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Mon Oct 13 17:59:18 2014 +0000
b5a0add9fb18e22fde9107c1b072a4c995f3e7e6Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20140902 for changeset 9c4a5f203c8b a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9c4a5f203c8b39aef59f3783504e6d18815475ccNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1061338 Port DELAYLOAD_LDFLAGS from bug 944800 r=Standard8 AURORA_BASE_20140902
11d9268bc3a0f6030aaf547b86a7e3741ac92a0aRichard Marti — Bug 1046318 - Use attachment-col.svg instead of attachment-col.png on Linux. r=josiah,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
247f7020f2ffe17875391de3ea05a1759c2e2f60Edmund Wong — Bug 1052263 - Remove --disable-gio and --enable-gnomevfs from mozconfigs now that bug 794772 has landed. (for linux64) r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE
a355f2afcc44e221e7d6da4133d0f4c167f6d747Mark Banner — Backout bug 1044456 / changeset c6cea1a53ccc due to test failures CLOSED TREE
0ba79665d6fc5502acfc9da33fb32b165fa7e725Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1046998 - Modify test_copyThenMoveManual.js to use Promises. r=rkent,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
c6cea1a53ccc839a469ab24235d7eb714f974e0aSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1044456 - Make test_quarantineFilterMove.js work with maildir. r=rkent
9dc2458b7a794376eb4309db2054aa03172e2508Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1037505 - Fix test_pop3MoveFilter.js failure matching messages. r=rkent
55e20f5f3831e99af01253f2e11b085b7a15849cEdmund Wong — Bug 1052263 - Remove --disable-gio and --enable-gnomevfs from mozconfigs now that bug 794772 has landed. r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE
6db6e229ea45f759c0c5215bf8b4356cd0220b25Ian Neal — Bug 1051006 - install addon doorhanger notifications not displaying r=neil for a CLOSED TREE
213558a410465a89fbad89d8ec83f4438c94f582Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1051862 Bustage fix for missing file rename on a CLOSED TREE
9eff7298d806e437c5a12f2b32ffef84c311ec81Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1059476 Fix more fallout from bug 940506 r=IanN
122b396477d139aea993671a272695cc074e511bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1056635 Deal with the fallout from bug 559505 r=IanN
321bb7922713dca3223815b2ed0dbc0fff239208Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1048979 Search engine icons should be limited to 16px r=stefanh,IanN
cddcddb6f521251e01ceb0ab6adc3a0be8e508dcNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1051862 Fix fallout from bug 983920 r=IanN
b3c614a27da12c062c10cf90047c4038cdf047faNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1060324 Explain why HSTS does not allow certificate overrides r=Ratty
9166ad038db4cecebd00bf44eff409ab7b7c7e76Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1052307 Whitelist XBL bindings applied to untrusted content r=IanN
dc23a5a6112e4649de60efe8bb51e932060724a6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 896947 Use asynchronous version of getCharsetForURI r=IanN
35cf87730d431fd29f40a1a26ff2bfda3c0820dcNeil Rashbrook — Bug 233513 Text zoom in composer r=IanN
2394d3a13705a84d5ebbae179a4505912ac88d1fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1047114 Fix popup blocker fallout from bug 1024391 r=Ratty
58bff661b0f1f773c80f3aad079956c26ba3cf2aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1043589 Fix fallout from login manager e10s changes r=Ratty
ea566228448a55a6e8c778c3af8f80a8720e929aIan Neal — Bug 1049800 - Package extensions into xpis r=callek to fix bustage for SM packing on a CLOSED TREE
688c69340bbe20650edc88a1415bb080988de0c2Ian Neal — Bug 1047981 - Port |Bug 1047924 - When building with ac_add_options --enable-extensions extensions are put expanded into the wrong location in dist/bin| to comm-central r=jcranmer bustage fix for SM packaging for a CLOSED TREE
df5554bd499141dd1b8663fb0be43a845905adaeseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-11 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
fa62b29d72eec58b00aef4775094607a7c4ba445Mark Banner — Port bug 1058565 - Update sccache to 7c87f05. rs=port-by-build-system-peer for CLOSED TREE
d4d8e7466ab4741f2ac8e2576ebc9e878ea9d977Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1060715 Fix test failures in test_biff by swapping the fakeserver code to use a map. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
c9811faef6cb60f2c77b043459c24c269fc477b0Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1059511 Temporarily copy and to fix upload bustage, pending a fuller buildbot fix. rs=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
cfa13d802d6eb39f3103e058dd5520fd60dd4967Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1060258 - Several test failures in gloda due to JS engine changes, r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
51709012662768fc714ab6b1bef5509b1f778c32aleth — Port |Bug 1041886 - Separate Linux sandbox code into its own shared library| for im/. rs=florian
c90567e2d29ce6a17fb5ad2100c53784947db259Florian Quèze — Bug 1060281 - Mac universal build error: " /config/ No such file or directory", rs=Standard8, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
40b2675d18b035c00f76efedac4d377f26cf4434Edmund Wong — Bug 1060186 - Port |Bug 1041886 - Separate Linux sandbox code into its own shared library.| to SeaMonkey. rs=KaiRo over irc ON A CLOSED TREE
d667c0ab56ae4334800e3a950644a536bc80d3b1Mark Banner — Port bug 1041886 - Separate Linux sandbox code into its own shared library. rs=port-by-build-system-peer. bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
bd6c6a5024655d8a27c96f5ce39d2930e1e9b9c2Mark Banner — Bug 1059192 Provide a default value for to help test_searchSuggest.js to pass. r=jcranmer. CLOSED TREE
72c814aef016e085273a6d22268ed91592927f93Joshua Cranmer Bug 1059551 - "Bayesian spam filter won't compile since bug 1057912" r=standard8. a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
81dc14b19c1bad6dea2a919ff139d30660f486d7Richard Marti — Bug 1046563 - Use inverted icons on Classic. r=philipp,r=josiah,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
b18d8a612e53d856bbbfdf9f708fe248c786fe16Thomas Düllmann — Bug 966655 - Add 2px extra height for msgHeadersToolbar to ensure scrollbar-less visibility of recipients per addresswidget.numRowsShownDefault pref. r=Paenglab
2779bb21f0e213dfaa9ff8cf87f97f2403ace996Mark Banner — Partial bustage fix following bug 1057912 landing in m-c - Privatize most of PL_DHashTable's fields - rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
350ababdb84f4bd71b56d2f7cbf43fa949a3d63eMagnus Melin — Bug 1046328 - update certificate exception handling in thunderbird to deal with bug 940506. r=bwinton, a=standard8 for CLOSED TREE
148e7a1145c4b1c5e087074e57c032a8c2c8ac28Magnus Melin — Bug 1008718 - sending to wrong email (list) if "name" is in address book twice and one of them is a list. r=jcranmer, a=standard8 for landing on CLOSED TREE
8f57b03404285702405cfb4516765e5ad83e4193Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1040009 - Run mozilla-central's configure from the objdir, not objdir/mozilla, r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE.
200a55b73ed0329af84705907ab0b29c1079554cRichard Marti — Bug 1057759 - Include brandShortName in restart text. r=bwinton CLOSED TREE
9fbe7a04fc908ec2118312125eecee37499d6625Richard Marti — Bug 1054260 - Make the menubar on Win8 HC themes draggable. r=josiah
43731259d9678e02276bb2af9fc4a6854a343798Richard Marti — Bug 1052071 - Move the #quotaMeter -moz-appearance: none; to Linux and OSX files. r=josiah
c170b4a1a39191d4642906f8045c9293a2dd5c2aRichard Marti — Bug 1041211 - Use box-shadow instead of bottom-border on .mail-toolbox. r=josiah
5d123ee9af68db86141319210bd60dba705e7c5cJames Teh — Bug 934874 - Thunderbird: Header labels in message reader have last letter of aria-label truncated. r=mkmelin
af6a505492c90b8904965b06c2f5fd8f10a1ae52David Lechner — Bug 859269: Fix IMAP listing all folders instead of limiting to directory specified by server_sub_directory preference. r=standard8
94e3688ab02718dd6dddf87077adb730b2ab4513Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1058873 - Switch AccountManager.js from localstore.rdf to xulstore to fix unit test bustage. r=Standard8. CLOSED TREE
8bbfe92295cb6f7d3b5e556d59a50ae3b55b96a9aleth — Bug 1058584 - LIST keeps too many long strings in memory. r=florian,a=Standard8 on a CLOSED TREE
9234fc769ce05d39c1a80b1d9c4bba0d7136a697Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1035844 - logger.js should add its profileBeforeChange blocker on OS.File instead of AsyncShutdown. r=florian
d96abff537094ceb3ab9288642f1b4d46d0a6d88aleth — Bug 955742 - Joining multiple chats at once opens spurious MUC. r=clokep
74fe45baef1e3bca2d9fe98b7d885fab829368d7Patrick Cloke — Bug 1044172 - [Regression] Error "aJID.trim is not a function" when deleting XMPP account. r=nhnt11
2f4be5bad7dbfe239b880e6d71f6ee089de30dc4aleth — Bug 1051510 - Show throbbers on existing conversations already while connecting. r=clokep
2ce83ce96e6d4f81ce79497f2555c79f13b3fcb9aleth — Bug 1048528 - "Reference to undefined property" in ircISUPPORT. r=clokep
a986d200c665825287a5936791482a690d64f220Patrick Cloke — Bug 1058360 - JS Test protocol throwing errors due to normalizedName being incorrect. r=aleth
fa4b68528277938730832ab8856dcf2e2f743232Patrick Cloke — Bug 1057029 - update certificate exception handling in chat to deal with bug 940506. r=florian
13eadd28a2db8402c2e4bc91fa0636adb9cd5cc1Patrick Cloke — Bug 955677 - Nick truncated if already in use during connection registration. r=aleth
ffc5f8d15fdc996fb53620de6f28fb10eef2b5e1Patrick Cloke — Bug 1048678 - Implement CTCP Client Info command. r=aleth
0d764ea93ecf4f283fb1925ff11b8bb01ada8950Patrick Cloke — Bug 955389 - Instantbird does not connect to r=aleth
e8a8ea8846341e7592cebfe3530a68c71989e0aePatrick Cloke — Bug 950335 - "Force encryption" changed by "Use encryption if available" after XMPP wizard. r=florian,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
b8cf976ad54819a885bd6687ba6ac571ee6d2b60Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1052327 - Fix crash caused by buffer overrun. r=irving,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
f54bd01f595b76e980d6661b7316fd8738b10119Mark Banner — Fix build bustage from bug 1057224 landing in m-c - specify correct class name to MOZ_COUNT_DTOR. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
6de50b0bccabbe0617ed979bbbe3b295c0479a6bMark Banner — Bug 1057847 - Fix some more xpcshell-test failures due to warnings in the system logs. r=jcranmer. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
36c9d843cb526e2171df1f0332257c8f44db7ec6Mark Banner — Port Bug 1057119 - Update sccache to 6938a9b. rs=port-by-build-system-peer. CLOSED TREE
9102ae15a0cca905d6922ea43a678a29c2fad567Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1057708 - Remove non-existent LOCAL_INCLUDES from comm-central, r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE.
a9c8d9e84dce173a247b1e472fc841bb72812852Mark Banner — Port bug 1038991 - DevTools security cert generator - rs=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
8bd04e4b6455b8871ffc5c6605c23e7ea67d2b49Mark Banner — Port bug 1021172 - Electrolysis (e10s) support for requestAutocomplete. rs=build-system-port-by-peer to fix some xpcshell bustage CLOSED TREE
db0269c8f5d35ee3038b723493a9a6234424ed5dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1055926: Add mozinfo packages to the virtualenv for mozmill, r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
1b8fb8d0d4daa8ad5f2445e3af262d0078ac3f18Mark Banner — Port Bug 1045923 - Update sccache to 4d312f8 - rs=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
ee1865b10af3e079331c54905d8bd9f638278911seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-11 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
cca76b9791f9c3825c42b022ddad2fe94f606308Ian Neal — Bug 1057478 - Port bug 899585 modifying nsIAlertsService to mailnews r=rkent for bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE
c977dce19121bdcdcfd62a66f051ccd92abefba1rkent — Bug 1057537, nsImapMailFolder is not an nsIRequestObserver r=IanN bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE
05558e22489b7daa92ea1836f38770e33cd5c846Ian Neal — Bustage fix for Bug 1052948 - Port |Bug 968642 - Port RCFILE and RESFILE to| to im r=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
294bb38f35c632e5d158976dae95965a76c025d1aleth — Bug 1057410 - Move from localstore.rdf to xulStore following its depreciation in Bug 559505. r=florian
aabbc0dc1a97c061ee0e0203a1239b230128708cRichard Marti — Bug 1056948 - Port bug 559505 to c-c. Add the XULStore files to r=jcranmer a=jcranmer on CLOSED TREE
69dd558de5f9f4aae643cd8192a02379ffde5007Robert Kaiser — Bug 1006615 - Update extensions.blocklist.itemURL and extensions.blocklist.url to new blocklist domain, r=Standard8,Neil,jason a=Callek,jcranmer for pushing on CLOSED TREE
7f66f3c6a7dbf19fc9d5b0503430661a9f45971fPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1022418 - Add new locales to all-locales/shipped-locales: cy. r/a=philipp CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
bb2653b78031d7561d40a49a765da65ac82d3c5bEdmund Wong — Bug 902876 - No SeaMonkey langpacks (or localized builds) since 26th July 2013. r=Callek in a CLOSED TREE
83833290ba773e1c1e914201ad6ea31c7024f0d2Edmund Wong — Bug 1047975 - Re-enable gstreamer and pulseaudio in suite's mozconfigs. r=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
45acc039fecd6501c7c2dbb4c2ee9d295e02471eIan Neal — Bug 1054526 - Move LDFLAGS / WIN32_EXE_LDFLAGS out of Makefiles for c-c r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
20f1d86420b904ab7dfd310eeb8b97d97abe695aIan Neal — Bug 1053444 - Remove MOZ_APP_COMPONENT_MODULES from comm-central r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
5c7fab2d17abe1ff9f655523b0e98e0a2b80a989Ian Neal — Bug 1052948 - Port |Bug 968642 - Port RCFILE and RESFILE to| to im r=clokep NPODB okay on CLOSED TREE
9281c70c7224db6e2c47e1675fca425f02b466b2Ian Neal — Bug 1052943 - Move additions to C*FLAGS into and do not link against the static RTL r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
bdc8535ce585fd9ef76402865fc2b3d6535fb338Ian Neal — Bug 1054536 - Port *FLAG and related changes to r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
aee44e448cebbad33a357808cbb078c35c54ec86Ian Neal — Bug 1054727 - Port |Bug 1042432 - Change how UPLOAD_EXTRA_FILES is passed down from mozconfig.cache to the build system| and |Bug 991976 - Only fail creating once| to comm-central r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE bustage fix
45740935777901f9368b450b96b165f9ab86bbddseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c8f5d9af85495dbccc1499011d37110f8f77d561Mark Banner — Port Bug 1044458 - Work around l10n jobs cherry-picking parts of the build system. rs=port-by-build-system-peer. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
9057391af24bda9fd5251a85e7b9a2e704a02723Mark Banner — Port Bug 462427 - CROSS_COMPILE should not be required when cross compiling. rs=port-by-builds-system-peer,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
c61b65c5397ae53e594af4925194905558541a8bEdmund Wong — Bug 1052262 - Disable --elf-hack until bug 788974 is fixed. r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE
350e8c99b33c446bc421a831be1cab8e72f421b7Florian Quèze — Bug 1035599: Merge the mozilla-central and comm-central objdir - follow-up to fix update packaging in im/, rs=bustage-fix.
7ad2fba944f14b1beb4468bf583d2e3851844b47Ian Neal — Bug 1050086 - C-c needs a "port" of bug 1047267 r=jcranmer a=for CLOSED TREE
7a18986c067151991f84deb11fcf98421cd1d8c4Ian Neal — Bug 1049935 - Port |Bug 1045783 - move OS_LIBS += $(call EXPAND_LIBNAME,...) calls to| to comm-central r=jcranmer a=for CLOSED TREE
e2bbde5251cf771c504b96d8aaa82e4a3e691a81Ian Neal — Bug 1049936 - Port |Bug 1046784 - move -DNOMINMAX definitions to| to comm-central r=standard8 a=for CLOSED TREE
55ef732fc9617a7eacf7e6f9678ed6d284bf73c7Ian Neal — Bug 1051619 - Port |Bug 914274 - Remove MODULE_NAME| to comm-central r=jcranmer a=for CLOSED TREE
c92946ba1b289a6ca2ce27938ff1a88a94ebcd8aIan Neal — Bug 1048042 - Port |Bug 780159 - Remove obsolete REGCHROME| and |Bug 935387 - Remove non recursed install targets| to comm-central - REGCHROME part r=standard8 a=for CLOSED TREE
56a8f8fca711670e01322ef519d9419e18dd6e9fIan Neal — Bug 1046826 - Use m-c's config/makefiles/ in c-c's r=jcranmer a=for CLOSED TREE
c485bd6ba728520a0885e5c8a36c55a2306ccea1Mark Banner — Port Bug 718391 - Package the js shell only if MOZ_PACKAGE_JSSHELL is defined - rs=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
3c377dcfb242f8d21d24e16598a5c0a0c6ff4ee1Florian Quèze — Bug 1035599: Merge the mozilla-central and comm-central objdir - follow-up to fix im/, r=clokep.
f299fe99916d8530e8bfc55ac861387a3df45889Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1052985 - Fix windows manifest build issues by tweaking the WIN_TOP_SRC path for what c-c needs. r=Standard8. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
98424ae56003022981fb1d7fd93db08746385f21Mark Banner — Bug 1052602 Fix various strict/warnings in gloda land and others to fix some xpcshell-tests. r=jcranmer. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
858177b04fd96fcc15587d868fd72d0f78c1c418Ian Neal Bug 1050086 - Port |Bug 1047267 - Move EXTRA_LIBS to| to im. r=clokep
41799ab864139f0bcd635d9b2ebaa8f58373b17cMark Banner — Bug 1035599: Merge the mozilla-central and comm-central objdir - follow-up to fix Mac universal builds with Lightning, rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
cb779d2d4181e32c6aafba70d8909d7105e9e7ccFlorian Quèze — Bug 1035599: Merge the mozilla-central and comm-central objdir - follow-up to fix Mac universal builds, rs=Standard8, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE.
07a89a7ca9bc246db817277e1796cc47175d6dc5Mark Banner — Backed out changeset c0fcfbab6ff1 / port of bug 718391 due to build bustage on CLOSED TREE
c0fcfbab6ff1feabd134568798c762c701ce998eMark Banner — Port Bug 718391 - Package the js shell only if MOZ_PACKAGE_JSSHELL is defined - rs=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
f9e88f13f80186de02a455f1f82cbea10b0611f3Justin Wood — Bug 1047715 - Fix mozconfigs to enable building. r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE.
e522d49c397757b2ef9564ae9177f4002c8ba1beMark Banner — No bug. Fix some general xpcshell failures and warnings. rs=jcranmer over irc for bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
d45a97508921ce29357c58c83788b186d503773eJoshua Cranmer — Port bug 970727 (move DEFFILE to to comm-central, r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
5acb98d2b4fc8eac28c02fdbdf04b227cf086a82Mark Banner — Backout part of changeset 92c9c2e35e8b as it was already in the file. CLOSED TREE
92c9c2e35e8b0fa3a0c5d0eed6bc8ed1d10f6abaMark Banner — Port manifest changes from bug 1020440, bug 1023484 and bug 1020865 for form autocomplete changes. rs=port-by-build-system-peer on CLOSED TREE
320e197c11d53430214cafdcdff093a988b31047Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1042294 - crash NS_ProxyRelease(nsIEventTarget*, nsISupports*, bool) during import. r=Standard8,a=Standard8 for landing release-affecting patch on CLOSED TREE
649bbb4119ba24512c66147a754b5e5c39171028Philip Chee — Bug 1041317 - Package form.requestAutocomplete components, r=mcsmurf
4905832f2fce80f49a9791e2000ed6a79cee4362Philip Chee — Bug 1047519 - Remove the old Content Security Policy component from (Port Bug 994782), r=mcsmurf
871de9d0d930f712c99bf3cd2db369e6afc4e442seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
3de19029ba4d64c15336d78a2d441667448cd7d2Mark Banner — Fix xpcshell-test bustage from 8f2cd683cba7. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
4e22d0e24362704410b139fe5de561983ced5c0bMark Banner — Fix build bustage due to 'error: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true [-Werror=type-limits]' after bug 1018288 landing in m-c. Part 2. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
8f2cd683cba7df5a499e4dc07d9df94365238963Mark Banner — Fix build bustage due to 'error: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true [-Werror=type-limits]' after bug 1018288 landing in m-c. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
3b38205f1883fa1bc47573c2ffa6e55e2b9a1f2bMark Banner — Bug 1050708 buildid no longer being set on Thunderbird comm-central builds - port to use application.ini.h to load and avoid the previous work arounds. r=pending-review-from-jcranmer-for-mainly-build-system-peer-port. CLOSED TREE
53be54f7311aea3967ef936b2feeaf3106ce9f9aJoshua Cranmer — Port bug 1050009 to comm-central, rs=Standard, a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
949e0465b1c39f629dc4e2ecb1d9cf607432d0c3Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1035599: Merge the mozilla-central and comm-central objdir, r=Standard8, a=me for CLOSED TREE
1c0a95ffa495895fbfe341148658f1230e3f57daMike Hommey — Bug 1049249 - Remove app_libxul_dirs on a CLOSED TREE. r=jcranmer
b41ea6d553587468900fb07eac619e2e968f7438Mike Hommey — Bug 1049247 - Remove app_libxul_static_dirs. r=jcranmer
c6e6b13f53196b81aa7b059e04526669fa944ec6Ian Neal — Bug 1048042 - Port |Bug 780159 - Remove obsolete REGCHROME| and |Bug 935387 - Remove non recursed install targets| to comm-central r=standard8 not part of standard build a=CLOSED TREE
ca8e0f9aa2cd3810b229b0fff58866447fac4100Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1049201 - Nighly builds broken due to incorrect manifest paths. r=ssitter,a=bustage CLOSED TREE
f734b640be1100e16e18eee66f7b1b8f4b4eebe9Mark Banner — Bug 1039798 Fix permanent orange by turning off animation for the contact panel in tests. r=mkmelin,a=bustage fix on CLOSED TREE
f4fb90bd05f788ad320633be46eb636163d7a9aePhilip Chee — Bug 986548 - Fix for SeaMonkey 2.25 always crashes when trying to access email r= Neil a=IanN for comm-aurora comm-beta comm-release a=crashfix CLOSED TREE
314d2f8b8de60c3b4b30342085da08508942335baleth — Bug 1048524 - "Function does not always return a value" warning in TagMenu. r=florian
c05e65ecf57371b41ec6ef3cae57caa599d733b6Ian Neal — Bug 1048561 - Fix up after landing of Bug 1043041 - Replace use of NSPR's PRTime with a safer type in mozilla::pkix r=briansmith a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
e78232714abc1631296a08a671e306e0bb6059b9Joshua Cranmer — Port bug 1045128 to comm-central, rs=port by build peer, a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE.
84a56d830971737793696a92a18a4385332cf350Florian Quèze — Port 'Bug 957220, part 4: Make the Windows installer work under mozilla-central' to im/, rs=bustage-fix.
7b92fe9c340837dee858497513d752e24fdd9976Edmund Wong — Bug 794772 - Port |Bug 713802 - Build with GIO support (and drop GnomeVFS)| to SeaMonkey. r=IanN in a CLOSED TREE
ded747d05c3df4d068bafe0ec3332f164702e5e0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f9940e7c5614b802b0318e1079697dffc0de27b5Edmund Wong — Bug 1047715 - Update suite's mozconfigs to support Mock gcc changes. r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE
328d90cafea02f33f8f506b52caad1ad4b6e0e47Edmund Wong — Bug 1047715 - Backed out changeset ed06f56783b2 (used wrong gcc version) in a CLOSED TREE
ed06f56783b2c785b6b28253f1e64677bbaee322Edmund Wong — Bug 1047715 - Update suite's mozconfigs to support Mock gcc changes. r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE
3045e237ddd79571b689ab848f23cc39123f2471aceman — Bug 1015774 - remove reportError call from errUtils.js::dumpException so that logException does not show the same exception to Error console twice. r=Neil,a=Standard8 for checkin to CLOSED TREE to try and bump builders
0a9220b19bbb3b1942f20be1dc3c65440ec9ce84Philip Chee — Bug 1047537 - Remove the old Content Security Policy component from (Port Bug 994782) r=clokep a=bustage fix
5aa8045896ef1708b1968c6b992ae90e4e133d65Mark Banner — Port bug 994782 - Remove the old Content Security Policy parser, CSPUtils.jsm and tie-in logic - to try and fix bustage rs=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
9594eef26b92b5621dda6cd0480fe70db997f5aeIan Neal — Bug 1045026 - Cannot use "thunderbird" as PROGRAM name, because it is already used in mail/components/search/mdimporter r=standard8 for a CLOSED TREE
321473e98f56c0574514296206a19e1fdf242213Ian Neal — Bug 1046638 - Port |Bug 1044162 - make install locations for EXTRA_{PP_,}JS_MODULES better| to comm-central r=standard8 for a CLOSED TREE
400d3f9380fb71bcea42d763cdfc1f53cfe83470Ian Neal — Bug 1046468 - toolkit/library has an inter-dependency on ldap for comm-central that it needs to be told about in the world r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
f200e20f0ea9739b812204a913c82751d29c0d7cIan Neal — Bug 1044460 - Port relevant changes from Bug 1043344 for moving libraries and programs build to the compile tier r=standard8 for a CLOSED TREE
20c91ae13439e7e25be0928b79ac058d2a325b4daleth — Bug 1046414 - Add tooltips to the about panel. r=florian
df1638ab2691d4ffcc13c6bf9a7f533076cfa059Mark Banner — Follow-up to port of bug 943728 - fix quotes for the thunderbird.ico location. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
15d55c37468fb582004183b1824986003f3e3beeMark Banner — Port Bug 943728 - Replace double quotes with single quotes in Makefiles (or remove them when it makes sense) - to try and fix L10n build bustage. r=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
1c846ed38e1b2bda600d245fb3afb5c17f849960Mark Banner — Port remaining parts of bug 525438 - l10n-merge doesn't merge all files, make targets work with PRETTY_NAMES, too. Adding a l10n-checks target for a dummy repack - r=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
97961159190150c7fa92d816bfdf8003a1b76369Mark Banner — Bug 1044999 No L10n builds for Thunderbird for aurora/central due to not allowing --skip-venkman. r=Callek,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
2932bda9c1f62640f17d73406c4c97f5754062b0Mayank Kumar — Bug 1044031 - Top and middle border doesn't match in user icon webcam panel. r=aleth
7315912081de98b4073fd2a86a74899b151280b8Josiah Bruner — Bug 1044439 - Fix build regressions caused by bug 1038537. Partial bustage fix for a CLOSED TREE. r=jcranmer
081763357a8f80a4b10c59312a56cf08c3f370f2seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
5b95a462eb16865779250b5475cf808bfb332e46Ian Neal Bug 1043019 - "Port |Bug 1036894 - Move in-tree library linkage information to| and |Bug 1041936 - Allow static library definitions to depend on shared libraries| to comm-central" r=jcranmer, a=jcranmer for CLOSED TREE
88d7bd10ce427a7b81d6ca98d69e7e4dc4b0bb8aIan Neal Bug 1043040 - "Port |Bug 1036694 - merge nsIMarkupDocumentViewer into nsIContentViewer| to comm-central" r=Neil
5ce2f8e2ce94efb509bf2f9e662500cc184fdb31Patrick Cloke — Remove from for im. rs/a=im-only-bustage-fix
1b51a4f02a6225dfc63358ecada825db851c1847Florian Quèze — Bug 1043045 - Port |Bug 1036894 - Move in-tree library linkage information to| to im. r=clokep a=im-only-bustage-fix
b533b6092f82033ccb87ae63da80b5286c97be1cFlorian Quèze — Update the linux Instantbird mozconfigs for the migration to CentOS6 slaves, a=im/-only.
f78f8897c4ccf4de1c9bd23204fd52eae004c6b7Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1042849 - Remove Serbian [sr] from /calendar/locales/shipped-locales. a=philipp DONTBUILD
74269aa54a8450e599ca74759d26967fa9faca20Reid Anderson — Bug 1042125 - Make the CalDAV provider async safe. r=philipp, a=me
3280f8215f89e4c6c4b77ebf7feefe16e5ba0037Mayank Kumar — Bug 1042040 - Define a function to generate unique ID for XML Stanza which MUST have uniquely generated id/sid. r=aleth
8c83b0799edf2f2154381c4d5d0a1fdff477289dSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1024053 - Modify test_quarantineFilterMove.js to use Promises. r=rkent
acb745a4d796d46cf9dcb64db402257b6570305fEdmund Wong — Bug 1038588 - DebuggerServer's closeListener() has been changed to closeAllListeners(). r=philipp a=jcranmer
42281e0027ee8c1a11e9dbf43e77025a8e770725Magnus Melin — Bug 1041475 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | mozmill/content-tabs/test-install-xpi.js | test-install-xpi.js::test_install_corrupt_xpi + test-install-xpi.js::test_install_xpi_offer + test-install-xpi.js::test_xpinstall_disabled + test-install-xpi.js::test_xpinstall_actually_i (port bug 952201). r=mconley, a=jcranmer
497d165dcae9024e07dfcae1e75699d811b5e65eRichard Marti — Bump versions post merge. a=RyanVM
4f2a2efc1c8224c1ee31c23850d64475bb3f21e3rsx11m — Bug 1038323 - Clear Recent History menuitem doesn't have a keyboard shortcut. r=mkmelin, a=me
6f4b4eb1bfcda4464a1c9a26e6318a3066b979f5Richard Marti — Bug 1037795 - OCSP preferences UI: port bug 1034360 to Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
9a79c678424de0ae0af49df4fa29e568c2ea09edJosiah Bruner — Bug 1037751 - Use white graphics for the phishing icons. r=Paenglab
724ba423ec98efc2d7608f7174ddea4208d04dabPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1000535 - Lightning frequently prompts for access to Google Calendar. r=merike, a=philipp
00d92d418c2f5ddc3e1a51c7920378af8ee64d17Ryan VanderMeulen — Port recent changes from bug 978211 to c-c to fix check-sync-dirs orange. a=me