Bug 1534530 - remove mensions of RDF in ldap. r=jorgk
authoraceman <acelists@atlas.sk>
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 14:34:00 +0100
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Bug 1534530 - remove mensions of RDF in ldap. r=jorgk
--- a/ldap/xpcom/README.txt
+++ b/ldap/xpcom/README.txt
@@ -1,21 +1,18 @@
 This is the home for XPCOM modules that implement LDAP functionality.
 What's Here
 	Implements a wrapper around the LDAP C SDK, as well as support
 	for ldap: URLs in the browser.  Written entirely in C++;
 	theoretically only depends on necko, xpcom, nspr, and the LDAP
 	C SDK.
-	An RDF datasource, written in Javascript. 
 	Some basic tests to help ensure that things don't break as
         development proceeds.  Currently, there is only some stuff for
 	testing the datasource.
--- a/ldap/xpcom/TODO.txt
+++ b/ldap/xpcom/TODO.txt
@@ -97,19 +97,16 @@ misc
 * all attributes are assumed to be strings right now.  This probably
   needs to change: assume all attributes are binary, use some
   heuristic to figure out if they're a string.  I wonder how
   ldapsearch does this.
 * grep for XXXs and fix the issues 
-rdf datasource 
 * revamp nsILDAPService (currently unused code) to manage LDAP
   connections and allow for sharing connections between browser
   clients.  I think this should obviate the need to hold onto the
   connection with a delegate factory.
 * non-anonymous binding (ie nsLDAPURL supports x-bind-name -- I
   suspect this may come with the LDAP C SDK version after 4.1,