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Bug 719008 - Add toolbar to Gloda search results tab with text input for modifying search query. Patch by mconley and andreasn. r=asuth,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8

<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<!DOCTYPE overlay [
  <!ENTITY % messengerDTD SYSTEM "chrome://messenger/locale/messenger.dtd">

<overlay id="specialTabs"

  <popupset id="mainPopupSet">
    <!-- for search and content formfill/pw manager -->
    <panel type="autocomplete" id="PopupAutoComplete" noautofocus="true"/>

  <vbox id="contentTab" collapsed="true">
    <vbox flex="1" class="contentTabInstance">
      <toolbox id="dummycontenttoolbox" class="contentTabToolbox">
        <toolbar id="dummycontenttoolbar" class="contentTabToolbar">
      <notificationbox flex="1">
        <browser id="dummycontentbrowser" type="content-targetable" flex="1"
                 disablehistory="true" autocompletepopup="PopupAutoComplete"
      <findbar browserid="dummycontentbrowser"/>

  <vbox id="chromeTab" collapsed="true">
    <vbox flex="1" class="chromeTabInstance">
      <toolbox id="dummycontenttoolbox" class="contentTabToolbox">
        <toolbar id="dummycontenttoolbar" class="contentTabToolbar"></toolbar>
      <notificationbox flex="1">
        <browser id="dummychromebrowser" flex="1"
                 disablesecurity="true" disablehistory="true"

  <vbox id="glodaTab" collapsed="true">
    <vbox flex="1" class="chromeTabInstance">
      <toolbox class="contentTabToolbox">
        <toolbar class="glodaTabToolbar inline-toolbar chromeclass-toolbar">
          <spacer flex="1" />
          <spacer flex="1" />
          <hbox flex="1" class="remote-gloda-search-container">
            <textbox class="remote-gloda-search"
                <image class="gloda-search-icon" />
      <iframe flex="1"/>