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<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://messenger/skin/addressbook/cardDialog.css" type="text/css"?>

<!DOCTYPE dialog SYSTEM "chrome://messenger/locale/addressbook/abMailListDialog.dtd">

<dialog xmlns=""
        ondialogaccept="return EditListOKButton();"

  <stringbundleset id="stringbundleset">
    <stringbundle id="bundle_addressBook" src="chrome://messenger/locale/addressbook/"/>

  <!-- move needed functions into a single js file -->
  <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://messenger/content/messengercompose/addressingWidgetOverlay.js"/>
  <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abCommon.js"/>
  <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abMailListDialog.js"/>

  <vbox id="editlist">
      <spacer flex="1"/>
      <label control="ListName" value="&ListName.label;" accesskey="&ListName.accesskey;" class="CardEditLabel"/>
      <hbox class="CardEditWidth">
        <textbox id="ListName" flex="1"/>
      <spacer flex="1"/>
      <label control="ListNickName" value="&ListNickName.label;" accesskey="&ListNickName.accesskey;" class="CardEditLabel"/>
      <hbox class="CardEditWidth">
        <textbox id="ListNickName" flex="1"/>
      <spacer flex="1"/>
      <label control="ListDescription" value="&ListDescription.label;" accesskey="&ListDescription.accesskey;" class="CardEditLabel"/>
      <hbox class="CardEditWidth">
        <textbox id="ListDescription" flex="1"/>

    <spacer style="height:1em"/>
    <label control="addressingWidget" value="&AddressTitle.label;"/>
    <spacer style="height:0.1em"/>

    <listbox id="addressingWidget" style="height: 15em;" onclick="awClickEmptySpace(, true)">
      <listitem class="addressingWidgetItem">
        <listcell class="addressingWidgetCell">
          <textbox id="addressCol1#1" class="plain textbox-addressingWidget uri-element"
                   type="autocomplete" allowevents="true" flex="1"
                   searchSessions="addrbook" timeout="300" maxrows="4"
                   autofill="true" autofillaftermatch="true" forcecomplete="true"
                   ontextentered="awRecipientTextCommand(eventParam, this)"
                   onkeypress="handleKeyPress(this, event);"
                   onkeydown="awRecipientKeyDown(event, this);"
            <image onclick="awNotAnEmptyArea(event)" class="person-icon"/>