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Mon Jun 29 20:48:04 2020 +0000
548b029d0a156dca9ef3954b8ec489b40484bb2fPatrick Cloke — Update .gecko_rev.yml to pull from mozilla-release by default a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge CLOSED TREE RELEASE_78_END
c09eb0ec976c40eff27c200e0cb815f4ff520547Patrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_BASE_20200629 for changeset 72b76abb17f3 a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE BETA_78_END
72b76abb17f3826c7e273c7e33cbc6797b611d0fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1647928 - Extend the attendees grid into the header area. r=pmorris a=wsmwk RELEASE_BASE_20200629 THUNDERBIRD_78_0b4_BUILD2 THUNDERBIRD_78_0b4_RELEASE
033d1425a57f17f87c7ba089edae1d7af4103ederene — Bug 1518025 - remove sender address from ReplyAll-List after catchAll triggered. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
43f4af1ddecc084a6b5a7e3b01960e43404ceaeaMagnus Melin — Bug 1518025 - clarify catch-all strings with stars, only allow matching whole domains with stars, not partial addresses. r=khushil a=wsmwk
9f7fb887944f27835f5b36213d9c4fd604b2ad71Khushil Mistry — Bug 1348064 - Implement Direct Messages for Matrix. r=clokep a=wsmwk
2b321be11b3568503c9e93f272a6887a09b781f0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1647170 - Fix "ReferenceError: rearrangeAttendees is not defined" in calendar event window. r+a=pmorris
95c7a87cd30cc3754b1b88feca5c50e79d49340cMagnus Melin — Bug 1528136 - don't overwrite OAuth settings specified by the config. r=BenB a=wsmwk
ab8ec6b48b88e0876e5e44a0c561fc6b8e4fb97eAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1573678 - Implement the search strings in the Preferences Tab. r=aleca a=wsmwk
8a29fc272c72f1c8b6919d16ad87e74e03dcf48fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1639750 - Fix sorting of address book contact list (attempt 2). r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
dcc756af25ee9422492b980b5933b16172b00c7bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1647928 - Fix dragging the event bar in the attendees dialog. r=pmorris a=wsmwk
33b9e7a5703975410b1a144a24811eae6b910aeaPatrick Cloke — Bug 1644024 - Properly escape HTML in topics. r=khushil a=wsmwk
524b05c44acdd21378e899e949a1bbfb0f08d74eMélanie Chauvel (ariasuni) — Bug 1637341 - make font size of search sidebar smaller on Linux r=Paenglab a=wsmwk
7ae7f4fa2a7b692919bc456453fa491f51444357Jorg K — Bug 1647104 - Fix typos in chat, common, db, editor, mail, mailnews found with codespell. rs=comment-only,typo-fix r+a=mkmelin
fde9f21875e3ae9a6b5d941c195d29f9f5b141c3Rob Lemley — Bug 1643561 - [beta] Add C++ reformatting changesets to .hg-annotate-ignore-revs. r+a=me
8b49969122046ae2fbe0644e2993ec754fa0de6fBen Campbell — Bug 1643561 - Remove ldap c-sdk from .clang-format-ignore list. r+a=mkmelin
70337d494218bb7e45d42747d6af462410106a94Ben Campbell — Bug 1643561 - Apply M-C clang-format rules to ldap c-sdk. rs=mkmelin
9c08c80ec341936cd58f8a8fbdf01a59bec5fd17Ben Campbell — Bug 1643561 - Reformat C++ to M-C clang-format rules (mainly PointerAlignment: Left). rs=mkmelin
7b3c0e1440512d505a825df64dc3bd10a40713afKai Engert — Bug 1648957 - OpenPGP keyDetailsDlg structure: no subkeys shown. r=Khushil a=wsmwk DONTBUILD
7783b3d24305817f20a3ac803be3e4eeb4e15d9aKai Engert — Bug 1648978 - Workaround for a race in OpenPGP key acceptance storage. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
967707e1200c71b210cc9018dd10e8f773c33adfKai Engert — Bug 1638645 - OpenPGP: Missing MDC protection not discovered. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
16ffc077a58d10cc44d72faa1d9fe322eedc36a9Kai Engert — Bug 1641381 - composeKeyStatus.xhtml and oneRecipientStatus.xhtml table headers disappear. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk DONTBUILD
a78e35148031051a5b2353ee389eae2508c79c84Jorg K — Bug 1647104 - fix typos with codespell (manual corrections). rs=comment-only,typo-fix a=wsmwk DONTBUILD
85f78035c5db080f36dacf07e950c7482470f32eJorg K — Bug 1647104 - Fix real bugs found with codespell. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
d033c8f1f3b8fe77ccb74a9958ca761f52e5f1edJorg K — Bug 1647104 - Fix typos in calendar. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
a4bcc11a26b486974e40369e1b0305534676776fMagnus Melin — No bug - fix eslint error. rs=mkmelin a=rjl
092411540d0c73d2c47a43ac9d180ad5fe0b87bcRob Lemley — Bug 1639065 - [beta] show comm repo revision in Thunderbird release-notify-started emails. r=darktrojan a=rjl
933171d8b30a2967e590763818a80900b13d9d6dPaul Morris — Bug 1648521 - Rearrange attendees on resize of ICS file import dialog. r+a=darktrojan
9de7a3e59b412aaf2e054d7e499bb55dded0602dPatrick Cloke — Bug 1646049 - Fix display of own messages in private IRC chats when echo-message is enabled. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
2be1591aed0a2585ced46f5efe4ab3cd382f1f87Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1645647 - handle the case where the virtual folder properties dialog was not given an initial folder. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
d99778d676e2ee08d297c3e8b5715c5f6aad21a0Richard Marti — Bug 1648170 - Right align two menulists in Preference's Composition pane. r=aleca a=wsmwk
bea7504e2efa9fdabccef3cb53895dbb6def2503Richard Marti — Bug 1647479 - Use the --toolbarbutton-border-radius variable for the elments using a border radius in composer. r=aleca a=wsmwk
9caa7a6dd9e0decce8db434724cf1f563326fe6aRichard Marti — Bug 1647471 - Center align the text elements in the statusbar. r=aleca a=wsmwk
d1c8ddd1d58b739ec117b62bc2e6327e6371ff78Rob Lemley — Bug 1646843 - Support esr78 in Taskcluster. r=darktrojan a=rjl
5ece8ea9b1106591374db1ab20fa6785abc9ed14Geoff Lankow — Bug 1647249 - Fix address book migration failure with invalid mailing list names. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
e2b6205a866d52ec3641afd40df81008b80cda19Geoff Lankow — Bug 1647657 - Fix LegacySAXResponse proxy trapping wrong targets. r+a=pmorris
040be9666a91bda0bd138a813c0aa6ee9ad6f15aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1639750 - Overhaul sorting of address book contact list. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
518cb51abae5a42223ac44e8f592330a75abbbd0Richard Marti — Bug 1647087 - Center align the content of the success-container and remove the focus on read-only textfields. r=aleca a=wsmwk
cf9b631ce5fa129d7852a8efa21720602d97a31fMagnus Melin — Bug 1647116 - 'Apply columns to' dialog has an untranslated title. r=khushil a=wsmwk
5eb5649458a837546fa140ce87ece3cdac246f8bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1635019 - Fix "container is undefined" error in panelUI.js. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
15c8fba4b027d77553fab81b166962773e105f71Geoff Lankow — Bug 1644487 - Fix tab argument of menu API when in a message display window. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
d92be5204ca8dc191b7551d693e38a7abb2d8da4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1646878 - Ship stylesheets for browser_style. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
3d83878a793dcde5f9d1686cf3a22eca75be8fb2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1627197 - Fix <select> elements in WebExtensions action popups. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
e766fd4f3eb4b31babda7cecea1626751aa78cd6Mozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump DONTBUILD
b116b868d07f7114e9f559d41ce7172934bb3472Kai Engert — Bug 1642795 - Ability to mark key pairs as "accepted personal keys" or not. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
41f48cb292a0922d81aa27e90c4167eab01fb66cRob Lemley — Bug 1647671 - Update librnp exported symbols. r=kaie a=wsmwk
e9d431c06249a0c60e48ed647c6aeedd24ada2fcKai Engert — Bug 1646367 - Fix crash after incomplete delete, use new flag RNP_KEY_REMOVE_SUBKEYS. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
14075142ff5f4cf89f114c5761d1e95f07dd829aKai Engert — Bug 1647671 - Update RNP to snapshot from 2020-06-19. r=rjl a=wsmwk
2485cd508b607f5ab9c12f47766cc8b0a89b44d5Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
8fd7c716fa8cd8cd7793c0b08336ef499746cfb5Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging a0cb982a0bd277f37f344ec6439bd8da03780ee6 with THUNDERBIRD_78_0b3_BUILD2, THUNDERBIRD_78_0b3_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
a0cb982a0bd277f37f344ec6439bd8da03780ee6Rob Lemley — Backed out changeset 1346aaf4d966 (bug 1639065) uplift for causing release promotion bustage. a=backout THUNDERBIRD_78_0b3_BUILD2 THUNDERBIRD_78_0b3_RELEASE
1dbd2df26aca768caeada0281bcdc8b9a933136bMozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump CLOSED TREE
