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<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin/" type="text/css"?>

<!DOCTYPE dialog SYSTEM "chrome://messenger/locale/migration/migration.dtd" >
<wizard id="migrationWizard"
        style="width: 40em;"

  <script type="application/x-javascript" src="chrome://messenger/content/migration/migration.js"/>
  <stringbundle id="bundle" src="chrome://messenger/locale/migration/"/>
  <wizardpage id="importSource" pageid="importSource" next="selectProfile"
#ifdef XP_WIN
    <label control="importSourceGroup">&importFromWin.label;</label>
    <label control="importSourceGroup">&importFromNonWin.label;</label>
    <radiogroup id="importSourceGroup">
      <radio id="seamonkey" label="&importFromSeamonkey.label;" accesskey="&importFromSeamonkey.accesskey;"/>

#ifdef XP_WIN
      <radio id="oexpress"  label="&importFromOExpress.label;"  accesskey="&importFromOExpress.accesskey;"/>
      <radio id="outlook"   label="&importFromOutlook.label;"   accesskey="&importFromOutlook.accesskey;"/>

      <radio id="dogbert"   label="&importFromNetscape4.label;" accesskey="&importFromNetscape4.accesskey;"/>

#ifdef XP_UNIX
#ifdef XP_MACOSX
      <radio id="eudora"    label="&importFromEudora.label;"    accesskey="&importFromEudora.accesskey;"/>

#ifdef XP_WIN
      <radio id="eudora"    label="&importFromEudora.label;"    accesskey="&importFromEudora.accesskey;"/>
      <radio id="nothing"   label="&importFromNothing.label;"   accesskey="&importFromNothing.accesskey;" hidden="true"/>

  <wizardpage id="selectProfile" pageid="selectProfile" label="&selectProfile.title;"
              onpageshow="return MigrationWizard.onSelectProfilePageShow();"
              onpagerewound="return MigrationWizard.onSelectProfilePageRewound();"
              onpageadvanced="return MigrationWizard.onSelectProfilePageAdvanced();">
    <label control="profiles">&selectProfile.label;</label>
    <radiogroup id="profiles" align="left"/>

  <wizardpage id="importItems" pageid="importItems" label="&importItems.title;"
              onpageshow="return MigrationWizard.onImportItemsPageShow();"
              onpagerewound="return MigrationWizard.onImportItemsPageAdvanced();"
              onpageadvanced="return MigrationWizard.onImportItemsPageAdvanced();"
    <vbox id="dataSources" style="overflow: auto; -moz-appearance: listbox" align="left" flex="1"/>

  <wizardpage id="migrating" pageid="migrating" label="&migrating.title;"
    <separator class="thin"/> 
    <vbox id="migratingItems" class="indent" style="overflow: auto;" flex="1" align="left"/>
    <separator class="thin"/> 

      <progressmeter class="progressmeter-statusbar" id="progressBar"  flex="1" mode="normal" value="0"/>


  <wizardpage id="done" pageid="done" label="&done.title;"
    <separator class="thin"/>    
    <vbox id="doneItems" class="indent" style="overflow: auto;" align="left"/>