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    Field map interface for importing address books

  A field map is an arbitrary sized list of mozilla address book fields.
  The field map is used by import to map fields from the import format
  to mozilla fields.
  For export, the map contains the ordered list of mozilla fields to

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIAddrDatabase;
[ptr] native nsIMdbRow (nsIMdbRow);
class nsIMdbRow;

[scriptable, uuid(deee9264-1fe3-47b1-b745-47b22de454e2)]
interface nsIImportFieldMap : nsISupports
    Flag to indicate whether or not to skip the first record,
    for instance csv files often have field names as the first
  attribute boolean skipFirstRecord;

  readonly attribute long numMozFields;
  readonly attribute long mapSize;

  wstring GetFieldDescription(in long index);

    Set the size of the field map, all unpopulated entries
    will default to -1
  void SetFieldMapSize(in long size);

    Initialize the field map to a given size with default values
  void DefaultFieldMap(in long size);

    Return the field number that this index maps to, -1 for no field
  long GetFieldMap(in long index);

    Set the field that this index maps to, -1 for no field
  void SetFieldMap(in long index, in long fieldNum);

    Return if this field is "active" in the map.
  boolean GetFieldActive(in long index);

    Set the active state of this field
  void SetFieldActive(in long index, in boolean active);

    Set the value of the given field in the database row
  void SetFieldValue(in nsIAddrDatabase database, in nsIMdbRow row, in long fieldNum, in wstring value);