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#ifndef __nsAbLDIFService_h
#define __nsAbLDIFService_h

#include "nsIAbLDIFService.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsIMdbRow;

class nsAbLDIFService : public nsIAbLDIFService

  virtual ~nsAbLDIFService();
  nsresult        str_parse_line(char *line, char **type, char **value, int *vlen) const;
  char *          str_getline(char **next) const;
  nsresult        GetLdifStringRecord(char* buf, PRInt32 len, PRInt32& stopPos);
  void            AddLdifRowToDatabase(PRBool aIsList);
  void            AddLdifColToDatabase(nsIMdbRow* newRow, char* typeSlot, char* valueSlot, PRBool bIsList);
  void            ClearLdifRecordBuffer();
  void            SplitCRLFAddressField(nsCString &inputAddress, nsCString &outputLine1, nsCString &outputLine2) const;

  PRBool          mStoreLocAsHome;
  nsCString       mLdifLine;
  PRInt32         mLFCount;
  PRInt32         mCRCount;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIAddrDatabase> mDatabase;