0add9418e41cc4b0101f76c95a87e1618b479992Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_RELEASE_78_BASE/754df136ed). r+a=release DONTBUILD
be0f858d81721c7feb4f398cd78c18c126077c23Geoff Lankow — Bug 1593711 - Test task filtering with repeating tasks. r+a=pmorris
5e938016a48af323aea49e67c6d4ea7c499892f5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1593711 - Remove extraneous QueryInterface calls that broke task filtering. r+a=pmorris
b3ff74f96880dc9dc72399cb5adf59fa4203e395Geoff Lankow — Bug 1624849 - Attempt to fix intermittent failures in browser_taskDisplay.js. rs=bustage-fix a=test-only
2e2037a688124d09804a762499be68ce3c8ec57cGeoff Lankow — Bug 1623276 - Refresh agenda and unifinder in onEndBatch instead of onLoad. r=pmorris a=wsmwk
26c885880a1218d151f24e83fe538590dd18f21dPaul Morris — Bug 1646438 - Add 'OpenPGP Key Management' item to the appmenu's tools panel. r=aleca a=wsmwk
579c86c17e2ce61397843413228d609f0186f807Ian Neal — Bug 1646566 - Additional fixes to guessConfig.js following Bug 1490265 r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
96bab75d9f30c8186205a845c9510d6ed0a0dba7Geoff Lankow — Bug 546932 - Various fixes for CardDAV. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ba230614672e3f9ca567e11c4dec35d12bbd2882Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1627736 - Improve the UI and UX of the OpenPGP configuration workflow. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
877b593dafb5fb1f57356482c968aced8c637e79Khushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - part 4 - jsm files continue. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f001e566656e87a650c6122fe2d838b76701d832Magnus Melin — Bug 1646837 - fix Crash in [@ nsAbLDIFService::AddLdifRowToDatabase]. r=benc a=wsmwk
84b5051a27d33b2d80c0615c62d5e271584a77d6Richard Marti — Bug 1645858 - Regroup the buttons to fit better with locales with long strings. r=aleca a=wsmwk
5ffca592c43f7c9a618db6e3ee9ad9b0431949c9Rob Lemley — Bug 1634209 - Build librnp on Linux statically linking to LLVM's libc++. r=kaie a=rjl
806e962be5dee8935a05c2968cb84ab6ceed3b27Rob Lemley — Bug 1634209 - Build lib32libc++ as a toolchain job. r=darktrojan a=rjl
36684a2e68fc29165d1f15333805b61086e0c141Rob Lemley — Bug 1625806 - Remove unused thirdparty transform code. r=darktrojan a=rjl
695db41fd3cdcf24fea72f1ef998d28bb58ee561Rob Lemley — Bug 1625806 - Use libotr toolchain task instead of thirdparty task as build dependency. r=darktrojan a=rjl
95d5fbf2c50e2a710d82f822262ff29cdd006eb2Rob Lemley — Bug 1625806 - Build libotr as a toolchain dependency. r=darktrojan a=rjl
6bf06da9c1b4268d5f6788e8b9a3de833f20a995Rob Lemley — Bug 1625806 - Modify to work as a toolchain build script. r=darktrojan a=rjl
b740d4f122ead8518dd938d550f21fd58408811cRob Lemley — Bug 1639949 - Support toolchain build script in Thunderbird repos. r=darktrojan a=rjl
834a8d89ddb984a46ccd19dc8d5cb3bf49c0ef2bRob Lemley — Bug 1639949 - Update comm_taskgraph documentation for toolchain building functionality. r=darktrojan a=rjl
3b27eba1a57fc08acb0f9fdac997d81fb4c669ecMagnus Melin — Bug 1611442 - Revert part of bug 1570954 (rev. a128f9557e9d) to fix copying from chat conversations. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ddae43140696965f972aef04eb4c2b1732b634bdGeoff Lankow — Bug 1644967 - Allow the use of WINDOW_ID_CURRENT in r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
3c83aafae22feafa3dacae5ce17c84977c24a80eKhushil Mistry — Bug 1638609 - fix add-ons discovery pane "find more addons" and privacy links. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
19d051a4e20875f2ba9f2b43516d5bf4e850ac4fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1615926 - Update windows API documentation to reflect unused window type arguments. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
bdc39dddf821f2c0c1a716f3d2051d176cae935aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1645945 - Test that the mailContext menu shows appropriate items. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
5dfeac89e568b2fe44baa99f03f36e932f5e016aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1645945 - Add context menu and other popups to composeAction panel. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
937baf187c832a4a2238f84499b5344e1d37c042Geoff Lankow — Bug 1645945 - Fix the context menu and date picker for browserAction panels. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
9b17071b24c6127577896888722ea80ec5aff8b3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1645945 - Add the mailContext menu to extension popup windows. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
5c08edff5bf2a2a90455109a7701836627aac4deKai Engert — Bug 1645914 - Add a preference to disable OpenPGP and hide the related UI. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
c399ed6ce163afa0423846a8e9122a9e4b5d93e2Mozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump DONTBUILD
0a887f3b2a7a27d5e5ca9b96c425292e646159baMagnus Melin — Bug 1642966 - Port bug 1606797 to Thunderbird (nsIExternalProtocolService::loadURI now takes 3 args). rs=bustage-fix a=rjl
1346aaf4d966114172667f66d60042b371aeab3dRob Lemley — Bug 1639065 - show comm repo revision in Thunderbird release-notify-started emails. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
6e5152df0c915a190e5c908ace2fa191dc105050Rob Lemley — Bug 1646081 - Port bug 1644973: Remove Nazgul jobs as they become the new vanilla bouncer jobs. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
937f289bd94db87a3844084961dec4e6ec44cffeGeoff Lankow — Bug 1645719 - Create more space for column headers in attendees dialog. r+a=pmorris
e431355d0d285ec02da2478c106c00c5f524c1d7Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1645643 - [macOS] Force focus when a click event is registered on a recipient pill. Workaround for bug 1645916. r=Paenglab a=wsmwk
931823eeff65b826ca34af4b2ab378c94234004dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1628889 - Try to fix preferences tests that fail to scroll when opening the preferences tab. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
c8ac1cc10b1a088953b1973a544cbd0856e58c66Magnus Melin — Bug 1610797 - Fix crash in [@ nsLDAPSSLClose]. r=benc a=wsmwk
4e53e497dc00f7c6843fd0aafc9b207d4ecfb7b9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1627200 - Mitigate exceptions thrown in gloda-autocomplete-input when using datalist. r=aleca a=wsmwk
a2681c24ae667222a519ff18fb3d8a956ebd5d07Geoff Lankow — Bug 1627200 - Fix autocomplete popup of <input> with <datalist>. r=aleca a=wsmwk
1b42af3428cc71f3cf7eb034f117dba99c6662adRob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_78_0b9_RELEASE). r+a=release
962ae8919b709517d5c409eecf89958d7b95cc68Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
d4b19baadf1788d0332e38e7f44942de594f3955Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging dae8830af25a8a0a0879e5e5a82a4128999a2be6 with THUNDERBIRD_78_0b2_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_78_0b2_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
dae8830af25a8a0a0879e5e5a82a4128999a2be6Geoff Lankow — Bug 1644930 - Fix failure in browser_policy_disable_developer_tools.js on Windows. r+a=mkmelin THUNDERBIRD_78_0b2_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_78_0b2_RELEASE
c8d94a2edc42e0e8d552f2a71b2cde469dc10f87Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1637668 - Follow up improvements to Folder Pane icons colour customization. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
d2d84ac207536f6f672b861964909d1c70d46da0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1615985 - Correct `hg transplant` error. rs+a=bustage-fix
02cafb5a0fe72a505f485010ec32977e80213b6dKhushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - jsm files continue. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
decb78d3351b4bd0c43ef0b91ef01135f5778f71Khushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - jsm files. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
4ecb5ad3fd50d02c80d97841f55d2bbb1ba91180Khushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - keyDetailsDlg.js and enigmail.ftl. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
a894f36fc41ae6e5c067ed699ebf71b612e2d46eKai Engert — Bug 1627911 - Try loading GPGME library from /usr/local/lib or /opt/local/lib. r=kaie a=wsmwk
2f809d3fe53bb2fc7eed975af9560df429f8e72bKai Engert — Bug 1643250 - Update composer OpenPGP settings after switching the sender identity. r=mkmelin,PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
0e39b8506d47c922ce6dc9ef7cbfdb7e831d5722Kai Engert — Bug 1637508 - Allow key import in RNP's permissive mode. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
abe3463441023c7eeb1cbd5929eaeb6a89b11f2dKai Engert — Bug 1638537 - Follow-up, show error message in additional failure scenario. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
ab075b833c0ff991c1930bd40c4d8fc5180386dbKai Engert — Bug 1643292 - Add a size limitation for OpenPGP key import. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
1a3ece9ab4905766239ca9a9b3e6e20284632ff3Kai Engert — Bug 1644705 - Update RNP to snapshot from 2020-06-09. r=rjl a=wsmwk
ab8496ca706f40f08ac03f905ebbf0eafbdd7fc5Kai Engert — Bug 1643145 - Allow a configurable extra encryption OpenPGP recipient key, only in non-release builds. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
385e98c56c20d53f56f00e13eacf948f33f2bc31Kai Engert — Bug 1642614 - Support an alternative gpg executable when using GPGME. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
b06a7c1b08f72733d9c07b038842c91ec93aedcdPatrick Brunschwig — Bug 1627911 - Try common filename for GPGME dll on Windows. r=kaie a=wsmwk
03828f56fa887069b5d1d6e815d218e9af87f1b0Richard Marti — Bug 1645700 - Disable some undesired outlines for the searchBox class. r=aleca a=wsmwk
b4b0572782d077647e524d68c69b68db3acc7a4eRichard Marti — Bug 1645687 - Use 2px border radius for the quota meter progress bar. r=aleca a=wsmwk
26916e2d8a687d8fb33a2ca64775c8aadef0e805Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1645271 - Prevent the opening of links in the Account Central content Tab. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
7865094fac045f3232f659b3cd7b7667cc4b46cfGeoff Lankow — Bug 1645263 - Fix windows and tabs API onCreated/onRemoved events for popup windows. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f39af6ece3c8da14c6fd9903a2d112dd0dd33a2dRichard Marti — Bug 1645169 - Improve the CardDAV dialog. r=aleca a=wsmwk
4cb62f7aac4c98885f01f1905e47aa979ac0d9afKhushil Mistry — Bug 1645094 - Fix vertical alignment of reminder label in the Calendar Summary Dialog. r+a=pmorris
cd94e7fbe7b20226821b2a0a5bb4ce443ec96028Khushil Mistry — Bug 1644990 - Make event reminder dialog location URLs clickable. r+a=pmorris
698dbe7ae420ce4e1353ea110575112d9944c104Khushil Mistry — Bug 1644798 - fix labels in the tooltip for the events are not right aligned. r+a=pmorris
e64f856376c7ef110d553707eaea9b64b9719c46Richard Marti — Bug 1644730 - Use a SVG for the treecol sort arrows to make them themeable. r=aleca a=wsmwk
49e5d2a195377ef0466d91ecd172e4ccf444e806Magnus Melin — Bug 1644689 - limit the size of the URL location, and use an <html:input> instead, so that Copy/Paste context menu works for it. r=Paenglab a=wsmwk
d9deffe5067f4ef2a1016773bb0137c226804e4aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1644667 - When setting contact properties, convert values to string. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
e81c949b4a229c35678454fb6e6cedc5a4b70707Geoff Lankow — Bug 1644083 - Open extension popup windows in a lightweight window, not messenger.xhtml. r+a=mkmelin
c528abeeaad329d57352c93dd4f39eefbda82016Magnus Melin — Bug 1644081 - use the correct string ids in the invitations dialog. r=pmorris a=darktrojan
8e1be3cfb3bf7b79f773d4e892ca8108e56db44eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1644000 - Enable browser.identity API. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
fe58bace9f3c314b821d30c7bb7228700489b8b6Richard Marti — Bug 1643371 - Port bug 1642712 and bug 1642863 to aboutSupport.js. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
46a97dfc01e5e52e68ba8cddc935f9bbf6d8287aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1639496 - Translate vCard 2.1 into a newer version before trying to parse. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
2b0b53861b61a52ed5cb5d37607a2b3930a9ab31Geoff Lankow — Bug 1643262 - Update vCard conversion to correctly handle multiple values of the same type. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
b4100c89ec6ca895afce0a16e1e08968de4850a6Richard Marti — Bug 1643159 - Improve the styling of buttons and menulists in the themeableDialog.css file. r=aleca a=wsmwk
c240eda98256c916972e5046f58afe918535d68fPatrick Cloke — Bug 1642885 - Detect libc for OTR on BSD. r=kaie a=wsmwk
dc0652c2892f0992de0a36f763823011e10d7320Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642189 - Fire event when the user changes compose identity. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
db11539cc578c7f08860f716e096183c7566edd1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1639415 - Fix "Clear Recent History" window. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
e149840af8ce7284ee53c47d026246dde1b0ac2fJorg K — Bug 1634946 - Re-instate 'Initially Show Attachment Pane' option. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
8d70324cc50fc8404942967057cbc68dbd7751f0Magnus Melin — Bug 1627440 - fix Crash in nsStreamConverter::OnDataAvailable. r=benc a=wsmwk
1addcfca7d57d188f8f067c131be1128b47555f2Magnus Melin — Bug 1625299 - Reinstate print-progress dialog (can't print with print progress dialog). r=benc a=wsmwk
6064036296bfe22db390bc8b439786c50a6ee9b3Lasana Murray — Bug 1624461 - Remove (dysfunct) scratchpad items from UI. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
b6aec7a1e037f2432a055a5bd81e6e16283719ebPing Chen — Bug 1615987 - Collect account setup success rate. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
c19b6d0fdf3a393922362297f305aee5f5e0109aPing Chen — Bug 1615986 - Collect statistics of addressbooks and contacts. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
3d89c61c63024587e9832734b488cb8e97709d22Ping Chen — Bug 1615985 - Collect number of calendars with types and readonly status. r=mkmelin,pmorris,darktrojan a=darktrojan
0525eca6f121e05cb4df0a5f7e0786188c0c1334Ping Chen — Bug 1615981 follow-up - Use scalar probe to collect account numbers and types. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
2240fa33634c08d4980a7db4feca4b42ea7016d8Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1612055 - Restore default order of thread pane columns after bug 1607575. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ff65eea9ddd548ee9737bfd1eb4f3398f659cd7dKhushil Mistry — Bug 1589863 - Make mail-urlfield CE is reachable via keyboard. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ffc62563f0d7f5f39517d4a1bc2f0c70c00eb75eKhushil Mistry — Bug 1582410 - message compose should use document.execCommand for editing commands. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
5bec7685ccde6a7ac32aa7e9a8264bf3a262c6b3Ping Chen — Bug 1514863 - Remove CSS that set transparent border to table. r=khushil a=wsmwk
d289f956e752068d3d26eb32ebdb7cef217d10d4Geoff Lankow — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_78_0b7_RELEASE). r+a=release
65868d0f2d1e2d82b1d60fffcb5b8794a70934a5Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
79463185ae85c2ee7ea4728d951e42f865649c35Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging 99ec6683cef8a7915a63abeaa0320e7ed6e6f6b9 with THUNDERBIRD_78_0b1_BUILD4, THUNDERBIRD_78_0b1_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
99ec6683cef8a7915a63abeaa0320e7ed6e6f6b9Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_78_0b5_RELEASE+99d567559). r+a=release THUNDERBIRD_78_0b1_BUILD4 THUNDERBIRD_78_0b1_RELEASE
35dde05748d6b38c3a26b38481b842ba6f78c946Ping Chen — Bug 1629459 - Port bug 1489430 to Thunderbird - promptRemoveExtension is now a member of BrowserAddonUI. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
dc0b79165b146e90530491d8c226f4a1dbe24e90Geoff Lankow — Bug 1643551 - Copy white list entry for file-chooser-button to browser_parsable_css.js. r=aleca a=wsmwk
182e267592f0f6447a7352a7614bdea9cbd01e48Rob Lemley — Bug 1644857 - Remove vanilla bouncer as deps in release automation. r=me a=release
702239e687b7193e92529c63a01afbf764acaf6cGeoff Lankow — Bug 1643552 - Fix browser_attendeesDialog.js failing with libical. r+a=pmorris
793ed3e01440eb89635ba75d3cfd3ae27c7f7cccRob Lemley — Bug 1644857 - Change nazgul bouncer jobs to Tier 1. r+a=me
1227d9e8016be58e92e729af620c1d4403b7547eRob Lemley — Bug 1644857 - Fix broken nazgul dependencies. r+a=me
ad88c408fb6d62fa8688f136f31ad9cde2119239Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1643285 - Fix XML parse error in systemIntegrationDialog.xhtml. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
9d3cea6cb600ea76508123f1997294774a962016Mozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump DONTBUILD
42ed23062ba64dd65b1c302eae5e31c1da304c10Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_78_0b5_RELEASE). r+a=release DONTBUILD
63f5cfcdb5c66afcf984a5732c516868447a1763Rob Lemley — Bug 1644251 - Set paths for L10n repacks when using official branding. r=mkmelin a=rjl
73a8d787d85e20688d4dff69f37180a3cc109236Rob Lemley — Bug 1643863 - [beta] Remove erroneous nightly branding from l10n repacks. rs=bustage-fix a=rjl
4e696582a089751e4ae1f02cea6add023366a3c5Magnus Melin — Bug 1642317 - add ast (Asturian) to calendar l10n.toml since not matching the Thunderbird l10n.toml is now an error. r=rjl a=pmorris
89167747a06b95643b7936cbf6635d706215451aRob Lemley — Bug 1642477 - Enable en-CA locale in nightly builds. r=mkmelin a=rjl
4b091122d89c989c6870a71199e65c75197d31cbMozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump CLOSED TREE
8672ba724e872a3700c9984ee266d19875529781Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_78_0b2_RELEASE). r+a=release DONTBUILD
f6738b7e63e22e54b3c9452dd210f98a04bd17dbalta88 — Bug 1641345 - Fix up firstTab browser; it is no longer stored in a WeakMap (for web ext), ensure it gets a listener. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
62898a2e91679fbbe40d1a2d55ac508bb4cc0cddMagnus Melin — Bug 1641345 - followup to fix lint of 0a04d2187ccd. rs=eslint a=wsmwk
c84786d3659af7bfa8d3e479827e089114e5eb1falta88 — Bug 1641345 - Relationship among <browser>, tabmail tab, and web-ext tabId is broken for shared messagepane tabs. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
00237d849151a6ab214dbf53240a9fdc04b59c04Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642541 - Focus date/time pickers when clicking on their label. r+a=pmorris
22701eacd771dd603d62ecd80f7a8daae99a6152Paul Morris — Bug 1642635 - Rearrange recurrence string function imports. r+a=darktrojan
a3d447848238a9ff547946525326a7dc23dfaa30Paul Morris — Bug 1642635 - Put repeat details on one line in calendar item summary. r+a=darktrojan
b9ef529352b6e09d4bec1becf097718eb0654be5Paul Morris — Bug 1642635 - Let text wrap in item summary table and improve alignment. r+a=darktrojan
fdb016c8e6c5c4a0e1c23f42b2976b34ed431e83Paul Morris — Bug 1642635 - Re-indent XUL/HTML in calendar-item-summary custom element. r+a=darktrojan
55b499fa3ad85ac5cb757cd466fe9934b2426748Paul Morris — Bug 1642635 - Rename CSS file for calendar-item-summary custom element. r+a=darktrojan
c00cb4dadefb387df5b433b02b7a772ca17c0e9eRob Lemley — Bug 1642824 - Ship new locales with Thunderbird 78. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
69b88a676c8e02c2f9dd5ed89619f30dc833573cRob Lemley — Bug 1639700 - Ensure system_rng module is enabled in Botan build. r=kaie a=wsmwk
a548cd3b25e36a39371d0d2e199d144be2e8e3ffRichard Marti — Bug 1642675 - Improve the alignment of the sections in the Calendar Preferences tab. r=aleca a=pmorris
e219e1d5682d1eb0c3832a9c73883da28a0e7086Richard Marti — Bug 1643088 - Add in the preferences around the <html:fieldset> a <html:div> for correct expanding when content is wrapping. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
bcf0deefc739faf033fb2e97e4bf87a83fc07d54Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642546 - Fix failure parsing vCard TEL lines with multiple types specified. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
1a47d65e5ec71059976a8a8eef137654e0b6d337Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642544 - Correctly parse vCard lines that have only one value when multiple values are also valid. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
71067085a23255de547fc7c3d07dce005aa18001Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642522 - Fix "this._attachmentIds.get(...) is undefined" in ext-compose.js. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
1a0751bf3bb36adeb5f5f1b4da79f0958ffd1323Richard Marti — Bug 1642305 - Remove preferences.css from the dialog XHTML files to let it load through subdialogs.js. r=aleca a=wsmwk
d3b3e660db887606a01f714db1f2d24499ce1c9bRichard Marti — Bug 1642304 - Fix the alignment of the "Learn more" links in the data collection section. r=aleca a=wsmwk
8dd7eee0d6c7c588e0deb75b4eb92b0ee2c7466eRichard Marti — Bug 1642524 - Fix the IDs in the preferences' calendar pane. r+a=darktrojan
0b29a79a9465c9574763b1709139465f7b6c63a2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1639763 - Rewrite the attendees dialog using modern code. r+a=pmorris
9beb6b92df03d79f16e778f32dd00860405b1150Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642509 - Remove stray #ifndef in mail/components/preferences/ rs=bustage-fix a=wsmwk
aef3b87e8b7e2c1ec9b08acd48b314f5dea4b0dbGeoff Lankow — Bug 1642282 - Register a calendar before running browser_categoryColors.js. rs=bustage-fix a=pmorris
8fe382e22b1b84bac5d2048867f499e8f0c952d7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1642281 - Close address book databases after cardDAV tests. rs=bustage-fix a=wsmwk
a72e4d7908e0d4da3cfb13e0db7eee2d478269d3Mozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump CLOSED TREE
c2acc630c57caf1c05d019894630c4726aed2be5Patrick Cloke — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_78_0b1_BUILD1). r=me DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9d45cd34927b5b04a7fec01e69176154bdaa5be6Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE
db362f70b676b2272b14a55ccfbf2b9761899928Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20200601 for changeset 206d9568b884 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
206d9568b8841e6d0596b34b580926d67d1afbd8Paul Morris — Bug 1642347 - Add ICS calendar file support to man page `-file` option. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD BETA_BASE_20200601
5cefc4c791654b07bd821daf75496ca05a2ff96dMagnus Melin — Bug 1577437 - fix "Make Changes and Reset" - AddonManager.getAllAddons doesn't use a callback anymore. r=pmorris
4f509afebd6f6b0ab9f8994773c44d7b5624691dKai Engert — Bug 1641612 - Update RNP to snapshot from 2020-05-30. r=rjl,mkmelin
a1b05e170dd6c640ddf149e111ce17213860d54bMagnus Melin — Bug 1638822 - minor string fixes for openpgp. r=kaie DONTBUILD
4f44b29f8b4f5923057efb57099b08448b679137Ian Neal — Bug 1628799 - Remove unused / duplicate entities from imported editor locale files. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
7add3004e469cb6bc40dc8f18691f71910367ed8Ping Chen — Bug 1642277 - Add about:telemetry to troubleshooting information page. r=mkmelin
e16540d657cc413bc89d47f3aec912ca380dbfd2Ben Campbell — Bug 1612239 - Remove redundant nsIMsgFolder.ListDescendants(). r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
61ac6bd1437164bdf56c15b96cd14080f078da73Ben Campbell — Bug 1612239 - Remove nsIArray usage from nsIMsgFolder.descendants. r=mkmelin
64d27f1a0583787a078a7ce0816be8205fa59229Magnus Melin — Bug 1615501 - fix fluent id duplications in mail/. r=me
47aa8304f805f5f3d5603b59a2be899c2927c79aMagnus Melin — Bug 1615501 - fix fluent id duplications in calendar/. r=me
907599e03dc45bb2a96edeb058dea5e2a6d52fd6Magnus Melin — Bug 1640897 - Update UI for Data Collection and Use to match Firefox's. r=Paenglab
71fc60874af7a9238732362a4ebb3b11bdcceeb1Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1573678 - Implement the search strings in the Preferences Tab. r=mkmelin
064f93c55fc4bb34a6b123b238fa4714c4d4f36aThomas Duellmann — Bug 1625263 - Fix and polish attachment pane keyboard access. r=aleca,jorgk
56288941d6185b1a281af725996db62324e8c79cAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1615501 - migrate preferences subdialog ll0n to Fluent. r=mkmelin
34815bba0c607f411fa8c4cd1bf5829b0c4a182dAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1615501 - migrate calendar preferences l10n to Fluent. r=mkmelin
8f5971bfa1c6d0713b0e5a45288c595f76abe882Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1615501 - Migrate Preferences Tab l10n to Fluent. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
9f4a9f7ce10651f40e6788c3c1d648f4fb99d9ddMagnus Melin — Bug 1641465 - improve AddrBookCard.jsm error reporting. r=darktrojan
ad9902d060b0ab0a74854ca24ef3571ea4077470Thomas Duellmann — Bug 378224 - Implement optional Return Receipt button for Composition Toolbar. ui-r=aleca, r=darktrojan
41e929c17e1b7074022c82f1c3616689961eaed7Geoff Lankow — Bug 546932 - Add UI (preffed-off) for creating a CardDAV address book. r=mkmelin
f9966a892f2a6df51c92d09e88748fc4c8cc2e76Geoff Lankow — Bug 546932 - Add CardDAVDirectory class for syncing with CardDAV servers. r=mkmelin
530f652a7c3412d9d9e72e8303c4b4ec24661830Magnus Melin — Bug 1637916 - Update the showAboutRightsNotification greeting that Thunderbird prints on startup. r=kaie
894c67ced89cc5c864d24eba23a6c4cc6f60fbc4Khushil Mistry — Bug 1567070 - Migrate about:rights to Fluent. r=mkmelin
59a341e3a12ea8ea7b9c3e4b1369a207f461a957Magnus Melin — Bug 1518025 - catchall - make it apply to general case, not just domain. r=khushil DONTBUILD
499ba850e0649b67cddcea64e88179e68ebcba4erene — Bug 1518025 - Implemented handling of catchAll mail identities. r=mkmelin
255933b1225df282885afc07b0e6ef50b434f720Magnus Melin — Bug 1642150 - explain cause of exchange account setup failure. r=BenB
713f46cfd0fa60ab114719ea68ea3237e5c625dfPaul Morris — Bug 1631902 - Use the new file import dialog for all calendar file imports. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
b9537efaabaf9eeb7c2e2ba9c18b15650c527e5aRichard Marti — Bug 689057 - When upgrading Thunderbird, the button in the installer should be "Upgrade" instead of "Install". r=mkmelin
a637a794de332ef4732caae59627fcb2e6a0a645Ian Neal — Bug 1641727 - callbackProgress is missing a state argument. r=aceman
b7dc8d39df5624c9812ea5a22cff3b15b61d69c4Richard Marti — Bug 1641842 - Port bug 1628779: Add an entry in about:support for the roundtrip audio latency of default devices. r=mkmelin
37b8335f94dc8ffef42d8278819270a5ea916bb9Paul Morris — Bug 1631902 - Add event and task preview to ICS file import dialog. r=darktrojan
7b9c7c1b0f4c798f899f92ff0bc4bd2a546c9488Richard Marti — Bug 1641092 - Use a photon icon for the correspondents arrow. r=aleca
cfaf20a2e4288a3c73376e98843864f5cf4776f8Kai Engert — Bug 1641714 - Move all chat OTR strings to the localization area and improve the text. r=mkmelin,kaie,wsmwk
11e9b6a0ac818ef746c48a3e5fccdd193927054fMagnus Melin — Bug 1640722 - followup to fix linting. rs=eslint DONTBUILD
aa0ea60ab031095e06721e9dcd08c0cdd2766469Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1640722 - Implement Backspace and Del to remove empty address rows via keyboard, fix focus bug, simplify code. r=aleca DONTBUILD
a18b970b5be8315f577a1433515dd52b04dafcf7Khushil Mistry — Bug 1626180 - Fix Local Alias is not working in IRC. r=clokep
b10f1799da169cb99d810467970394e15e4bb0edGeoff Lankow — Bug 1622703 - Copy new enterprise policies from Firefox. r=mkmelin
bbe97f4c271640fca5a0ccc15d1f171d45c2362dMagnus Melin — Bug 1639680 - fix wrong assertion, ensure nsMessenger::SaveAllAttachments arguments are correct with runtime check instead. r=benc
4c63520cf276fac3047f105d47233b90afd33fccGeoff Lankow — Bug 1481460 follow-up - Fix not-defined variable. rs=linting DONTBUILD
b690a4a2500e8baa8ef3eceadc5a79c30276a183Geoff Lankow — Bug 1638720 follow-up - Fix CSS parsing error. rs=me DONTBUILD
0c5827184c460f2052547c481288f3088d657344Richard Marti — Bug 1638720 - Make all chat areas themeable and add a dark Thunderbird chat theme variant. r=clokep ui-r=aleca
d937493550f57e6977861dce4a5f3a5f0e0da32fKai Engert — Bug 1639683 - Follow up to fix lint. rs=bustage DONTBUILD
d0d7797f534c718a9554e433abe61288a400b67aKai Engert — Bug 1641374 - Only insert each email address once into the OpenPGP acceptance table. r=PatrickBrunschwig DONTBUILD
8a2e074a410b883616476d40b9a5fd0f7a6a79e4Kai Engert — Bug 1639683 - Fix the OpenPGP code that repairs broken messages from Exchange. r=PatrickBrunschwig
f08360126dafebb18534edd9e28caf89666a2863Kai Engert — Bug 1638537 - Give feedback on OpenPGP key import failure. r=PatrickBrunschwig
4b3e05877240dcc0d92db39a5098d17fa65690caRichard Marti — Bug 1638720 - Implement the hover state for all tree rows on Linux and Mac. r=aleca
7cd276439a22d4447a1da22d0711ff74015596c5Mélanie Chauvel (ariasuni) — Bug 1481460 - Fix notice saying more messages are displayed than selected. r=Paenglab
4367af3d5a4a3fe200ab062e3b301885c6f6803cKhushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - enigmail.ftl. r=mkmelin
26f9f28bdcccd575fb27bd0e4c5d6541904c9198Ping Chen — Bug 1615984 - Collect filelink usage: total file uploaded and ignored times. r=mkmelin
1897e9e2fecbcbbeb759c1514643f10ccc018eaeRichard Marti — Bug 1641514 - Add label and wrap as inherited attributes to toolbarbutton-menu-button after bug 1639925. r=mkmelin
21be6632c2745dd08dc9e2ecd6b36ced088aa061Ping Chen — Bug 1494584 - show other users on IMAP folder sharing tab. r=mkmelin
ec0e99a2f1e46d0a1a0bd19fba4c71537ef23f5aKai Engert Bug 1638822 - fix read sig explanation. r=khushil
28d70f3af773ffbef4691ac052576dcc2750637bKai Engert Bug 1638822 - fix for upper signature status. r=khushil
53bd3a77386ec329a600c06b6aabc5d344252328Richard Marti — Bug 1628497 - Revert to dot-ID for identityHtmlSigFormat to fix the "Use HTML" checkbox. r=mkmelin
00e93f6c59c33a902d1e853fc96cafcd6b7d21e5Magnus Melin — Bug 1614972 - make event URLs clickable - make sure all the text from the location is visible, not only the location. r=pmorris
92b5978bce31c5a8b8ddd9c866d8df1ca198c67aMagnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - remove now unused mozmill os.jsm. r=khushil
5d54c44d54d3997fb44197ad5c21613c9cc2a2f4Ping Chen — Bug 1615989 - Collect how many mails are sent. r=mkmelin
cc4f616b9c78ed4dd893fc97ea3a63acc74800e8Mélanie Chauvel (ariasuni) — Bug 1636716 - remove incorrect borders in vertical layout on Linux. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
397712fa160acf382c50c926067321b1165e5fadGeoff Lankow — Bug 1640251 - Fix test failures in browser_ext_windows.js. rs=bustage-fix
3d86054fed856829c92a02ee3fe09157b503ab1aKhushil Mistry — Bug 1608894 - use the new certificate viewer in thunderbird (about:certificate?cert=). r=mkmelin
dba64c20e3a8b91ef4750893e6b3f694fbefefc2Richard Marti — Bug 1640874 - Make the imAccounts dialog themeable. r=aleca
7fc15b13b7eef6b459ead9200ec8c228fe4f4925Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset d8ad92570434 (bug 1625263) because it broke tests. rs=backout
d8ad92570434f84f790e5ce1f160c7c07f692006Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1625263 - Fix and polish attachment pane keyboard access. r=aleca
02023407ac6144e37b70c88c64f908a95486fedbPing Chen — Bug 1615990 - Collect how many mails are read. r=mkmelin
fe40c0acb3f857b5ed60c3b7f784a492ab87d5daRichard Marti — Bug 1640390 - Add the folderMenuItem class to "Get All New Messages" menuitem to set the correct fill colour. r=aleca
a28b4bfd062222c23ddd0f5502d64f755b9e5e63Richard Marti — Bug 1577823 - Use target="_blank" in about:support to open new tabs for other about: pages. r=mkmelin
250b57b853c4ddd05e8037a81791b08bc6b5b407Richard Marti — Bug 1640010 - Port bug 1640493: Add the dropmarker back to our toolbarbuttons. r=mkmelin
e31d162b318bb64bae37f5860d305c983a4e0884Magnus Melin — Bug 1638339 - remove some unnneded enigmail calls. Not needed since we do not cache the compose window. r=PatrickBrunschwig
313a28f7f5d3b7bea5104b967addd70868b80eb8Geoff Lankow — Bug 1640549 - Port bug 1629113 - Add nsIPromptCollection. rs=bustage-fix a=me
e47ba37adeb2effda5b1f756e3ea23f5193b5177Jorg K — Bug 1353704 - Use a ref-counted reference to the database for the DB reporter. r=BenC
c89c7c44e8a3f335bc1e7c7ae8220d075b01c4ccGeoff Lankow — Bug 1640382 - Backed out changeset 46848d1e9f8c. rs+a=me
b987d3619e0c7b358bce18acdd18a0bc0c0ef947Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1641245 - Make string comparators not virtual. rs=bustage-fix
f9483cb3c96a2a0618bc2e06ce3bedde451655edJorg K — Port bug 1635235 - Add defaults/settings/main/search-default-override-allowlist.json to rs+a=bustage-fix
f9100b280c343feefea96022d38d10251d06e4eaRichard Marti — Bug 1641141 - Port bug 1466532: Drop nsIFile::followLinks. r=mkmelin, a=me
b5646e5ec9f3fc8e6f7bb4175a4cebf53a80d46eGeoff Lankow — Bug 758493 - Remove calendar-daypicker binding and last use of DOMAttrModified in calendar. r=pmorris a=me
af28bde3ddb6d4eed4e60523ecbe9c0613aac2b0Geoff Lankow — No bug - Fix ESLint failures. rs=linting a=me
4d4bad93b27dae3b02dd4c67b735377a9ebce371Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1640501 - Remove toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled from all.js. rs=bustage-fix a=me
46848d1e9f8c94400406b61ab8a5ebea2b99e340Geoff Lankow — Bug 1640382 - Temporarily remove when.files-changed optimisation from test tasks. rs=bustage-fix a=me
1317619f493e6c9718d92299ece67ec97e287254Ian Neal — Bug 1640625 - Fix globalmessagemanager following landing of Bug 888600. r=frg
a172c7754d7d9721ab93c80fd4d0def59f395563Ian Neal — Bug 1635458 - Add print context menu items and print button to address book toolbar. r=frg r=mkmelin
45df638cd2b2bdb6caaf8d911bb51da84c8a165dKhushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - oneRecipientStatus.ftl. r=mkmelin
c931a144643536511d6c3518db0594b1700dfcbaKhushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - composeKeyStatus.ftl and msgReadStatus.ftl. r=mkmelin
ea9f35cac5c3d7d97657e6953dd4dd811bf2a630Khushil Mistry — Bug 1638822 - convert openpgp strings to Fluent - bond.ftl. r=mkmelin
8314ebeffe2b60eaa00858f789148ce760ad9a70Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1640178 - Hide separator as first menu item in Download Manager Tools menu. r=IanN
2f65480ef03de438f58322af2720fa2a14a55cf3Nuno Silva — Bug 1270908 - Replace dead link about custom keywords in nav_help.xhtml. r=IanN
8502d904e2732914ccec7a9c441112603fc10b77Ian Neal — Bug 1636756 - Created more localised versions of DuckDuckGo searchplugin. f=rpm r=frg
94a426143805198f756b6fc772aced706f8d94d4Ian Neal — Bug 1636533 - Improve address book deletion prompts. r=frg
4bf4b3ce8d53355b8d02452c9d1b99da0fac95d0Ian Neal — Bug 1636531 - Enable search in multiple/all address books. r=frg
f349036e7311c828d5602a6791b15098a01537a2Ian Neal — Bug 1635923 - Implement multiword search for address book sidebar / select addresses dialog. r=frg
1bf6acb1b68d7be1abf704192a83f96759362f36Ian Neal — Bug 1635773 - Update how screen is refreshed when switching address books. r=frg
76d0236b56c0b117d8f4bc55985eca6e749d7c26Ian Neal — Bug 1635594 - Port |Bug 1296253 - Horizontal space for notes in the address book makes phone numbers unreadable| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
391e5553aaad8b5ebbd6230705f981f4bd2832d7Ian Neal — Bug 1636098 - Move SeaMonkey specific addressbook files to suite/mailnews/components. r=frg
b785d5738e79cb79312b77369acc6bffa1a2d6cfAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1640109 - Remove max-width from Account Manager options container. r=paenglab DONTBUILD
1f54197e9163125c2b1ec3a0a121b77dd0e86fa6Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1628497 - Improve the UI of the XMPP account settings tab. r=paenglab
1ba42b85d43f98c9b8b8c32e467d58bf82d8e4f6Richard Marti — Bug 1628497 - Improve Account Manager UI. r=aleca
b12d34446556d9b4356cc0a7d314cab6c3c55967Richard Marti — Bug 1618616 - Move the manageIdentities box inside of the fieldset to workaround rendering problems for narrow screens. r=mkmelin
17a3b9a2aeedb1652edd44b506dc037679ff5d4cIan Neal — Bug 1635454 - Update instant messaging fields in the address book. r=frg DONTBUILD
6a077945683b32ef107dca9ceb7ed9959a5bc5c7Magnus Melin — Bug 1615996 - don't assert for missing draftid - warn only. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
f8310228f5b2c75ff65bbb4e182eb6ce693c6e28Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1637668 - Implement colour customization option for Folder Pane icons. r=mkmelin, ui-r=paenglab
a15cee0df19fc84a95e32cb0e1ae1f438001c917Geoff Lankow — Bug 1639814 - Port bug 1617959: Switch to the babel-eslint parser. r=mkmelin
1f1af3f6677b3bf539cc86f1e42546ecdfe85aa1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1631147 - Properly port bug 1615588 - Extend nsIPromptService to support tab modal system prompts. r=mkmelin
b8c06eb419142c4deea5775cd522c863518a81dfIan Neal — Bug 1633212 - Update nsSuiteDirectoryProvider for changes to locale retrieval. r=frg
44171a2e26b1e23c73022a2754d8b4808291e66cBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1639853 - Remove MOZ_LDAP_XPCOM defines from suite. r=frg
f2646b70e308effbbe225747834d92d6e003dac3Ian Neal — Bug 1634993 - Tooltip for Print button shows "Print this message". r=frg
67d1157ecdb0b2cd3c2c9f652fecf8239a9095c6Ian Neal — Bug 1300198 - Move list.txt over to JSON once bug 1276739 is in and centralise - defaultengine and search order patch. r=frg
cc85a33a585d67b3fe202c7d94086f1988ed96acIan Neal — Bug 1300198 - Move list.txt over to JSON once bug 1276739 is in and centralise - centralisation part. r=frg
ee142fe1995803d75620bf95cfd7923be11c3e02Ian Neal — Bug 1300198 - Move list.txt over to JSON once bug 1276739 is in and port |Bug 1309304 - Move search python files to a central location| and |Bug 1328713 - add regionOverrides to search/list.json| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
ba49bdd5e52c79c9e7d6f94c66ee8d442d25431dPing Chen — Bug 1615996 - Add telemetry to count use of message compose type. r=mkmelin,jorgk DONTBUILD
82280bdfe344e5616c30aea33935cf4f2bcc32e3Magnus Melin — Bug 1631780 - load AddonManager module lazily. r=darktrojan
c0c2cc7c1b7dcb7549c07a8dbe67e5ab0de2e259Paul Morris — Bug 1637133 - Refactor calendar summary dialog to use a custom element. r=darktrojan
cddacd682d3be5e327eed527cf36695ad7b1c375Paul Morris — Bug 1637133 - Refactor slightly reminders code in calendar summary dialog. r=darktrojan
120372d6f96bba97e59b455d7872a34900596fbdPaul Morris — Bug 1637133 - Refactor recurrence functions for summary dialog. r=darktrojan
3c657c39ada593b905bc11f53b4a6755018aab02Paul Morris — Bug 1637133 - Refactor to remove 'calendar-item-date-input' custom element. r=darktrojan
3c15dd901e5bc00ee73ef56cc411987190a16558Richard Marti — Bug 1639699 - Remove unnecessary stylesheet files from the virtualFolderProperties.xhtml dialog. r=aleca
45026d348bfc0d81ff6aa83eed31f2524de731d8Richard Marti — Bug 1639655 - Apply better colours to notification[type="info"] with a dark theme. r=aleca
f577795ca28c305465e95ceb4e0eb04d9bb54568Lasana Murray — Bug 1567768 - Remove dnsOverHttpsUrlDefault.tooltip. r=mkmelin
299e88e21913bdcf79169bd0d84197ce32b1df07Geoff Lankow — Bug 1639430 - Use ICAL.js to parse and encode vCard; remove old vCard components. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
450c5f1fed903d2a49004cf0eaa8c492fa8da362Geoff Lankow — Bug 1639430 - Create utility functions to use ICAL.js for parsing and encoding vCard. r=mkmelin
42b043ac0ea02e4d191c11e89a35e1363f4071f0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1638863 follow-up - Clear removed files from the parsable CSS whitelist. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
16595a198a9070026821db5b25be53592f96f01eRichard Marti — Bug 1638863 - Calendar: convert more images to SVG. r=pmorris, ui-r=aleca
15f54240ef82d814838712fa3da208c6309cbc26Paul Morris — Bug 1630818 - Rework handling of "too new calendar schema" error. r=darktrojan
267e834689fb434ad24110ffcd122e622b259253Ben Campbell — Bug 1612248 - Remove nsIArray usage in nsICMSMessage. r=mkmelin
ca7b96352c89729abcfa11f6798dea94487e5a0dRob Lemley — Bug 1546002 - Add Thai locale to Thunderbird Nightly builds. r=flod
e66503accfbafa9aaef7d71e1b5a2f1d088debadIan Neal — Bug 606683 - Allow customization of toolbars in Composer and formatting toolbar in MailNews Composition - formatting toolbar part. r=frg DONTBUILD
fdd49148dcc159bf1a51633e3b9acf3a14d345f9Nuno Silva — Bug 1271368 - Update help for Location bar search. r=IanN
e43591416144c5fe8f963768a867e8c7fdc8e446Nuno Silva — Bug 1267071 - Reword text about proxy auto-configuration and replace dead link. r=IanN
de42d117bf8a486580ba0751cc30742f13cf7b74Ian Neal — Bug 1633143 - Update urlbarBindings for Services and Observers - search init part. r=frg
b667fd22d4fb74638671e3ff427e2a9f574fb978Ian Neal — Bug 1633143 - Update urlbarBindings for Services and Observers - switch to observe method part. r=frg
2b7fabf7b6f77714915e41c0c967e7677fa261b8Ian Neal — Bug 1633143 - Update urlbarBindings for Services and Observers - Services part. r=frg
1f1357f245c172afa95cc491fb3b2f14d8fb067cBen Campbell — Bug 1612239 - Remove nsIArray usage for msgsMoveCopyCompleted notification. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
bc7e17995e196b439e49de01b3774726b912b960Ben Campbell — Bug 1612239 - Remove nsIArray use from nsIMsgPluggableStore.changeKeywords(). r=mkmelin
c827ec349a361a8f647744e23275fc414addf30dPaul Morris — Bug 1630943 - Fix multiple caldav calendars on same host with different usernames. r=darktrojan
601e259021fbcec11fc69111f0ca04ac7b851c27Paul Morris — Bug 1630943 - Clean up some comments. r=darktrojan
a440d58f09f80951264aeddebc40a804de4a3e51Magnus Melin — Bug 1638288 - re-enable clang-plugin - back out changeset b8d9cd134ff9. rs=me
9d6faec6c30ea9b417ea688501f987a36e24b59dGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1627711 - Remove incremental GC information from about:support. rs=bustage-fix
00e720d9c6a14a2fa167b95baf3f54429b18e5d6Magnus Melin — Bug 1638634 - fix startup Crash in [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddSubfolderWithPath]. r=benc
35574aea0982ebf521d7366fa1a3959ab366578cKhushil Mistry — Bug 1348064 - MatrixDirectConversation and GenericMatrixConversation added in the Matrix chat. r=clokep
57cd946f5c027561cf4a7f475ee13258b925d895Khushil Mistry — Bug 1348064 - update the usage of the _roomlist in the Matrix Chat. r=clokep
ea113591641e95077f801b17482f2e6b96960389Florian Quèze — Bug 1535133 - make gloda index IM messages in chunks during idle slices. r=mkmelin
70726ff4284b49e1e8d28626d5a0b45896c19454Gene Smith — Bug 1613623 - For IMAP, no longer allow STARTTLS when server sends PREAUTH greeting. (relanding) r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
67525d68c3a975cb81f8e04424c3d6a3383bb2c4Mélanie Chauvel (ariasuni) — Bug 1636733 - size down quick filter toolbar to match main toolbar. r=mkmelin
a2eeb5818b3aa321760d7b2b808bc274cb93459dGeoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 2bd6adda1976 (bug 1637826).
6d85fa4f17a2da4e3c567e2ba14cc0c2b75d0bf7Magnus Melin — Bug 1634052 - getOrCreateFolderForURL should handle bad uris. r=benc DONTBUILD
1ba0182395a43f7d51f3286a1490af7945ad5e55Kai Engert — Bug 1638142 - Follow up fix to protect against document.getElementById returning null. rs=bustage
f53587e55c913603d69fcf7e8cc5b55cee534c65Kai Engert — Bug 1638398 - Remove Gine-Liam strings from OpenPGP UI. r=PatrickBrunschwig
5c0ce2a8339d6e0e12f3c07ade5ef6ddd5683bd4Kai Engert — Bug 1634532 - When deleting a public key, also delete the acceptance decision. r=PatrickBrunschwig
01c458714912adb6478f6795c5b7b4e16974bb81Kai Engert — Bug 1638142 - Hide OpenPGP notification bars when moving away from a message. r=PatrickBrunschwig
b0aeb62aae1d2e1e82163866add7d05a95583d31Kai Engert — Bug 1637458 - Implement "message security info" for received OpenPGP messages. r=PatrickBrunschwig,mkmelin
1dd226bb8d772fafbfad436e8b7258a15b7632d0Ben Bucksch — Bug 1606610 - Warn the user when autodiscovery redirects from plain HTTP to HTTPS. Show the new target domain, and ask for confirmation. r=aleca,mkmelin
94c8faf148df4c428cb3d25fb37fe9d24d63b9dcThomas Duellmann — Bug 1637657 - Prevent loss of recipient pills selection by stopping at last pill for Ctrl|Shift+Cursor-right|+End. r=aleca
39a884a7b19acd946dedf75a441f0d14631053ebPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1634912 - de-xpcom calendar datetime formatter. r=pmorris
7ba221cc0eb4896093aae8b19ab560f92e92e67dMagnus Melin — Bug 1638288 - fix mistake in previous patch. r=benc
091c930b9c4dbb894c4447c772156200d89ee437Magnus Melin — Bug 1638288 - Port Bug 1636148 - Make calling nsIPrincipal->GetURI a clang-error. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
b8d9cd134ff9e3a24c277feff914656ed80f526bMagnus Melin — Bug 1638288 - Temporarily disable clang-plugin. rs=bustage-fix
1fcf2af4ad4391975b42f66d6009cb3c19c1ccfeRichard Marti — Bug 1636667 - Add a <vbox> around message-body, splitter and attachment-pane to separate them from the other <hbox>. r=aleca DONTBUILD
8570a1102c50b4d562aaf85da4c38d39ae6c311falta88 — Bug 1636775 - Fix foldermenu icon, tree-image sizing, shared/updated subscribe dialog css. r=Paenglab
13bfde4dfdd7b2e49fea9be50a56b427333e5119Geoff Lankow — Bug 1638063 - Port bug 1616692 (upgrade to clang 10.0.0) to Thunderbird. rs=bustage-fix
6101367410aa1d14da490e96bfb06e1cbce96257Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 3e3c099a8579 for breaking the OS X build. rs=backout
34122197a6a4cfdc121496238d6f23c859ca6dc7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1637923 - Convert JS address book directory to a JS class. r=mkmelin
ced94145e95c92495ccab66e4d5ac45517bcf009Geoff Lankow — Bug 1637921 - Always build LDAP, and remove the MOZ_LDAP_XPCOM define. r=mkmelin
43d2da70f9d379bed1bb5f8dd2ebd0b16715b48dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1637918 - Remove dead LDAP address book code. r=mkmelin
b49e6cda4e016e78743e2a50ec5293a60433484eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1612241 - Replace idl nsIArray usage with Array<T> in nsIAbBooleanExpression.idl. r=benc
c2aeb710f2113c569ad196aae868330a00198b7bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1612241 - Fix post-landing review comment. r=benc
c5efaf383dc1ae1fa32ea280dd7973a3a17bb7ceMagnus Melin — Bug 1636290 - followup - packaging was broken due to duplicate css files. rs=bustage-fix
3e3c099a857979693a03ea24c7a4b0149044c917Magnus Melin — Bug 1638063 - port bug 1557741 (upgrade to clang 10.0.0) to Thunderbird. rs=bustage-fix
29a19bc9fd475e16c3457dce90a883461d065c5cKai Engert — Bug 1636791 - Add a pref to allow the use of external GnuPG for OpenPGP secret key operations. r=PatrickBrunschwig,mkmelin
4a66b9f9dec4bcb03584e70a9019ed02af4a3808Kai Engert — Bug 1636778 - Remove SKS CA install code, remove GnuPG keyserver access code. r=PatrickBrunschwig
cca8ae03b543529819e22064c3e5e6c790d257e8Kai Engert — Bug 1636290 - Initial user assistance for OpenPGP problems in message composer. r=PatrickBrunschwig,mkmelin
936dbd8706b8b49edb760edbe50199000de978f2Magnus Melin — Bug 1627649 - followup - use info() instead of dump() for the mochitest debugging. rs=me DONTBUILD
b5cb669844cd935d3ed531893c40391b45948b3bMagnus Melin — Bug 1627649 - Unable to use WebSocket in Thunderbird. r=benc DONTBUILD
1950b809c9898a96340349a70d6f1ada4b6f8e76Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1637536 - Fix aria-label not updating the Subject field in the message header. r=mkmelin
6c1be4cedbacab59d2e36706d5aa92df3c0c3722Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1602477 - Implement min-width for the message compose recipient area. r=mkmelin
2bd6adda19764077cad6db53586f51916aa2dd56Geoff Lankow — Bug 1637826 - Port bug 1196151 - Add second argument when making nsIExternalProtocolService.loadURI call. rs=bustage-fix
695fd95c327221a496cd3076a3ab43415263cadaRichard Marti — Bug 1636773 - Make the Contacts sidebar themeable. r=aleca
4ab33a9f130373346df6bfbfc7984a29dad2e46dRichard Marti — Bug 1637726 - Set a left border when the window controls are on the left. r=aleca
79a064e00626b4e1b0af8375076d250e03bdf466Richard Marti — Bug 1636558 - Remove the unneeded messagepaneboxwrapper bottom border. r=aleca
68b1bb3d8e1afaec1549b1150d046e2cbb6d69a9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1637531 - Fix Linux enterprise tests after bug 1469629. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
f42a53d1dc7977bfaed612cd3acd256a92d04510Richard Marti — Bug 1636238 - Apply more SVG icons. r=aleca
03319b23c7f92ce298c64e305641e5e6bbda4926Khushil Mistry — Bug 1631577 - Fix Cannot delete entries within Customize Headers. r=mkmelin
d57944ea052e2e067d7ee2b096e0613e8d86b074Chris — Bug 1633772 - End date, entry date and due date of last occurrence and exceptions are now considered when computing recurrence end date. r=pmorris
7ae3a50f2816e6508e1e2f806a480ce6c3eebd07Richard Marti — Bug 1637207 - Port bug 1636909: Update the Master Password OS authentication prompt string on Windows. r=mkmelin
0b9a9d6280be4f4d6b7a902acc26b6aa326719afGeoff Lankow — Bug 1637141 - Send an empty response to callers of getFreeBusyIntervals to indicate there are no providers. r=pmorris
5e8adf8205d5f51df3541feee756deb36c1b8386Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1636558 - Fix failing test for attachment pane height regression in message pane. r=darktrojan
3a5d1ddae8c55710125c55a8c11e835dd3e5a52bMakoto Kato — Bug 1347804 - Use Intl.Collator instead of nsICollation. r=pmorris CLOSED TREE
9667d3a0a37959dd7902ea2a21ff5915bc28c0d3Magnus Melin — Bug 1621633 - add comm/python/l10n to python path so that ./mach fluent-migration-test will work. r=aleca
c5dea4a60c6e4cba78f6a063eccabcc11740a8c2Marco Zehe — Bug 1637230 - Make the group that contains system integration checkboxes an actual group for accessibility. r=mkmelin
73be5343da88f1cc236266ab86017fc8a953170bAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1636558 - Fix attachment pane height regression in message pane. r=mkmelin
03bb86addb5dfce9e5756c712075f9aaa531a9c6Jorg K — Bug 1636318 - fix incorrect uses of nsTextFormatter::ssprintf(). r=mkmelin
d58c5ca03202c9d27ae5ccdfdb867ee442ff411dJorg K — Bug 1636318 - Use 16-bit string type for strings passed to nsTextFormatter::ssprintf. r=mkmelin
8d4c676d5d53986359ff4214141f7f50015f04efKhushil Mistry — Bug 1570959 - Update hiddenWindow.xhtml on OSX to hiddenWindowMac.xhtml. r=mkmelin
d82bed3a0d0d71f62113909ff90c5d9fdeea18abMagnus Melin — 'Bug 1636668 - followup - remove calendar/ usage of gSavePrintSettings. rs=eslint DONTBUILD
ec00afab1f6964728960b1bded64cccc4af94a4bMagnus Melin — Bug 804042 - make sure reply-to-self works case insensitively. r=benc DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
fc5a341a3e9f052b5343e1ac1dfeefa9e8fd7cd6Khushil Mistry — Bug 1614972 - Fix Location URLs are not clickable in Calendar Summary Dialog. r=pmorris
9129a21f6faca3ff846b238cd723cb1f5faa8cd7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1634052 - Make FOlderLookupService match the same schemes that the RDF service supported. r=benc
2a5f7a05bc2c89f1a5dfd420af889cd4d64cd21eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1613535 follow-up - Fix "this.forgetAttachment is not a function" when closing compose window. rs=me DONTBUILD
954fd5e540b5233ff74c6916cccc5d6e7ed97193Geoff Lankow — Bug 1636429 follow-up - Fix CSS syntax error. rs=me DONTBUILD
f82b65b87ebe2f1b8458d59c4043cbba6601c65dalta88 — Bug 1636775 - Update feed message tab icon, r=Paenglab
fa260ff0b744586f575fa2d53e317bd6d037da18alta88 — Bug 1636775 - Add a feed folder icon for trees, r=Paenglab
7ff3e6dcd86f52b4bef4dd5930ab20e426a57f86alta88 — Bug 1636775 - Fix feed folder/item icon regression, r=Paenglab
8ad4fbfb3c8dbaf090c2a8c559cb9e9cbf117f06Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1272921 - Follow-up: Fix typo in extensions.css. r=frg
c1ae94f3453d204a5db58c75b9591d9b437314a1Nuno Silva — Bug 1268936 - Update help for Internet Search preferences. r=IanN
d39ef72c33b51b1da7cb911d0843b79ab27d6021Suraj Ghimire — Bug 1268936 - cs_nav_prefs_navigator.xhtml: Mentioned 'Sidebar Advanced Search Mode' does not exist .r=IanN
b2476d758bcb6d0ba7e87a8261bc14ba2b838fedFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1279806 - Remove obsolete "" preference. r=IanN
93508184bcac4046fb511c9b9fac165c847dc045Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1629079 - Remove obsolete editor.throbber.url pref. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
389acefcf98ed5e6d18f6a09e4a9e582d67e9cb4Magnus Melin — Bug 1604157 - Remove XUL minwidth, maxwidth, minheight and maxheight attributes in Thunderbird. r=pmorris DONTBUILD
7e4fdcca791e07b149ca1d3fb5064226c901f3d4Ian Neal — Bug 1636553 - Fix virtualFolderListDialog following bug 1636429. r=frg DONTBUILD
216dd6f69088ed1ca6c8697945110a75b51c3c94Ian Neal — Bug 1629079 - Consolidate throbber UI. r=frg DONTBUILD
bb8c9919df27708c9dd4a861e360a98343b974c3Richard Marti — Bug 1636429 - Use SVG icons for the checkmarks in trees. r=aleca DONTBUILD
844fa53f6c01096df843206443bff07dae12ec05Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1636393 - Polish |Move to To/Cc/Bcc| access keys on pill context menu using proper capitalization. r=aleca
029c3accdb5d2d143b33ee5ce8a0b5ceaa331261Magnus Melin — Bug 1636500 - update glodaFacet.js to use sIStringBundle methods. r=khushil
fed192723bc2c0762edc482a62936bc5b8f16dbfRichard Marti — Bug 1619725 - Lighten up the lwt-accent-color used in dark mode. r=aleca
caeedaa95357d395f8495cf138cca61099042966Khushil Mistry — Bug 1348064 - Implement Direct Messages: MatrixParticipant and MatrixConversation. r=clokep
316d93a7923d53d05bc08b918b04649665a73a1bMagnus Melin — Backed out changeset e5d6fe83becb (bug 1636318) for test faillures. r=backout
0657662eb16a5feea76cfc0b381d897e1f0f1328Rob Lemley — Bug 1634158 - Update rnp.symbols using r=kaie
1cc2836506891f2e78a82f067a7206910468557aRob Lemley — Bug 1634158 - Update RNP source from git as of 2020-05-06. r=kaie
f02349f5fac1ea1ce8c1e116287e500e034986eeRob Lemley — Bug 1636240 - Add script to generate rnp.symbols file. r=kaie
de5c89a17b436079f55f774e96d459fe7c662124Rob Lemley — Bug 1636240 - Add error trap to to revert changes. r=kaie
e5d6fe83becb2b9d1052041cebd8396194ed2f10Kai Engert — Bug 1636318 - Use 16-bit string type for strings passed to nsTextFormatter::ssprintf. r=mkmelin
96995bd8f55c685952d95b51fdb1c0a8f10c05a9Ben Campbell — Bug 1612247 - Remove nsIMsgDatabase.nextMatchingHdrs. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
e19bac859ee761f16925bbc3775009b65acdac68Ben Campbell — Bug 1612247 - Remove nsIArray usage from nsIMsgDatabase.openDBs. r=mkmelin
fb6c146796e18260bcb3aeb88de04d1393d5a684Ben Campbell — Bug 1612247 - Remove nsIArray usage from nsIMsgDatabase.getFilterEnumerator(). r=mkmelin
88fa0b6a2919c6b4b77fb7b97d29647dc386be1bBen Campbell — Bug 1612247 - Incidental tweaks from clang-format. r=mkmelin
01d4d3db44e6c509076df5fda8f37064d9652c78Ben Campbell — Bug 1636047 - Handle non-copyable nsTArray and AutoTArray (introduced in bug 1626570). r=mkmelin
a8bc54c5c7938de77fb02b35fd6d8aa19a369e41Geoff Lankow — Bug 1636019 - Remove the remaining uses of nsIAbView, then remove it and nsAbView. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
2420430174e2f1e4a4e76d6af3a29f67258c564aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1612241 - Replace idl nsIArray usage with Array<T> in nsIAbDirectory.idl. r=mkmelin
c5def570bb4b97b043bf35eda9df5f08fe996109Khushil Mistry — Bug 1635734 - Fix Chat broken in Thunderbird for macOS. r=clokep
6860fc805603023a3ed28f2092c94357b5da5e2cAbdallah Afify — Bug 1630184 - Add name validation for address books and mailing lists. r=darktrojan
9e77ad8193b3f3d3a39b74b422130ce633816479Rob Lemley — Bug 1634753 - Use native Linux build of winchecksec for Windows cross-builds. r=darktrojan
1ceeeaabf3d5f384057eded0bc0e4081dccc629dRichard Marti — Bug 1635060 - Apply no background to the formatToolbar menulists in normal state. r=aleca
11757d68b87298797f44f347dee8bca7bda4ce5bRob Lemley — Bug 1634887 - Drop use of -fcxx-exceptions flag - makes RNP build with gcc. r=darktrojan
5559a05ade37f165b20a1b26993a8f423cedc2c2Rob Lemley — Bug 1633778 - Port bug 1634204: Upgrade Linux build docker images to Debian 8 base. r=darktrojan
1ae16df985dc5755f93cba8d8e9472efa81800f3Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1633790 - Add aChannel argument to nsStreamConverter.getConvertedType. rs=bustage-fix
ac2e45bcc600711a6871f81d4781158816e69e1bRichard Marti — Bug 1635370 - Use SVG icons for the thread pane staus icons. r=aleca
1defa8e63d750243cd404c379fa780980bf59364Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1634889 - Fix composition's fast focus ring (Ctrl+[Shift+]+Tab / [Shift+]F6]). r=aleca
3edf0643a1d84d2ee647912078e5a236a8abc6c2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1635889 - Fix test failure in comm/mailnews/base/test/unit/test_compactFailure.js. rs=bustage-fix
48873d311c30aec75c50a580801b0135f7553f25Geoff Lankow — Bug 1635888 - Fix test failure in comm/calendar/test/unit/test_utils.js. rs=bustage-fix
74fa74c3ca0a728ba2ea4aabbaa7b67d2d19c393Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1634687 - Rename some address input event handlers. r=mkmelin
3fa5a7d06f89df1063797458b410445b5afd5deaAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1519799 - Implement the encrypted lock icon for all the chat message styles. r=florian
d99e95524b9b8c64b65c9afbc47dbf8002fb418eMagnus Melin — Bug 1613535 - followup to fix linting. rs=eslint DONTBUILD
4c84f6a17aafbc69ce4d4d1f4c9f65f6de65994aBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1635854 - Port Bug 1635094 "Cleanup the ReferrerInfo code" cpp part. r=frg
f0799dbf510175a46545e62bff136187f04cd9abBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1635849 - Switch SeaMoneky build files to Python 3. r=frg
10edd0b971021b4d16a78e4fdbb299357e2a36b4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1613535 - Handle message attachments in browser.compose API functions. r=mkmelin
8a54f8665db25c3ce7b77945c16d0b206f05f39cRob Lemley — Bug 1628506 - Port bug 1599658: Replace py3_action with py_action in Makefiles. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
195ece706287a1a7cede450537473cf44e7e7264Rob Lemley — Bug 1628506 - Port bug 1633037: Rename $(PYTHON) to $(PYTHON3) in all Makefiles. r=darktrojan
a8c798beb1c12fcbef66d6e4f4880a05b678667bRob Lemley — Backed out changeset 5a1303612c72 (bug 1633778), M-C build failures. a=backout
5a1303612c7232d0dc152f42c5bc71fd00a53b22Rob Lemley — Bug 1633778 - Port bug 1634204: Upgrade Linux build docker images to Debian 8 base. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
3903c14b1b2ff0d47a44d89bb478f9eb8ba899deGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1536556 - Replace new Error(Cr.ERROR) with new Component.Exception. rs=linting DONTBUILD
01b3a50f3311f7b1d4fdfea8581532c31ab3e67aRob Lemley — Bug 1635169 - Remove platform from shipped-locales files. r=darktrojan
9227be55de89ca0abea878b6d1ac067e51cb069aRob Lemley — Bug 1631643 - Port bug 1589712: Switch mozlint tests to -source workers. r=darktrojan
4083da0d3e3bf6802134c43d50d1ee831b09bc0aNuno Silva — Bug 1270578 - Add missing space ("editmenu"->"edit menu"). r=IanN
43f9f426e32a8b6d03d4bd84ab92a5995aa05150Nuno Silva — Bug 1346622 - Add a preference for the "troubleshooting" URL and use it in the help. r=IanN
e920d59017e1a2adc55bd548edfb14c37208c198Abdallah Afify — Bug 1633294 - Prevent the creation of a mailing list with a duplicate name. r=mkmelin
7eb659891d336a1dfbf088bf48803a644be120f1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1619767 follow-up - Fix YAML lint issues. rs=linting DONTBUILD
d2d158a8c71e45f3da486e2252886a489f0f85d5Magnus Melin — Bug 1609760 - Stop assigning properties to the global `this` in mailnewx/ JSMs (port bug 1608278). r=pmorris DONTBUILD
029fd20ab19e7ff00f6883632e8c2ac909cbaef2Rob Lemley — Bug 1619767 - Merge day automation for comm-central to comm-beta. r=darktrojan
a78acd79c5b141c8492e63303b1c0820289d8a0bRichard Marti — Bug 1635077 - Apply the Folder Pane photon icons to the folder menus. r=aleca
06b4fa036ccda170128e73093c437e9d545a9ba7Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1633555 - Prevent loss of focus after Ctrl+Click on recipient pills. r=aleca
fa46aff614580410f276eee0fecf0013e11a670eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1633245 - Update timezones to 2020a. r=pmorris
72f9e9481a5f68fcfef55cfa2bed132f6de51690Patrick Cloke — No bug - Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
e2864b397e2846cf23c7c0d38cc328ddaf4a496cPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
c158bbc7fffd729cd8829760f13c64bdd95908a8Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_77_END for changeset 374c82d3fab5 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
8d144d81fe5ef5dd69c8f6eadb2a85cc3ced1eecPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
de15eacb374eff4e7e69e7382e92f0d8fa83604fPatrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_77_END for changeset 95459c2a8106 a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE