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Bug 1364977 - Followup fix for older parameters in branches. rs=bustage-fix a=me

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "msgIDelegateList.idl"

 * Mailnews code typically has a C++ base class for objects, which is then
 * specialized for each account type with a C++ subclass of the base class.
 * This interface provides the ability of JavaScript-based account
 * implementations to use the same C++ base classes as core objects, but
 * use JavaScript to override methods instead of C++.

[scriptable, uuid(68075269-8BBD-4a09-AC04-3241BF44F633)]
interface msgIOverride : nsISupports
   * A list of methods in the C++ base class that will be delegated to the JS
   * delegate. This is calculated once, and then a fixed value is set to
   * all subsequent instances so that it does not need to be recalculated each
   * time. If the value has not yet been set, this will return a new instance.
  attribute msgIDelegateList methodsToDelegate;

   * JavaScript-based xpcom object that overrides C++ methods.
  attribute nsISupports jsDelegate;

   * C++ class used to implement default functionality. This is used when
   * JavaScript methods want to call the base class default action, bypassing a
   * possible JS override.
  readonly attribute nsISupports cppBase;