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Wed Jul 31 19:58:37 2019 +0000
2375c07411d59718c1323a98ab08eb603cec5d27Ian Neal — Bug 1570165 - Port Bug 517902 "Reimplement image properties, using the existing "Media" panel" to SeaMonkey. r=frg a=frg
7f9f81bab5610f028e80c9f2b90412c66085f51cIan Neal — Bug 1569830 - Port Bug 1120967 "Broken middle/right click on links via about:preferences pages" to SeaMonkey. r=frg a=frg
d40072488eaea90bd58f1336f0b32d2a0e228730Ian Neal — Bug 1569749 - Update spellcheck context menu - Port Bug 1026099 "Rework the spellchecker context menu to not use CPOWs". r=frg a=frg
fefca2976fee13e40bc01466a3f24fba76c28ad2Ian Neal — Bug 1569749 - Update spellcheck context menu - Port Bug 1071771 "disable dictionary list when it cannot be accessed from another process". r=frg a=frg
a73b3a81a817f34e124aed51433f7f4a98664574Ian Neal — Bug 1569749 - Update spellcheck context menu - Port Bug 908570 "Don't show the 'Add Dictionaries...' menu item for contenteditable elements with spellcheck=false". r=frg a=frg
6809d06a5b834fe052308762dca91a275816ae8dIan Neal — Bug 1569749 - Update spellcheck context menu. Port Bug 905176 "Don't show the Check Spelling menu item for spellcheck=false contenteditable elements". r=frg a=frg
d158f2160bd0c0bfd10ca264a3e53be4f3012d5dIan Neal — Bug 1569944 - Remove missing caller toggleGroupbox from pageInfo.js. r=frg a=frg
c7fc5af1cb292af8be2ed5ccabf4a05eddcf96e9Ian Neal — Bug 1569720 - Port Bug 433860 "No spelling suggestions for text inputs when contenteditable node in document" to SeaMonkey. r=frg a=frg
ee8368427e04c85bf16be5322f779daa2965d7b6Ian Neal — Bug 1569703 - Port Bug 376519 "Empty href js exception in this case when right-clicking" to SeaMonkey. r=frg a=frg