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Thu Jun 12 21:31:46 2014 +0000
9df14e7197fcaada44e66231270649c30fe3cb52Justin Wood — dummy commit to push to CLOSED TREE a=Callek SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
2e990ad00dac9da28625cb821d177c705a3d4fbdNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1008835 Unable to defer a new account to the Global Inbox r=IanN a=IanN SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
4d8e84d2168961eebf8b199db961d89ada7b2d89Edmund Wong — Bug 1005566 - Hovering mouse over a link causes SeaMonkey to send packets to the link's address. r+a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
ba5a407b0217b96adc79f2d21ddff100147c0e36Jeremy Morton — Bug 999365 - Remove centering of mailnews new tab button so as to stretch it (default behaviour). r=Neil, a=me SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
aa67f2715fd3c391343eaf7e1b470fd553fdffceNeil Rashbrook — Bug 998171 Clear the Aero Peek favicon when the document changes r=mcsmurf a=Ratty SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
6f6c5df761b9fdbdd4598d191a2affbeb3ba7858Neil Rashbrook — Bug 984175 Colour swatches are the wrong size r=IanN SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
fd910d1fd8f0a226948bb015d66069c45ca93cd9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 970121 Try to decode the URL in more cases r=Ratty SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
3c60f4ed95d0966657820f4bff8e7c6c351f90c9alta88 — Bug 966276 - pop3 account advanced deferring dialog broken - followup patch. r=squib SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
2330f1f99c2af0517f0eb429a7b8f569df00d5aealta88 — Bug 966276 - pop3 account advanced deferring dialog broken. r=squib SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
6ceb04d3717d5e6335b69ce9738fef037d0f1468Philip Chee — Bug 963132 Part 2 Implement add to searchbar (search-engine autodiscovery) r=Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
38065a20158cb05b99144ccff794247481863590Philip Chee — Bug 963132 Part 1 - Refactor the DOMLinkAdded event handler code in tabbrowser. r=Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
64aa494ec68c5f7e9b2f02e653171afcc240d72aPhilip Chee — Bug 960149 ShellService Fixups. Port Some Firefox bugs (Bug 531174, Bug 784739, Bug 791694, Bug 945245, Bug 949821) r= Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
1be8b2fb73506a852d49ca7b0c1455c20841c4d0Philip Chee — Bug 960097 - Port MailNews Bug 773782 (Stop using LL_* macros) r=Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
ff1ec742d4c028d4687c83253ce0a4a940aee98cPhilip Chee — Bug 947599 Set up DLL blocklist before LoadAppInitDlls (Port Bug 932100 to SeaMonkey) r=Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
91519486358d840cdeb1694f7994343372b9a405Neil Rashbrook — Bug 909093 Update SeaMonkey to use nsIContentPrefService2 r=Ratty SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
cfda76589359a95ab5057d5573fc1ada33630a39Edmund Wong — Bug 904338 - Empty port line when creating a Blogs & Newsfeeds account. r=IanN SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
9f7c2c32fad1af5b8ba4f35ad289e355c1b1d6adFrank Wein — Bug 901234 - Stop using uriTypes (Places Session ids) in SeaMonkey code, r=Neil, a=me SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
c9876da9d1ff84c54a6c5f00ff0827a0222ba1e0Frank Wein — Bug 856208 - Stop using global-history;2 in SeaMonkey code, followup to move more Places modules code, r=Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
27995f4797f516eff98a6702919b095e645a4990Neil Rashbrook — Bug 794749 Vertical view doesn't persist splitter positions correctly r=IanN a=IanN SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
f226cb234deb230217bce7a9d907cda0976ad9afNeil Rashbrook — Bug 562845 Port bug 546013 bug 922530 bug 909264 r=Ratty SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
b8059a5e7a4b908d530835b451cb96b8159f6488Philip Chee — Bug 154772 Tooltip for address bar should show complete current URL r=Neil SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH
6d24ad7fb02785d90e464f713c45737c399e3674stefanh — Bug 1006068 - Lightweight themes: title bar overlaps toolbar and no window title is displayed. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil, a=Ratty. SEA_2_26_1_RELBRANCH