Bug 396417 - apply missing hunk from the patch
authorPhilipp Kewisch <mozilla@kewis.ch>
Sun, 15 Jan 2012 11:40:09 +0100
changeset 10422 069ae74f83d93204992ca0ec9aba28902091a9cb
parent 10421 25f87dd2453f478a05b64e21e4d24cf5f1efc5b3
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Bug 396417 - apply missing hunk from the patch
--- a/calendar/resources/content/datetimepickers/datetimepickers.xml
+++ b/calendar/resources/content/datetimepickers/datetimepickers.xml
@@ -259,19 +259,16 @@
          and the onblur and onkeypress commands navigate to this kDatePicker.
          xul:Textbox contains an xul:hbox which contains html:input.
          Onkeypress and onblur are not documented attributes of xul:textbox,
          but become attributes of the html:input.
          Not clear how to navigate from the textbox to the input, otherwise 
          could put kDatePicker property on the input element.
          [document.getAnonymousNodes(textBox) fails as of Moz1.7b]).
          So navigate parents to textbox in order to call parseTextBoxDate.
-         [Note: minimonth onmonthchange reshows parent popup to fix title 
-         month/year (bug 973914).  minimonth onpopuplisthidden reshows parent 
-         popup to avoid freeze (bug 278877).]
          [this comment is outside the <content> so it won't become a
          node that interferes with navigation to interior nodes.] -->
       <stylesheet src="chrome://calendar/content/widgets/calendar-widget-bindings.css"/>
       <xul:hbox flex="1" id="hbox" class="datepicker-box-class">
         <xul:menulist editable="true" sizetopopup="false"