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downloadHeadersTitlePrefix=Download Headers
downloadHeadersInfoText=There are %S new message headers to download for this newsgroup.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE ( htmlNewsError ): In the following item, translate only "Error!" and "newsgroup server responded:"
htmlNewsError=<H1>Error!</H1>newsgroup server responded: 
# LOCALIZATION NOTE ( articleExpired ): In the following item, translate only "Perhaps the article has expired"
articleExpired=<B><P>Perhaps the article has expired</P></B>
removeExpiredArtLinkText=Click here to remove all expired articles
cancelDisallowed=This message does not appear to be from you.  You may only cancel your own posts, not those made by others.
cancelConfirm=Are you sure you want to cancel this message?
messageCancelled=Message cancelled.
enterUsername=Please enter a username for news server access:
enterPassword=Please enter a password for news server access:
enterPasswordTitle=News Server Password Required

noNewMessages=There are no new messages on the server.
downloadingHeaders=Downloading %S of %S headers
downloadingArticles=Downloading articles %S-%S
bytesReceived=Downloading newsgroups: %S received (%SKB read at %SKB/sec)
checkingForNewNews=Checking newsgroup %S of %S on %S for new messages
downloadingArticlesForOffline=Downloading articles %S-%S in %S

onlyCancelOneMessage=You can only cancel one article at a time.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (autoUnsubscribeText): %1$S is the newsgroup and %2$S is the newsgroup-server it is being removed from.
autoUnsubscribeText=The newsgroup %1$S does not appear to exist on the host %2$S.  Would you like to unsubscribe from it?

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (autoSubscribeText): %1$S is the newsgroup.
autoSubscribeText=Would you like to subscribe to %1$S?

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (Error -304): In the following item, don't translate "NNTP"
# Error - server error
## @loc None
-304=A News (NNTP) error occurred:  

# Error - newsgroup scan error
## @loc None
-305=A News error occurred.  The scan of all newsgroups is incomplete.  Try to View All Newsgroups again

# Error - NNTP authinfo failure
## @loc None
-260=An authorization error occurred.  Please try entering your name and/or password again.

# Error - TCP error
## @name TCP_ERROR
## @loc None
-206=A communications error occurred.  Try connecting again.  TCP Error: