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Sun Sep 29 20:32:49 2019 +0000
aded7ab29145a170bf3abcc5c2b66418e15592adJorg K — No bug - Pin mozilla-esr68 (FIREFOX_68_1_0esr_RELEASE, THUNDERBIRD_68_VERBRANCH) for release. a=jorgk
42ed08c599dfb41a076d21e5d2cd37023b9e99cdGeoff Lankow — Bug 1584026 - Fix broken field map dialog checkboxes for address book import. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
14446bb374d328ba3eb8b403b11dbfd69d8f48e9Magnus Melin — Bug 1584720 - follow-up to bug 1534913 to let search-textbox have a context menu. r+a=jorgk
473844ac508f35cee4f3b2c457dfc9bf7fc4cf6cGeoff Lankow — Bug 1560547 - Catch exception in Today Pane start-up. r+a=pmorris
809f74a95d166ce7b7c87b2915f6dc79de2608f0Richard Marti — Bug 1584697 - Let the values in the serverInfoBox use the whole width. r+a=jorgk
786073dcb3052a788c29ab438a196b4aa6fb7906Richard Marti — Bug 1584697 - Don't apply the -moz-image-region to the dropmarker to not virtually extent the menulist. r+a=jorgk
eb3420625ac088f281ed413d91cacd0b33bd656ealta88 — Bug 1584383 - Fix fetch size checking. r+a=jorgk
159260ce893112b3a5219a505a788cbcaa0e0186Richard Marti — Bug 1584487 - Apply Aero transparency rule only to the main window. r+a=jorgk
64fe5d3628b7e772be51cf7965cf5200ac28d32cJorg K — Bug 1584124 - Add missing wildcard asterisk to 'Supported Address Book Files' file filter. r=Paenglab a=jorgk
f639597f7fb13b5470620a5f810c4b7c4505c0b5Khushil Mistry — Bug 1519330 - converted calendar-alarm-widget to <richlistitem is="calendar-alarm-widget-richlistitem"> to solve a11y issues. r+a=pmorris
0ae820b635216863c5bbdfc94e3a6e6c93a0ef0aPaul Morris — Bug 1583340 - Fix number input buttons in custom repeat dialog. r+a=darktrojan
b54334fbfbeaaa04595387264e8af98458379e62Paul Morris — Bug 1569513 - Load tasks lists only when first visible. r+a=darktrojan
d79397de42285cfb1471e3bb23252a4e36cf0a77Paul Morris — Bug 1568723 - Streamline Today Pane initialisation, and load mini-month free/busy data only when first visible. r+a=darktrojan