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Sun Nov 24 13:24:21 2019 +0000
fddcb5bd203c2f4bb0c85225231efd7ae10ec8e5Ian Neal — Bug 1597073 - Port |Bug 231654 - make delete normally only apply to the threadpane - too easy to accidentally delete folder|. r=frg a=frg CLOSED TREE
d1bf768379071baecf3f20f9bb7149f3a33724f1Ian Neal — Bug 1597062 - Port |Bug 581932 - Keyboard shortcuts are disabled after deleting a message and next is a thread when message pane has focus|. r=frg a=frg CLOSED TREE
dc3f8cba758d04fb1274a333ddc680b00ddf322fIan Neal — Bug 1597682 - Removed unused GetMsgFolderFromResource function. r=frg a=frg CLOSED TREE
24c7d081d9776547189442453a3cd831ba7815aaIan Neal — Bug 1597674 - In standalone mail window F6 and TAB generates error message in console. r=frg a=frg CLOSED TREE
c12e2470fc25712059d8271e4f0b8175e4e67c9eIan Neal — Bug 1597554 - Port |Bug 537378 - "search messages" (Ctrl+Shift+F) should be enabled in the 3pane - doesn't open if no folder or account selected/focused in folder pane.|. r=frg a=frg CLOSED TREE