Bug 1267057 - Fix spelling of errorAddPermission. r=Ratty a=Ratty typo fix
authorFrank-Rainer Grahl <frgrahl@gmx.net>
Sun, 24 Apr 2016 22:37:17 +0800
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Bug 1267057 - Fix spelling of errorAddPermission. r=Ratty a=Ratty typo fix
--- a/suite/common/permissions/cookieViewer.js
+++ b/suite/common/permissions/cookieViewer.js
@@ -488,17 +488,17 @@ function setCookiePermissions(action) {
   var ioService = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/network/io-service;1"]
   try {
     var uri = ioService.newURI(url, null, null);
   } catch (e) {
     // show an error if URI can not be constructed or adding it failed
-    window.alert(cookieBundle.getString("errorAddPermisison"));
+    window.alert(cookieBundle.getString("errorAddPermission"));
   // only allow a few schemes here
   // others like file:// would produce an invalid entry in the database
   if (uri.scheme != 'http'  &&
       uri.scheme != 'https') {
     // show an error if uri uses invalid scheme
     window.alert(uri.scheme + ": " + cookieBundle.getString("allowedURLSchemes"));
--- a/suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/permissions/cookieViewer.properties
+++ b/suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/permissions/cookieViewer.properties
@@ -10,17 +10,17 @@ canSession=website can set session cooki
 domain=Domain for which this cookie applies:
 host=Server which set the cookie:
 forSecureOnly=Encrypted connections only
 forAnyConnection=Any type of connection
 expireAtEndOfSession=At end of session
 allowedURLSchemes=Check the entered url. Also you can only add permissions for http or https schemes
-errorAddPermisison=Permission for site could not be added
+errorAddPermission=Permission for site could not be added
 deleteAllCookies=Are you sure you want to delete all the cookies?
 deleteAllCookiesTitle=Remove All Cookies
 deleteAllCookiesSites=Are you sure you want to delete all of the cookie websites?
 deleteAllSitesTitle=Remove All Websites
 deleteSelectedCookies=Are you sure you want to delete the selected cookies?
 deleteSelectedCookiesTitle=Remove Selected Cookies