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Mon Jun 29 23:55:13 2020 +0000
6a7c26eb22bfe18295497c720a73e24b29b0604eGeoff Lankow — Bug 1593711 - Remove extraneous QueryInterface calls that broke task filtering. r+a=pmorris THUNDERBIRD_68_10_0_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_68_10_0_RELEASE
0579ee0b9174add62f2bd6f607cd35a4c27cdc82Magnus Melin — Bug 1644689 - limit the size of the URL location, and use an <html:input> instead, so that Copy/Paste context menu works for it. r=Paenglab a=wsmwk
63fb02893a4364a1dd36803081665e4c8a60a81fPatrick Cloke — Bug 1644024 - Properly escape HTML in topics. r=khushil a=wsmwk
2fa6240eaa17c7e491e50b41d2beef0acd3b75afRob Lemley — Bug 1616495 - [esr68] Set new AUS rule ID for Thunderbird 68 releases. r+a=wsmwk
b14b9302518101cdb9dac51f8d1233418311ff3dRob Lemley — Bug 1646081 - Port bug 1644973: Remove Nazgul jobs as they become the new vanilla bouncer jobs. r=darktrojan a=rjl
d3b622342af68ebe1c390f67e1a369bd19a33a3fBen Bucksch — Bug 1606610 - Warn the user when autodiscovery redirects from plain HTTP to HTTPS. Show the new target domain, and ask for confirmation. r=aleca a=wsmwk
b9ce60200cb6805b35d74d4c1878a9c69235d95aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1589023 - Backport bug 1610832 to ESR to prevent failing midnight UI updates. r+a=pmorris
30fb7f8ebf429d63de451d8131bd18972e083a8cRob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-esr68 (THUNDERBIRD_68_VERBRANCH at e1113625c6d21 FIREFOX_68_10_0_BUILD1+ac48213de) for release. a=rjl
0ff97f1a1c4ce5387cc952f1d306ae111d55465dRob Lemley — No bug - Set version 68.10.0 for release. a=me