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Fri Aug 28 18:26:39 2020 +0000
c206e51ae18c5a7efac16916bb3a9c74f83db829Richard Marti — Bug 1661203 - Make the OpenPGP message security status dialog themeable. r=aleca a=wsmwk THUNDERBIRD_78_2_1_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_78_2_1_RELEASE
Fri Aug 28 15:05:59 2020 +0000
756459793c76c9a827ed7f673965901523a76960Kai Engert — Bug 1659536 - Enable OpenPGP by default on the 78.x Release branch. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
fe45272cca54f1b02a7ae543571687347c54ef78Kai Engert — Bug 1641720 - Disable the use of keys with the SM2 public key algorithm. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
b547a9c68f9ecae19f4c1bf114498eef15955160Kai Engert — Bug 1641720 - Patch RNP to disable several nonstandard or obsolete ciphers. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
6eba32faf988989898fa4e157cf780e8298047c6Kai Engert — Bug 1660687 - Load BondOpenPGP.jsm as module only, not as content script. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f961f70f11ab705cd4e6b1d62e13a8c4bb4c2cd6Kai Engert — Bug 1661160 - Use correct OpenPGP settings when switching identities. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
5edaa432a4a47bce862f26c3585febd5fb9dd191Kai Engert — Bug 1650551 - Follow-up to restore a try/catch block, fixes tests. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
Tue Aug 25 17:35:34 2020 +0000
7919d3074353ec5e04e6534b84e588e49160fffdMozilla Releng Treescript — Automatic version bump CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release DONTBUILD
67cb7a51915a1039381846ecd894e2345160947aMozilla Releng Treescript — No bug - Tagging a657b1060c02db6cc3b414dd514845ba8c682ff2 with THUNDERBIRD_78_2_0_BUILD1, THUNDERBIRD_78_2_0_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD