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Mon Mar 09 19:10:28 2020 +0000
cc962c83cfe9135a8d24eee0aaf02e97f0d73acbPatrick Cloke — Update .gecko_rev.yml to pull from mozilla-release by default a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge CLOSED TREE RELEASE_74_END
644d8b32ced584a6c008ba4583f6a3a2d0191b96Patrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_BASE_20200309 for changeset 103fc714974c a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE BETA_74_END
103fc714974ce9895583a3260ded14d75b2ebde8Mozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD RELEASE_BASE_20200309
3229ac3cf0dec2565edefdb644d80b3ae67626f1Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging 525cb6d3f386111e3e0d242391fd1be1e79d4cb7 with THUNDERBIRD_74_0b2_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_74_0b2_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
525cb6d3f386111e3e0d242391fd1be1e79d4cb7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616143 follow-up - In test browser_ext_browserAction_properties.js, open tabs before trying to use them. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk THUNDERBIRD_74_0b2_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_74_0b2_RELEASE
e5186eaf6d21744ea6404a6b351db3a28a0cf40dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1616143 - Allow setting of properties per tab on action buttons. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
fdc806bd568ced6bb94bc8324a27cecaadaf2c94Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616142 - Wait for compose window to open before returning from compose API functions. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
db119ad339d16caedefb445ae11a5ffb5714de24Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608626 - Fix browser.menus.overrideContext and add tests. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
a3c12a0d6d10cd3e7b74ae982cb3048d3448eec1Geoff Lankow — Bug 1616192 - Fix main context menu to work on shadow DOM elements, not their containers. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
053fffd2df97af695a4850db1b7b8901cabbef1aKhushil Mistry — Bug 1590036 - Show users who get a fresh profile instead of reusing the previous default a first run UI (about:newinstall). r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
541c7a9fd7f3d6a8a5b69d4a697d0fb8c412bb3cRob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_74_0b7_RELEASE). a=rjl
aade030db497ef2b73acf128dbdbefa2799a732eJorg K — Bug 1614796 - Body search: Strip soft line breaks in QP parts when assembling HTML body. r=benc a=jorgk
2aeba9647436e354e4e61bf3e37f492e0728dafaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617742 - Enable opening of composeAction popups by onBeforeSend listener. r+a=mkmelin
181293f406d7683dd257aba18d32a89528fca0ebGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617514 - Give tab info and click info to *Action API events. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
3cfca362ac8cb85053b45811a2bda1e7dd333252Ben Campbell — Bug 1610406 - Make nsMsgWindow::GetMessageWindowDocShell() fail if docshell is being destroyed. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
75481e886915fdb1299f4ff0437dd21f79ec44e6Ben Campbell — Bug 1610406 - Remove superfluous 'if' in nsMsgWindow::GetMessageWindowDocShell(). r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
757c02a7bdfc54ec27088ff712385b748f312b1dPaul Morris — Bug 1615700 - Fix missing calendar icon in account central. r+a=darktrojan
8c986f1b128d6aa100d9dd94df1a7b31d3cce3b3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617022 - Make compose.onBeforeSend listener actually change composed message. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f6cd636ceb740dde5d108647c5a68da77725a710Richard Marti — Bug 1616764 - Add a flex="1" to the subject header label to let it wrap when too long. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
19caa7e2f99524c46b8a93ae142bdeeee2f7fe90Gene Smith — Bug 1593611 - For accounts with OAuth2 authentication, make passwordPromptRequired false since the normal password won't be used. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f08f6af8f30b20fc5978e2343aa32295aaa141b4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1615934 - Send tab ID with composeAction.onClicked event. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
685223c79e780fdeef4e14ed48c861e9b8478e2bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1615934 - Send tab ID with compose.onBeforeSend event. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ec0a5a8cca852543292b24669975ac1fe54966d9Richard Marti — Bug 1615907 - Fix the searchbox focus with the default theme. r=aleca a=wsmwk
f76618ef7750b160074178b5c1f1325ed03b0d6cRichard Marti — Bug 1615373 - Set browser.zoom.full to true to zoom images and text together as default. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
0e08687e9ecdbc62f6ad391d859710e965a39bd2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614031 - Check chat window selection is not null before adding magic copy listener. r=clokep a=wsmwk
af9061aaf712df08e2a2f3fe989bf342a634417bRichard Marti — Bug 1613758 - Update the Account Manager in Tab UI to match the Preferences Tab UI. r=aleca a=wsmwk
a376c45565b713903b4984559a2f414736c6c920Paul Morris — Bug 1615453 - Fix calendar tabs when they are focused at startup. r+a=darktrojan
d21a540ff744421e3acb19f2cf27d48534a8c0a6Paul Morris — Bug 1612190 - Improve the DIRS logic in calendar files. r=darktrojan a=rjl
498037e1ef0f9f987c98f879fc430c1ad42c1734Paul Morris — Bug 1612190 - Remove MOZ_CALENDAR build config flag and related code. r=darktrojan,BenB a=mkmelin
35335f53d59d9512e0d177da2633f81f37793e63Magnus Melin — Bug 1615714 - fix hiddenwindow errors on macOS - include the scrips and dtds that are in messenger.xhtml. r=pmorris a=mkmelin
6c48f4d075d24ef29340b04e143325ecee60b629Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_74_0b6_RELEASE). a=rjl
4b04e68ccef08948b81a97983a6ad4eb4804781aMozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
7765ff438b6a4f8ee3f3d347cfc36cdb0f0fffa1Mozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging 4640b2ae5acad85e6fa3e59d87c697e569015b7c with THUNDERBIRD_74_0b1_BUILD3, THUNDERBIRD_74_0b1_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
4640b2ae5acad85e6fa3e59d87c697e569015b7cRob Lemley — Bug 1615021 - Add XPI form of calendar extension to removed-files. r+a=darktrojan THUNDERBIRD_74_0b1_BUILD3 THUNDERBIRD_74_0b1_RELEASE
4ce2a76f7203d7e4c3a5b5bc85f70b2b8d2385a8Rob Lemley — Bug 1614857 - Replace implementation line in release-balrog tasks. rs=bustage-fix r=darktrojan a=rjl
19b769b905354cb057b2d5041de3752228213852Geoff Lankow — Bug 1600547 follow-up - Remove stray properties from schema. rs=bustage-fix a=rjl
88478870987b9d83d7783c1e6dd6ed702bc718f2Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_74_0b1_BUILD2). a=rjl CLOSED TREE
f353736cbebc6b0f20c074a55f074924f99a5a21L10n Bumper Bot — no bug - Bumping Thunderbird l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
f95a6f4408a3b23212e00d3817bd40f8cc13d48aPatrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE
7d83e0a0b49dcfaf24b93ec52da2cf42573741f4Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20200210 for changeset 739f20b22fcc a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
739f20b22fcc3317945918183702e17cf0b46b4dKhushil Mistry — Bug 1610445 - follow up - fix properties button not working in chat accounts dialog. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD BETA_BASE_20200210
c4ca8ba04d380749dda576fd4fc84de059abaed2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1600547 and bug 1611623 - fix linting errors. rs=linting DONTBUILD
5c29bf6eb78be3eda24e484bc4bf8ed5f7cfe3aaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1600547 - Allow browser.messages.query to find messages with specified tag. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
3f3fc2c0d80474dff5953969f765e16937dde150Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614237 - Remove legacy extensions API. r=mkmelin
9f1fae8a80cd64a52f57b33a475df7bc2d4e306bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1614240 - Skip language pack creation for artifact builds. r=mkmelin
e0dbdcb71075c5e620718d95f6b3c45ebe1ea2b0Geoff Lankow — Bug 1611623 - Fix basic functionality of view source window. r=mkmelin
8e95050586b3c3bcac49ebcc3ff6972b9dde4251Paul Morris — Bug 1612175 - Split calendar migration code into front and back end files. r=darktrojan
d2d2062087ac52b358b69821001a511c1f699d49Paul Morris — Bug 1612175 - Replace ad hoc migration logging function with console.debug. r=darktrojan
0a9ab01b088ca0f26cdefa1e62fce49c1dc36ed3Paul Morris — Bug 1612175 - Remove ancient Sunbird era migration code. r=darktrojan
352a5f7465f3274c51d6cd58952714585396aabcMagnus Melin — Bug 1613920 - Port to bug 1612477 - Remove `nsIDocumentStateListener::NotifyDocumentCreated()` to Thunderbird. r=khushil
25e74f6bf106447c569c5fec01c50a2f223be1bdMagnus Melin — Bug 1538409 - back out wrong authentication method selection change. r=me
bde1bbc31f16874cdb70906fbf1e916a72766d67Paul Morris — Bug 1612168 - Use messenger icons for calendar where we can. r=darktrojan
5d2047317bdb1a062a31a14d919890f59312a559Ian Neal — Bug 1614157 - Fix styling for prefwindows and dialog headers. r=frg
4d69d0a1d74a256813385fcfed089883cdca2d6cBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1444740 - Part 3. Replace obsolete moz-border css styles in SeaMonkey Modern theme. r=IanN
3f673febb509de790bf0b2a2243c96d110fe5a98Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1444740 - Part 2. Replace obsolete moz-border css styles in SeaMonkey Linux/Windows classic theme. r=IanN
a5f5ab445b92956503cfa3dcc3651a6c82e6fbcaPaul Morris — Bug 1599212 - Move suite calendar overlay files into suite directory. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD
9185bf0f28e29d56ad0c2fc5cb167b2ef000669dGene Smith — Bug 505456 - Make imap folders with offline store not fetch from IMAP when copying to local folders. r=mkmelin
7dc97f6d28a347bee552760e270dbdb254b03e7aAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1022228 - Improve the UI of the search result tab and improve links discoverability. r=mkmelin,ui-r=paenglab
6ff16e8c98c712ff3954da1707e5698b88f0114bRichard Marti — Bug 1609977 - Update recipient removal alert strings and add fluent tooltips to [X] buttons for removing addressing rows. r=mkmelin
edd42b546bfe4ac29eac3ddce843f9ab79f20a10Rob Lemley — Bug 1410512 - Follow-up: Disable mbsdiff cache when building partial updates. rs=mkmelin
eb963eb6aec6e17056942021338e08cfb756ffe2Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1613045 - Update aria-label of addressing input fields to communicate to screen readers the amount of recipient-pills on focus. r=mkmelin
e49a12783ad37a4b64468eb32d071e966c0aebbbPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Fix error 'gDataMigrator not defined'. r=darktrojan
81c1b4bf19a2651f61eeeb6f86d4eb7c0353b46dPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - On startup uninstall Lightning addon if installed. r=darktrojan
f18c944f7f0e9e9fa1d31da18f2cdea663fc5e9bPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Update paths in r=darktrojan
cd731183002b27c4565eecdf5b5d2295eb88fd95Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Add missing DTDs to messageWindow.xhtml. r=Fallen
20890131209c2148fd2318ad2eed4e5aabc9f12aPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Remove XPCShell function that loads Lightning XPI. r=Fallen
b27c5d446d95d74656fcbebc4b37568b6d98a746Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar CSS files from files. r=Fallen
30b1085f2a92db5613123de5c12dc55019a112faPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Remove seamonkey/suite lines from r=Fallen
106676f18f206f9c8fb36885b7a7317c40dfd141Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar appmenu panelviews. r=Fallen
5964bccb8f7b52c2f5eda20138d0fed36e025779Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar 'view' and 'go' appmenu items. r=Fallen
e012cf345b6dcd16b9d828c9850e2a35ed14b6dePaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar file->open appmenu items. r=Fallen
89181842d4a53b42a42035ac291a645ed3b2707dPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar 'new' and 'events and tasks' appmenu items. r=Fallen
08a88ac148a4e0a04f824682ec5e821685e39170Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline 'convert calendar' context menu items. r=Fallen
9a50d5b205f2dfc9b7cbce2b9acfc5e29bbbdb79Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar view menu items. r=Fallen
822561223c277b32a72187bcc16247c57f8c3cc0Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar edit and go menu items. r=Fallen
0fe506be8ccaa7e872be8d52c1782465a18af7a6Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar file new menu items. r=Fallen
5ab844270ca19e02a6d286138b41fa96765463a6Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar file open and save menu items. r=Fallen
001eb334f82a2cdcb50403d25230edbfc22455a8Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar 'events and tasks' menu. r=Fallen
df845a3dbec6eed3199082683b2af39083a6192cPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar buttons for mail toolbar. r=Fallen
65d67acb5b16961642faa0b965c56a3a944b0234Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar status bar into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
37bca8ac52ca3c77fc931aa0fbac3a9cdcc23eb3Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar today pane into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
e397711a34f577f729d0d65df7cfedb69f97d08cPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar tab panels into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
1331b8f4fdfbca172f68df2d9412c908dd299843Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline calendar tab bar buttons into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
b959058157bc2fb2029ab22fc82e7920d01c9ab9Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar context menus into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
05f8690b4ae9865217d2849bb1df00b7908a72e0Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar keys into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
05e3a9199721408f7675235f58fb58d017dcec0fPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Pre-process calendar commands into messenger.xhtml. r=Fallen
873146a4a36cad063e72cdb17fba63021953f94fPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Inline the DTD/CSS/JS files from messenger-overlay-sidebar. r=Fallen
4656ef92d6aabef50c2a0529ffaceddf9c72c257Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Fix 'msgHeaderView element is null' error. r=Fallen
0fe3458c274cb2503e2851b64a1bb6b5cac2d480Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Integrate r=Fallen
13a1ac7c5683f4f2dd6e981c12b58d62401ca30dPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Show "Calendar" sidebar item on preferences page. r=darktrojan
dca41d3769966fa8c3a4286240ef7bfa0fc78cf7Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Integrate messenger-overlay-preferences.xhtml. r=Fallen
8f7bf0b238cbd5d9d35a326443fd3d7e4661032bPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Integrate lightning-item-panel.xhtml. r=Fallen
1fa6810ac522dd414cddf26937113a14599674c3Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Integrate messenger-overlay-messageWindow.xhtml. r=Fallen
8d524b01c605ad4acba95b5924842fbe60e06c94Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Integrate messenger-overlay-accountCentral.xhtml. r=Fallen
50ae36bb50fdd97b9f8efd795f5c5be12130abd0Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Update paths for components and other js/json files. r=darktrojan
617509326044bf9249768bc37019380adfae0135Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Remove code for the calendar-timezones addon. r=darktrojan
5802fba79ad0b257cfd434ba644adb65f8dcc370Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Use ChromeUtils.defineModuleGetter where possible. r=darktrojan
340a38d16c2ede5e940bb62eab42599f36cc2084Paul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Update 'modules' paths. r=darktrojan
ba5a124ff8bb389fe0af34713849686d88f628a5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608610 - Fix calendar l10n packaging. r=pmorris
91a334ef09a894375e6042bd4236222be2879f5fPaul Morris — Bug 1608610 - Change build system to integrate calendar. r=darktrojan,Fallen
0d533b4b3992aa621f064a70959a84e585d6d9d5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608610 - Remove various Lightning pieces from TaskCluster configuration. r=rjl
a0dda319d59ba06c195aed2a30ef46eee5d8045eMagnus Melin — Bug 1609760 - Stop assigning properties to the global `this` in JSMs in Thunderbird (port bug 1608278). r=khushil
3fc1169f58c9ef46511cfc88bc86831297f6af79Geoff Lankow — Bug 1613848 - Port bug 1602840 - add pref to disable adding new sideloaded addons. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
dbc7f4937bb1a317544c21b5f3ed0a6684bcc30fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1613536 - Disable compose UI while browser.compose.onBeforeSend is fired. r=mkmelin
