770a821Ben Campbell — Bug 1593582 - Remove xpidl [array] usage in nsICollation. r=jorgk
8ec96808a776ad111e8e781d9e278a88b55187a2tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - a=repo-update DONTBUILD r=rjl
9412e46f895c6c02eba2f4ecbcfdd435879f02e3Rob Lemley — Bug 1595153 - Port bug 1595368: Consistent logic to determine tooltool url. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
d5defac499ad2eaf03b571b3f8d82ea759ef523bRob Lemley — Backed out changeset c80cce86e74e - additional worker types created on Firefox CI. a=backout
cacce68c2d9a4eeb1110d30931455e502696c14bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1594964 - Unify linting rules for test directories. r=pmorris
46a75a66d88d7feee5b3492bb70a2246a217c8c1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1594707 - In WebExtensions folder lookup, encode characters !'()* which aren't handled by encodeURIComponent. r=mkmelin
9ba029277a3d9ee79d605d4b9aea8ca05f1ab93fAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1590636 - Add option to directly skip to manual config on account setup. r=mkmelin
4ea36b60fe0fdb36f7a3a3d5917d92afdbdadc39Richard Marti — Bub 1595422 - Port bug 1594513: Explicitly set width and height for application images. r=aleca
fb1c453eb2a0c2d475964d92019898fd3a8d2ee6Richard Marti — Bug 787683 - Add navigation buttons to the content tabs. r=darktrojan
84b703945054180f18883e264044f1179eee89b1Jorg K — Bug 1504455 - when creating a new row in the addressing widget, don't switch back to To: (analysis by :mkmelin). r=mkmelin
99690c17bfc69570faaa598d6adc234610289663Ian Neal — Bug 1589892 - Port |Bug 440616 (command cleanup v1) Clean up Thunderbird's global scope a bit more| and |Bug 495242 cmd_close shouldn't be passed through the controllers for menu options| to SeaMonkey. r=frg DONTBUILD
a5e5625c3786608f97ae07cb0aa53bf47e344c02Ian Neal — Bug 1589892 - Port |Bug 440616 (part 3 v1) Clean up Thunderbird's global scope a bit more| to SeaMonkey. r=frg DONTBUILD
6eef2c8c1a3ac49a9ea1306672d92dfed10e60c1Ian Neal — Bug 1589892 - Port |Bug 440616 (part 1 v2) Clean up Thunderbird's global scope a bit more (mail session and 3pane commands)| to SeaMonkey. r=frg DONTBUILD
83fafd4f19ebd0ad7a7db636271740f6dd26cf22Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1593553 - Use null (document) triggering pricipal when refreshing URI. r=IanN DONTBUILD
9d0d0a1290f02ff85990105d2df8028a51857630Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1593550 - Show security level for non EV https websites somewhat greener. r=IanN DONTBUILD
8ec843ce7808b7b1d730bdf350a990ddfffb2789Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1593554 - Fix cut-off menulist display in preferences. r=IanN DONTBUILD
c7d09e547b0f2e0c978473556e23d8e8ad476ee4Ian Neal — Bug 1580348 - Port |Bug 906190 - Persist "disable protection" option for Mixed Content Blocker in child tabs| to SeaMonkey. r=frg DONTBUILD
f1b5416c152bc6c0b457a661f78cbed98e3b3158Ian Neal — Bug 1591791 - Port |Bug 1584809 - PageInfo cookie permissions default to allow| to SeaMonkey. r=frg DONTBUILD
cb0db83a425334700b93709ab7d735755e3595b0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1595384 - Add toolbar to event dialog's feature list when opening the dialog. rs=bustage-fix,jorgk CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
41278090902a0185426cfc4f2178b9d594d35322Jorg K — Bug 1595153 - Backed out changeset c45cd28f33e2 to re-enable Nightly builds. a=backout
