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Sun Aug 11 12:08:18 2019 +0000
799f475c3fc52cfc9eb8c3d5b87e7a0006790b7bFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1571287 - Add isShowingJunkNotification for LookOut add-on. DONTBUILD r=IanN a=IanN SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH tip
Mon Jul 15 16:13:42 2019 +0000
6b30146aa4117616f2570fe192eaad1938fa5416Ian Neal — Bug 1550780 - Follow-up: Split the linux and win32 lines in shipped-locales. r=frg a=frg DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
da9c66f72f50f2f55195926ed0b7bce4b76ac4beFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1475799 - Follow-up: Move preferences not used by localizers from branding to prefs and update l10n tags. r=IanN a=IanN SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
5cf3e0e5e5b1dac295de52fb7b21628ab5b42eb3Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1554929 - Add back trailing spaces for l10n bookmarks. r=IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
3227bef590b8771914e24ea7be5981ddd4c7f154Ravi Shankar — Bug 1153671 - Part 3: Remove non-standard for-each-in from suite/. r=Ian,Ratty a=ewong DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
f36daf7e1905a52393c528eec9527a624fa3663dJorg K — Bug 1510028 - Add null check to avoid crash due to nsDependentCString(null). r=mkmelin a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
d5fd2f836c7b2b51c5edabce77c14e6775c094f0Jorg K — Bug 594239 - Follow-up: Don't pass null to nsDependentCString. r=me a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
a56d8703036ee1524567c7ae2b4815dce76034c9Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 594239 - Fix arguments of Simple MAPI functions that should be LPSTR. r=jorgk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
d4892a924deb1d5bf6ee18c97a8cefa2bce4be92aceman — Bug 1481417 - Part 5: Fix warnings and remove ALLOW_COMPILER_WARNINGS = True or replace it with something more specific in mailnews/mapi. r=jorgk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
26ae3f45fae7b2ed7437020cbf87c145a1d2ff12Jorg K — Bug 1481326 - Follow-up: Remove another unused variable. rs=bustage-fix a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
4d7eafc90bf274013dda28ab354fd337ab5131a2Jorg K — Bug 1481326 - fix some clang-cl warnings and allow others. rs=bustage-fix a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
cfe276973c7f00c7f5853cd8097bbe5ce204aa5eMike Kaganski — Bug 1521007 - Follow-up: also check for UTF-8 when copying file path. r=jorgk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
fa3e7ed92bf35db83b093e7777340670d06fe8ffJorg K — Bug 1521007 - Follow-up: fix variable name of UTF-8 indicator. r=me a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
6cd49b52996d490fd533ce433d88a5cdd907945dMike Kaganski — Bug 1521007 - Support UTF-8 encoded MAPI data to avoid broken document names when sending documents from MS Word. r=jorgk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
8172fe05882cf42de2eac87d6d315ace70c5d4daMike Kaganski — Bug 1048658 - Implement MAPISendMailW(). r=jorgk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
85b1819ab625bf70a80dddac8d4687f02d805181Mike Kaganski — Bug 393302 - Correct memory handling in MAPISendMail() and CMapiImp::SendMail() to fix "Send to > Mail Recipient" crash. r=jorgk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
8db1b7bb3957e05d5d4d9390a9f1a11fcdd43a07Jorg K — Bug 1505315 - Use NS_CopyNativeToUnicode() in MAPI to respect Windows code page. r=emk a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
cb7e2c0d38be0d7b2dfb3136d2de433d9879fa15Jorg K — Bug 1410973 - make nsMsgI18NFileSystemCharset() return an nsCString and related clean-up. r=erahm a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
3d893021229caef57831f03b40960a4b3bc2736dJorg K — Bug 1402750 - Use Assign('') and Append('') for single character literals. r=aceman a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
9f8d76a9368bf80d151971e7756fe72e58b3e432Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1475799 - Follow-up: Move preferences not used by localizers from branding to prefs and update l10n tags. r=IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
546ccdc72f035626d3e286b8b85edf98bb4b1152Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1475799 - Change add-ons location in SeaMonkey to and clean up default bookmarks and other references. r=IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
2000e8c0a698caa7d2c52a4a5e11b562c2df18a4Ian Neal — Bug 1510780 - Add distribution to SeaMonkey locales Makefile. r=frg a=frg DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
30f931e2beb44a76a61ef289d214a78ebeb85d95Ian Neal — Bug 1550775 - Add repack to SeaMonkey locales Makefile. r=frg a=frg DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
908f70442daa21da7c272ade9cec99204b235437Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1512882 - Fixup for SeaMonkey 2.49.x release branch. r=IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
3fe8be0e3a645eb17b5e4ac6902677014102706dFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1512882 - Restore building extensions in SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
Thu Jun 13 19:58:55 2019 +0000
32ca9eea4f9bcdc7c0ab7b95c4a3358f6ef8d33aFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1234651 - Check view targets for possible unsafe content. r=IanN a=IanN DONTBUILD SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
Sun May 12 12:33:15 2019 +0000
341e6b4a9882faea9905dd4a85024f0c21589999Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1549391 - Do no show the notification for an expired build if the updater is not available. r=IanN a=IanN default
3636dfc6f54f123fa9437c38c94d1e0fcc5abd71Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1546747 - Remove references to non existing element alwaysAcceptSession in cookie preferences. r=IanN a=IanN
Mon Feb 04 02:21:03 2019 +0000
fa67a1ccc37729b3e3f748dab7099972c8f197fcseabld — Added tag SEAMONKEY_2_49_5_RELEASE for changeset 9ded7fecdfce. CLOSED TREE a=release SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
833f021a32e1201ac33755288f2fe1a09bb3536fseabld — Added tag SEAMONKEY_2_49_5_BUILD1 for changeset 9ded7fecdfce. CLOSED TREE a=release SEAMONKEY_2_49_ESR_RELBRANCH
Mon Jan 14 22:52:00 2019 +0000
659c9551e19da6a7a719e656ea8d899f53152ea7Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1519902 - Use current document for imageCache.findEntryProperties(). r=IanN a=IanN
Mon Jan 14 09:35:25 2019 +0000
2cb6da32d02e059f48bfc73864855d057fa73b62Edmund Wong — Bug 1512882 - Update VS tooltool packages for VS2017 15.9.5. r=frg a=IanN