ef09d4e957808535d27b33c5d2ff627216afb53eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1613562 - Add a permission for modifying draft messages. r=mkmelin
33e611ec360536dec3aff23b0cd998019ffbef39Richard Marti — Bug 1613181 - Port bug 1610423: Stop graying out socks settings when sharing http/ftp/tls proxy settings. r=mkmelin
b7cf1a257c23df9eeeb720694215b7bbcc30886cMagnus Melin — Bug 1594000 - correct iteration conversion of cookies.enumerator. r=khushil
010e3872fa134f50cde10c951741e8a5e6fed842Rob Lemley — Bug 1410512 - Include release history on nightly builds. r=darktrojan
fbdc28c1011c17b2ac6791e1b536cf24ceb984b8Rob Lemley — Bug 1410512 - Build partial update MARs for Thunderbird. r=darktrojan
c25b9b3f598a3a87fbe5605ee1687196b30f657dRob Lemley — Bug 1604749 - Use comm-t/misc workers for index tasks. r=darktrojan
b806e6de3a502f8094f0757646ab8de9a403224ftbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
2dbbeabc26b14bb277b1ef2e4203a3f373009298Khushil Mistry — Bug 1610445 - make account manager live in a tab - about:accountsettings . r=mkmelin
4a30d3d764d2e8b0e7e254dd5e91e2be9af485d0Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1584889 - Make Telemetry ifndef MOZ_SUITE to fix suite build bustage. r=frg
af16f2eb1661589a6637131b6b81b87c4cebdeb8Magnus Melin — Bug 1610124 - fix linting error in test_smtpProxy.js. rs=eslint DONTBUILD
230eadb7ddd62f0ab33db6e4b17be772936ba4b3Kai Engert — Bug 1612456 - Disable master password startup pref on MacOS to fix a regression. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
135ac968011234ff2cfd0f7ee2782be812e325fdMagnus Melin — Bug 1610124 - remove unneeded run_test() from test_smtpProxy.js. r=darktrojan
63582aa9fdbe7ee78c41b24986516152591d27c4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1611678 - Remove check for HTMLAppletElement in SeaMonkey. r=IanN
2bd348484d80259e1a3a1b7eab6e45b99215c41eIan Neal — Bug 1610999 - Port |Bug 1392221 - FeedWriter doesn't implement nsINavHistoryObserver nor does it need to - so remove it from the QI definition| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
c1d7e03fd0d5972326caaaec47939dbec019e03aIan Neal — Bug 1610511 - Port |Bug 1070986 - React to the removal of us-ascii as a Gecko-canonical name (map us-ascii to windows-1252)| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
92b874862cac354aa75a862a6198934b0010d9b4Ian Neal — Bug 1607023 - Remove dead GroupBookmark code. r=frg
8fb15a65ede6fcb26558a71f8f5416640a40cff0Ian Neal — Bug 1607025 - Port |Bug 822068 - Don't call tab.focus() in gBrowser.moveTabBackward/moveTabForward| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
652e57af2d8a502d8f30faa53e7cb9f90b4510ccIan Neal — Bug 1606681 - Port |Bug 752376 - Avoid calling scrollbox.ensureElementIsVisible() if the tab strip doesn't overflow to prevent layout flushes| and |Bug 1357064 - Reducing the width of the window while the last tab is selected shouldn't causes the tabstrip to animate| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
000158b2aa701f94ae4b73ff88855a7d1d737237Ian Neal — Bug 1454023 - Port |Bug 1431050 - "remove NS_ASSERT / debug.js"| to SeaMonkey trunk. r=frg
d56158f2a5925c00acbb3b0e84ec71b6747c9392Ian Neal — Bug 1606680 - Remove remaining internal uses of mTabContainer. r=frg
fa0098e6b23f110a2d74b93745321ebcbeb85fbcIan Neal — Bug 1600955 - Port |Bug 501426 - make the open tabs in background pref be named mail.tabs.loadInBackground and allow overriding default for context/middle click with the shift key| to SeaMonkey. r=frg
e5e31792c53c86ffaea936104d37438bdf28d579Geoff Lankow — Bug 1590121 follow-up - Remove invalid schema entries. rs=me DONTBUILD
7054e74ce11bab0284518b737a36c0b9535500eeGeoff Lankow — Bug 1590121 - API to interact with the message being drafted in a compose window. r=mkmelin
27929debc910a87a9fbb790b3d73c8bbbb65b62dBen Campbell — Bug 1584889 - Add telemetry to count use of HTML vs plaintext message composition. r=mkmelin
8e4805dafb1a1a680864ed8eb42dc43fbd43351eRichard Marti — Bug 1611793 - Add role="button" attribute to the recipient labels to show screen readers the correct function. r=aleca DONTBUILD
26bc58b449520c4b92ded793cf93575aee0f6925Geoff Lankow — Bug 1612369 - Remove old addressing entries when Compfields2Recipients is called. r=aleca
5a831b099713be5a0f1a5c3174a31d7eb5a92600Richard Marti — Bug 1613200 - [Windows] Fix text colour of selected attachment item in message compose window. r=aleca
66a355f9a99fbcb5f32df958150b18e6a965d5bdMagnus Melin — Bug 1610832 - fix selectedDay self assignment properly (remove it). r=pmorris DONTBUILD
f2e3b944020b62496533aa1b9f211602f511c2ebGeoff Lankow — Bug 1610400 - Fail gracefully when formatting a date with a timezone unknown to Services.intl. r=pmorris
bfac6639d78670407f4afef6a7c1516024d7c33cMagnus Melin — No bug - remove stray comment about mozmill. rs=comment-only
c3b8a0f83f7147f366fef2f606f33647001bea56Geoff Lankow — No bug - Update in-tree WebExtensions documentation to match out-of-tree changes. rs=docs-only
f1815f2e593f40fedabbf45da7dbab12c9373254Geoff Lankow — Bug 1532528 - Add an API event that can block message sending from the compose window. r=mkmelin
f66abf60532e01c159c5c35e257b93e24e54e89fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1612480 - Stop expanding mailing lists when passed to the compose.begin* API functions. r=mkmelin
16c59c865c4511b5946dc4e9ea0a006ee7bdc818Rob Lemley — Bug 1574409 - Use Firefox's mozconfig.cache for Thunderbird. r=darktrojan
f201f7fc40eab87573031adcf72824f4dca45d7fRichard Marti — Bug 1612614 - Fix on Mac HiDPI the person icon in mailing lists. r=aleca DONTBUILD
eda327731ed280f19443d6703dae3cf76bfc7837Richard Marti — Bug 1611612 - Fix the thread pane column picker tooltip and add the column picker tooltip to the folder pane and address book. r=mkmelin
f7b29a032c0cab7a9f6b8d5a43de8440751e3c1bAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1609958 - Fix the inline padding of the editable recipient pill to not hide the input field cursor. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenblab
10f51319aa7b20db37f41513ed737455a84dbd2cAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1609901 - Remove unwanted whitespaces from compose message input fields. r=mkmelin
79c715e3ece3ab58035b2a1fb0643632d9b7810dAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1609895 - Prevent elements overflowing outside the window dialo when dealing with long address pills or input fields in the compose messenger. r=mkmelin
6c2764c30d1636e8e28af1670e80ae8fa3424ed5Geoff Lankow — Port bug 1475043 - Allow "" as shortcut in commands.update. rs=bustage-fix
676178d1f6725a869c084b30e1a7e822bb5ac0c8Geoff Lankow — Bug 1604371 follow-up - add a missing comma. rs=linting DONTBUILD
a2cc7c9b4a0635baabcb037cc89c1c5a59f1d4faGeoff Lankow — Bug 1604371 - Fix browser_cloudfile.js in artifact builds by registering a fake provider. r=mkmelin
857a1d5c45074840d913440bf8151d79198b98cfMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1540043 - part 2: Make comm-central stop using `nsIPlaintextEditor` interface r=jorgk
779c55ffd47b1ced2db5ba5397c4c42b9300ad47Richard Marti — Bug 1612182 - Style the otr-button also for dark themes. r=aleca
8da7b1c071396ffd740a495f86817df41d23fc68Magnus Melin — Bug 1538409 - followup 2 - back to original xpcom magic. rs=bustage-fix
8d28ca0db7afacba7856b84f3a3488af3c352055tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
499ff502287d51626456f5a764d41b24b5b6dc83Magnus Melin — Bug 1538409 - followup to pop oAuth2 - re-add nsIMsgAsyncPromptListener impl. rs=bustage-fix
eca9d62cfb2ca1c44e6bae3d66776ef5613b9c28Ben Campbell — Bug 1610605 - remove use of nsAutoPtr from C-C: Part 3: nsAbWinHelper. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
36e93a246513596dae40e4ad394e3095f90fdcc7Ben Campbell — Bug 1610605 - remove use of nsAutoPtr from C-C: Part 2: Use UniquePtr instead. r=mkmelin
4a36f8aa2dddb1de9e2288ef6f53697c82fbf1f2Magnus Melin — Bug 1538409 - implement oAuth authentication for POP accounts. r=benc
91f77a3708ffa978462e80a87764ca364ad669f6Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1602372 - Move focus ring through compose input fields on F6 keypress. r=mkmelin
fefcbe1ff081081f1c99e7a0549889a3e24a7e0dAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1602372 - Move focus ring through compose input fields on Tab keypress. r=mkmelin
228c1b31448af4c5bf8848bfb5ae50eb1d23b068Geoff Lankow — Bug 1610207 - Record Today Pane width whenever it changes. r=pmorris
c07c42028c728ccee7938e88b723bde54a1d0347Daniel Fraser — Bug 1532388 - Fix account migration test for imap servers. r=mkmelin
06b59eceaa1140d367b7972f8d1215d051b6eac9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1609885 - Port bug 1609271 to Thunderbird: Stop using ChromeUtils.import(..., null). rs=linting DONTBUILD
fdc16e6a800631497a823feb28ea0e61f1a91262Patrick Cloke — Bug 1378823 - Implement tooltips for Matrix. r=pmorris
8d8d787c4fa726866891ac661d0b4319c6dc8730Magnus Melin — Bug 1528691 - rewrite test_bug695309.js in the modern way (without asyncTestUtils.js). r=pmorris
05e79793c4929689a83ccaf092ef15e026b26a6dDaniel Fraser — Bug 1532388 - followup - fix migration not to create a cientid for non-imap accounts. r=mkmelin
66070529eac2ec0d93e3855674a3a6f87b132106Geoff Lankow — Bug 1610457 - Add junk and junkScore properties to message objects that are returned from APIs. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
71a037b9e9cd27ad72740b45d5bf1f4d8c6e6d8dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1574183 - At start-up, check for newer versions of extensions disabled by application update. r=mkmelin
cbfeac2dfd57d092d8e1498ad806e63dad213661Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1602431 - Fix and handle focus and selection when removing recipient pills with DEL, BACKSPACE, context delete, or cut. r=mkmelin, ui-r=aleca
76f81e0c7e0be8fd2551b40c854731a022c4b90dGeoff Lankow — Backed out changeset b5992344e0d5 (bug 1611966, because bug 1605188 was also backed out) r=backout
dd978b04bcee77c3b9f8cb5300baec1d04bcc8eeRichard Marti — Bug 1611882 - Fix XML parsing error in "OTR auth". r=mkmelin
b5992344e0d50841a18697c6fed17efe24ffba94Rob Lemley — Bug 1611966 - Port bug 1605188: Update Thunderbird CI to Rust 1.40. r=darktrojan
e4eb5222e198f9190c6ff09023d12803fc4ce221Magnus Melin — Bug 1609849 - fix crash @ nsDelAttachListener::StartProcessing . r=benc
97590cfd134318aa9f379c4099eaa641ee98d07eMagnus Melin — Bug 615111 - fix crash at nsMsgThreadedDBView::AddKeys. r=benc DONTBUILD
ddeaba08582e1eff539b339954b36b144a467c61Geoff Lankow — No bug - Tidy some comment formatting. rs=white-space-only
52ed40dc7d152398673e3ce1d83861c6dd234084Richard Marti — Bug 1610434 - Windows 7: Hide the titlebar-placeholder when drawInTitletbar and non-autohide menu bar. r=aleca
c8aada5de2592667ca474f80763bd9ab05688a3dRichard Marti — Bug 1611636 - Make the attachmentItem inline-level in the message pane attachment list. r=mkmelin
493b3772b160e013ed436f582789883432def709tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
a4e036ddf0334578d6330d8cd6e31e93a46de8faMagnus Melin — Backed out changeset 3568d9ea04a6 (bug 1602431)
62a84e316dab6346317e77a75d50e79239a17936ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1609607 - Fix message ID calculation. r=mkmelin, r=kaie
3420cbdab2ab5f2627d5a8535790bf65222f7928Kai Engert — Bug 1608539 - Fix the use of m_headerstartpos. Based on contributions by ISHIKAWA, Chiaki. r=mkmelin
64e8cb1308b1d96e071f79c383fcf46264a18467Kai Engert — Bug 1610390 - Add default value for security.prompt_for_master_password_on_startup. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
b35a643cf2dd5630d8876d85b864d27b006516ceBen Campbell — Bug 1543183 - Add some missing nsresult checks during folder creation. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
3568d9ea04a66019a373e662ce2a411cb781cfcdThomas Duellmann — Bug 1602431 - Fix and handle focus and selection when removing recipient pills with DEL, BACKSPACE, context delete, or cut. r=mkmelin, ui-r=aleca
1706fa6a364a9364cfd9e764d4a738350d0b4705Khushil Mistry — Bug 1226362 - Use HTML Drag and Drop API in Address Book. r=mkmelin
c5297b226713a283037a6bfa6becb3748717660eKhushil Mistry — Bug 1226362 - Use HTML Drag and Drop API in Chat. r=mkmelin
308632c5e7572bdbf04960733b906f49c6e308ebBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1611728 - pass content policy to webbrowserpersist to improve image request headers. r=frg
50d2d44fabf9ddc98412fe59591f9fd416f7db3bBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1608699 - Align refresh button and autorefresh checkbox in about:networking vertically. r=frg
4e33fd9bc7b6cb8a04c50c1993b8e3f9184b0b9bMagnus Melin — Bug 1611623 - disable browser_viewSource.js until view source is made to work again. rs=bustage-fix
7ed85c4ae6bf85b278c73cbced91bb829a0c93faKhushil Mistry — Bug 1226362 - Use HTML Drag and Drop API in Messenger. r=mkmelin
3b281b9a0b409202fd555893700881cfc1e65ce4Magnus Melin — Bug 1611584 - Port "Bug 1611173 - Remove support for non-nsISupports XPIDL interfaces" to Thunderbird. r=bustage-fix
9dde84974661e23ca475ebd5c322a0eee6ccfeafMagnus Melin — Bug 1529583 - rename all Thunderbird related modules to .jsm, capitalize names and fix some namings. r=pmorris,Fallen DONTBUILD
75ad64af9fe2e20cffc78ad78a6a42291fc115ecAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1603166 - Fix focus ring moving to the wrong addressing input field after a new pill is created. r=mkmelin
2dff5349a09ff6b7ad3c5febf222bf8e9b7eb414Richard Marti — Bug 1611501 - Port bug 1607575: Change consumers of XUL ordinal attribute to use the -moz-box-ordinal-group style instead. r=pmorris
9cc39105d698c16ac439cca0f936f967c68af899Magnus Melin — Bug 1532388 - fix the CLIENTID migration for cases of stmp username not set, or having nttp accounts. r=aleca DONTBUILD
ec55ec5db960bc99aaaf3cabf3040c9a3e066473Rob Lemley — Bug 1610863 - Add rust-size toolchain to Thunderbird CI builds. r=darktrojan
0b3a6c10489b6d0aa70cb27f8fefa37bbe80b298Rob Lemley — Bug 1611212 - Port bug 1605275: Use worker aliases for scriptworkers. r=darktrojan
bfcc947899e561eb23756dba6841cb17f758d2e3Rob Lemley — Bug 1609987 - Initial support for extending taskgraph with hooks. r=darktrojan
04d95196247e3a348898c8fcff0ea5bccd7bd76cAlessandro Castellani — Bug 1607526 - Hide To: field if the Newsgroups filed is in use. r=mkmelin
237a41008a61db0eaa252f3c0bea04c89c455fb7Kai Engert — Bug 1611105 - If MimeMultipartSigned_emit_child fails, mark MIME part as done. r=mkmelin
15029aef9669df9caf5b8be9cc9f2c47a6186500Richard Marti — Bug 1610746 - Fix XML parsing error in "Insert Charachters and Symbols" dialog. r=khushil
7d06b24c840a785613ffef46e71fcb4421294002tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
9f47750c11dcd58549f0aff75f5794f00058a603Richard Marti — Bug 1610927 - Fix the new compose header appearance with the default dark theme and some style tweaks. r=aleca DONTBUILD
5469eaff743f77211543cd2efca845054855b026Magnus Melin — Bug 1594000 - followup - fix incorrect nsISimpleEnumerator conversion of nsIArray message headers. r=backout
db258d83740c49dce35b7b79615033742a78fbd6Magnus Melin — Bug 1611089 - Port 1609877 to Thunderbird - Convert prefs for domsecurity to use static prefs. r=darktrojan
4204fcfc70ae3920e4bf1a1a6e41dafb330182d0Richard Marti — Bug 1610739 - Port bug 1592725: Enable async live stacks in Nightly and DevEdition. r=mkmelin
f3245d8cd44dd809348e5685676779c8d2006e8eMagnus Melin — Bug 1610832 - fix calendar-month-base-view.js:254:28 | 'this.selectedDay' is assigned to itself. (no-self-assign). r=pmorris
3d63a92809a3f5ab76698a1e58c9bec61429bfc1Kai Engert — Bug 1594000 - Follow up to fix syntax error in OpenPGP code. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
64408ab633c4bec9c67c10faad035f952a51ddbfKai Engert — Bug 1603519 - Initial work for sending encrypted OpenPGP mail. r=patrick DONTBUILD
0767ec01637509bc606ab34c37c7cf5247cda478Kai Engert — Bug 1603519 - Initial work for sending encrypted OpenPGP mail, loader code. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
5982cbb01992cef9509a340087303578550c90deMagnus Melin — Bug 1610023 - rework mail-multi-emailheaderfield to always just create the children it needs, and not cache+update old ones. r=khushil DONTBUILD
81cf5d6780d7f5312504d6749990093ac8df5a66Richard Marti — Bug 1610474 - Make the editable menulist on Windows Classic prettier and don't hide the dropmarker when editable menulist is disabled. r=aleca
61106214bab978442d9db6b0d4d3a3e8969bf387Jorg K — Bug 1610605 - remove use of nsAutoPtr from C-C: Part 1: Remove unneeded includes. r=me
c5d3c34a34c9065caf1bad63dc0239f0dd71868fBen Campbell — Bug 1597891 - Remove superfluous infinite loop in MimeObject ResetChannelCharset(). r=mkmelin,jorgk DONTBUILD
c1457ba6362cbc7a1cbd1318ea449c99c9a5f697Ian Neal — Remove SeaMonkey reference to MOZ_ALLOW_LEGACY_EXTENSIONS define (which was removed in bug 1524327). r=bustage-fix (DONTBUILD)
d550826454d5b97d1d426f3da6130b386a2a72deGeoff Lankow — No bug - Tidy some comment formatting. rs=white-space-only
7fbf748cd7c475cfbd1f2071ba0b8783d81bd897Rob Lemley — Bug 1610361 - Remove references to comm-esr60 from Taskcluster configs. r=darktrojan
e0752dc7296ce078822f829194db329575baedb6tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
c3804bf34462609beabc273724c4024408cc83e7Ben Campbell — Bug 1609690 - Fix address-parsing crash on some IMAP servers when mail.imap.use_envelope_cmd is set. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
aa09b869e1e5ac06a4a8d70e72d3d2d54fd4b44bRichard Marti — Bug 1609985 - Port bug 1585747 - Remove devtools preference devtools.toolbox.content-frame. r=mkmelin
8408774e360fe8b68ae4010fdcdb64e6e5192fafRichard Marti — Bug 1610109 - Port bug 1609585 - Migrate all possible uses from AppLocalesAsLangTag(s) to AppLocale(s)AsBCP47. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
bbea4c75d9828dcde30f383a50096381e33c83a6Ben Campbell — Bug 330503 - Use Array<octet> for passing byte buffers in nsICMSMessage.idl. r=kaie
d3a53a76bfbfadfb4fca4be32e0d37531d7bf791Magnus Melin — Bug 1604420 - followup - remove last application/vnd.mozilla.xhtml+xml reference. r=me
dfdf71999801276336a242803011278ba6c4d040Khushil Mistry — Bug 1594000 - Convert remaining nsISimpleEnumerator users to use JS iteration in remaining parts. r=mkmelin
03dcd29772aab6a64ae5919d313594c45ac391d4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1604359 - Rewrite CloudFile preferences test without Mozmill modules; r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
b11d7c703f338e634a1868ae049bf50441567261Geoff Lankow — Bug 1584853 follow-up - Fix linting error; rs=linting
328201fcf26982ca8e8918b4e0118a6dfd876f0aGeoff Lankow — Port bug 1432856 - Extended focus methods in Window.webidl, Client.webidl and Element.webidl to pass CallerType. rs=bustage-fix
8059037368711aca30213657c97b3ea62d2574c5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1584853 - When removing a category colour, set pref value to empty string instead of clearing it; r=pmorris
899c53e49dbd6ab97d0145f68c0fc9b94bfb4195Richard Marti — Bug 1609755 - Port bug 1605467 - Migrate text action keys to Fluent. r=darktrojan
7b36fb7a8114242e4c2f5ecea0efbe571187d791Rob Lemley — Bug 1609697 - Port bug 1562412: Set shippable attribute on release-source task. r=mkmelin
7f373a2e983c02236ecec5eebc20640b0cd4e737tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
9019654088aec742a383e1aab843c3b44b280d9eRob Lemley — Bug 1609683 - Port bug 1525218: Use minidump_stackwalk toolchain for tests. rs=bustage-fix
d99c86994ce07a8ab3ab1b1b1f89a494cf15dcd0Richard Marti — Bug 1609457 - Port bug 981248 - Remove the removed input-number-mozbox class on <input type=number> and add some tweaks to the spinbuttons. r=mkmelin
dba02c1a5a98bd05b7d93755ab4d2c6fbd5b48efMagnus Melin — Bug 1524327 - remove Thunderbird reference to MOZ_ALLOW_LEGACY_EXTENSIONS define (which was removed in bug 1524327). r=bustage-fix
5bec5e3eff807a7c21d3003c0cc7fc062974b5d9Richard Marti — Bug 1609420 - Make emailDisplayButton inline level. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
0f39093dc5be658bc47b804c22a9ed348e5df00dMagnus Melin — Bug 1609368 - remove unused autocompleteinput attr from calendar-event-dialog-attendees-custom-elements.js and glodacomplete.js. r=pmorris
c47043e46217349fbe67f5890725091830d8e155Daniel Fraser — Bug 1532388 - implement full support for IMAP and SMTP CLIENTID. r=mkmelin
358c71a550b5ea70a07470008f0ea24fa3e7e0d7Magnus Melin — Bug 1604187 - backout element.mController.input check no longer needed after bug 1608658. r=me
35c3cd0f04a4e50ac05ca37b5b6c34306ef4da66Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608407 - Create one instance of the calendar navigation bar per window, instead of one for all windows; r=pmorris DONTBUILD
446e3aafa9b9293168233e09a674e91dd33fcdc9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1606584 - When listing accounts, return a tree of folders rather than a flattened list; r=mkmelin
f1c1cd523798d8bc4c45bcfea083fbf66d7162edGeoff Lankow — Bug 1607515 - Add a drop handler to restored Add-Ons Manager tabs; r=mkmelin
ed741aa127edc115ccfdd103b864e77891fef371Geoff Lankow — Backed out changeset 239192d9246b (bug 1605674) to re-enable browser_import.js; rs=backout
a9d1bbebb67f0407900127d2653e5d5656b0c4aaKai Engert — Bug 1604773 - Restore ability to retrieve S/MIME certificates from LDAP. r=mkmelin
7c322e55ef6b2497f57865d6d2d258a9ec185c7eRichard Marti — Bug 1608344 - Adjust Task and Event tree colours for the dark theme. r=pmorris
1784150a888a0a5d9e9416a3fee9926fc7907324Magnus Melin — Bug 1597180 - followup to fix inproper quotes in all-thunderbird.js. r=me DONTBUILD
f8a6cf1ee08f8223c36bb92414e29734d8d6c9d9Ben Campbell — Bug 1597180 - Add build and prefs config to enable Thunderbird telemetry reporting. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
2a388e5064a108d031c048b3004c2a77e80caf0fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1609047 - Disable permanently failing composition tests on Linux32 debug; rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
46ed6cdc30b5f1fa6e87e0334008fa9b537f5624Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608304 part 3 - Fix offline replication of LDAP address books; r=mkmelin
f39320031868079d2bcab28327cafd1dc8f3329bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1608304 part 2 - Create a mock LDAP server and some tests; r=mkmelin
d85625eb94fbacbcbb6d442ed66039e709cc3708Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608304 part 1 - Move test of address book UI from mailnews/addrbook to mail/components/addrbook; r=mkmelin
ac3819169b5030145fee3d92c7f120e0423c20e5Rob Lemley — Bug 1608314 - Port bug 1606869: Prefix decision task scope with comm trust domain. r=darktrojan
02de390c9d938e00cbd6fb4cb4d515964f0ccd98Rob Lemley — Bug 1597589 - Port bug 1594344: Use win64-dump-syms toolchain. r=darktrojan