c80cce86e74e130c6323c75f0c89dd217031937bRob Lemley — Bug 1595153 - Temporarily hard-code worker type to fix Clang toolchain builds. a=jorgk CLOSED TREE
c45cd28f33e2d2f7ed6e09fd14caab9be9fbdb1eRob Lemley — Bug 1595153 - Disable Nightly builds. a=me DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
572c9831cdfe6eb7a60f9365ec5a90286b7ac54bRob Lemley — Bug 1595153 - [firefox-ci] Use taskcluster-proxy for windows builds' tooltool access. r=tomprince CLOSED TREE
42caee63995fa2ca31ef3bd20761bdf55b9c848bRob Lemley — Bug 1595153 - [firefox-ci] Use AWS Provider-based decision worker. r=tomprince
f66f154ecd6b16d0950823552de5b63f10a2b7a1Jorg K — Bug 1595255 - Port recent devtool pref changes. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
160cac84b99c0c3b8725a8f114145f2b6a56df63Khushil Mistry — Bug 1591505 - Fixed drag and drop (reorder) of chat accounts. r=mkmelin
9b8b03b90835cb841d5aa08ef93dcda34de9a1feTom Prince — Bug 1595153 - [firefox-ci] Switch thunderbird to gcp scriptworkers; r=mtabara
a3bc2a8807dbeab553d1c5747558da30c72e9b4fTom Prince — Bug 1595153 - [firefox-ci] Switch to using aws-provider workers; r=rjl
2b2791f094a64c3b498cd149ab5b8b24f6c13537Rob Lemley — Bug 1595153 - Port bug 1492664: Use {artifact-reference: ..} for symbol uploads. r=darktrojan,tomprince
c9940c8a906127b111583461c97825cb4b1e247eRichard Marti — Bug 1593438 - Remove the non-functional navigation buttons in the add-ons manager. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
e4f02a3ecd47591b520920f3278da204cec3f4d8Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Remove left-over overlay directives from bug 1586371. r=darktrojan
e912d62faefa058a5feea95af0533364ce4c9966Paul Morris — Bug 1594581 - Remove lightning-migration.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
724dcab508f5c645e8a28899b5735d2ec3f92871Magnus Melin — Bug 1594331 - Port bug 1592369: rewrite consumers of the deprecated "left" and "right" align values to "start" and "end". r=khushil
9220866c582eae6e2c5e2cf4e633c96a33217402tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - a=repo-update DONTBUILD r=rjl
339135a7c2a3f9b3ea779d960a0baf3cc16d0dfeKai Engert — Bug 1576364 - Enable LDAP async IO on Windows. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
a8daa92bf143e898881a2b92e2a1bce91d59085eBen Campbell — Bug 1576364 - Dispatch LDAP operations on socket thread. r=kaie
067c9af97ec99abc81b84a5340777a08cada782fRob Lemley — Bug 1550611 - Run macosx64/opt and linux/opt tests. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
d1762836541f897bc8d9230f997d88061fdd2fe5Rob Lemley — Bug 1550611 - Add nightly attribute to shippable builds. r=darktrojan
492c97f2e864c6f30a4ea09ad9f9d2828be06b0fRichard Marti — Bug 1594485 - Remove remaining obsolete -moz-binding. r=mkmelin
639ebe7652d35d4a5d8365b2fca4828f4a4584bbRichard Marti — Bug 1594486 - Port bug 1593462: Clean up preferences CSS files to fix RTL and remove unused rules. r=aleca
0563cab603a733479ab16c4f0455b01803b1b099Magnus Melin — Bug 1594387 - Port bug 1591803: Rename nsIPermissionManager.enumerator to all and turn it into an Array. r=jorgk
6b80c8cc614c8e8cd734ab86245dc3caee8a33b1Magnus Melin — Bug 1593954 - Port bug 1593051: Remove usage of parseXULToFragment from applicationManager.js. r=Paenglab
9c3fdd4aaf21a4ff8062a0f4dd3b56cfbbdb455aJorg K — Bug 1592880 - Follow-up: Reformat. rs=reformat DONTBUILD
496ec1e14194a5f28a07e895e3445a4f326b38bfJorg K — Bug 1546364 - Reformat to Google coding style (again) in LDAP. rs=reformat
f375c9cc162077893f4c731fa7fef7e464a808acJorg K — Bug 1593280 - Follow-up: Restore setting of image attribute of menu items. r=me
f5895f13fccbfeae65a8deeb1f0dac268c0296ecPaul Morris — Bug 1508119 - De-overlay the lightning-item-toolbar.xul file. r=darktrojan
ebfcb7d8cf3eacb3e5710c26c7f6231a2546dab1Patrick Cloke — Bug 1592505 - Require prepareForSending to return a message. r=mkmelin
4f177195fa4b52cec3253fe540a266bb8183f181Jorg K — Bug 1593280 - Follow-up: Restore comment. rs=comment-only DONTBUILD
313b2288e5c0e20a611cf06343807cb28fae5f58Jorg K — Bug 1593280 - Follow-up: Fix linting. rs=white-space-only DONTBUILD
ad2a01d029a8a21ec47497c32d942e74a2b7378eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1593347 - Fix LDAP address book search results. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
126714837c0b9f6be6bea97826bf11760d704cc6Geoff Lankow — Bug 1594246 - Remove mail.addr_book.newDirType pref for creating address books of a different type. r=mkmelin
9448c6a181aa7b97f35d1f56675532610536278dJorg K — Bug 1593280 - Fix icons for message and URL attachments, remove setting defunct image attribute for attachment items. r=aleca
edadee96ce8163c1b6d1917ae8b2a1d12a18e152Magnus Melin — Bug 1593469 - Port bug 1470510: Merge nsXULWindow and nsWebShellWindow. r=jorgk
e2512bf794d189e23fd412f3e7d12cd877f8e2dbGeoff Lankow — Bug 1584160 - Restore persisted state of all toolbars possibly affected by an overlay. r=pmorris
715b0e356aa08bb8a65e34bb16b7895b04068465Paul Morris — Bug 1297426 - Separate today pane state for calendar event and task tabs. r=darktrojan
97e2b97e78fa72ef1c9ac92816389948800b976cGeoff Lankow — Bug 1593879 - Select a new default calendar if the current one is removed. r=pmorris
20c8f5c7d6e5fa11f11753859ee053dcb36a28c8Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the lightning-menus.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
8a5adb2c48205055097c71efdd3ea832632fc7cdJorg K — Bug 1593188 - Port bug 1592209: Remove engineName from the modern configuration. r=me
9cad8d5e022be5324b9b9512ab20e96b0a7d1c00Patrick Cloke — Bug 1593864 - Upgrade the matrix-js-sdk to v2.4.3. r=pmorris
aa5d53e8d88cf9f5d268e670f011cc696ba60cd4Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the lightning-toolbar.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
801bb3e237b67f3310a096336202b33fb26d9fceRichard Marti Bug 1593514 - Create a shared searchDialog.css and fix theming of the search dialog. r=aleca DONTBUILD
39b07c84497e3ef43bf7e672d9fb97bd6a9644f1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1592256 - Follow-up: remove data from cache when it is no longer relevant. r=mkmelin
7cd9756e2aa1aa0322967ea1d6b309631ca73c5fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1592536 - Fix contact age calculation in address book. r=jorgk
fee24a698db44e38cf473a849d27398e83717989Rob Lemley — Bug 1592162 - Split comm_taskgraph functions into loader and transform packages. r=darktrojan
e1879be2884c38b18c329b59b2887cd516f0b4cdRob Lemley — Bug 1592162 - Add merge loader. r=darktrojan
404de6eddbe0d7bc4049b38e82845880a96e3b08tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - a=repo-update DONTBUILD r=rjl
029af9f181ab30c1c16ffbb8054b98c7aef57588Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the calendar-views.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
b2f5e2c9055bbeecdace64905846797d4935aef2Jorg K — Port bug 1581537 - Add some dom and layout properties files to the package manifest. rs=bustage-fix
4865f56365ce8111c4627f13961c805463395deaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1592256 - Cache WebExtension message identifiers to improve lookup performance from O(n) to O(1). r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
2e016c75c928684dab9fe9b6ca28b6514c94a2e9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1591829 - Prevent unexpected save prompt in calendar tests. r=pmorris
a4dc1186265bea8d2162aab9c3471bb6f1452c1dJorg K — Bug 1593544 - disable failing test_bootstrap.js. rs=bustage-fix
e59f4d018a053fff1484243fff19c02662a5a869Jorg K — Bug 1593546 - Port bug 1525175: Adapt to changed ID of add-ons search box. rs=bustage-fix
0f3fc12f7371151f51c0748225a39eaab681b5acaceman — Bug 1571433 - disable "detach attachment" menuitems when displaying an eml file. r=mkmelin
8aa9c7cbd3f94bb90393e5c4a3b34a27bc147d14Magnus Melin — Bug 1593224 - Port bug 1516091: remove sidebarheader element, convert to <box class="sidebar-header">. r=Paenglab
87b33ca47a7dd6e8df045468593ee1a5678b2404Richard Marti — Bug 1593207 - Use arrow-left.svg from global after bug 1592396 moved it there. r=jorgk
faa5b18414e564b5df3751aad1f53e5be9e2ab83ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1592880 - always return a value in the first parameter of nsMsgDBView::SaveAndClearSelection(). r=alta88 DONTBUILD
9592b5801f6ee0657b37b25ded785694b160c810Jorg K — Bug 1593207 - make arrow-left.svg different from the new toolkit version. rs=bustage-fix
94b8a3b37f15644cd980d5e2344e8afbe990d47bJorg K — Bug 1593188 - Port bug 1592014: Change the WebExtension parameters of the modern configuration to be an object. rs=bustage-fix
4c51d0d531e5ce09b689f8d7041ad3c6fd33b83dRichard Marti — Bug 1592393 - Make the address book tree column picker popup stay open for multiple selects. r=jorgk
3e1759d9734a623febe14d7ca74d843b8c1a2573Rob Lemley — Port bug 1593093 - Bump Wix toolchain to 3.14.0. rs=bustage-fix r=jorgk DONTBUILD
7705e53ea10045fe1112f6bfb022dd42c07b69ddtbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - a=repo-update DONTBUILD r=rjl
e17835f833d861e20276f3d32a9dbbdcb3870597Jorg K — Bug 1588256 - Port bug 1578624, part 11: add aSkipLoad paremeter to getContentWindowOrOpenURI(). r=mattwoodrow
716dfbe4f35227d8350f51dfd331c24ea2125f29Rob Lemley — Port bug 1569728: Add linux64-gcc-7 toolchain. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
800903b910fcf9c473072be9fdeac4b65d6caf5bRichard Marti — Bug 1592759 - Re-add rule to messenger.css which was removed in bug 1592533. r=jorgk
57532519642ed0f8ebe64531327c1977f91aeb06dlob — Bug 1592407 - Port OAuth2 decoding fix from gData add-on. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
11e4fa28d82fc4b18d4feb08fb142c7c182bc6bbAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1590503 - Follow up: fix failing test. r=jorgk
0b86712778503e41a841ffc85a516f7f22179c78Ian Neal — Bug 1589891 - Remove unused code from commandglue.js. r=frg
45243122f70abe6269ff9709551c80ad679cb63dIan Neal — Bug 1581508 - Improve RSS feed display in SeaMonkey. r=frg
962a739be4cbfbdf2d238b628b0aba171434ed63Ian Neal — Bug 1589962 - Standalone mail window does not have gMessageBrowser defined. r=frg
d2e4303926c9551b8679d5167fa255819fe59cecFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1588871 - Clean up comments and remove as much preprocessing in the helpviewer as possible. r=IanN
307bd0e9026b7f8e03f390564e3f06769f3627cfIan Neal — Bug 1590153 - Remove keywordrelated code from SM mail. r=frg
8b9e3799ddb59e7fa488cb4cb6b6fba4bd570b1fIan Neal — Bug 1589850 - Remove unused msgFolderPickerOverlay.xul/dtd. r=frg
c211b79cea8cbd165ac16d27aa3c922d75f4210cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1591776 - Add downloads taskbar progress support for gtk3 to SeaMonkey. r=IanN
4f4951c3631c477b3099bc55dfe3098ee27edfe3Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1591774 - Remove unused contentViewerEdit and contentViewerFile from tabbrowser. r=IanN
128a2ee8274feff587af9807d94e57251f7e8f0cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1588874 - Do not use preprocessing in nsSessionStore.js. r=IanN
33f38b1be661c8bd6de782fb80c8aef0032ee593Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1588875 - Detect OS using AppConstants.platform. r=IanN
0b7ede1a9fc946b5a2affbead4cd22f519b85279Ian Neal — Bug 1589851 - Remove unused code from navigatorDD.js. r=frg
57ed655003489810c820fce4ff0eeab7aa25c95dIan Neal — Bug 1581314 - Introduce a framework for expanding certerror code to handle neterrors. r=frg
7c267fcfa4826158825055e2ecbf2a3702ed2e80Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1590503 - Only resize mail account setup dialog to make it bigger; let subtitle wrap if needed. r=jorgk
1902ef02323e01c66123dcc658181e842fd6f564Patrick Cloke — Bug 1346519 - Auto-join Matrix rooms. r=pmorris
013567062ce386e4cd11c35b8c02e00d9d094b85Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1591364 - Fix address book default startup directory in preferences panel. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
b8acb8a3531f20aede9430cddf5653bb1e6df576Richard Marti — Bug 1592196 - Port bug 1588367: Convert all relevant uses of float: right/left to logical properties. r=jorgk
a2c9e5e752b1cace9489be659bdfbddfb57598eaKhushil Mistry — Bug 1591506 - Fixed context menu in chat's IM status dialog. r=mkmelin
ad8a9f5244f8c6e2028342d899d0f06ff13e339aPatrick Cloke — Bug 1347535 - Display names of Matrix participants instead of IDs. r=pmorris
5f93ed1690ab1ca2af7dd435d9db1d4310ba77adPatrick Cloke — Bug 1377952 - Show Admins and Mods in Matrix rooms. r=pmorris
9ba26fa8d407d7466b79ab338b874e2460aa110ePatrick Cloke — Backed out changeset faa7e3cc7838 (bug 1562313) for various issues missed in review. a=backout
b78bf453b765f4bcab77372f8b6a559f62b48c26Richard Marti — Bug 1591818 - Let the gloda search box flex under macOS. r=aleca DONTBUILD
152effdcd7b1d5e414e71ffec1e25cf8e563b7fcRichard Marti — Bug 1590666 - Give the searchTerm list a minheight in filter editor. r=aleca
1fc3b5065bc9438015db0242597211ca55244e13Khushil Mistry — Bug 1588694 - Fix UI issues related to notifications in calendar-properties-dialog.xul. r=pmorris
faa7e3cc7838eea5d26bb4cb93ee0b940e6acbffKhushil Mistry — Bug 1562313 - Convert JavaScript components to use static registration in chat/. r=mkmelin
7edaf5c980d383735ccfe8e300ea2783d9468956Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the calendar-unifinder.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
9088ce19d9d4115dcc29b8c2283dbdcfce51bf85Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the calendar-task-view.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
656e414f283048dc645f91325b2444f7fabbb636Jorg K — Bug 1592081 - Port bug 1519103: Remove import of scratchpad-manager.jsm. rs=bustage-fix
eed3e970361e97ddefd899e871270cbeb0c76ac4Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 1476659, remove invertSelection from comm-central, r=jorgk
6797b9e2d931c09eded207fb833579a86b3c4c27Jorg K — Port bug 1587062 - Move SandboxFlags from DocShell to BrowsingContext. rs=bustage-fix
7e30a34a0d7f9b3e66741548d7a44e9488ec3e16Paul Morris — Bug 1590506 - Fix the today pane's tomorrow and upcoming toggles. r=darktrojan
6604dca556d4b49440d259ea8c63f6f5bbf18ec2Paul Morris — Bug 1590505 - Fix drag and drop of calendar events. r=darktrojan
addbcedd8b4bc36da63e53558fbc4c4391f8df05Magnus Melin — Bug 1591357 - make folder-tooltip, chat-tooltip tooltips proper customized built-ins so they work. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
94c1bd9522d2d73891670081db6669a689e6ebbbJorg K — No bug - Change cron start times to 12:00 CET (11:00 GMT). r=rjl DONTBUILD
f6f166242dfdee794a4aa5b15f0767145c56984eaceman — Bug 1591148 - only use 'checked' on <checkbox> and <input type="checkbox"> to fix password storage on IM account creation. r=jorgk
74bd1f64906accd6d0056cc29fb77fec292ffba7Jorg K — Bug 1590131 - Follow-up: Reformat. rs=reformat
c6454775a43361a051100864556d44354dd4380eaceman — Bug 1513267 - rename nsIMsgFolder::Delete method to deleteStorage (what it really does) and document the other folder deleting methods. r=jorgk
37638cf21b5671fc5d2aeb7a4da7f6acbacc42e3Richard Marti — Bug 1591781 - Port bug 1587135: Replace the position and :after hack on top of the classic title bar with a simpler gradient. r=jorgk
450ec65c9b9fb5660aeacaf577425cc3369d3b16Magnus Melin — Bug 1591399 - fix nick highlight and emoticons in chat. r=clokep
d0a31f27b32e6541f2ef5985b32d0e182c203a86Richard Marti — Bug 1590851 - Hide the titlebar-placeholder in the menu bar only under Windows 7 Aero. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
0af98d8c569d935828e58c2542d3011efb65ef21Richard Marti — Bug 1591531 - For summary views, set the color/background-color on :root instead body to apply correctly. r=jorgk
b2b10252b7913be853ffceb5a37e4a26e3c431f4Martin Giger — Bug 1446689 - Support IRC CAP negotiation v3.2. r=clokep DONTBUILD
216ae52769a8675888c33b953e972c3d03e1fda8Geoff Lankow — Bug 1591009 - Restore overridden linting configuration for tests. r=mkmelin
08af05c34c82f5367122d2c08661ffbf3b0e192dJorg K — Backed out changeset b964b4e0f62f (bug 1588500) for MozMill test failures. a=backout
d7074a5597c76e36322ee3af1198b803cca24eb4Magnus Melin — Bug 1591361 - remove remaining getAnonymousNodes calls (soon to be removed from platform). r=pmorris,jorgk
87c9f865007062a98a768d732cd45459697b7359Jorg K — Bug 1591553 - Rename agenda-richlist-item to agenda-richlistitem (mop up after bug 1585302). r=pmorris
b964b4e0f62f479270d65f0c61065eaa2dc9af1aMagnus Melin — Bug 1588500 - fix message-header/test-phishing-bar.js by avoiding opening an external browser. r=jorgk
3834c3b9390008ae060ae886534cc4e3e8347fe9Jorg K — Bug 1575512 - Follow-up: Re-initialise folder names on intl:app-locales-changed. r=aceman
dee2511f17fb354c6cfcc06b0c0ec2a2066d5f24Kai Engert — Bug 1547096 - Remove use of nsIBadCertListener2 in comm-central. r=mkmelin
80a194afbb0f2c034e190e5db73ba3b3d0badd18Geoff Lankow — Bug 1588500 - Disable subtests of test-phishing-bar.js for Linux as well as Windows. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
5ce8323cabaaf6fb4946d512feb6ef1583843daeGeoff Lankow — Bug 1588680 - Disable browser_todayPane_visibility.js that fails often in debug. rs=bustage-fix
a28b4932c5621f9fb2a66b08d79613eb458c4968Ben Campbell — Bug 1590976 - Fix errno <-> PRErrorCode mapping in libprldap. r=mkmelin
13785840481c56450baa9fe3f3f9bf9850bfaa58Geoff Lankow — Bug 1591306 - Scroll preferences pane after loading is complete; r=bustage-fix
00dd91bba444d727d219e063674d51db0875bf66Magnus Melin — Bug 1590996 - remove remaining use of <xul:spring> from Thunderbird code (<spring> removed in bug 1590897). r=khushil
b26a71a3d6d52ef6e39a54ed3a86f3ac2ff147e8Richard Marti — Bug 1590113 - Add flexing to the menulist in am-server-advanced.xul. r=jorgk
3b864b326f6ff14a00144911331e78bba3b7bf5aRichard Marti — Bug 1590113 - Add flexing to the locationFolders to expand it initially. r=jorgk
ba97cb20859d6201a24039dc60ddd62abc4dd52bMagnus Melin — Bug 1591002 - remove remaining use of <xul:text> from calendar (<text> removed in bug 1590903). r=pmorris
5b350753533c68b9bf57d42d11790024bf2aefc1Jorg K — Bug 1585765 - Make sure untagged cells/rows get the untagged CSS attribute. rs=Paenglab DONTBUILD
d4dc1d4176db73e38512f752fe7c73e87c84983bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1590637 - Reload address book after migration. r=mkmelin
b0318a86aa5d682c36a59d40324a5517d9bb461aJorg K — Port bug 1584401 - add osclientcerts.dll to package manifest. r=me
3eca33a2f36b1950834d1b1d7ac33a8061a64cbdGeoff Lankow — Bug 1590682 - Fix "event-all-day could not be checked/unchecked" failure; r=pmorris
1e848c86da18d6ea4110d8e57ac700d2b68beaebGeoff Lankow — Bug 1590682 - Listen for save event prompts on all event dialog tests; r=pmorris
1e088e620abe22ae002043699f7af6b397b6ac40Richard Marti — Bug 1590206 - Enable the multilingual pref, enable downloads on Release and Beta. r=jorgk
5624874a8354ef03d18052ed3901cba7fd18cb44Khushil Mistry — Bug 1562313 - Convert JavaScript components to use static registration in mail/. r=mkmelin
f9bce47ae978a422b940a95b3e8740ae47524acdJorg K — Bug 1590861 - Silence WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN redefinition warnings in LDAP on Windows. r=me
6e38217c8fd63f3e65f168a2462b79b7f3b91454Jorg K — Bug 1568473 - Follow-up: Reformat. rs=reformat
75cbf92362b30d3cdbe6d86e27af4e05986270fdJorg K — Backed out changeset c4d3e6cd9898 (bug 1579608) for MozMill failures. a=backout
c4d3e6cd9898a5647ed36e095b61025bc4f34e2fMagnus Melin — Bug 1579608 - rename aboutPrefrences.xul to preferences.xul, change toplevel to <window>, add a CSP (but not yet one that's fully ok). r=jorgk
0a3ce6ee6199ffc2af21db85f1cf50760e6c733cPetr Sumbera — Bug 1568473 - remove include of xp_qsort.h on Solaris. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
58c9543097ad8385bc9368df76b29094a8e6dca5Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the today-pane.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
50552bcfa51fec058603ddbbc78e163fd4743debGeoff Lankow — Bug 1577116 - Fix linting error; rs=me DONTBUILD
8b383d1c31cfed3a6b775239c518ae593cd593adGeoff Lankow — Bug 1581498 - Remove obsolete starred and sender function arguments from mail tabs API; r=mkmelin
4982de786c5402c20b95015f73e2a467ed0a108cGeoff Lankow — Bug 1581496 - Remove obsolete settings_url properties from CloudFile API; r=mkmelin
c1ee2010d423a7311be8e43bb0047d187ed93ec7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1577116 - Implement nsIAbCard.translateTo for new AB provider; r=mkmelin
e0e759a383675bc41ed82906e0645aa68126afedPaul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Convert calendar-common-sets.js to calendar-command-controller.js. r=darktrojan
454c16bf090d5a5427fcbf529c38dcdd6eaca726Paul Morris — Bug 1508119 - Inline the calendar-common-sets.xul overlay file. r=darktrojan
dd27120c0e4d7e614f2580938180294bce713406Richard Marti — Bug 1524921 - Make the today-pane richlistitems themeable through variables. r=pmorris
9bcb5b09c63b34da2d9ce6b8f64a2e00372b7235Magnus Melin — Bug 1590074 - follow-up to remove some CE widget includes no longer needed. r=pmorris
0f8f556acd91d2df14283a04963c444ed9fdab69Geoff Lankow — Bug 1588678 - Enable loading of Lightning in mochitest on beta/ESR channels. r=pmorris
65b0b80b1b8ff39661452ada6a41cc1f148dd115ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1590131 - Correct emacs mode line in C++ files. r=jorgk
e5ccd3ff3f182bf23e800eaa23e433d801411029Jorg K — Bug 1463266 - fix typos in comm-central using codespell. rs=comment-only,typo-fix
773bd81d318a3d993125794abb639676ad508bf5tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - a=repo-update DONTBUILD r=rjl
40da1ce45af38afd5cfddd5a4e8a61a92d2a0250Patrick Cloke — Bug 1533872 - Modify the integration with the matrix-js-sdk to account for the new version. r=florian
251e48e6fcd084a3ade7c5006cbb246c2666c685Patrick Cloke — Bug 1533872 - Update / add / remove dependencies of the matrix-js-sdk. rs=florian
d31d845ea41e096fba0c805591e1a122c5c319edPatrick Cloke — Bug 1533872 - Add shims for some of the dependencies of the matrix-js-sdk. r=florian
d296be7570aebc76856d3539c51a698ce199b1efPatrick Cloke — Bug 1533872 - Update the matrix-js-sdk to v2.4.1. rs=florian
64c4bc07ed19f7f358fc2e8a8805977d6c0d73e8Patrick Cloke — Bug 1533872 - Separate matrix-js-sdk files from other Node packages. rs=florian
7c4a9a0edb69615ac1e336874ac7e0befb7942c0Jorg K — Bug 1588668 - Follow-up: Add missing toolchain kind dependency required after bug 1576707. r=me DONTBUILD
87970d4875932e44c601a6195dc388bffdaf9165Khushil Mistry — Bug 1590047 - Make OK button active when filling in the link in EdLinkProps.xul. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
30dd2e059b7d895128aa7fe17482ec8926286fa0Magnus Melin — Bug 1590074 - change the Thunderbird customElements.js loading to happen on document-element-inserted. r=pmorris
e4d9fac14a3097357dc28523f371c910ece108a0Jorg K — Bug 1463266 - fix typos in comm-central using codespell. rs=comment-only,typo-fix
c6e68117d8acf97c58771737da7d1cdf1f23cb77Geoff Lankow — Bug 1588668 follow-up - Reapply correct file mode to; rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
cb809601c228d5e2d19da3195d92de6cbbcb3990Patrick Cloke — No bug - Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
6ea237d7c7f624a03d27a1de6ab44569928b2220Patrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
1fec474513db0694619e1d3fcddde3eb171960c4Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_71_END for changeset 9ce0b3ba1c3b a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
530e6ee1d71408dbfd0adc652b1c77bcd00c0f8aPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
c40343c776117afc1ba298ec5c63e80a34f0b38bPatrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_71_END for changeset 06ff31fca78b a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE