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Mon Nov 23 19:53:47 2020 +0000
25ed583dc78da59b046f733fa014123adc998eb3Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1676865 - Fix intermittent comm/mail/test/browser/openpgp/browser_keyWizard.js test failure. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
6c213054d1c486433d245c73ebac78314153ccbeChris Gaudry — Bug 1676859 - Fix Wrong mailing list printing output : display name is duplicate into the primary email address. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
511b93dbaf5b87f1036916875a4d4a38c0f1d651Richard Marti — Bug 1664586 - Ensure that the new mail icon is removed from the system tray at shutdown. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
78af282f765742a538e03e8c96cdc73f0608e5caLasana Murray — Bug 1668478 - Remove Ctrl-Enter shortcut from new calendar event dialog. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
ec3e1cbf8c2dd0cb79b600a09e46537508d8aa0dRob Lemley — Bug 1677508 - Follow-up: Exclude the test directory from l10n linter's configuration. rs=bustage-fix a=wsmwk
aa68237e0d569672b0cc6195a3c6d5363d1c7108Geoff Lankow — Bug 1677508 follow-up - Test manifest linting. rs=linting a=wsmwk
8aae141e1c9ac00ee1c074be2b69462f0fa74522Magnus Melin — Bug 1677508 - followup - black linting. rs=black-list a=wsmwk
2c7024dfc81478e5492c5c36a762a2ec6e35d369Lasana Murray — Bug 1677508 - Add xpcshell tests for RNP.encryptAndOrSign(). r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
0e5b11e1f94184926b36b9d75ee615989b79529bKhushil Mistry — Bug 1677647 - Fix Button on Filelink info bar fails to open up Filelink section in Options. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
afe00b31497e98e7e018c1047216a86f72309194Richard Marti — Bug 1676697 - Use a special color for folders with unread messages with dark theme. r=aleca a=wsmwk
21760c67c1c0e1d7093840e201da4f531c6f8843David Miller — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta (FIREFOX_84_0b4_RELEASE/0e5a3de7dd42). r=release a=justdave