b4ec98d231cdd833486338c60b66aa4050070a38Magnus Melin — Bug 1608872 - don't use innerHTML setter in multimessageview. r=darktrojan
822abcdb7a22c75875411d6d08901fceef8aa39fRichard Marti — Bug 1608518 - Set a max-height on the dialog to avoid growing the Manage Identities dialog excessively. r=mkmelin
1c439008999fff968935782ad48858f7c2f73c8etbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
8386d49168fa9c7a441886da483b482835010a8dBen Campbell — Bug 1063723 - Move nsMsgPrintEngine mWebBrowserPrint to function scope to avoid potential reuse crash. r=mkmelin
216cbe602979218a527744b2879387f1c98e6fe2Khushil Mistry — Bug 1594000 - Convert remaining nsISimpleEnumerator users to use JS iteration in /mailnews. r=mkmelin
741493b66b6abddfa227c1dd08c91bf11367a3cbKhushil Mistry Bug 1594000 - Convert remaining nsISimpleEnumerator users to use JS iteration in /mail. r=mkmelin
78ee796295d6bb5dc68db16e5eb199bd6111c378Magnus Melin — Bug 1601517 - fix comm/mail/test/browser/cloudfile/browser_notifications.js .... Expected the notification with value bigAttachmentUploading to be shown. r=darktrojan
5cdb1cd8047a095f8dc5e05f6987d4e7b89fb67bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1608322 follow-up - Remove prefs.js from package manifest; rs=bustage-fix
26ba40858d2f3ec7e1fdd44d1901d0f7ac79d4ceGeoff Lankow — Bug 1608322 - Stop shipping empty mail/app/profile/prefs.js; r=mkmelin
c0dbb574bf5fc6ce7c0269387a3afce918a4edf8Richard Marti — Bug 1608636 - Fix alignment of references in message header. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD
4778f71b1ea587597f3ddc8932b050e42ca764bcRichard Marti — Bug 1608518 - Set a max-height to avoid growing the Manage Identities dialog excessively. r=mkmelin
56f3244b4b9d73a6da214890b7f08af10c300794Jorg K — Bug 1222046 - Follow-up: fix test properly this time. r=me
52d792dac3b9f2f4eaa963e6a6c6ee62eb674cb1Gene Smith — Bug 1222046 - Fix SMTP server responding with timeout due to missing CRLF at end of forwarded HTML message. r=mkmelin,jorgk
d5aa4976ab88940ef8f0fccec5c02f19642b7327Ian Neal — Backed out changeset 7ce4f25ecab9 (bug 1606400) as not ready to land yet r=me
7ce4f25ecab93d1195dd8a95ff6daa5878f086adIan Neal — Bug 1606400 - Land strings for IRC client in SeaMonkey. r=frg
4acbeec199dce57b440be070cf441deff35ab258Ian Neal — Bug 1599501 - Add Favourite folders to SeaMonkey. r=frg
20be22b77f869cd88648410880855dd2fe3f98b5Ian Neal — Bug 1599301 - Switch mail window to use type="folder" instead of rdf templates. r=frg
2b181852252306b7d6519c6e5c8f6ca5d63c4826Ben Campbell — Bug 615928 - Ensure msg db is available in nsMsgDBFolder::OnMessageClassified(). r=mkmelin
50bf5e8f61195e417dc5acac1573c1acad20613eRichard Marti — Bug 1607477 - Fix resizing of "Insert HTML" window by adding a "flex: auto;" to the html:textarea. r=mkmelin
807fb40cb098724ffe7f938946646c2a01f8c74ans-bugmozilla-19580 — Bug 1594178 - Add username (and host) to password dialog's title. r=mkmelin
74fb2e349d4e09a6b5c956e4a5c83476ea23cc2cKhushil Mistry — Bug 1594000 - Convert remaining nsISimpleEnumerator users to use JS iteration in /calendar. r=pmorris
be621c5c7cd39d8110eb6eb4d4ee6ee0552ffb99Magnus Melin — Bug 1526765 - make dblclick on first message in closed thread keep the cell open state. r=pmorris DONTBUILD
fae5cbb0e5a6801b3c0bf4cc06edc99320fff867Rob Lemley — Bug 1606974 - Remove @APPNAME@/ prefix from r=darktrojan
a8819e70968d7a10df051b2f08e8e08ca2e8bf81tbirdbld — No Bug, comm-central repo-update blocklist - (DONTBUILD) - a=repo-update r=rjl
fd13b1c3b79c733bd65113b3b1dfd8bac51dfd44aceman — Bug 1463266 - Fix some typos in MailMigrator.jsm. r=darktrojan
6ff2528049d8aa2e92a30266f4a61472e0e3cf9dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1606375 - Prevent calendar components from being loaded multiple times; r=Fallen
8144aa335452df7ed2e86a68114d6dee632609d8Jorg K — Bug 1607866 - Follow-up: reformat. rs=reformat DONTBUILD
3daf6e6b3f9e60b609a965afc5ffb30e204f5badBen Campbell — Bug 1607866 - Add Get/SetTRRMode() (see Bug 1552176) to c-c nsIRequest implementations. r=mkmelin
c21622941d4bc9a922cf046ced1e1c4d86b31590Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1601748 - Improve the UI of the messenger compose recipient area. r=mkmelin, ui-r=paenglab
e60c7640c9731b8be5780ceb72ad3c83784958cbGeoff Lankow — Bug 1607646 - Fix missing files and bad CSS found with static testing. r=mkmelin
b4e1c22a54e49886946f3390c7369b1e5a1ce27cGeoff Lankow — Bug 1607602 - Stop running Marionette tasks in non-e10s mode, which no longer exists; rs=bustage-fix
089f6048f53fb2e990f62dd17bc7a366e7616165Khushil Mistry — Bug 1594000 - Convert remaining nsISimpleEnumerator users to use JS iteration in /chat. r=mkmelin,clokep
ca3bda2ded047dc58d7f98e7242043ae4a35cbe9Magnus Melin — Bug 1604155 - temporarily disable browser_columns.js. r=bustage-fix
5c985022036abcf76c61e4efe1da7c2c0f0ef003Geoff Lankow — Bug 1601591 and bug 1606542 - Disable failing composition tests on debug only; rs=bustage-fix
1aff261d2e1674af6ae8dcfab9f84d60c8a36fcfMagnus Melin — Bug 1604155 - replace XULElement.ordinal property usage in Thunderbird. r=darktrojan
97d6645e1b75fda4becc36ecb8615adcfb3b11dcPatrick Cloke — No bug - Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
1fde7180d8e679e08d29754e16e30e7fb5bf7aeePatrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
28f6152a4b490d5dd602f319bfa50206e25350a6Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_73_END for changeset 5e147077278b a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
86b822536818a8ecd140a65b6f30a90cc451d97dPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
6efbb204a2e9dd3cbf4fc6596291fd1e4d92be0dPatrick Cloke — Added tag RELEASE_73_END for changeset dc2694f035fa a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE