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Mon Apr 06 18:42:02 2020 +0000
42bd4392fbf8c2539c190559d4bac667dea7c598Patrick Cloke — Update .gecko_rev.yml to pull from mozilla-release by default a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge CLOSED TREE RELEASE_75_END
6b35b576357b5d45023fef06a868b0a2978f6c30Patrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_BASE_20200406 for changeset 3e31d6562a39 a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE BETA_75_END
3e31d6562a390d1f291f18014786747bdcc2ade9Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD RELEASE_BASE_20200406
f14f134947aa5ea5947fe1f573cadef4786cac1dMozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging df290067118a34d2171cadf74e4774e2db59d7fb with THUNDERBIRD_75_0b3_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_75_0b3_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
df290067118a34d2171cadf74e4774e2db59d7fbGeoff Lankow — No bug - Add missing variable to installer.nsi to fix Windows packaging. rs=bustage-fix a=rjl THUNDERBIRD_75_0b3_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_75_0b3_RELEASE
79f04e385e05d4088ccd1c17da59d7567b83c660Rob Lemley — No bug - Remove extra blank line to force build. rs=whitespace-only a=rjl
15fe620701e190647844df69b2cc9c378469e86dMozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump DONTBUILD
d07927ffdd02780cd67fccb530992d8f7d10a949Rob Lemley — Bug 1625337 - Do not use signing transform on beetmover-repackage. r=clokep a=rjl
e99cde50f9d3700cf6313895e7942a62c7f6e73aMagnus Melin — Bug 1611405 - account setup should prefer standard protocols over exchange. r=aleca a=wsmwk
03e2e841494dea834c7820b968ada1bcd77310f9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1623265 - Stop disabling hardware acceleration. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
12c9e9bca3f6821fa542e0a02c7794c19ac0a959Ben Campbell — Bug 1620314 - Disable print-progress dialog. It would fail to open and abort the print. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
b50ee80648adba9cf1f802818ee07b306ea61c54Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (default at FIREFOX_75_0b1_RELEASE/c8d69165e663) for release. a=rjl
327df53b0e439ec4b1ebb49cad6fc409ff4c4553Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
527761667dc9be61b268437c8a821b3e7ab11178Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging e75b83b80792df1a5326e0ba8927e91cf2fed75a with THUNDERBIRD_75_0b2_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_75_0b2_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
e75b83b80792df1a5326e0ba8927e91cf2fed75aKhushil Mistry — Bug 1622607 - Follow-up: Protocol options in the chat account wizard are not getting saved in the account manager. r=clokep a=wsmwk THUNDERBIRD_75_0b2_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_75_0b2_RELEASE
9e5d4c565ea0451f5a20006b386f3558448e7df0Khushil Mistry — Bug 1622607 - fix protocol options in the chat account wizard are not getting saved in the account manager. r=clokep a=wsmwk
c46c32f10db06e9528bb2f38035c506c700e93f7alex — Bug 1623896 - Embedded NULL bytes in text/* throws off parsing. r=benc a=wsmwk
2827caab16c9ea714b33f349246845e1fd9840d0Richard Marti — Bug 1623999 - Add "status" to the event dialog window features to always show the statusbar. r=darktrojan a=pmorris
1041f7d332c18518f5e25379d2c46e83d38fcc27Geoff Lankow — Bug 1619057 - Expand mailing lists after onBeforeSend event fires. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
70e15738ba2c414df9efae3a9fc5daf91df42725Richard Marti — Bug 1621210 - Cancelled events don't show the line-through. r+a=pmorris
6624c6d87c4f158ee615c24ab17181a9db2aff93Richard Marti — Bug 1621953 - Remove a direct children selector on the disabled toolbarbutton rule to make the chat button in tab toolbar look properly disabled. r=aleca a=wsmwk
6e432fce3e4ca9c9661381241ba4d12c95218cd8Richard Marti — Bug 1621287 - Use on the <hbox> statusbar role="status" to make it accessible. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
5fc725c68637fbb4ce5c415ac68cbb93c13bf85aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1620861 - Fix prompt for extension permission updates. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
752f22ac25ef157727b7a2846587bee46e33914aRob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (default at FIREFOX_75_0b7_RELEASE/e5b1e0d7250f) for release. a=rjl DONTBUILD
32f281ade26dca1452c47b8c5d04e3ea3b32eb6bMozilla Releng Treescript — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump DONTBUILD
7e75d447441cf62fccbf3d883937b9f3577cdcc2Rob Lemley — Bug 1572316 - Add l10n-bumper action. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk DONTBUILD
fc8fa71d32c28611cf42a68a826ca8e29e72a02aRob Lemley — Bug 1572316 - Add l10n-bumper-beta task. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
4f52ed76a6a05830120c43697a05ab189f4c21f3Rob Lemley — Bug 1572316 - Add l10n_bumper task. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
57b7cbb89bec74310987804435ce811c2f9fa1e5Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
3933fa4bb43b8c4e3eb8b1324235b75bd8c4a7c0Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging 485543f1353223fea59fbc2e781bc0efcbf8d526 with THUNDERBIRD_75_0b1_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_75_0b1_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
485543f1353223fea59fbc2e781bc0efcbf8d526Geoff Lankow — Bug 1613534 - Stop using String.prototype.replaceAll in tests because it's not available on beta. rs=bustage-fix a=rjl THUNDERBIRD_75_0b1_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_75_0b1_RELEASE
88966c3860e14a6f0c1de47af9cf399db1d4820aRob Lemley — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump
b2c1eab0bb826ee3d9e9477eb08394c02f30aa1dRob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (default at FIREFOX_75_0b1_BUILD1/ffdee0ea8c3619) for release. a=rjl
a352facfa0a4cb116e8d407183c995d908498b2aPatrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE
a48c1baa9225c1ad90b6151491a0899102410f4ePatrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20200309 for changeset 6f40cde894b6 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
6f40cde894b67f40a3786f9afe6bd6232887656cBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620965 - "fix a double-mRefCnt declaration error". r=frg BETA_BASE_20200309
f5d59cf35a84b28a1f9f8ce19e25c959383f820bFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1620962 - Part 7: Add version.lib for Windows builds. r=WG9s
a91351df67f3a1e4c82d52ea0ab30c6d2e5c78afBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620962 - Part 6: Port Bug 1611386 "Drop support for system sqlite". r=frg
6b69bf76f9d550e1cc9d68432d3537cdb0cf5e5bBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620962 - Part 5: Port Bug 1562313 "Convert most calendar JavaScript components (not calBackendLoader) to static registration". r=frg
8321e533968750778d2cdadff117aba7a56377dfBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620962 - Part 4: Port Bug 1562313 "Convert JavaScript components to use static registration in ldap/". r=frg
a385dbb494e4300ba2fcfdfe842a49c5a4862807Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620962 - Part 3: Port Bug 1608610 "Update paths in". r=frg
f11d674aeadd590efe892ecfd27a8200d90c81bcBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620962 - Part 2: Port Bug 1608610 "Remove MOZ_CALENDAR build config flag and related code". r=frg
555da51727e5aed9006b55d872d881ffb6a05af7Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1620962 - Part 1: Port Bug 1608610 "Change build system to integrate calendar". r=frg
3fd01064df4abd64305696b87b944c22c5bc3147Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1458174 - Remove nsIDOMElement from SeaMonkey. r=frg
fdb6e75b389e60cbf1cef014ff0a4b6cd6336968Ian Neal — Bug 1611714 - Remove platform overlays - common platform overlays. r=frg DONTBUILD
6bd591e79a2eb6e63c99543eb3f026581f6c4ae9Ian Neal — Bug 1611714 - Remove platform overlays - browser platform overlay. r=frg DONTBUILD
22a5fb217b935f1b5e4899f54cff4d767abb4d1dIan Neal — Bug 1611714 - Remove platform overlays - mailnews platform overlays. r=frg DONTBUILD
162a48c7ff4c1df9ca77d212fc37a64d29212cd9Ian Neal — Bug 1619149 - Missing sort arrows in column headers of the SeaMonkey Modern theme. r=WG9s DONTBUILD
b2cecde80ad8695cceff07444170b67ca9780cdfIan Neal — Bug 1619354 - Fix popup notification in modern theme. r=frg DONTBUILD
f87a75425b97da24ec0314009e7d18e08dbfffc1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1619824 - Remove more prefs disabling the OS X address book in tests. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
2679ad2daf985416a6c7956b59dfdc15d6b11f68Geoff Lankow — Bug 1599380 - WebExtensions API event for when new mail arrives. r=mkmelin
291626c26cf9196a59433a9d4a9293765c3aa00eGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1620218 - Automatic code fixes for Prettier 1.18.2 upgrade. rs=linting-only DONTBUILD
d1e9c855e2476af1edeb549575195eae1c318354Ben Campbell — Bug 1620658 - Fix incorrect/missing testdata in windows settings-import tests. r=mkmelin
cd8871b0a49c89f2265cb1c039f1efe139052fb8Ben Campbell — Bug 1614846 - Tweaks requested by clang-format. r=mkmelin
1da9c365060718ffc88deb4d39b3930aeb02a1a7Ben Campbell — Bug 1614846 - remove nsIArray use in nsIMsgAccountManager (part one: accounts). r=mkmelin
7d7596b594c302f882acb50ebe5d98d971ceb1a2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1619157 - Test deletion of contacts from the composition sidebar. r=mkmelin
22c665f600c7085b3149a9246ef6b87aff7e2957Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617887 part 1 follow-up - Fix tests that depend on isMac or isWindows. rs=bustage-fix
15b43b265eb46cbfcd989bb9e817cdead267fef1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1613534 - Strip Windows line endings in compose API tests. rs=bustage-fix
58a1cb2582f5f286cd9139d1aeb30544009f81c2Rob Lemley — Bug 1614463 - Port bug 1527313: Source directory caching for Windows builds part 2. r=darktrojan
42930fd343fe9fdcee6000d6f7be316d42b55d17Geoff Lankow — Bug 1613534 - If a message body is specified, do not insert a paragraph at the start. r=mkmelin
381b9496d886a8f8a217a0e7fd2ed727a71e3f97Geoff Lankow — Bug 1613534 - Handle message body in browser.compose API functions. r=mkmelin
fcce8c8159add66bb306e8cad6f5ede51b619605Kai Engert — Bug 1619379 - follow up to fix eslint. rs=bustage
5c68b2fdcca6dab9a5d200cc26cff38be01b0fabRob Lemley — Bug 1620832 - Include version.dll when linking thunderbird.exe. r=Paenglab
3850b3d03dc151d4193300c2a9ccad5fcb1e5e4bKai Engert — Bug 1619379 - Add ability to import secret openpgp keys from a backup file. r=PatrickBrunschwig DONTBUILD
f6cd96c8b61adbef9b9c636b7ee0f47c1dd29132Kai Engert — Bug 1617446 - Use SecretDecoderRing to remember the passphrase for secrect OpenPGP keys. r=PatrickBrunschwig
09cf06df9f5debd3ded3baa5cf62db994da1b878Khushil Mistry — Bug 1620206 - Account Manager: S/MIME cert selection not saved if closing. r=kaie DONTBUILD
50fa3d8d13ff46846136512e44453bad31a40677Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part1 followup - assign module.mozmill late. rs=bustage-fix
9979881cf01cd02e21f6dc5d7b4edb9b535443c8Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part9 - remove jum.jsm usage. r=khushil DONTBUILD
71e02e54a7f332976b8c4a658ae30e8f2db08c06Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part8 - remove unused arrays.jsm. r=khushil
89e4f92cad8f417e0689f72c78eea6d867b7f11eMagnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part6 - inline strings.jsm usage. r=khushil
163fe0f39164fb15af1d273b1e783e67c773a91dMagnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part6 - remove unused dom.jsm. r=khushil
fb950872cc0f0eec24900ac6c45e767c0ed72307Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part5 - inline mozmill init.jsm. r=khushil
db70bd44f6e258f9b753efb40a056e6138ddc9b9Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part4 - stop exporting mozmill.utils. r=khushil
d5f2f34c0d013bd9cc5ca804a71fd44f73aa7b5dMagnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part3 - stop exporting mozmill.controller. r=khushil
d0a04e52dbd5614d3a9652f03b9880114786f5e5Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part2 - remove unnecessary getMail3PaneController. r=khushil
bbcd9eee922692ca8316904906b9160423d19734Magnus Melin — Bug 1617887 - part1 - remove unsed mozmill exports. r=khushil
2b796fcf4c593ec9802e5045dd2491bef26151bbAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1619731 - Reorganize App Menu items. r=mkmelin
5b32371fa02fda770b355a4b66fb776bc6d7d5c1Paul Morris — Bug 1620123 - Do not include calendar menus and menu items in message windows. r=darktrojan
ee485dde2e34c34cb3f91d20ecbd18768c2c0a05Richard Marti — Bug 1620535 - Make it possible to use DMD on Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
4f347e1ba2300555e582458be59d160dcc7efb5eRichard Marti — Bug 1620352 - Remove the keyhole from the lock icon to better differentiate it from the warning icon. r=aleca
f9980cc5dd5966505cf4e500196506d51c3d1705Richard Marti — Bug 1619911 - Port bug 1612979: Enable locking of auto update setting through enterprise policy. r=mkmelin
c74ee283a243ae2c0088cdddac7ab00ffba5aceaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1619911 - Port bug 1612979: Tests for locking of auto update setting. r=mkmelin
65c64393ba6daa0b84aeb1a2d01b187271cbeb4fRichard Marti — Bug 1619809 - Use display: grid; and replace <html:h2> with <html:legend> in fonts.xhtml. r=aleca
bf815c43a45b91fe79dff0cc19b2080c9125c244Ben Campbell — Bug 1618960 - Remove redundant MsgGetHdrsFromKeys() in nsMsgUtils. r=mkmelin
e590395bc36102f4f9c0e1738ceb2a27af3eb4f9Ian Neal — Bug 1618453 - Recipient missing when using Reply to Sender and Group in Newsgroup discussions. r=mkmelin
f82babe17e74c945a97164207840bf33ea50f202Ian Neal — Bug 1615796 - Fix MsgComposeCommands.js after Bug 1414022. r=frg
be2e2e5d1813c00f62db6a41f976ba661ca7003dIan Neal — Bug 1615911 - Port |Bug 645428 - "sessionstore-windows-restored" is not sent for empty sessions| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
b1e99d195a4791f383149f540ab901df0ae24b4bIan Neal — Bug 625114 - Port parts of |Bug 402147 - Clean up and refactor some event handling code in tabbrowser.xml| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
98fe11c81b149b29acf1fb441b7dfc769e3be065Ian Neal — Bug 1615645 - Add Georgian (ka) to Release builds. r=frg
915e5658d0b9f7ebc19505542ea15c90bbf3c065Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1615239 - Define FormHistory in the search textbox and don't assume that a search bar exists. r=IanN
0d93f5cf6d4956ef6e65ff0aa1ca9db5a7bf685bIan Neal — Bug 1614166 - Fix colorpickers and filefields in preferences. r=frg
efe3807a3a7cfcd737c44d6c529758fb3bebdfb8Ian Neal — Bug 1614195 - Fix applicationManager in helper applications pref pane. r=frg
fc4e611490916c260705dce78e94678e7a610662Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1612725 - Download Manager should always show the complete downloads list even in private mode. r=IanN
526492aedbb6b9ea320fdaf1d38b2e0b170117beRob Lemley — Bug 1619097 - Port bug 1617794: Add tier-2 64-bit Windows cross build. r=darktrojan
9afcfb7f0138d996b030cc87e92723f92a844de0Rob Lemley — Bug 1619097 - Port bug 1617794: Wrap Windows tools with Wine on cross builds. r=darktrojan
5eae61097a7e9ede09c2151df88eeaf6edb77ae7Ian Neal — Bug 1614186 - Allow use of native Application Chooser to be pref controlled - expose pref part. r=frg DONTBUILD
95c9de7e8f34cb4654a44abff23684e1b73e4c89Geoff Lankow — Bug 1620153 - Port bug 1615622 - Enable Async Captured Stacks in Nightly. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
91c94dbd6125db8b2711220d1fb66ea1e528acb1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1620153 - Port bug 1614791 - Rename DebuggerServer to DevToolsServer. r=mkmelin
209bac3c89042d885ac9a704665cbf3b07c03a40Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1619875 - Remove the third argument from nsICookieService.setCookieStringFromHttp. rs=bustage-fix
94362ea102baae7c78f1314aa1270823d257a244Geoff Lankow — Bug 1619824 - Remove prefs disabling the OS X address book in tests. r=mkmelin
6a5938a9d3700b361629cffa6124520dfbb116baRob Lemley — Bug 1620043 - Make sure that langpacks are not included in notarization-part-3. r=darktrojan
4fdcb0fd8f42f07374ac5fdd7f013d19eff7102eRichard Marti — Bug 1619885 - Port bug 1619442: Style inactive status panel with visibility: hidden. r=mkmelin
ab91e4acbf0cbf17891a88b477a11fccd425e3e3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1615468 - revert iterator change in AbAutoCompleteSearch to restore autocomplete when macOS address book integration is enabled, r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
8b72e9a9d5c3f74030e7e361ff418dbace77d949Geoff Lankow — Bug 1619157 - Fix error when deleting contacts or mailing lists from contacts side bar. r=mkmelin
6ff26362e02bd7fa696aa130dfac251422017bd9Richard Marti — Bug 1619756 - Port bug 1592728: Enable async live stacks in all channels. r=darktrojan
ae65379b59135d37bda23f56ee8bfcb6c790e391Geoff Lankow — Bug 1602436 - Disable sub-test of browser_selection.js for persistent failures. rs=me
0de98f3da93ba123b41d3f998e77d6bb83177ecaRob Lemley — Bug 1619767 - Port bug 1615311L: Add merge-automation key to config.yml. rs=bustage-fix
9fb3a451d117e77675c60d6f2b1342d5c7789eedGeoff Lankow — No bug - Remove some unnecessary import-globals-from comments to keep ESLint happy. rs=linting
ec89a721f9f9f4d7b2c9a1491364bcbd371ff512Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617799 - Migrate value marking the OS X address book as deleted. r=mkmelin
46b1f5963bc766e3ce036c5a17374fa94039db25Paul Morris — Bug 1617786 - Hide part of calendar UI when all calendars are disabled. r=darktrojan
77c269c63ddcf34fa4260cc4992433bd9b6a3817Paul Morris — Bug 1617786 - Avoid using 'ltn' prefix outside calendar directory. r=darktrojan
e0e05018f705af08c3b98472483c02c69d25d9ecRob Lemley — Bug 1518166 - Include libotr and dependencies from build artifacts.
32b795794bfa328f78f81850686241e1bbae66bfRob Lemley — Bug 1518166 - Add thirdparty libotr as build dependency.
11a79da52f31a2f90b0c168c3de9a7a72a4d90faRob Lemley — Bug 1518166 - Add thirdparty kind for building libotr libraries.
05deee4d94212ea3a0532e455dbc0c57eb936370Rob Lemley — Bug 1518166 - Add build script for libotr and dependencies.
bf1398d08b742253e4d5f2c0815608db02c02646tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
2da9397f95aff8755c32e19ef07941b1f32c59beGeoff Lankow — Bug 1518076 - Update WeTransfer extension locale files from GitHub; rs=L10n-only
74d406b1184f2fa07028bfbfd3d6d62150a0f6f4Magnus Melin — Bug 1618508 - fix aria-labelledby misspelling in am-newsblog.xhtml. r=aleca
a2b845d81aa7ec01565155a3f20300d18f9014caBen Campbell — Bug 1617530 - Switch to use StaticMutex in nsAbWinHelper. r=darktrojan
75a31575b246dd02422dd52f32bae9461c8ee33dRichard Marti — Bug 1619022 - Stop using for Windows builds. r=rjl
0ebeb53641ffc6ba167f05f26ab585ad11371b93Jorg K — Bug 1618507 - Port bug 1604212: Set network.cookie.sameSite.laxByDefault to false for now. rs=bustage-fix
4ca5a41330ff98c4d610b53f38b9ac2268ef15beRob Lemley — Bug 1582923 - Allow new task kinds to be defined in c-c. r=darktrojan
ef52be64fc6dadd541c2cab2952ed1446f8d51b3Rob Lemley — Bug 1617736 - Port bug 1617481: Clean up references to 'nightly' build platforms. r=darktrojan
95a306e52d3cfd3d8462a26e99b729d72bce7902Rob Lemley — Bug 1613281 - Follow-up: Drop shipping_phase attribute from shippable-l10n-notarization-poller. r=darktrojan
55ccb8667c98613aefc31d98157b8fe4f8c42a8eRob Lemley — Bug 1589886 - MinGW Docker image for Thunderbird libotr. r=darktrojan
576c40b52ef8121f3a8112321c490631d08bcbaaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1476753 - Port bug 1476639 - Remove scrollToIndex. r=pmorris
4c84501e222aba051de13c800f1819e4cf07768bMagnus Melin — Bug 1618834 - fix build failure - comm/ldap/xpcom/src/nsLDAPMessage.cpp:344:18: error: no member named 'IsUtf8' in namespace 'mozilla'. rs=bustage-fix
b76a6886a1caec306e00048ec8bf7e3eca3db33atbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - r=rjl a=repo-update
c78b6b855a46aa1d27f54f7a097caf2ed5c18d90Khushil Mistry — Bug 1562313 - Convert JavaScript components to use static registration in ldap/. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
f12bdc4069d5d2b4cb6adfc14ffd8131e3a958caAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1616155 - Keep the msgIdentity field width from growing past the longest available identity address. r=paenglab
3f02fbbeaffa2f39fba0cada8c6180d343f40a40Rob Lemley — Bug 1613281 - Follow-up: Allow for empty format lists on notarized signing jobs. r=darktrojan
b6948968da8c459ded34fc2e929d21222962cba8Magnus Melin — Bug 1617628 - Port "Hide nsBaseHashtable Put overloads in nsRefPtrHashtable subclass" to Thunderbird rs=bustage-fix
f666055d952578464a012089ff80287153f87b10Rob Lemley — Port bug 1606922: Move MOZ_AUTOMATION_PACKAGE_TESTS from mozconfigs to taskcluster. rs=bustage-fix
0498fb268e27f56d3d67b7cef3e6eae54a2f63d5Rob Lemley — Bug 1613281 - Port bug 1562412: multi-step macOS signing and notarization. r=darktrojan
b8fd942d5dccc7b135e65204238aa43a3d551877Magnus Melin — Bug 1604081 - Avoid using nsIURILoader::registerContentListener if possible. r=benc DONTBUILD
867f7a2af4cad3b09fe274f10fbf213a8f684ebaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1618100 - Ensure address book window listener will QI to nsIAbListener. r=mkmelin (via chat)
c2a3a11627221e0056a479b1dd125e37e6e815faGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617799 - Fix removal/addition of OS X address book. r=mkmelin (via chat)
2bccccc84b8cc201327efd26dcd89226b2e727c6Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617797 - Fix searching across all address books. r=mkmelin (via chat)
560479c08fef0a1657c7d7ceea382a469ff909c1Richard Marti — Bug 1617451 - Port bug 1547718: Remove preferenceBindings.js from eval()-whitelist. r=mkmelin
5958d77c395b5ec1df97b100215eeabd796e8924Khushil Mistry — Bug 1562313 - Convert most calendar JavaScript components (not calBackendLoader) to static registration. r=pmorris DONTBUILD
3e7f62e8f741bdd3e09a656cb9c1321a26141fb4Paul Morris — Bug 580896 - Make sure to not add properties without values to icalcomponents of events and todos. r=Fallen
581b8fbdb8e2d7eb2ed228b8a0358a29ab5564f4Khushil Mistry — Bug 1590036 - Show users who get a fresh profile instead of reusing the previous default a first run UI (about:newinstall). r=mkmelin
f31e6d1534440f26b7ebebab08e1db86227e2d8aMagnus Melin — Bug 1612717 - the case where the OAuth2 token expired should be handled with success to retrigger the authentication flow. r=Fallen
f34fd430a920b192011a843926cc975366c9df9dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617742 - Enable opening of composeAction popups by onBeforeSend listener. r=mkmelin
56ae836a9049cc48094e3270560f98b0cc819225Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617535 - Attempt to fix timing issues in address book tests. r=mkmelin
50299b137825efbbab45527059b6570df842cd4dRob Lemley — Bug 1617662 - Port bug 1611386: Drop support for system sqlite. r=Paenglab
e6f9390bc55bbf82af2907a3b6c239fdc4e0131ftbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
68a089e630441b952c3a583f19686a8c17c32758Magnus Melin — Backed out changeset 2a7bb79c9728 (bug 1617449) for test failures in comm/mail/test/browser/account/browser_deletion.js, comm/mail/test/browser/account/browser_settingsInfrastructure.js and comm/mail/test/browser/account/browser_tree.js
f08e737dee014947c1c82cd6578f892db5ff685aRichard Marti — Bug 1617454 - Remove the unused prefwindow-dlgbuttons and dialog-button classes. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
1274488084757043ccf09e1fcf7ab67adba4c524Richard Marti — Bug 1617452 - Move the type="child" to <window> instead of <dialog>. r=mkmelin
2a7bb79c9728de95188518f89c2b83e268e3bdaaRichard Marti — Bug 1617449 - Make the "Remove Account" dialog in-content. r=mkmelin
bb6db0e80a06f4550e6bc9f1c80b3faf15763340Magnus Melin — Bug 1606091 - make sure to remove folder listener before adding another one, to avoid crash [@ nsMsgMailSession::AddFolderListener(nsIFolderListener *,unsigned int)]. r=benc DONTBUILD
a144a25e51915e9d91761340c0e1b62969769d6aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617514 - Give tab info and click info to *Action API events. r=mkmelin
ebcd40d4aaab9cb72e0fd963bcc7bc520d00b803Ben Campbell — Bug 1610406 - Make nsMsgWindow::GetMessageWindowDocShell() fail if docshell is being destroyed. r=mkmelin
947de04af434eda6e08ea381a7a8747fdb762cb8Ben Campbell — Bug 1610406 - Remove superfluous 'if' in nsMsgWindow::GetMessageWindowDocShell(). r=mkmelin
7f0bba3048c15e55b7270eb059b99e402af300d7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617406 - Use a real image in image insertion test. r=mkmelin
7953b475f1c1265ea4e456fe093f36cd83c8c6b3Magnus Melin — Bug 1617268 - fix linting of FeedUtils.jsm. rs=eslint DONTBUILD
1f033493764ccc27c4a31c00a1ca07310f62f4d1Magnus Melin — Bug 1617268 - fix error in code for moving feeds to subfolder of another account. r=benc DONTBUILD
7a6241d7c2f6fa6a9c7b414222cb2b8f6f6bd2abJorg K — Bug 1614796 - Body search: Strip soft line breaks in QP parts when assembling HTML body. r=benc
423c84a5eae7ff2ad3dc3e28e5d7fee3be81da21Kai Engert — Bug 1595319 - const/var import fixes, and fix signing. r=PatrickBrunschwig DONTBUILD
95dc8118d884b1704f06ffa6892e9749820eb7ebMagnus Melin — Bug 1617371 - fix locale lookup for mozmill.jsm. rs=bustage-fix
f141b2e4803fa87657179edce4e25e52ad684f07Kai Engert — Bug 1617371 - Remove callers to GetSelectedLocale. r=mkmelin
6a1d2bed20be027aa69a482bb641f7696aaf8f42Kai Engert — Bug 1595319 - Follow-up to fix eslint bustage. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
6c75755a02eb770ba6a25edb88d7e5dce9c40c20Kai Engert — Bug 1595319 - Fix a remaining eslint issue, changing indent. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
507970329f68e3d3214d3e31a825dd52eda8d77eKai Engert — Bug 1595319 - Use new syntax for ChromeUtils.import. r=mkmelin
e3303808c5963389b113110f07773ba1343e6e0fKai Engert — Bug 1595319 - enable eslint for mail/extensions/openpgp. r=mkmelin
59fc6dacc978d7a7ed090927f311f845b78084a4Kai Engert — Bug 1616575, openpgp code should throw "new Error()", not string. r=mkmelin
81b27762e885346226b97124cdea45a96fe15d08Kai Engert — Bug 1616558, remove code for gnupg subprocess execution and gpg-agent interaction. r=PatrickBrunschwig
0eec44e4527301489f7255c61b2ec51b62d1e392Khushil Mistry — Bug 1604873 - Fix clicking the url field doesn't enable the verify button in Feed subscribe dialog. r=mkmelin
75aa7d5dbcfdf0b36ce508b1838ec209c09b230aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617022 - Make compose.onBeforeSend listener actually change composed message. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
f61f27a35d891c977792cfdd4b10d1031b5ec10dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1616608 - Remove separate ESLint rules in calendar. r=mkmelin,pmorris,fallen
7c243455ebe5e4bd08075abfe1f0b87a5c15dcf5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616608 - Remove ESLint rules that conflict with Prettier. r=mkmelin
d08bc5a011fc3aedb7ae44ab95a027778855267bRichard Marti — Bug 1616764 - Add a flex="1" to the subject header label to let it wrap when too long. r=mkmelin
78a8501359bb77025d0b3d4aa6a403d13254d701Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616143 follow-up - In test browser_ext_browserAction_properties.js, open tabs before trying to use them. rs=bustage-fix
d009b72ff594e456edc179e8043ebe824a8d8690tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
8a103d25f50798fb963e04d501e7843e58dc366cRob Lemley — Bug 1614463 - Port bug 1527313: [mozharness] Checkout l10n-central next to mozilla-central. rs=bustage-fix
5df68d3ea93c806240b4594bbbfb7fa6ae9a88b4Magnus Melin — Bug 1589459 - allow context menu for Thunderbird's about:addons. r=darktrojan
228fc7494fb8fe326384b10edf58b529d260b19dMagnus Melin — Bug 1614235 - followup to fix linting. rs=eslint DONTBUILD
231dc57f37045ab32c675e43a8058438d211129dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1614235 - View source: fix line wrapping option, remove pointless menu items. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
9fb8ea5699c1c8c1d97084a109b395df11a44d71Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616143 - Allow setting of properties per tab on action buttons. r=mkmelin
75a7f1992cd1c95c44de3e157821e0dc15ebbd93Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608626 - Fix browser.menus.overrideContext and add tests. r=mkmelin
3d4077ea41a58b0e2a2a4308839ea7215865b5f0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616192 - Fix main context menu to work on shadow DOM elements, not their containers. r=mkmelin
a04956310d2fe4df06c9ba41cb7bb239a09341d4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614265 - Reinstate Mac OS, Outlook, and LDAP directory types. r=mkmelin
d575c65cb9ea5c7f01c7eedf861f3e0425ab72dbGeoff Lankow — Bug 1614265 - Remove old nsAbManager implementation. r=mkmelin
3204b6752a70b3d144ceebdf36bf9414e06281ddGeoff Lankow — Bug 1614265 - Move escapedVCardToAbCard from nsIAbManager to nsIMsgVCardService. r=mkmelin
a94a4098acb456ab8ad149007e9732fe6a9cd64eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1614265 - Implement nsIAbManager in javascript. r=mkmelin
306ac4b77c679440f825d487a9147544591db953Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1615839 - Improve salience of focused pill between multiple selected pills. r=Paenglab
1d6c19070bffe7689241ac8e0612736bca76d484Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1609894 - Prevent prematurely creating addressing pills when typing commas on invalid address. r=mkmelin
7a9663e64dc8fa84e4dc2d5c11918add1a5aa457Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1609928 - Fix pill colour of addresses retrieved via LDAP. r=mkmelin
1c9f4fdf777217c65e8760abbc9d5ef6215927b9Richard Marti — Bug 1615417 - Implement the subdialogs in Account Manager. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
7a6415f8b8cdcf494368f2b87de8bf549ef915c3Gene Smith — Bug 1593611 - For accounts with OAuth2 authentication, make passwordPromptRequired false since the normal password won't be used. r=mkmelin
e80f11af397574ab1816d0f6982530164d855ce6Kai Engert — Bug 1603813 - Key expiration is relative. r=PatrickBrunschwig
826a884758f8571d980c02a2d5b6004fc54e412eKai Engert — Bug 1603813, pgp changes for composer. r=PatrickBrunschwig
7937d619f3d85df384e55fcea67c8c52750413b2Kai Engert — Bug 1603813, Unify general encryption options in composer window. r=mkmelin
c14efa91e66c10f64d0c5a4de8231ced0eaa2669Kai Engert — Bug 1615880, Remove duplicate Enigmail skin files. r=PatrickBrunschwig
04aeda66afee8875ef364a9e4e1097fadb1c6101Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1611326 - Add py2 attribute when using rs=bustage-fix
f7de7594255dd0e01891014614643002988a59f7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616142 - Wait for compose window to open before returning from compose API functions. r=mkmelin
80f6ca1e8ac7b52f9181b0ffe74518b86f30e56aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1615934 - Send tab ID with composeAction.onClicked event. r=mkmelin
2996d7ac481a5afe5dda71ced6a2109f71051a83Geoff Lankow — Bug 1615934 - Send tab ID with compose.onBeforeSend event. r=mkmelin
aeb27fcae525d98551ac72f2529c310c58575e52Richard Marti — Bug 1615907 - Fix the searchbox focus with the default theme. r=aleca
1355f132539c0d44540be799fa0a7b74d52e1ea0Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1609647 - Add 'Move to To/Cc/Bcc' to recipient pill context menu. r=mkmelin
9929fcef2872acdc17437baac3414979eb821706Magnus Melin — Bug 1615714 - fix hiddenwindow errors on macOS - include the scrips and dtds that are in messenger.xhtml. r=pmorris
3b6df2137d8f7cec3f9e30841155d3dca49831b6Magnus Melin — Bug 1579725 - about:profiles - Change "Launch profile in new browser" to "Launch profile" for Thunderbird. r=Paenglab DONTBUILD
c510f2acfb18914b5102a74bd1ba66a59bd2c5e6Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1615917 - Allow incremental selection of recipient pills with Ctrl+A. ui-r=aleca, r=aleca
7f802938f14d5d20330dd34c93a6ed3460e26882Paul Morris — Bug 1615700 - Move calendar icon from linux to common directory. r=darktrojan
e8abde27176eba6a6d585787ac1c035c61a53c97Paul Morris — Bug 1615700 - Fix missing calendar icon in account central. r=darktrojan
c43ae2963d75b26195d0f8567c99fd66bf9e747ePaul Morris — Bug 1615453 - Fix calendar tabs when they are focused at startup. r=darktrojan
f1ad9a7a77903025d4b88c101c34d38321202b24Richard Marti — Bug 1615373 - Set browser.zoom.full to true to zoom images and text together as default. r=mkmelin
8464a4cae70ec2d2179f92f25148b96011c758bcRichard Marti — Bug 1340927 - Remove the no more needed image-orientation: from-image; after landing of bug 167667. r=mkmelin
7b811c42f0c7417d8f744e5c9b2665283124cc27tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
18d58b4ea283513be7051e5b0ab9e16b42e94c80Gene Smith — Bug 1613623 - For IMAP, no longer allow STARTTLS when server sends PREAUTH greeting. r=mkmelin
7cb8dc8885cd70a12aa2340d1e4014d6a5b01b29ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1615494 - Initialize nsCID data structure properly to avoid uninitialized memory access. r=benc DONTBUILD
db3e1ee7a4181831f084a0952d40a8579156dfddRichard Marti — Bug 1615730 - Port bug 1613773: Merge devtools.inspector.showUserAgentShadowRoots into devtools.inspector.showAllAnonymousContent. r=mkmelin
04d8a75d43d1eb94e58800f4fb31331074cbe07dRichard Marti — Bug 1615679 - Fix the html:legend and html:fieldset styling in the Preferences and Account Manager Tab UI. r=aleca
3563d5bf55b4ea8642b60e17a5efeabd79205289Richard Marti — Bug 1615688 - Use width instead of min-width for the menulist-dropmarker to fix dropdown menu buttons showing collapsed with no down arrows. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
f66ebccec17986b2a453c42a40e1c53f0042518dBen Bucksch — Bug 1615137 - Remove duplicate include of lightning-toolbar.dtd file. r=pmorris DONTBUILD
b1eb4ea24f42c471b66d63ee13ad8e97711c8c21Magnus Melin — Bug 855889 - remove calendar/ usage of gPrintSettingsAreGlobal. rs=me DONTBUILD
3c4494bc702f2ac9ac89fc4f05cc9583345b25daRichard Marti — Bug 1614950 - Update the style of the Status Panel in order to respect the theme selection. r=aleca
382c4128a1327e4dd803b8d2e7d49d001285d946Magnus Melin — Backed out changeset 6a58c483b49d (bug 1611326) since bug 1611326 backout from mozilla-central mid-aired the c-c landing
6a58c483b49df1ada38739bb6108676c8a317f27Magnus Melin — Bug 1611326 - set charsetalias to use py2. rs=bustage-fix for Thunderbird
591b7de150d5980316e2a368e30dd14a30779cffPaul Morris — Bug 1612190 - Improve the DIRS logic in calendar files. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
5da5f8058391a95b5f425a13d4403e97ee0f0216Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1612765 - Make Extra Recipients Panel keyboard accessible. r=aleca, ui-r=Paenglab
027b7fafc431c9cfd396f1b16235d47819b3ae2aGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1605154 - Copy pref devtools.webconsole.input.context to Thunderbird. rs=me
e24490bb032167720b9667af2c91ac964bb654d9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1615132 - Copy static analysis tests from browser/base/content/test/static. r=mkmelin
3d6cb3e7f57414dd148679609a8a70e33fcc3426Paul Morris — Bug 1612166 - Move calendar skin files in 'lightning' directory into 'base' directory. r=Fallen,Paenglab
51f53932665f8a208b5f1b8e3a045ea622bc57dfPaul Morris — Bug 1612166 - Remove 'chrome://calendar-common/skin/' path. r=Fallen
171779b184e0be3f5b397bd985d4a3d1a371ac58Paul Morris — Bug 1612166 - Remove duplicated calendar icons. r=darktrojan
0dc699fa42c68a8fb115a9fb61509fd3d7f4bb25Paul Morris — Bug 1612166 - Stop shipping all calendar skin files to all platforms. r=Fallen
b55b6873476a54a0712ddff905bd45e52ffbcf35Magnus Melin — Bug 1612776 - Remove usages of `display: -moz-groupbox` and `-moz-appearance: groupbox`, convert xul:groupbox to html:fieldset (port bug 1590180 to Thunderbird). r=khushil,pmorris
cd29db7dc1055c7b6db7d571cb3b49c0ffe5e0beMagnus Melin — Bug 1526456 - junk after address should not be parsed as the address. r=kaie
bebaf03305400717e81ea5a71004c485b988eabatbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
2e35a75dba0ae6dbb38eb335a37ff15baa1a3e0dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1615200 - Remove duplicate test manifest information to keep mach happy. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
72e16c6f960ab78cb558e949852a22de78895647Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614860 - Use Assert methods instead of mark_failure in ex-Mozmill tests. r=mkmelin
59a1899adf445ba3990004e9310d4934744324a3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614860 - Stop using assert_true, assert_false, assert_equals and assert_not_equals in ex-Mozmill tests. r=mkmelin
23b8d13cf05890273eb37d63c2f7543416773c94Khushil Mistry — Bug 1614469 - fix account settings tab is not necessarily going to the right account (when opened from chat accounts dialog). r=mkmelin
1ed7ac03ae4415239f012e229b61447134c746f3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614031 - Check chat window selection is not null before adding magic copy listener. r=clokep
5f00c65559b6f871877395282799238b629c517aMagnus Melin — Bug 1615218 - Port bug 1586915 to Thunderbird - build osclientcerts in-tree (macos). r=Paenglab
d3a16c5adc4c57ec0516d721ef275054aa5420feRob Lemley — Bug 1615099 - Port bug 1614998: Rename "nightly" job kinds to "shippable". r=darktrojan
d450c0bd78b3f041d7a38cae45e5d902e31d5b28Paul Morris — Bug 1612190 - Remove MOZ_CALENDAR build config flag and related code. r=darktrojan,BenB
a6e2519cc65522dc2226f9e13c376e9e3f75929bRob Lemley — Bug 1615021 - Add XPI form of calendar extension to removed-files. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
42916167c769ebe6be87286f60cdf431f769adc2Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1613999 - Implement new tests to cover aria-label updates in message compose window. r=mkmelin
63480f49f771a57dae1d8d1b616c11d71b2b0a27Rob Lemley — Bug 1611966 - Port bug 1605188: Update Thunderbird CI to Rust 1.41. r=darktrojan
85ddcde763ffb4153fdb30b2f8875dea69b529eeRob Lemley — Backed out changeset 4ef07cd25b71 (bug 1614909) rs=bustage-fix
4ef07cd25b712ee9004fb5ce78876d5c7e8ed443Magnus Melin — Bug 1614909 - let taskcluster decision task succeed (toolchain-toolchain-win32-minidump-stackwalk misssing fetch job). rs=bustage-fix
b8d4bb80e47229c157aab7cb11c5e2bd75e1742fRichard Marti — Bug 1614900 - Port bug 1539944 To Thunderbird - Remove NS_NewThread in favour of NS_NewNamedThread. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
df812a397c6771d4ffc607f39f328701027db0a2Rob Lemley — Bug 1614857 - Replace implementation line in release-balrog tasks. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
992826d12a7e8448f56f446d6e42644032bf7beaRichard Marti — Bug 1613758 - Update the Account Manager in Tab UI to match the Preferences Tab UI. r=aleca
e1d99c4ceefc97e169b4accaad8c0af2803835dcGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1602819 - Expose desktop environment (e.g. GNOME, KDE) on Linux. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
fdfadf3060d107c632455b97d8a0bf1c1b9f9efbGeoff Lankow — Bug 1600547 follow-up - Remove stray properties from schema. rs=bustage-fix
251268cf2381022d14714028b5d30afcaeaa7a2aGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1394019 - Handle DOMWindowClose of extension popup in parent. rs=bustage-fix
596c14b1987917d23d6817d06c21350b37018d63Ben Campbell — Bug 1612237 - Remove nsIArray use from nsIMsgFilter interface. r=mkmelin
f25bd8743ae1edfa3b2cb4c4d169c671a686bcd5tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
ea360e880862c5d70e5ec9ad40d7b5e07964c89bPatrick Cloke — No bug - Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
b2e0b2d02309d7a6c1978e2910e54734210579cbPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9dc73374df44325651a493ed299a2d08a43f3871Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_74_END for changeset 644d8b32ced5 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
180dcf91e92ef9d981ae036128a635eecaf0bb3aPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
d7a1ee15c3267b6c71b6f7757408f374b42e2b5ePatrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_74_END for changeset cc962c83cfe9 a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE