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Thu Mar 13 13:32:05 2014 +0000
290d7629194add69294a15c87fe79b6d9fe33546Magnus Melin — Bug 968270 - Thunderbird no longer automatically BCC's myself when replying to myself (unless it's the actual sent mail that has the original bcc header set) r=irving, sr+a=standard8
50a3490ab365cc5344f43f7d59b220ab4144dbabMark Banner — Bustage fix follow-up to bug 969358. a=bustage-fix
5d0f4ea39b13631d367d1427bf593c950e3c9a44Magnus Melin — Bug 969358 - Reply-All on an email I previously sent To:myself with Bcc:others has no recipients. r=irving, r+a=standard8
a27ee7a01aace6cba897d63656947ea8ea370e5eaceman — Bug 883540 - Fix text color button in composer to work again after saving msg as draft. r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
29eb1bad3a822ec71d0bf8556677d4cf3be400efRichard Marti — Bug 929279 - Starred messages (with black star) much harder to see in Thunderbird 24. r+ui-r=Josiah,a=Standard8
93ad0f9b2190eac66ea92e51e5e9dab68227cb49aceman — Bug 946669 - Refresh "trust junk mail headers set by" menulist items in junk settings properly (not accumulating them). r=IanN, r=Neil, r=mkmelin, a=Standard8
3d10c55e0ec2999b98921db4ae6e3fa34b9d073cRichard Marti — Bug 876635 - Thunderbird cannot be dragged on always active menubar. r=JosiahOne,a=Standard8
398539608a8b04ad8efa6dbae0dda392302d84a5Magnus Melin — Bug 919247 - crash in nsMsgDBView::SetThreadIgnored(nsIMsgThread*, unsigned int, bool). r+a=standard8
f98c23e31b024dc14ee3c2d5d813e2c8302fd9f4aceman — Bug 885538 - Fix clang compile failure in nsMsgSearchTerm.cpp by using an empty string instead of null pointer. r=rkent, a=Standard8