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Bug 1669147 - [esr68] Disable release-bouncer-aliases. r=justdave a=rjl DONTBUILD This is for documentation purposes as there are no plans for further releases based on esr68. This is a recurring problem every release. The new release (eg 78.0) comes out and is followed by a release from the previous version. The download bouncer's "latest" aliases are overwritten with the old version, which is not what we want. This bug is referred to in the notes for esr78 launch so that it is not missed for Thunderbird 90. Differential Revision:

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIX509Cert;

 * nsICMSManager (service)
 *  Interface to access users certificate store
[scriptable, uuid(17103436-0111-4819-a751-0fc4aa6e3d79)]
interface nsICMSSecureMessage : nsISupports
   * Return true if the certificate can be used for encrypting emails.
  bool canBeUsedForEmailEncryption(in nsIX509Cert cert);

   * Return true if the certificate can be used for signing emails.
  bool canBeUsedForEmailSigning(in nsIX509Cert cert);