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Bug 393302 - Correct memory handling in MAPISendMail() and CMapiImp::SendMail() to fix "Send to > Mail Recipient" crash. r=jorgk

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

// This idl will be compiled by MIDL.  MS-COM is used
// as bridge between MAPI clients and the Mozilla.

import "unknwn.idl";

typedef wchar_t LOGIN_PW_TYPE[256];

typedef struct
    unsigned long   ulReserved;
    unsigned long   flFlags;           /* Flags */
    unsigned long   nPosition_NotUsed; /* character in text to be replaced by attachment */
    LPSTR           lpszPathName;      /* Full path name including file name */
    LPSTR           lpszFileName;      /* Real (original) file name */
    unsigned char * lpFileType_NotUsed ;
} nsMapiFileDesc, * lpnsMapiFileDesc;

typedef struct
    unsigned long    ulReserved;
    unsigned long    ulRecipClass; /* MAPI_TO, MAPI_CC, MAPI_BCC, MAPI_ORIG    */
    LPSTR            lpszName;     /* Recipient name to display */
    LPSTR            lpszAddress;  /* Recipient email address */
    unsigned long    ulEIDSize_NotUsed;
    unsigned char  * lpEntryID_NotUsed ;
} nsMapiRecipDesc, * lpnsMapiRecipDesc;

typedef struct
    unsigned long ulReserved;
    LPSTR             lpszSubject;                      /* Message Subject */
    LPSTR             lpszNoteText;                     /* Message Text */
    LPSTR             lpszMessageType;
    LPSTR             lpszDateReceived;                 /* in YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM format */
    LPSTR             lpszConversationID_NotUsed;       /* conversation thread ID */
    unsigned long     flFlags;                          /* unread,return receipt */
    lpnsMapiRecipDesc lpOriginator;                     /* Originator descriptor  */
    unsigned long     nRecipCount;                      /* Number of recipients   */
    [size_is (nRecipCount)] lpnsMapiRecipDesc lpRecips; /* Recipient descriptors  */
    unsigned long     nFileCount;                       /* # of file attachments  */
    [size_is (nFileCount)] lpnsMapiFileDesc lpFiles;    /* Attachment descriptors */
} nsMapiMessage, * lpnsMapiMessage;

    helpstring("nsIMapi Interface"),

interface nsIMapi : IUnknown
    HRESULT Login([in] unsigned long aUIArg, [in, unique] LOGIN_PW_TYPE aLogin,
                  [in, unique] LOGIN_PW_TYPE aPassWord, [in] unsigned long aFlags,
                  [out] unsigned long *aSessionId);

    HRESULT Initialize();
    HRESULT IsValid();
    HRESULT IsValidSession([in] unsigned long aSession);

    HRESULT SendMail([in] unsigned long aSession, [in, unique] lpnsMapiMessage aMessage,
                     [in] unsigned long aFlags, [in] unsigned long aReserved) ;

    HRESULT SendDocuments([in] unsigned long aSession,
                          [in, unique] LPTSTR aDelimChar, [in, unique] LPTSTR aFilePaths,
                          [in, unique] LPTSTR aFileNames, [in] ULONG aFlags ) ;

    HRESULT FindNext([in] unsigned long aSession, [in] ULONG ulUIParam, [in, unique] const LPTSTR lpszMessageType,
                     [in, unique] const LPTSTR lpszSeedMessageID, [in] ULONG flFlags, [in] ULONG ulReserved,
                     [in] [out] char lpszMessageID[64] ) ;

    HRESULT ReadMail([in] unsigned long lhSession, [in] ULONG ulUIParam, [in, unique] LPTSTR lpszMessageID,
                     [in] ULONG flFlags, [in] ULONG ulReserved, [out] lpnsMapiMessage *lppMessage);

    HRESULT DeleteMail([in] unsigned long lhSession, [in] ULONG ulUIParam, [in, unique] LPTSTR lpszMessageID,
                       [in] ULONG flFlags, [in] ULONG ulReserved);

    HRESULT SaveMail([in] unsigned long lhSession, [in] ULONG ulUIParam, [in, unique] lpnsMapiMessage lppMessage,
                     [in] ULONG flFlags, [in] ULONG ulReserved, [in, unique] LPTSTR lpszMessageID);

    HRESULT Logoff(unsigned long aSession);
    HRESULT CleanUp();