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Bug 1364977 - Followup fix for older parameters in branches. rs=bustage-fix a=me

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "MailNewsTypes2.idl"

#include "nsIImapProtocol.idl"
#include "nsIMailboxSpec.idl"

interface nsIMsgMailNewsUrl;
interface nsIImapMockChannel;
interface nsIImapHeaderXferInfo;

typedef long ImapOnlineCopyState;

[scriptable, uuid(5f7484b0-68b4-11d3-a53e-0060b0fc04b7)]
interface ImapOnlineCopyStateType
   const long kInProgress = 0;
   const long kSuccessfulCopy = 1;
   const long kSuccessfulMove = 2;
   const long kSuccessfulDelete = 3;
   const long kFailedDelete = 4;
   const long kReadyForAppendData = 5;
   const long kFailedAppend = 6;
   const long kInterruptedState = 7;
   const long kFailedCopy = 8;
   const long kFailedMove = 9;

[scriptable, uuid(525e1278-a39d-46d6-9dbc-b48c7e1d4faa)]
interface nsIImapMailFolderSink : nsISupports {
  attribute boolean folderNeedsACLListed;
  attribute boolean folderNeedsSubscribing;
  attribute boolean folderNeedsAdded;
  attribute unsigned long aclFlags;
  attribute long uidValidity;
   * Whether we have asked the server for this folder's quota information.
   * If the server supports quotas, this occurs when the folder is opened.
  attribute boolean folderQuotaCommandIssued;

   * Set FolderQuotaData information
   * @param aFolderQuotaRoot    The IMAP quota root for this folder, 
   *                            as returned by the GETQUOTAROOT IMAP command.
   * @param aFolderQuotaUsedKB  Used space, in KB, on this folder's quota root.
   * @param aFolderQuotaMaxKB   Size, in KB, of this folder's quota root.
  void setFolderQuotaData(in ACString aFolderQuotaRoot, in unsigned long aFolderQuotaUsedKB, 
                          in unsigned long aFolderQuotaMaxKB);

  /// Should we download all the rfc822 headers of messages, instead of subset.
  readonly attribute boolean shouldDownloadAllHeaders;
  readonly attribute char onlineDelimiter;
  void OnNewIdleMessages();
  // Tell mail master about the newly selected mailbox
  void UpdateImapMailboxInfo(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol,
                             in nsIMailboxSpec aSpec);
  void UpdateImapMailboxStatus(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol,
                               in nsIMailboxSpec aSpec);
   * Used when downloading headers in chunks.
   * @param aSpec Mailbox spec of folder we're downloading headers for.
   * @returns true if more to download, false otherwise.
   * @returns total count of headers to download (across all chunks)
   * @returns an array of msg keys to download, array size is this chunk's size
  void getMsgHdrsToDownload(out boolean aMore, out long aTotalCount,
                            out unsigned long aCount,
                            [retval, array, size_is(aCount)] out nsMsgKey aKeys);
  void parseMsgHdrs(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol, in nsIImapHeaderXferInfo aHdrXferInfo);
  void AbortHeaderParseStream(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol) ;
  void OnlineCopyCompleted(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol, in ImapOnlineCopyState aCopyState);
  void StartMessage(in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aUrl);
  void EndMessage(in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aUrl, in nsMsgKey uidOfMessage);

  void NotifySearchHit(in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aUrl, in string hitLine);

  void copyNextStreamMessage(in boolean copySucceeded, in nsISupports copyState);
  void closeMockChannel(in nsIImapMockChannel aChannel);
  void setUrlState(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol, in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aUrl,
                   in boolean isRunning, in boolean aSuspend,
                   in nsresult status);
  void releaseUrlCacheEntry(in nsIMsgMailNewsUrl aUrl);

  void headerFetchCompleted(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol);
  void setBiffStateAndUpdate(in long biffState);
  void progressStatusString(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol, in string aMsgId, in wstring extraInfo);
  void percentProgress(in nsIImapProtocol aProtocol, in wstring aMessage, 
                       in long long aCurrentProgress, in long long aMaxProgressProgressInfo);

  void clearFolderRights();
  void setCopyResponseUid(in string msgIdString,
                                in nsIImapUrl aUrl);
  void setAppendMsgUid(in nsMsgKey newKey,
                             in nsIImapUrl aUrl);
  ACString getMessageId(in nsIImapUrl aUrl);