fix 454344 nsIMimeEmitter::addAllHeaders not js safe, r=asuth, sr=neil
authorDavid Bienvenu <>
Sun, 14 Sep 2008 08:23:21 -0700
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reviewersasuth, neil
fix 454344 nsIMimeEmitter::addAllHeaders not js safe, r=asuth, sr=neil
--- a/mailnews/mime/emitters/src/nsMimeBaseEmitter.cpp
+++ b/mailnews/mime/emitters/src/nsMimeBaseEmitter.cpp
@@ -661,28 +661,27 @@ nsMimeBaseEmitter::AddHeaderField(const 
     ptr->value = strdup(value);
   return NS_OK;
-nsMimeBaseEmitter::AddAllHeaders(const char *allheaders,
-                                 const PRInt32 allheadersize)
+nsMimeBaseEmitter::AddAllHeaders(const nsACString &allheaders)
   if (mDocHeader) //We want to set only the main headers of a message, not the potentially embedded one
     nsresult rv;
     nsCOMPtr<nsIMsgMailNewsUrl> msgurl (do_QueryInterface(mURL));
     if (msgurl)
         nsCOMPtr<nsIMimeHeaders> mimeHeaders = do_CreateInstance(NS_IMIMEHEADERS_CONTRACTID, &rv);
-        mimeHeaders->Initialize(allheaders, allheadersize);
+        mimeHeaders->Initialize(allheaders.BeginReading(), allheaders.Length());
   return NS_OK;
 // The following code is responsible for formatting headers in a manner that is
--- a/mailnews/mime/public/nsIMimeEmitter.idl
+++ b/mailnews/mime/public/nsIMimeEmitter.idl
@@ -51,17 +51,17 @@ interface nsMimeHeaderDisplayTypes
     const long AllHeaders = 2;
 //#define NS_IMIME_MISC_STATUS_KEY       ";1?"
 #define NS_IMIME_MISC_STATUS_KEY       ";1?type="
-[scriptable, uuid(D01D7B59-DCCD-11d2-A411-00805F613C79)]
+[scriptable, uuid(8c9f218a-d1a6-4cb4-b985-e38140c0af93)]
 interface nsIMimeEmitter : nsISupports{
     // These will be called to start and stop the total operation
     void    Initialize(in nsIURI url, in nsIChannel aChannel, in long aFormat);
     void    Complete();
     // Set the output stream/listener for processed data.
     void    SetPipe(in nsIInputStream inputStream, in nsIOutputStream outStream);
@@ -69,17 +69,17 @@ interface nsIMimeEmitter : nsISupports{
     //Get the output listener to allow access to it from mime
     nsIStreamListener    GetOutputListener();
     // Header handling routines.
     void    StartHeader(in PRBool rootMailHeader, in PRBool headerOnly,
                         [const] in string msgID, [const] in string outCharset);
     void    AddHeaderField([const] in string field, [const] in string value);
-    void    addAllHeaders([const] in string allheaders, [const] in long allheadersize);
+    void    addAllHeaders(in ACString allheaders);
   void    WriteHTMLHeaders(); // book case this with a EndHeader call.
     void    EndHeader();
     void    UpdateCharacterSet([const] in string aCharset);
     // Attachment handling routines
     void    StartAttachment([const] in string name, [const] in string contentType,
                             [const] in string url, in PRBool aNotDownloaded);
     void    AddAttachmentField([const] in string field, [const] in string value);
--- a/mailnews/mime/src/mimemoz2.cpp
+++ b/mailnews/mime/src/mimemoz2.cpp
@@ -1778,17 +1778,18 @@ mimeEmitterAddAllHeaders(MimeDisplayOpti
   mime_stream_data  *msd = GetMSD(opt);
   if (!msd)
     return NS_ERROR_FAILURE;
   if (msd->output_emitter)
     nsIMimeEmitter *emitter = (nsIMimeEmitter *)msd->output_emitter;
-    return emitter->AddAllHeaders(allheaders, allheadersize);
+    return emitter->AddAllHeaders(Substring(allheaders, 
+                                            allheaders + allheadersize));
 extern "C" nsresult
 mimeEmitterStartAttachment(MimeDisplayOptions *opt, const char *name, const char *contentType, const char *url,
                            PRBool aIsExternalAttachment)