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Mon Feb 23 19:48:12 2015 +0000
110abf3d7989722e6396f68cab0133b6ef85f8d9Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20150112 for changeset 284ea3b98840 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
284ea3b98840bbf9f4bbdf8a0fd90d37390befb1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1115018 - Fix missing uninstaller on Windows. r=clokep,jcranmer a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE AURORA_BASE_20150112
702909d96ee0ab3ba48d8aafc826b76f4bc4a8f7aleth — Bug 1119957 - Fix test_logger.js bustage from OS.File neutering ArrayBuffers after bug 1077354. r=clokep a=aleth
9c437b0d8caf4b3a1221cb07da6e709fc9fd7df3Landry Breuil — Bug 1119512: port bug 1071438 to c-c (detect python2.7) r=standard8 a=aleth
33de262ca789ee680afd85812839bd5b40bb4052Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1114328 - Remove some useless variables r=jcranmer a=jcranmer
cdc3b6b7b4afcd7aea7b68f3ea2fa70a0d45b293R Kent James — Bug 872357 - fix mailnews/local/test/unit/test_over4GBMailboxes.js to pass again after bug 640371 (combined aceman and rkent patch), r=aceman, a=rkent
f5d850dad82754e1afdca2b3b33cc4192352ae74stefanh — Bug 1114363 - Mac default: Rely on '-moz-window-dragging: drag;' instead of suite's toolbar.xml bindings. r=Mnyromyr, a=Ratty for checkin to a CLOSED TREE.
756da409acdbb96e3bd90bc3764d0a910f1aa6ccPhilip Chee — Back out changeset: 93f1fda728f7 (Bug 1115575) no longer needed now that Bug 1117158 is fixed rs=IanN a=me CLOSED TREE
4b97fba5d943e55c0d6f92e256c88615df194d73Richard Marti — Bug 1119468 - Followup to remove a wrong <vbox>. r= me a=starred
e641b34420af431904fa8725f04ee8099c2ea3a3rsx11m — Bug 1108189 - Color preference pane needs to be adjusted after bug 639134 changed boolean "browser.display.use_document_colors" to tristate "browser.display.document_color_use" - Part I: String changes r=Neil ui-r=Neil a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
ace53b7be81628bc233da9fb95ebe5f38cccf8c0rsx11m — Bug 1102576 - Extend help for tracking protection by descriptions for new notification bar and its preference. r=IanN
f588ec397390466e50b988cfbbbfd00d65826347R Kent James — Bug 1119911 - undefined property this.autoSyncManager, r=magnus, a=rkent
befb9c45eef63078b39215821f990f67c92daa42Joachim Herb — Bug 1113610 - New version of other actions button breaks CompactHeader addon: Followup to always set broadcaster. r=mkmelin a=aleth
fcbaab0b7a94f899ef95e43f42af05adf9e0c880Richard Marti — Bug 1119468 - Adjust UI describing color behaviour. r=mkmelin a=aleth
831b26828a50f591e3380f9c0c5b384f7c95d746Richard Marti — Bug 925746 - Show subdialogs in a layer when mail.preferences.inContent. r=mconley
85cf757356da7f429a0e880188019b7f731decc0Richard Marti — Bug 925746 - Open the Preferences in a Tab. r=mconley
482cbc2479e7a61fa969eab2e21b27ad4179415faleth — Bug 1108540 - Avoid triggering fakelags on connect: tests. r=clokep
f4fc9cbd61cd5256da4f45d7888cdf2ed4cea1fealeth — Bug 1108540 - Avoid triggering fakelags on connect. r=clokep
f5f07c62c814bc13840dd43b92cfbabc2f35b28cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1118515 - Log exception in test_setMode.js to investigate the test failure. r=clokep
ee06e1351a335b1add0611b9cb5025c054d235d3R Kent James — Bug 856519 part 1 (nsLocalFolder.cpp)- Multiple messages moved from IMAP (offline-disabled) to maildir only moves last, r=irving, a=rkent
c8113accba21c8d505c529e2e2c334267d09f81cR Kent James — Bug 1113275 - Part 1, fix various imap issues using maildir, r=neil, a=rkent
5a0fede0f2a0450a8e53942b05542a539abb1051Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1118703 - Need content_geckomediaplugins.xpt to pass test_removeDataFromDomain.js, r=magnus, a=rkent
b75f54fd61218a108d3b91bb3db83480daf9ac01Joshua Cranmer — Followup fix to bug 998191, part 7. rs=Callek, a=jcranmer to land on SeaMonkey's CLOSED TREE.
