merge davida's change and my tagging from hg.m.o/users
authorAndrew Sutherland <>
Sun, 19 Oct 2008 03:51:51 -0700
changeset 980 1640a675f6d98000c103dc484aecc7c27f69b624
parent 979 7d39e7afd1751d830e2eabe8f69801905a413e9a (current diff)
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merge davida's change and my tagging from hg.m.o/users
--- a/.hgtags
+++ b/.hgtags
@@ -3,8 +3,9 @@ a3ff3e9b9edd130cebdf4ac48c7155265589a5d5
 4b665f55dc96f043ac129be3f1c886546b5b9e6d gloda-milestone-1
 cb593cb6c3e57a01ac066c50362b37f8bdb2c2fc stable
 9f65871c06614dbec00b278cd60321713c01e028 stable
 c1902489c55f67799d41e7b032497ca04de6aa7c stable
 fe9ea5855aee1bfd0825edeaadc7547fd87504e4 stable
 8dfd8299e8a5f146d81040a844320e473e8a0fc2 stable
 3d52bc12f0f5d699a465432dc577cd479e12e0e7 stable-with-mods
 08c2e01d2acf8333311f497d050b22b01e72e460 stable-with-mods
+1936d4ec8044fd4cfdc636b43ec5e7488f86388c stable
--- a/modules/mimemsg.js
+++ b/modules/mimemsg.js
@@ -139,17 +139,18 @@ function MsgHdrToMimeMessage(aMsgHdr, aC
                                                   aCallbackThis, aCallback);
   let streamURI = msgService.streamMessage(msgURI,
                                            streamListener, // consumer
                                            null, // nsIMsgWindow
                                            dumbUrlListener, // nsIUrlListener
                                            true, // have them create the converter
       // additional uri payload, note that "header=" is prepended automatically 
-                                           "filter&emitter=js"); 
+                                           "filter&emitter=js",
+                                           true);
  * Let the jsmimeemitter provide us with results.  The poor emitter (if I am
  *  understanding things correctly) is evaluated outside of the C.u.import
  *  world, so if we were to import him, we would not see him, but rather a new
  *  copy of him.  This goes for his globals, etc.  (and is why we live in this
  *  file right here).  Also, it appears that the XPCOM JS wrappers aren't