Bug 1031009 - Follow m-c baseconfig.mk changes, r=jcranmer.
authorRichard Marti <richard.marti@gmail.com>
Fri, 27 Jun 2014 09:36:06 +0200
changeset 20405 2e3af17556ad0513080a4cb9e47d6b4a091cf70c
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Bug 1031009 - Follow m-c baseconfig.mk changes, r=jcranmer.
--- a/config/baseconfig.mk
+++ b/config/baseconfig.mk
@@ -1,24 +1,38 @@
+# This file is normally included by autoconf.mk, but it is also used
+# directly in python/mozbuild/mozbuild/base.py for gmake validation.
+# We thus use INCLUDED_AUTOCONF_MK to enable/disable some parts depending
+# whether a normal build is happening or whether the check is running.
 includedir := $(includedir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
 idldir = $(datadir)/idl/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
 installdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
 sdkdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-devel-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
 MOZILLA_SRCDIR = $(topsrcdir)/mozilla
 MOZDEPTH = $(DEPTH)/mozilla
 DIST = $(MOZDEPTH)/dist
 # We do magic with OBJ_SUFFIX in config.mk, the following ensures we don't
 # manually use it before config.mk inclusion
 OBJ_SUFFIX = $(error config/config.mk needs to be included before using OBJ_SUFFIX)
-# We only support building with pymake or a specially built gnu make.
-ifndef .PYMAKE
+# We only support building with a non-msys gnu make version
+# strictly above 4.0.
+ifdef .PYMAKE
+$(error Pymake is no longer supported. Please upgrade to MozillaBuild 1.9 or newer and build with 'mach' or 'mozmake')
 ifeq (,$(filter mozmake%,$(notdir $(MAKE))))
 $(error Only building with pymake or mozmake is supported.)
 ifeq (a,$(firstword a$(subst /, ,$(srcdir))))
 $(error MSYS-style srcdir are not supported for Windows builds.)
 endif # WINNT