Bug 1580807 - Disable new Twitter accounts due to bug 1445778. r=mkmelin
authorPatrick Cloke <clokep>
Wed, 20 Nov 2019 15:35:54 +0200
changeset 36699 956bb4e418daaad886028d28eeda853366788888
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bugs1580807, 1445778
Bug 1580807 - Disable new Twitter accounts due to bug 1445778. r=mkmelin
--- a/chat/chat-prefs.js
+++ b/chat/chat-prefs.js
@@ -83,16 +83,18 @@ pref("chat.irc.automaticList", true);
 // Whether to enable or disable message carbons protocol (XEP-0280).
 pref("chat.xmpp.messageCarbons", true);
 // Disable Skype until it can be tested further.
 pref("chat.prpls.prpl-skype.disable", true);
 // Disable Facebook as the XMPP gateway no longer exists.
 pref("chat.prpls.prpl-facebook.disable", true);
 // Disable experimental Matrix support.
 pref("chat.prpls.prpl-matrix.disable", true);
+// Disable Twitter until support for the updated API is complete. See bug 1445778.
+pref("chat.prpls.prpl-twitter.disable", true);
 // Disable Yahoo Messenger as legacy Yahoo was shut down.
 pref("chat.prpls.prpl-yahoo.disable", true);
 // Whether to disable SRV lookups that use the system DNS library.
 pref("chat.dns.srv.disable", false);
 // Disable JavaScript in browser requests.
 pref("chat.browserRequest.disableJavascript", false);
 // loglevel is the minimum severity level that a libpurple message