Bug 681189 - Replace PRBool with boolean in IDL files, r=standard8
authorMichael Wu <mwu@mozilla.com>
Fri, 26 Aug 2011 06:58:55 -0700
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Bug 681189 - Replace PRBool with boolean in IDL files, r=standard8
--- a/calendar/base/public/calIDateTime.idl
+++ b/calendar/base/public/calIDateTime.idl
@@ -157,17 +157,17 @@ interface calIDateTime : nsISupports
   readonly attribute long timezoneOffset;
    * isDate indicates that this calIDateTime instance represents a date
    * (a whole day), and not a specific time on that day.  If isDate is set,
    * accessing the hour/minute/second fields will return 0, and and setting
    * them is an illegal operation.
-  attribute PRBool isDate;
+  attribute boolean isDate;
    * computed values
    * Day of the week. 0-6, with Sunday = 0.
--- a/calendar/base/public/calIItipItem.idl
+++ b/calendar/base/public/calIItipItem.idl
@@ -66,17 +66,17 @@ interface calIItipItem : nsISupports
      * Attribute: isSend - set to TRUE when sending this item to initiate an
      * iMIP communication. This will be used by the iTIP processor to route
      * the item directly to the email subsystem so that communication can be
      * initiated. For example, if you are Sending a REQUEST, you would set
      * this flag, and send the iTIP Item into the iTIP processor, which would
      * handle everything else.
-    attribute PRBool isSend;
+    attribute boolean isSend;
      * Attribute: receivedMethod - method the iTIP item had upon reciept
     attribute AUTF8String receivedMethod;
      * Attribute: responseMethod - method that the protocol handler (or the
--- a/mailnews/addrbook/public/nsIAbDirectory.idl
+++ b/mailnews/addrbook/public/nsIAbDirectory.idl
@@ -111,17 +111,17 @@ interface nsIAbDirectory : nsIAbCollecti
   // The position of the directory on the display.
   readonly attribute long position;
   // will be used for LDAP replication
   attribute unsigned long lastModifiedDate;
   // Defines whether this directory is a mail
   // list or not
-  attribute PRBool isMailList;
+  attribute boolean isMailList;
   // Get the children directories
   readonly attribute nsISimpleEnumerator childNodes;
    * Get the cards associated with the directory. This will return the cards
    * associated with the mailing lists too.
--- a/mailnews/addrbook/public/nsIAddrDatabase.idl
+++ b/mailnews/addrbook/public/nsIAddrDatabase.idl
@@ -226,17 +226,17 @@ interface nsIAddrDatabase : nsIAddrDBAnn
    * @result                  Returns an nsISimpleEnumerator of nsIAbCard
    *                          instances.
   nsISimpleEnumerator getCardsFromAttribute(in nsIAbDirectory aDirectory,
                                             in string aName,
                                             in AUTF8String uUTF8Value,
                                             in boolean aCaseInsensitive);
-  PRBool findMailListbyUnicodeName(in wstring listName);
+  boolean findMailListbyUnicodeName(in wstring listName);
   void getCardCount(out PRUint32 count);
   [noscript] readonly attribute nsIMdbRow newRow;
   [noscript] readonly attribute nsIMdbRow newListRow;
   [noscript] void addCardRowToDB(in nsIMdbRow newRow);
   [noscript] void addLdifListMember(in nsIMdbRow row, in string value);
   [noscript] void addFirstName(in nsIMdbRow row, in string value);
--- a/mailnews/compose/public/nsIMsgSend.idl
+++ b/mailnews/compose/public/nsIMsgSend.idl
@@ -193,18 +193,18 @@ interface nsIMsgSend : nsISupports
   /// Queue the message in the unsent folder and send it in the background.
   const nsMsgDeliverMode nsMsgDeliverBackground = 8;
     void createAndSendMessage(in nsIEditor                    aEditor,
                               in nsIMsgIdentity               aUserIdentity,
                               in string                       aAccountKey,
                               in nsIMsgCompFields             fields,
-                              in PRBool                       digest_p,
-                              in PRBool                       dont_deliver_p,
+                              in boolean                      digest_p,
+                              in boolean                      dont_deliver_p,
                               in nsMsgDeliverMode             mode, 
                               in nsIMsgDBHdr                  msgToReplace,
                               in string               attachment1_type,
                               in string               attachment1_body,
                               in PRUint32                     attachment1_body_length,
                               [const] in nsMsgAttachmentData  attachments,
                               [const] in nsMsgAttachedFile    preloaded_attachments,
                               in voidPtr                      relatedPart,
@@ -246,33 +246,33 @@ interface nsIMsgSend : nsISupports
    *                         on the message send status. This param may be null.
    * @param aPassword        Pass this in to prevent a dialog if the password
    *                         is needed for secure transmission.
   void sendMessageFile(in nsIMsgIdentity       aUserIdentity,
                        in string               aAccountKey,
                        in nsIMsgCompFields     aFields,
                        in nsIFile              aSendIFile,
-                       in PRBool               aDeleteSendFileOnCompletion,
-                       in PRBool               aDigest_p,
+                       in boolean              aDeleteSendFileOnCompletion,
+                       in boolean              aDigest_p,
                        in nsMsgDeliverMode     aMode,
                        in nsIMsgDBHdr          aMsgToReplace,
                        in nsIMsgSendListener   aListener,
                        in nsIMsgStatusFeedback aStatusFeedback,
                        in string               aPassword
     /* Abort current send/save operation */
     void abort();
     /* Report a send failure */
     nsresult fail(in nsresult failure_code, in wstring error_msg);
     /* Disable UI notification (alert message) */
-    void setGUINotificationState(in PRBool aEnableFlag);
+    void setGUINotificationState(in boolean aEnableFlag);
     /* Crypto */
     void BeginCryptoEncapsulation();
     /* retreive the last send process report*/
     readonly attribute nsIMsgSendReport sendReport; 
     /* methods for send listener ... */
--- a/mailnews/db/msgdb/public/nsIDBChangeListener.idl
+++ b/mailnews/db/msgdb/public/nsIDBChangeListener.idl
@@ -122,17 +122,17 @@ interface  nsIDBChangeListener : nsISupp
    * header aHdrToChange, then calls OnHdrPropertyChanged again with aPreChange false. On this
    * second call, the stored value of aStatus is provided, so that any changes may be noted.
    * @param aHdrToChange the message header that is changing.
    * @param aPreChange   true on first call before change, false on second call after change
    * @param aStatus      storage location provided by calling routine for status
    * @param aInstigator  object that initiated the change
-  void onHdrPropertyChanged(in nsIMsgDBHdr aHdrToChange, in PRBool aPreChange, inout PRUint32 aStatus,
+  void onHdrPropertyChanged(in nsIMsgDBHdr aHdrToChange, in boolean aPreChange, inout PRUint32 aStatus,
                        in nsIDBChangeListener aInstigator);
    * Generic notification for extensibility. Common events should be documented
    * here so we have a hope of keeping the documentation up to date.
    * Current events are:
    * "DBOpened" - When a pending listener becomes real. This can happen when
    *              the existing db is force closed and a new one opened. Only
--- a/mailnews/extensions/smime/public/nsISMimeJSHelper.idl
+++ b/mailnews/extensions/smime/public/nsISMimeJSHelper.idl
@@ -76,17 +76,17 @@ interface nsISMimeJSHelper : nsISupports
   void getRecipientCertsInfo(in nsIMsgCompFields compFields,
                              out unsigned long count,
                              [array, size_is(count)] out wstring emailAddresses,
                              [array, size_is(count)] out long certVerification,
                              [array, size_is(count)] out wstring certIssuedInfos,
                              [array, size_is(count)] out wstring certExpiresInfos,
                              [array, size_is(count)] out nsIX509Cert certs,
-                             out PRBool canEncrypt);
+                             out boolean canEncrypt);
    * Obtains a list of email addresses where valid email recipient certificates
    * are not yet available.
    * @param compFields - Attributes of the composed message
    * @param count - The number of returned email addresses
--- a/mailnews/import/public/nsIImportAddressBooks.idl
+++ b/mailnews/import/public/nsIImportAddressBooks.idl
@@ -78,34 +78,34 @@ interface nsIImportAddressBooks : nsISup
     Does this interface supports 1 or 1..n address books.  You only
     get to choose 1 location so for formats where 1..n address books
     are imported from a directory, then return true.  For a 1 to 1 relationship
     between location and address books return false.
-  PRBool  GetSupportsMultiple();
+  boolean GetSupportsMultiple();
     If the address book is not found via a file location.then return true
     along with a description string of how or where the address book is
     located.  If it is a file location then return false.
     If true, return a string like: "Outlook Express standard address book,
     also known as the Windows address book" or just "Outlook Express address book".
     If false, GetDefaultLocation will be called.
-  PRBool GetAutoFind( out wstring description);
+  boolean GetAutoFind( out wstring description);
     Returns true if the address book needs the user to specify a field map
     for address books imported from this format.
-  PRBool GetNeedsFieldMap( in nsIFile location);
+  boolean GetNeedsFieldMap( in nsIFile location);
     If found and userVerify BOTH return false, then it is assumed that this
     means an error - address book cannot be found on this machine.
     If userVerify is true, the user will have an opportunity to specify
     a different location to import address book from.
   void   GetDefaultLocation( out nsIFile location,
--- a/mailnews/mime/public/nsIMimeEmitter.idl
+++ b/mailnews/mime/public/nsIMimeEmitter.idl
@@ -64,17 +64,17 @@ interface nsIMimeEmitter : nsISupports {
     // These will be called to start and stop the total operation.
     void initialize(in nsIURI url, in nsIChannel aChannel, in long aFormat);
     void complete();
     // Set the output stream/listener for processed data.
     void setPipe(in nsIInputStream inputStream, in nsIOutputStream outStream);
     // Header handling routines.
-    void startHeader(in PRBool rootMailHeader, in PRBool headerOnly,
+    void startHeader(in boolean rootMailHeader, in boolean headerOnly,
                      [const] in string msgID, [const] in string outCharset);
     void addHeaderField([const] in string field, [const] in string value);
     void addAllHeaders(in ACString allheaders);
      * Write the HTML Headers for the current attachment.
      * Note: Book case this with an EndHeader call.
@@ -89,24 +89,24 @@ interface nsIMimeEmitter : nsISupports {
     void endHeader([const] in AUTF8String name);
     void updateCharacterSet([const] in string aCharset);
     // Attachment handling routines.
     void startAttachment([const] in AUTF8String name,
                          [const] in string contentType,
-                         [const] in string url, in PRBool aNotDownloaded);
+                         [const] in string url, in boolean aNotDownloaded);
     void addAttachmentField([const] in string field, [const] in string value);
     void endAttachment();
     void endAllAttachments();
     // Body handling routines.
-    void startBody(in PRBool bodyOnly, [const] in string msgID, [const] in string outCharset);
+    void startBody(in boolean bodyOnly, [const] in string msgID, [const] in string outCharset);
     void writeBody([const] in AUTF8String buf, out PRUint32 amountWritten);
     void endBody();
     // Generic write routine. This is necessary for output that
     // libmime needs to pass through without any particular parsing
     // involved (i.e. decoded images, HTML Body Text, etc...
     void write([const] in ACString buf, out PRUint32 amountWritten);
     void utilityWrite([const] in string buf);
--- a/mailnews/mime/public/nsIMimeStreamConverter.idl
+++ b/mailnews/mime/public/nsIMimeStreamConverter.idl
@@ -109,17 +109,17 @@ interface nsIMimeStreamConverter : nsISu
    * Address for the forward inline filter to forward the message to.
   attribute AString forwardToAddress;
    * Use the opposite compose format, used for forward inline.
-  attribute PRBool overrideComposeFormat;
+  attribute boolean overrideComposeFormat;
    * This is used for OpenDraft, OpenEditorTemplate and Forward inline (which use OpenDraft)
   attribute nsIMsgIdentity identity;
   attribute string originalMsgURI;
   attribute nsIMsgDBHdr origMsgHdr;