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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsILDAPOperation;
interface nsILDAPMessageListener;
interface nsILDAPURL;


[scriptable, uuid(360c1ff7-15e3-4ffe-b4b8-0eda72ebc096)]
interface nsILDAPConnection : nsISupports
     * the string version of lderrno
    readonly attribute wstring errorString;

     * DN to bind as.  use the init() method to set this.
     * @exception NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY
    readonly attribute AUTF8String bindName;
     * private parameter (anything caller desires)
    attribute nsISupports closure;

     * Set up the connection.  Note that init() must be called on a thread
     * that already has an nsIEventQueue.
     * @param aUrl              A URL for the ldap server. The host, port and
     *                          ssl connection type will be extracted from this
     * @param aBindName         DN to bind as
     * @param aMessageListener  Callback for DNS resolution completion
     * @param aClosure          private parameter (anything caller desires)
     * @param aVersion          LDAP version to use (currently VERSION2 or 
     *                          VERSION3)
     * @exception NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE        null pointer or invalid version
     * @exception NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY        ran out of memory
     * @exception NS_ERROR_OFFLINE              we are in off-line mode
     * @exception NS_ERROR_FAILURE              
     * @exception NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED           internal error
    void init(in nsILDAPURL aUrl,
              in AUTF8String aBindName,
              in nsILDAPMessageListener aMessageListener,
              in nsISupports aClosure, in unsigned long aVersion);

    const unsigned long VERSION2 = 2;
    const unsigned long VERSION3 = 3;

     * Get information about the last error that occured on this connection.
     * @param matched   if the server is returning LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT, 
     *                  or LDAP_ALIAS_DEREF_PROBLEM, this will contain
     *                  the portion of DN that matches the entry that is 
     *                  closest to the requested entry
     * @param s         additional error information from the server
     * @return          the error code, as defined in nsILDAPErrors.idl
    long getLdErrno(out AUTF8String matched, out AUTF8String s);