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2.0 STATOK Operation was successfully performed.
2.0.1 STARTSENDATA Start ICAL input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
2.0.11 OKDATAFOLLOWS The request was processed successfully. Reply data follows on the next line and terminates with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
2.0.2 REPLYPENDING A timeout has occurred. The server is still working on the reply. Use CONTINUE to continue waiting for the reply or ABORT to terminate the command.
2.0.3 ABORTED The  command currently underway was successsfully aborted.
2.0.4 WILLATTEMPT The specified Calendar is not here but an attempt will be made to deliver the request or reply to the Calendar anyway.
2.0.5 TRUSTEDWILLQUEUE The request or reply will be queued and delivered to the target calendar when its iRIP server contacts this server and issues the SWITCH command. 
2.0.6 WILLATTEMPT The specified Calendar is not here but an attempt will be made to deliver the request or reply to the Calendar anyway. 
2.0.7 QUEUED The message has been queued for delivery.
2.0.8 QUEUEEMPTY There are no more queued messages.
2.1 FALLBACK Success. Fallback taken  on one or more property  values.
2.2 NOCOMMANDINPROGRESS An ABORT or CONTINUE was received when no command was in progress
2.2 IGPROP Success. Invalid property ignored.
2.3 IGPARAM Success. invalid property parameter ignored.
2.4 IGXPROP Success. Unknown non-standard property ignored.
2.5 IGXPARAM Success. Unknown non standard property value  ignored.
2.6 IGCOMP Success. Invalid calendar component ignored.
2.7 FORWARD Success. Request forwarded to Calendar User.
2.8 ONEEVENT Success. Repeating event ignored. Scheduled as a  single component.
2.9 TRUNC Success. Truncated end date time to date boundary.
2.10 ONETODO Success. Repeating VTODO ignored. Scheduled as a  single VTODO.
2.11 TRUNCRRULE Success. Unbounded RRULE clipped at some finite  number of instances  
3.0 INVPROPNAME Invalid property name.
3.1 INVPROPVAL Invalid property value.
3.2 INVPARAM Invalid property parameter.
3.3 INVPARAMVAL Invalid property parameter value.
3.4 INVCOMP Invalid calendar component sequence.
3.5 INVTIME Invalid date or time.
3.6 INVRULE Invalid rule.
3.7 INVCU Invalid Calendar User.
3.8 NOAUTH No authority.
3.9 BADVERSION Unsupported version.
3.10 TOOBIG Request entity too large.
3.11 MISSREQCOMP Required component or property missing.
3.12 UNKCOMP Unknown component or property found.
3.13 BADCOMP Unsupported component or property found
3.14 NOCAP Unsupported capability.
4.0 BUSY Event conflict. Date/time  is busy.
5.0 MAYBE Request MAY supported.
5.1 UNAVAIL Service unavailable.
5.2 NOSERVICE Invalid calendar service.
5.3 NOSCHED No scheduling support for  user.
6.1 AUTHENTICATEFAILURE Unsupported authentication mechanism, credentials rejected
6.2 AUTHENTICATIONABORTED Sender aborted authentication, authentication exchange cancelled
8.0 GENERALFAILURE A failure has occurred in the Receiver that prevents the operation from succeeding.
8.1 SERVERTOOBUSY The iRIP Receiver is too busy.
8.2 ICALOBJECTTOOBIG Object has exceeded the server's size limit.
8.3 DATETOOLARGE A DATETIME value was too far in the future to be represented on this Calendar.
8.4 DATETOOSMALL A DATETIME value was too far in the past to be represented on this Calendar.
9.0 INVALIDIRIPCOMMAND An unrecongnized command was received.
9.1 UNEXPECTEDCOMMAND The command is not allowed for the server's current state. 
10.1 REFERRAL Accompanied by an alternate address. 
10.2 SERVERSHUTDOWN The server is shutting down.
10.4 EXCEEDEDQUOTAS The operation would cause a resource to exceed the allocated quota
10.5 QUEUEDTOOLONG The ITIP message has been queued too long. Delivery has been aborted.