c6f49a08146ca9de04c2915fc1e46a8b17624a7eJoshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 12: Simplify mime_generate_headers by returning msgIStructuredHeaders, r=irving, a=jcranmer
a9e2a1b47cddbd20aee3e6b55969868645b8a846Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 11: Simplify mime_generate_headers by using JSMime for all remaining headers, r=irving
920ef6f2f3c2b32c56a6770aba3f51db426d98e6Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 10: Simplify mime_generate_headers by using JSMime for newsgroup headers, r=irving
8b9c93f10dabee7f50dae31559068e6f2bbfc976Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 9: Use structured addresses in mime_generate_headers, r=irving
81ecc4e6871facb270e6b40431b1d3c15ba636efJoshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 8: Simplify mime_generate_headers to not do tasks already done by JSMime's header emission, r=irving.
e82cc8049281382d045df1366c465688225bd7daJoshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 7: Remove nsIMsgCompFields::otherRandomHeaders, r=irving
a2546abffc36d708363a2f8a5ca2823b28267631Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 6: Use structured headers instead of otherRandomHeaders to set other random headers, r=irving
a913648f41152f36acc2fd3bd061f060f85594e1Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 5: Emit all headers to the MIME message, r=irving
45ccfc058277e081883f440f1b0aa22be05652b6Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 4: Add a method to convert structured headers to MIME-encoded text, r=irving, sr=Neil
3b8fcc27ab8ac3b1c8711b08b98ccf38a6c7b089Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 3: Copy all MIME headers in nsMsgSend, r=irving
67519bbca9702cfaa7f699b56c1f350673eebb14Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 2: Make nsIMsgCompFields support msgIWritableStructuredHeaders, r=Neil
feaf7e10ead5c4ae21c126dd660212f5cb838a01Joshua Cranmer — Bug 998191, part 1: Use nsCString instead of char* in nsMsgCompFields, r=Neil
34becc11470eb00bccd7d41aedb1c62dd8d1558dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1113898 Support for <a rel="noreferrer"> functionality r=IanN
3720643fdd4fc77c41c9fbcdec3967448ff9596fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1117005 Can't hide sidebar tabs in private windows r=Ratty
d98f854e12666aba91f48e328737c8375b96111fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1117324 - Improve stack trace for calListenerBag. r=mmecca, a=starred
4767a4d1c1999011b3681e4116e57c7219821243Eric Faust — Bug 1118489 - Invoke Proxy constructor with 'new' to avoid soon-to-be TypeError. (r=philipp, a=rkent)
73adfa7f6c270277a17002bf42193ec44619b400Geoff Lankow — Bug 958978 - Really fix bustage in test_recur.js this time; r=me, a=bustage
f303df80b775aba3cd4d1387c5681148337e08acGeoff Lankow — Bug 958978 - Pre-emptively fix bustage in test_recur.js; r=me, a=bustage
43cc5528d919bf77b066840ecb73dfc8702e6ea5Decathlon — Bug 958978 - Yearly recurrences with BYMONTH and more BYDAY are displayed wrongly if the last day of the month is not displayed in the view. r=philipp, a=starred
d6f2f1a42c74a03dd57f244ccd171d428534893aArlo Breault — Bug 1071166 - Outgoing messages not escaped correctly: Add tests for new messaging pipeline. r=aleth,clokep,florian a=aleth
90bc651566be85aeff9ae8baed127314e1fd3c39Arlo Breault — Bug 1071166 - Outgoing messages not escaped correctly. r=aleth,clokep,florian
4608f509dc908b60ebda718a84154bb80e7e5c9daleth — Bug 1111584 - Port |Bug 466211 - Slap some sense, executable and otherwise, into app/profile/| for IB. r=florian a=aleth
06ccfbaeffcd2b2a67d57df0ba571c09108a5bbdaleth — Bug 1085022 - Handle XMPP type=error message and presence stanzas. r=clokep
c92b8904d33e4be449fc79451ba8a6e08298566fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1117456 - Fix ical.js so that unit tests pass; r=Fallen, a=me
6b286c943119d245d960e7f1a8c14d63034f4383Geoff Lankow — Bug 1117456 - Run unit tests on ical.js as well as libical; r=Fallen, a=me
e8391a2ebe3e7705771b19af6318b0f63e33010cRichard Marti — Bug 1116958 - Win7+: make treelines better visible on selected treechildren. r=josiah, a=mkmelin
48934974110a75a960a8ee9dc61dd8859025fd9cMagnus Melin — Bug 1070986 followup fix, compare charsets case insensitively. r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
d5b310aab11531eff440f9f2fa28c61eeb4a7528Magnus Melin — Bug 1117089 - preference.value is null opening the font settings. r=bwinton, a=mkmelin
e0d2a43ab539edb919b7bfa11f5113ea31dd16a6Richard Marti — Bug 985114 - Use CSS variables for [systemcolors]. r=Philipp,a=starred
c72f18c8c60441ffbda36ac4219cdc17f5304cd4Philip Chee — Bug 917725 - Consolidate utils.js and PlacesUIUtils.jsm r=Neil a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
9ffd9ba3edb0e8ed96aba40c6da96541800554cbPhilip Chee — Bug 1097818 - Add search suggestions to the DuckDuckGo search engine r=IanN
8398bffb6b76ef0b92522e0ba49280bc978df1a7Philip Chee — Back out 9b6014fda9a3 (Bug 917725) and 639ca05a4ff7 (Bug 1097818) wrong author r=me
964092fa6430ee6e19d91d4494dcf83bf770a1feLemon Juice — Bug 1016759 - session restore not fully working r=IanN a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
9b6014fda9a321b5774df60c374c47a1033d2475Neil Rashbrook — Bug 917725 - Consolidate utils.js and PlacesUIUtils.jsm r=Neil
93f1fda728f7d96e393680f8471be3f42f567c51Philip Chee — Bug 1115575 Error: formatURLPref: Couldn't get pref: r=IanN
2a69432c0202f22f76ffd07c3e8fd2ed59e2f725Philip Chee — Bug 1115572 - Add newChannel2 (that takes loadinfo as an argument) to suite protocol handlers r=Neil
228eff402a016b33140da40f221c9a23d35e1ca9Philip Chee — Bug 1115023 - After Bug 1066383 the navigator context menu is huge r=Neil
088bd2f608563eea70ef68b2f12c408c5af3c7c8Philip Chee — Bug 1112205 SidebarTogglePanel() should ignore nodes that aren't panel headers and aren't panel menuitems r=Neil
639ca05a4ff7bbb390c569272a00252a3896463eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1097818 - Add search suggestions to the DuckDuckGo search engine r=IanN
50c4571b0f55be04fc5353efed1e4ee84bb2a5c7Richard Marti — Bug 1115990 - Followup. Fix copy/paste error. a=bustage fix
30915a36f8159954f7387669c832495840ea2856Richard Marti — Backed out changeset: 4ec1ad82f006 because of XPCShell failures a=Paenglab
4ec1ad82f006560d014eb08b064c6abd733e187caceman — Bug 1099592 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in calendar/. r=Fallen, a=Paenglab
45269173f6c83e598dd48bca2f49fcf5f85840b7Richard Marti — Bug 532067 - Use the XP/Linux Sent icon for Aero. r=josiah, a=Paenglab
f1155d2afa655328adeb9c6466ad8236d66216d2Richard Marti — Bug 1115034 - Fix binding and aw-menulist hover styling on XP. r=josiahone, a=Paenglab
0a8edd34398cc1b7f91c4bfa7c350cac65c97e8cRichard Marti — Bug 1115990 - Add a HWA option to the Advanced prefs. r=mkmelin, a=Paenglab
0da65c5503246390c1a3b7e38d934bf466124755Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1116959 - Removing search terms blanks out results list in AB, contacts sidebar search. r=mkmelin, a=Paenglab
2944600ee1ef4a31a460af6fe6e3f36f2cc0aba7Matthew Mecca — Bug 1107388 - No auth prompt is shown when subscribing to CalDAV calendars [domWin.document is null]. r+a=philipp
a257d38aa551f30575a9f62ffcd64044e683e948R Kent James — Bug 1116982 - QueryInterface missing for nsIMsgOperatorListener in nsMsgFilterAfterTheFact, r=neil, a=bustage fix
5967bba9d1307110f9a195cab235b75e69ce7300R Kent James — Bug 1116561 - filter after the fact should return an error if any filter failed, r=neil, a=rkent
133b9c847d7ecde1bd2e1f09fa3f88c2b0a79ef8Philip Chee — Bug 1083785 followup. Fix typo a=me a=bustage fix.
ae1a46bb2d223db08abe1061a287e890b59c41e2Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1114504 - Extra localization notes for bug 493389 - Provider for Google Calendar cannot sync tasks. r=merike,a=starred
4d26b2425cfe18df52b3667eb82007dabe66ed39Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 639284 - Metadata of "Provider for Google Calendar" extension are not translated at AMO. r=bv1578
2e6ca0b22e1e653036be9797c94ed10d6facc7e3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1115965 - Provide filename and line number in cal.WARN and cal.ERROR; r=Fallen, a=starred
0cc5f51af9e513a73993319b2b0fb471ef01fa92Geoff Lankow — Bug 1082286 - cal.dateTimeToJsDate broken for floating timezone; r=Fallen, a=starred
6b1776a1a2f63659c73e520d56e432432887c9d3Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1116446 - Part 3: Use BookmarkJSONUtils.importFromFile instead of PlacesUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in nsSuiteGlue.js. r=Neil a=IanN for comm-aurora comm-beta CLOSED TREE
d49fb2508139b35b456db43c138461e15fdc3f70Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1116446 - Part 2: Use BookmarkJSONUtils.importFromFile instead of PlacesUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in bookmarksManager.js. r=Neil a=IanN for comm-aurora comm-beta CLOSED TREE
2781ce3e4d00f4a49e1b28400a1981c55a661d96Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1116446 - Part 1: Support jsonlz4 format for restore in bookmarksManager.js. r=Neil a=IanN for comm-aurora comm-beta CLOSED TREE
79d319474891f2ad519d7f60902e2f18d2797c74Neil Rashbrook — Bug 11039 Filter sent messages r=rkent a=starred CLOSED TREE
46a69933fed73b0f60c1b88acc090671124eedb5Magnus Melin — Bug 1095893 - opened attachments (using "Open with") are no longer set read only. r=mconley, a=mkmelin
d9842ddc938bb841ce24eb4c3d8fa1b069eb962bRichard Marti — Bug 432675 - Move the timezone prefs to General. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
9e3301977f89908a296346d3edc602821126ae28Richard Marti — Backed out changeset: 6eb5c2543073 because of mozmill failures. a=Paenglab
6eb5c25430731f4c6dca17cad6df8f5629f7a775Richard Marti — Bug 432675 - Move the timezone prefs to General. r=philipp, neil, a=Paenglab
f0cd3c2d651892477d0f2a842352877d64558697Josiah Bruner — Bug 1105841 - Fix LWThemes on OS X 10.10. r=Paenglab, a=Paenglab
202b212de64406fa3e100a27c2f6cc4c9135ec05Geoff Lankow — Bug 909183 - returns incorrect result with floating timezone. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
aa932bf6d9abbe6ab4856dfc07332a21beac4df3Decathlon — Bug 941425 - Yearly rule "Last day of a month" can't be set with the UI and is wrongly displayed in the views. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
bb2bca6a81883f2c88b45c3f429bded64f6965d0Merike Sell — Bug 1080659 - Converting email into task/event fails when localization uses regular expression special characters. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
524c326f62b5d8cda801ad13707932bc9f93a710Mark Banner — Bug 1112502 - Right clicking on a recurring event, and bringing up the attendance sub-menu gives unreadable titles. r=philipp, a=Paenglab
47fbea2497178d737cc807e592f2336ecc926f65aceman — Bug 1115145 - Convert some occurences of ns*Array.IndexOf(elem) != kNotFound to ns*Array.Contains(elem). r=Neil, a=mkmelin
9ec55680547618807e59b724f38ccaca9c0a3ce9aceman — Bug 1115113 - fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings in mailnews/local/src/nsLocalUndoTxn.cpp. r=Neil, a=mkmelin
3a9f80c236e0742a092df6e9968dac32a440e0caJoachim Herb — Bug 1113610 - Use broadcaster to show or hide menu entries of Other Actions header toolbar button; r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
b23c7800c7a622f8249cbcd21a384a3964a391e2MakeMyDay — Bug 1113035 - Adapt Debugger Server startup code for changes in bug 1059001 (Seamonkey); r=neil, a=mkmelin
c44eb2f54c2927353480a59b57773e8453b58c72MakeMyDay — Bug 1113035 - Adapt Debugger Server startup code for changes in bug 1059001 (Thunderbird); r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
507d7f2ac35d81f40357fedee75f4e197388a171aceman — Bug 1110389 - Allow "create filter from message" also for other fields in message header. r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
e6bcd82327d7b1a4fb74e141fcc4af6f2ba5ea32alta88 — Bug 1070525 - applying the 'delete' operator to an unqualified name is deprecated in Feed reader- r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
941971dc9aecb91554a06b27776e535c581f8908Philip Chee — Bustage fix for Bug 1088748 FeedConverter.js typo rs=bustage fix CLOSED TREE
2997d3a89d7d0b2dc35f8de1eaac5f7f93163825Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1115189 - Use PageMenuParent.buildAndAddToPopup instead of PageMenu.maybeBuildAndAttachMenu (port bug 1066383). r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
5b7a5c36aeec624386a5a9269c23f45b67804886Dmitry Groshev — Bug 1113791 - browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML does not work r=Ratty a=Callek CLOSED TREE
ead55271f364337c987117f0d8b34646958fb4f7Shubham Jindal — Bug 1088222 - Use improved versions of getCellAt() and getCoordsForCellItem() r=Ratty
dd02b8c63aed5d5eff96e7fa7a7043dd3a8e3533Philip Chee — Bug 1114070 After Bug 783829 PlacesUtils.nodeAncestors is now a generator r=Neil
93cf0affd49404c0abd483472424048452e7dbd7Philip Chee — Bug 1098639 - The Edit Bookmark Panel animates when opening r=Neil
ccba476cdc0554895f0364d79a925a08923427a5Philip Chee — Bug 1112196 In TopLevelImageDocument.css use img.transparent instead of img.decoded r=Neil
15415a227ba7a2f042114fc7a213ec9f241b5fe2Philip Chee — Bug 1106274 - Go history menu items end up at the bottom of the menu and not between the startHistorySeparator and endHistorySeparator r=Neil
83b4178ffd064b1ab9578a0d04938b749d6b752aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 558659 Persist trash and spam folders in preferences r=irving a=starred
8fa32d043062182982ffaae4b8296d183e907766Neil Rashbrook — Bug 558659 Support the Special Use capability when discovering folders r=irving
d26bc10d5d3728fde0dd1d2f205d5ecf52ddaf19Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1101978 Don't overload strings r=Ratty
8d3f8239c7b7b7a0d3950200409ceeff7ac84c7caceman — Bug 1110095 - ignore passed empty field names when prefilling a filter in the filter editor. r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
5f3b32931edaeafc99d168f036ee13bc73033a1aaceman — Bug 1106796 - fix JS strict warnings (undefined lastMessage.sourceFolder and 'let blocks deprecated' in activity manager. r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
b3f8c6613ab0714527b03f383ebcef53aefd16d0Nicolas Vigier — Bug 741340 - Port |Bug 739188 - Allow crosscompiling for Windows without NSIS| to comm-central. r=clokep, r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
4d5c64fd007e9be5eb92ff11c054d4a5f1af08d1Suyash Agarwal — Bug 735318 - Remove active chat's name if there are unread chat messages. r=aleth, ui-r=Paenglab, a=mkmelin
8e5a23601533116d81773a005784c721d677b3b4Harshil Goel — Bug 1099068 - Change traditional way of creating events to the the new HTML5 way, r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
7bc453bb4cdd42e145329ecd2ab26718981c92d8R Kent James — Bug 695671 - Only 1 message filter seems to execute when I hit "Run Filters on Folder", r=neil, a=rkent
a466603a0dded4237ff4cffee475b62a868d7ecdaceman — Bug 1099588 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in chat/. r=clokep a=bustage-fix
3e883ab44c926e72291b3648be868040f4bec328Magnus Melin — Bug 286760 - email address with leading/trailing whitespace in Address book, Account manager, or Composition [ ] displays wrongly with added quotes when composing ["foo"], causing lost mails and malformed "duplicate" AB entry. r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
ce58d0c3e55d11508c44b50527d03f2dd98beeefMagnus Melin — Bug 1068505 - React to the removal of non-Encoding Standard Mac encoders (Mac encodings other than MacRoman and MacCyrillic). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
27fc1f61d61a192d299998fbd2e7bc93dc803bd7Magnus Melin — Bug 1008843 - React to the removal of T.61-8bit by removing it from comm-central too. r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
ca06ad20ef59e59873df7de1246a11034dc7a884Magnus Melin — Bug 1072202 - React to the removal of VISCII, x-viet-tcvn5712 and x-viet-vps (remove traces of it from comm-central too). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
23f73d2b85a684ced75e06e906302569ed74bd16Magnus Melin — Bug 1008845 - React to the removal of x-johab (remove traces of it from comm-central). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
3770fda8192e27393adf24ede8850506d5eb613fMagnus Melin — Bug 1070986 - React to the removal of us-ascii as a Gecko-canonical name (map us-ascii to windows-1252). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
91b1d65d06d017bddc38e5628f56011664d25df6Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1109057 - update to follow flake8 conventions r=callek a=aleth
78ddb413c0f08cfc5afe14287219cee99392d820Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1109058 - Fix the guard (different #ifdef & #define) r=standard8 a=aleth
03cfd0ac5456a32c85589c28b553d2a803c817f5Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1109061 - Remove some useless variables r=standard8 a=aleth
7a80103c70c5eecd5c63209880981c02a94882bdHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1113097 - Fix misuse of fixIterator in mail and mailnews. r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
ddea495220c7c5ed7536c13f0f1f03830afd3872Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1113097 - Fix misuse of fixIterator in calendar. r=fallen, a=mkmelin
4bbe6b265d1862679a7d073d18a395936a634bd3Magnus Melin — Bug 1081190 - Using InstallTrigger gets "NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED" error - need to port bug 926712 to TB and IB. r=clokep, a=mkmelin
430d75d3e7fa1c639bd1ba15d9de4a85c0b0ebceMagnus Melin — Bug 947616 - Existing SeaMonkey/outlook/oexpress/eudora profile is no longer offered for migration to Thunderbird (import in a first-run situation). r=bwinton, a=mkmelin
4e73d9aa2bedf5ce27441edb585090507535cca6Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1111304 - Attach LoadInfo inside each individual ProtocolHandler, r=jcranmer, a=rkent
a5ec13619928875ce5cc69e6308e69dfe7aa967cMark Banner — Bug 1113042 Add missing mozconfig.vs2013 file for win64 builds. rs=bustage-fix-by-build-system-peer,a=Standard8
d655acbc5efe3df4f57876ce13962ca45d83dd7aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1112413 - Followup fix for bug 1111076. use nsJSContext::PokeGC instead of nsIScriptContext::GC, r=jcranmer, a=jcranmer
036deed5ab5cf73a3a100470fc244842c5aff99aJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1085767: Use MSVC 2013 to build Thunderbird on Windows, r=glandium, a=jcranmer.
4abb54b4492cf30dd2905d22f4ef5a5a8346c6aeJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1112186: Disable the debug CRT on Windows in LDAP, r=glandium.
2522b98e9bfd162fbaa2599fb3a1d2c2ce311168Joshua Cranmer — Update the to pull a newer version of LDAP C-SDK to pick up fixes for bug 1107063, bug 1112186, and bug 1112249.
0e4fe8e422cc017793266fc62331a9639b724d65Frank Wein — Bug 1094714 - Unable to login at due to NS_ERROR_FAILURE (SeaMonkey only) r=Ratty a=Ratty for CLOSED TREE
66ba6c033422fdd0b8ed5196b6adcc499b6d9730Philip Chee — Bug 957149 Update DOM Inspector tag to 'DOMI_LATEST_RELEASE' (2.0.15) for uplift. r=Callek a=Callek for CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
673f3227b36ad043ad5e0f5b8ff64cca03fb99f2Stefan Sitter — Bug 1089138 - Parallel build fails with VS2013, need -FS option r=jcranmer a=jcranmer for a SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE"
79c940c5d45373eb2569a678c073c48fdc2f7c51Patrick Cloke — Bug 1084973 - Port |Bug 1031352 - share the logic for determining what MSVC DLLs to package| and part of |Bug 649607| to im, mail, and suite. r=florian,jcranmer,Callek a=Callek for a SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
dbab5a5315945d5ca0eb69c873fe86d8e4e3cc24rsx11m — Bug 1087529 followup - fix typo in comment. r=mkmelin, a=mkmelin
a46f0d8be50bc614825d3fdec7b4f0b612538317Magnus Melin — Bug 1081693 - Port Bug 947507 to thunderbird: Reset intl.charset.detector if not set to off, Japanese, Russian or Ukrainian. r=bwinton, a=mkmelin
2843a3e7968ba370c5e7b8723ccfff1fe7465fecMagnus Melin — Bug 1068510 - React to the removal of ARMSCII8 (remove traces of if from comm-central). r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
7b473eaef53df94e0e376308b26795a36dac78ffMagnus Melin — Bug 1069909 - React to the removal of ISO-8859-6-I and -E and ISO-8859-8-E as Gecko-canonical names. r=jcranmer, a=mkmelin
03a14c5d78a38738e33e1ce8f40f351384deabdeMagnus Melin — Bug 1107902 - Unable to add accounts when a DWM registry key is missing: port bug 1065998 and other syncing of Windows8WindowFrameColor.jsm. r=paenglab, a=mkmelin
46e2006812f27d694c56f835dc6aebcf5276af67Philipp Kewisch — Bustage Fix for bug 1079189. a=bustage
fcdb05d290209a122b4f0dc76ec80365f4cc40d0Philipp Kewisch — Bustage Fix for bug 1079189. a=bustage
a24a537854677134bc91c81498e50f1524e7dc66Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 493389 - Provider for Google Calendar cannot sync tasks (code review in bug 1079189). a=starred
2e3eb4f336d05daed246976c2afc6fdd9ac66027Derrick Moser — Bug 870556 Use a set to avoid a linear search for duplicates r=irving a=starred
88bde0fc609aed7a359d8f318959b98708b5f4d3Richard Marti — Bug 1108207 - Remove doubled styles in accountProvisioner.css. r=JosiahOne a=clokep
46b4c8821e7960b0b034954efe0052074c3914bcPatrick Cloke — Bug 1108275 - Add IRC tests for when the topic is settable. r=aleth
d414fc3554c0f9057f0098c97d810ee26950afdeAlfred Peters — Bug 846123 - Reduce the time consumption from O(n^2) to O(n) when copying email between two IMAP-folders. r=Neil a=clokep
9e70936ca8bef3c0806c6a6dae45572dcb356a58MakeMyDay — Bug 1081534 - icaljs is broken in Lightning nightly. r=philipp
7d547c917da352ea41bb34b2d4137b5e66a22458Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1108557 - Debug log tab needs a findbar. r=aleth
627a6217ac9cb33de90fe549bf8dd7a6f86e8e09Thomas Düllmann — Bug 1085004 - Remove mIsCachable (always true and unused). r=irving
d04571dd1bf4a93029e066e9e9ff3521e2035f9cFrédéric Wang — Bug 1077291 - Add some UI to easily insert mathematical symbols into the LaTeX input box. r=neil a=aleth
ca37edf292bed6ddd463bd79e3b7297eb606f39fRichard Marti — Bug 1108198 - Port bug 639134 to TB - ["Allow pages to choose their own colors" does not work with high contrast windows 7 themes]. r=mkmelin a=clokep
be0bbb3b6d7c60d44474c806468c7eb6918f5bb1Philipp Kewisch — Bug 795851 - Redirects cause dialog asking user if he wants to post his data again. r=mmecca
8ec77939dbd50dc58a808d4397a2c2eed82811dcaleth — Bug 1108057 - Port Bug 1106917 - Content font size setting affects some UI elements too, breaking the layout. r=clokep ui-r=paenglab
ddd5571196485d747d8af8fb2a66b3777af1da44Nicolas Vigier — Bug 1107959 - |Port bug 1005456 to im/ and mail/| Stop generating an invalid package-manifest when only one d3dc version was found. r=clokep rs=jcranmer
da3cf83bf5ddfc1dddd456a9ec95f100a29767c1Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 954564 - Newly selected contacts don't get scrolled into view. r=aleth
7a58936e02a917222d1f62f87178ccb4f73bb9e3Nihanth Subramanya — Buddy list window not resizable when opened using Cmd+Shift+C. r=aleth
0dc68ee0e8258569a2cb6e012d730ff7a21af575aleth — Bug 1107850 - Minimum width of typing notification panels is too big. r=clokep
d0d96f89b52744901c5a587e49c1a9affb18c8a3Magnus Melin — Bug 1105715 - Add asan.manifests (port bug 886842). r=standard8, a=mkmelin
fa298c74a1dfacb8c8dc33c3fc2cfde886fbc45dMagnus Melin — Bug 331560 - "Order Received" reversed when copying messages from Local to IMAP account. r=neil, a=mkmelin
26b1b0b09ee34090f4cc2a37ef4bf836fc078d96Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1082896: Garbled sender name for encoded name in new mail notification, r=mkmelin, a=jcranmer
a96669a6a6fcb9e05133802e3fde08d1f27cf03ealeth — Bug 955312 - Add date to message tooltips: Don't show the date on today's messages and use imTooltip instead of message style replacements. r=florian a=aleth
6025c959d8a7670e6b13147d17f6861804159331aceman — Bug 731145 - add "autodetect" option to the offline settings dialog (original patch by ui-r=Josiah, r=Neil
37bc8ee327c67b32cb63fdae536d359287e5fcd4aceman — Bug 793865 - return error if GetOid() failed in nsMsgDatabase. r=irving
34afccc6f8f755638c6fe79ed257a34df37a8050aceman — Bug 793865 - mark function arguments as nsMsgKey where appropriate to better show intended use. r=rkent
4da6759d4f47791569467e0a0d8c1151ff0ae0dcaceman — Bug 1085205 - Make "Create filter from" set the proposed filter rules depending on which field was selected in the message view. r=mkmelin, r=rkent
0e8fa43bc68b259ca107026199e3f4f265149429Decathlon — Bug 1043171 - Editing events last selectable category in listbox is shown twice. r=Philipp a=clokep
08168dc1fecf7ca8295751683cfe298b56af73eeDecathlon — Bug 1100799 - Edit recurrence dialog: recurrence rule preview doesn't work. r=Philipp
3f79b6396819e52316dc0aa066da6b4cfa53e70fDecathlon — Bug 1073922 - Hard-coded date format in the calendar views. r=philipp
e7fc94abf423190dc074e3ab1e0f921dee352599Josiah Bruner — Bug 1104931 - Create a shared accountProvisioner.css file. r=Paenglab
cc7951cb37a238edb53dd05a5e449e61c9afd6b0Patrick Cloke — Bug 1034971 - Regression: IRC topic not always settable on freshly-joined channels. r=aleth
67fbc8c9e40a0504a92ec5c712b0afbf3dd9f6beJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1099430, part 2: Delete unnecessary auxiliary config makefiles, r=glandium, a=jcranmer
7254179a9d7d8fcb6b6847e31f82847fc309c69cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1099430, part 1: Proxy the config/* makefiles to mozilla-central, r=glandium.
cd681dd9d73d06eb687aefa8230575c5fd7ff96cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1099430, part 0: Miscellaneous fixes to use mozilla-central's build system, r=glandium.
ca96926af3043084d8dff2abf9751fb84519c58cMark Banner — Bug 1105197 check-sync-dirs is no longer run over build/ vs mozilla/build. r=jcranmer,a=test-only for CLOSED TREE
3ae40fc656931826fc16330f1bf652d77c9d3f7ealeth — Bug 955312 - Add date to message tooltips. r=clokep a=aleth on CLOSED TREE
1760b72458b34af3b7db2b2a9235a90ab8701096aleth — Bug 1106917 - Content font size setting affects various UI elements too, breaking the layout. r=clokep
0e07208d399fcac113ac724525986547a11f20cfaleth — Bug 1106328 - JS-XMPP never sends typing notifications. r=clokep
7ad9619c5ac573d43876a44178592a7401125b13aleth — Bug 1106246 - Improve SASL error messages. r=clokep
4de62824831f112b49ed856c8364aa3bad7bfdb1Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1106349 - Port Bug 1102416 - Add preferences for searchplugins in US region. r=mkmelin a=clokep on a CLOSED TREE
6cf79524832e333e2034571eedb33088b4c3e733Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 910293 - Part 2: Do not use jquery's fadeIn/fadeOut which is the cause of intermittent failures. r=mkmelin
5bc3a836fbc64a0bbd092c5260a136eb4d6addeeHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 910293 - Part 1: Remove jquery methods in test-newmailaccount-helpers.js. r=mkmelin
dd70a4bab768ade09c0a70fc16f59ece537df679Stefan Sitter — Bug 1106585 - Port 'Bug 1094565 - Update sccache to e68dfc2' to comm-central and comm-aurora r=standard8
58d30b444f8c20495dae5eb4d69c8b771898b6b4aleth — Bug 1105889 - Libpurple proxy preferences are broken. r=clokep
3f82c17bf9af93cae3730d546bb0dddda8e5411fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1106346 - Fix compiler error due to nsInsIAlertsService.showAlertNotification change r=mkmelin a=bustage fix CLOSED TREE
b61f86ae229b0f701bf3e9d84699ccc965318757aleth — Bug 1105871 - "Typing" status panel not cleared if a different tab is selected. r=nhnt11 a=aleth
0735d48d5fb396637fa6534faa005a85b93dbe37aleth — Bug 1096590 - Persist typing notifications over link displays in status panel. r=nhnt11
523fa3fa1fd619423f7267fdd2b3b215bcb93d1bMark Banner — Bump versions post merge. a=merges CLOSED TREE