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Wed Jan 22 22:22:48 2020 +0000
72e751b740f18dcceb4f3ed53849129929be24c7Ben Campbell — Bug 1609690 - Fix address-parsing crash on some IMAP servers when mail.imap.use_envelope_cmd is set. r+a=mkmelin
da926509c2f8d839c129caf1964104e49311946aRichard Marti — Bug 1608518 - Set a max-height on the dialog to avoid growing the Manage Identities dialog excessively. r+a=mkmelin
3140ba46d4911166e5bf758fdb6e394e1017d8e7Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608407 - Create one instance of the calendar navigation bar per window, instead of one for all windows; r+a=pmorris
6afe46d52836fc422f9a42fb21529c6880551b11Richard Marti — Bug 1608344 - Adjust Task and Event tree colours for the dark theme. r+a=pmorris
be3eb5374df9d02d05d29d00de426cc7ec3331eaRob Lemley — Bug 1608314 - Port bug 1606869: Prefix decision task scope with comm trust domain. r=darktrojan a=mkmelin
66475d75eb9a6f72bae31d2db254b4c95372fb73Richard Marti — Bug 1607477 - Add a flex: auto to the html:textarea. r+a=mkmelin
fa98c3cb44b95a2ffa1b56a3bed2328bbcee22aaRob Lemley — Bug 1606974 - Remove @APPNAME@/ prefix from r=darktrojan a=mkmelin
2c52c943f7d3d234ae4ec35356f387b5daa557cdKai Engert — Bug 1604773 - Restore ability to retrieve S/MIME certificates from LDAP. r+a=mkmelin
67b45a3d3df9b7d13f00dab4f7b4ce5473c24675John Bieling — Bug 1599054 - allow callers to ommit sending OAuth2 client_secret parameter. r+a=mkmelin
e2debb9918bb39aa210e704db9c2dc6d8d086eaaMagnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - Use URLSearchParams for setting params for OAuth2 authorization request. r=Fallen a=mkmelin
b7971f56a0e92dbfa6057ba4aa616d9e584a7967Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - use fetch + URLSearchParms instead of Http.jsm to request OAuth2 access token. r=Fallen a=mkmelin
b5ba333d8eddea59a57ccb2900cba068bb77e796Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - don't pass string constants to determine OAuth refresh token or not. r=Fallen a=mkmelin
8c31b90e567bb0425eb644f13680e039e2496d63Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - improve OAuth2 params parsing. r=Fallen a=mkmelin
344da96fabbfe4f5900769442745afc355f12ab0Magnus Melin — Bug 1597933 - clean up OAuth2 code: remove responseType which is always "code". r=Fallen a=mkmelin
4cb740962c49c0fc1892d8e387ab70d70e704355Rob Lemley — Bug 1504004 - Update .taskcluster.yml to match Firefox's. r=darktrojan a=mkmelin
e5fbfe36443f9e995feac1db9819f08f1ebc8438Jorg K — Bug 1222046 - Follow-up: fix test properly this time. r=jorgk a=mkmelin
004b0245854e02c50671e653acdf4f47a43fd636Gene Smith — Bug 1222046 - Fix SMTP server responding with timeout due to missing CRLF at end of forwarded HTML message. r=mkmelin,jorgk a=mkmelin
31e68bbc47eea903df9bb2b2f579a7c3597f4437Geoff Lankow — No bug - Pin mozilla-esr68 (FIREFOX_68_4_2esr_RELEASE, THUNDERBIRD_68_VERBRANCH) for release. a=darktrojan