add gloda prefs, defaulted to off, r/sr=bienvenu
authorAndrew Sutherland
Tue, 04 Nov 2008 12:59:35 -0800
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add gloda prefs, defaulted to off, r/sr=bienvenu
--- a/mailnews/mailnews.js
+++ b/mailnews/mailnews.js
@@ -784,8 +784,18 @@ pref("nglayout.enable_drag_images", fals
 #ifdef XP_OS2
 pref("mail.compose.max_recycled_windows", 0);
 // For the Empty Junk/Trash confirmation dialogs.
 pref("mailnews.emptyJunk.dontAskAgain", false);
 pref("mailnews.emptyTrash.dontAskAgain", false);
+// -- Global Database (gloda) options
+// Should the indexer be enabled?
+pref("", false);
+// Should we output warnings and errors to the "error console"?
+pref("", false);
+// Should we output all output levels to stdout via dump?
+pref("", false);
+// Should we consider outputting all levels via the network?
+pref("", false);