Bug 1546364 - add .clang-format to use derived/prevalent pointer aligment. rs=reformat
authorJorg K <jorgk@jorgk.com>
Thu, 09 May 2019 09:49:06 +0200
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Bug 1546364 - add .clang-format to use derived/prevalent pointer aligment. rs=reformat
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/.clang-format
@@ -0,0 +1,43 @@
+BasedOnStyle: Google
+# Prevent the loss of indentation with these macros
+MacroBlockBegin: "^\
+MacroBlockEnd: "^\
+SortIncludes: false
+IndentPPDirectives: AfterHash
+# The Google coding style states:
+# You should do this consistently within a single file, so, when modifying an
+# existing file, use the style in that file.
+# Let's be more prescriptive and default to the one used in the Mozilla
+# coding style
+# Note that for the time being, we differ from the mozilla-central settings
+# and use derivative pointer alignment since right aligment is prevalent in
+# comm-central. Exceptions with left alignment are, amongst others:
+# db/ (Mork), mailnews/intl and mailnews/jsaccount.
+# We will decide later whether to make the pointer style consistent or not.
+# DerivePointerAlignment: false
+# PointerAlignment: Left
+DerivePointerAlignment: true